DOJ helps Muslim teacher shake down school for $75K over hajj

The Dept. of Jihad is forcing mosques on communities and shaking down anyone who doesn’t submit to sharia law.

The face of stealth jihad. (Brent Lewis, Chicago Tribune)

via Woman wins right to Mecca trip.

A Muslim woman has won her fight against a west suburban school district after being denied unpaid leave to go on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday announced it settled Safoorah Khan’s religious discrimination lawsuit against the Berkeley School District, forcing the district to pay $75,000 in lost back pay, compensatory damages and attorneys’ fees.

The district also will have to develop a policy accommodating religions consistent with the Civil Rights Acts to ensure something similar will not happen again.

Khan, a teacher at MacArthur Middle School, requested an unpaid leave of absence in December 2008 to perform hajj — a pilgrimage required by Islam — but was told she had to choose between her job and her religious beliefs. She resigned.

“I’m glad that we settled and I hope this does set a precedent,” Khan said. “I hope they realize that hajj means a lot to Muslims and there will be more and more people taking the trip. I hope this helps people and their employers to accommodate Muslims and their requests.”

The very definition of stealth jihad and creeping sharia. It’s all about accommodating Muslims. Imperialists.

According to the settlement, the district must also provide mandatory training on religious accommodations to all board of education members and school supervisors.

Khan, now 30, says she went to Mecca, Saudi Arabia the year she resigned.

“It’s required once in our lifetime at the earliest opportunity you can get,” she said.

The solution is not to hire people who will likely leave their students flat to go to a place where most of their students would be discriminated against.

Update: DOJ says if you don’t submit to Islam, we will make sure there are consequences:

The case shows “the consequences of an employer refusing to engage in any interactive process” to accommodate religious beliefs, said Thomas Perez, DOJ assistant attorney general. “We are pleased that Berkeley School District has agreed to implement … an interactive process to ensure that each request for a religious accommodation will be considered on a case-by-case basis and granted if it poses no undue hardship.”

And Perez continues to show he is unfit and should resign if not be fired.

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28 thoughts on “DOJ helps Muslim teacher shake down school for $75K over hajj

    • DOJ Eric “No Chin” Holder sued on behalf of this Muslim, when is he going to sue IRS, EPA and others on behalf of the American people. Does he not have better things to do than bring the power of his office to bear on this single case rather than to investigate things that impact the entire nation of the U.S. ? Can’t wait for him, Obama and his crew to be unemployed. If Repubs get into office, I can’t see them keeping anyone in this administration in place.

  1. Why was it necessary to go during the school year?? Seems that during the summer vacation she could have gone without causing any disruption whatsoever..

    • It’s a tradition. People go on the hajj during a specific 4 days of the year. That’s like saying you could just celebrate Christmas during the summer so that way they don’t have to stop school in December.

      • Since Muslims use a lunar calendar, the time for the hajj changes every year. She could have just waited for hajj to fall during the summer break. She’s only 30 years old now. She has plenty of time to make her once in a lifetime pilgrimage. This whole case was a set-up from the word go. She’d only been employed for nine months. How many employees get a three-week leave when they’ve been employed less than a year? That”s right, none.

      • That is utter bullshit. She said herself it is a once in a lifetime trip and they take it when they can. She did it in the middle of the school year by design not by neccesity.

    • And they take or try to take Christmas, GOD and Jesus away from us. It was a fairly new job . That is what they do get jobsthen find a reason to sue and with our new Dept of Jehad and Obama in power they win.Now every Christian who has to work Sunday or any other Holiday should sue if they have to work. Not go by the dress code and sue.

      all this Muslim crap as soon as Obama got in the white house. He even had a muslim give the prayer when he was sworn in. Go back and hear what was said in his muslim brothers prayer. No one knew at the time he was muslim. They just found a third muslim Obama put in charge of our National Security. They and Obama have access to all our secrets. We are losing more military lives since he is in ( press doesn’t care since it is not Bush. They are calling for an investigation to so many Navy Seals suddenly dead when everything they did was nor normal for them and put them at great risk with the terrorist muslim waiting for them. wake up, do your homework. It is all out there.

  2. creeping, ..Just love the Department of Jihad metaphor , and I have to say that its a very apt description of what the Department of Justice has become..
    If one is a MUSLIM expect all the help the DOJ can give ,not only lavish monetary entitlement for ” hurt feelings” but a chance to rub the offending infidels noses in muslim kaka by forcing them to be educated about ones rightful supremacy as a muslim … with all the privileges that append to such illustriousness..
    Will this right be equally dispensed to Catholics who want to make pilgrimage to the Vatican for spiritual purposes, Buddhists who want to make pilgrimage to see the Dalai Lama, Sikhs who want to make pilgrimage to their Golden Temple,etc etc ??

    So, what is the lesson these schools can learn???

    DO NOT EMPLOY MUSLIMS, you idiots!

    I find it interesting that most teachers in the Education system are Liberals, so I derive a wee bit of smug pleasure in seeing their “we love the muslims no matter what ” philosophy come back to bite them in the behind..
    Its the Left wingers who have promoted MULTICULURALISM and forced it upon our western societies to the detriment of our social cohesion, and the inability of intolerant demanding whining muslims to assimilate into tolerant cultures..

    • Christians and Jews follow the rules. No problem. They get NO special treatment. You can persecute them on the job and that is politically popular to do so. The left hates them.

      They get no foot baths, prayer rooms, trips to Mecca, and halal food in the cafeteria, plus private swim times. For them there is no prayer in the school, only Islam is allowed prayer in school.

      It is the law, call Holder at Dept of Jihad for details. He is busy trying to pass anti hate laws for whites only.

      After the election, and there is an American Christian in the white house, this crap is going to need looking at.

        • SO???? Ben, just lets look at a reverse scenario..YOU migrate to a muslim country , then just TRY telling the majority of the muslim population that they have a long Ramadan, and that they should allow you to complain, and THEN SUE THEM, because they don’t give YOU your Christmas break…lets see how far you get with YOUR rights then…immigrants are supposed to try and FIT IN when they are given the hospitality of citizenship to another country, NOT to be whining, nit picking pains in the arse , sueing folks left right and centre for obscene profits…thats the ONLY reason this muslimah SUED, she went on Hajj anyway and wanted to cover the costs and some more!! for the price of her trip.
          You know what? I am fed up and these ” offended” muslims!! fit in or shut up or get the hell out of our countries!!

  3. They hired her, so they SHOULD pay her. They are lucky Holder did not decide on $750,000,000. I think he should have.

    Left leaning America destroying liberals take it in the face. Looks good on them.

    I am sure they passed over many qualified women minority teachers to bring this parasite in.

    I am very pleased their discriminatory not hiring the most qualified but the “most disgusting” candidate should teach them how dangerous Islam is. Anyway “its for the kids” as the tax money flies out the window because they tried to treat a Muslim the same as every one else. I bet that’s the last one they hire this week.

    Those liberals at the school boards make me sick.

    And remember Islam is not a religion. Totalitarian system.

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  5. This is a travesty of justice. I hope every religious group makes the same demands & also sues to get their way if their demands are turned down.

    This muslima has won but all other muslims have lost because employers will be very cautious when it comes to hiring muslims.

    As for the school, they got exactly what they deserved for being so stupid.

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  11. A shame. She is one of a small number of Muslim women that is is actually attractive, but the fact still remains, she is a stealth jihadist. Perhaps she would be more comfortable in the Middle East where her education would not have existed because they would have kept her out of school or beat her brains out in the street for being able to form more than words like “Yes, my husband” or “Forgive me” or forming an “o” with her mouth to make her husband happy on command.

  12. She decided to do this pilgrimage pin December, during the school year instead of doing it during the summer when school was out. She knew when she became a teacher that the school year would be a part of her life. She decided she wanted to do this during this time because it would be objected to so she could make this statement. Teachers have summer off and she could have been more accommodating and not interrupted the children’s education. It is Berkley’s luck that this Islamist is out of their school. She probably was teaching her kids about Islam and trying to convert them by telling them it is “A religion of peace”

  13. Rest assured we will make sure she’s one of the first to be sent packing out of the US and not be permitted to on our Sacred Land. Old Glory will fly high and we will not rest until all Islam is purged from our Nation.

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