Another Florida Imam Arrested by the FBI, Media Ignores

As in completely ignored – check Google. via Orlando Florida Imam Arrested by the FBI » Family Security Matters.

On August 23, 2011 the FBI arrested Imam Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson. The charge was possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon, Case Number: 6:11-mj-1380 Attached to Imam Abu Robertson’s case is a Notice of Intent To Use Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Information (FISA).

The U.S. Government’s intention to use its FISA powers signals probable cause to charge Imam “Taubah” Robertson “the target of such search is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power”.

The facts presented in these filed charges leads this reporter to suspect an element of foreign intrigue may be a key component in the prosecution of this case.

Imam Robertson’s Mosque is located at 6630 Pershing Road in Orlando, FL. The Mosque’s website Masjid al-Ishaan is down for maintenance and hopefully out of business, if these charges prove the Imam’s guilt. Thank you to The Internet Haganah for breaking this story, and shame on The Orlando Sentinel’s refusal to publish a story on the arrest. This reporter sent all the court case documents to Sentinel reporter Jeff Kurneth, a letter to the editor accompanied the documents.

On September 2nd the Orlando Sentinel did run a front page story on Imam Muhammad Musri who was charging his fellow Muslims $5 to park for Friday Jumma prayers calling it the infamous “Pay to Pray” scandal. As important as “pay to pray” may be to some, it does not take a Sentinel Editor to realize that when the FBI arrests an Orlando Muslim Imam it is big news, especially to the residents who live and work near the Mosque in question.

In another Orlando Imam related story, the Orlando Sentinel neglected to print an alarming incident with Imam Musri back in 2010. A team of eight investigative reporters caught on film Orlando Imam Muhammad Musri hosting a fundraiser featuring the infamous George Galloway, who raised over $50,000 from local Orlando Muslims for Hamas – video link. After the video was released George Galloway’s visa to enter the United States was revoked by United States Government. Imam Musri remains on the Governor of Florida’s Faith Based Advisory Council and is considered the “go to” person in Orlando for all things Islamic.

A poster at Internet Haganah states correctly that,

“In Brooklyn, NY during the early 90s, Abu Taubah and a group of young Muslims executed a number of postal office and bank robberies under the direction of Abu Taubah, who used his military expertise to plan the armed robberies. When the young men and a sister were apprehended by authorities, Abu Taubah turned to a federal witness testifying against the very Muslims he trained to commit crimes.”

Imam Taubah Robertson was a snitch who sold out his Muslim friends to successfully receive a lighter sentence for himself. Imam “Snitch” Robertson is out of jail while his Muslim partners in crime are serving 50+ year sentences according to court records. The Qur’an demands harsh punishments against those Muslims who turn on their fellow Muslims.

Read it all.

A bio from Robertson/Taubah’s website states he is a former United States Marine and the first mosque he attended was that of unindicted co-conspirator to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Siraj Wahhaj.

Also read this post at The for the comment thread as Muslims defend Taubah and infight.

The Internet Haganah forum post is here.

10 thoughts on “Another Florida Imam Arrested by the FBI, Media Ignores

  1. Speaks to the point Rep. King made to the House of Commons Committee that there is no way to vett imams as there is with, for example, Lutheran pastors. Then again, coming from a religion concocted by a pedophile…

  2. Sounds like they got him for being involved in getting money to Hamas. How long are we going to wink at US Citizens funding those who state they intend to do us harm?

    • They are NOT US citizens. At most they are temporary citizens of convenience, and because they stand against the US Constitution they have already lost real citizenship. Its sedition and treason to follow the Koran.

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  5. Fun.

    “Also read this post at The for the comment thread as Muslims defend Taubah and infight.”

    They just posted your article at this Islamic site on the same discussion post to announce that kufir are watching them squabble.

    My favorite was the very devout Muslim who is denying that the African American non-Muslim is the Muslim teacher he knows and respects. I expected him to say it was a Zionist propaganda story made up by “South Floridians” (wink, wink)

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