Report: Islamic terror plot to bomb U.S. embassy in Mexico in 2010

It’s interesting that DHS and the Obama admin repeatedly stated there was no evidence of Islamic terrorists on or near the southern U.S. border despite clear evidence to the contrary. Now that Fast & Furious is furiously looking illegal, two Islamic terror plots involving Mexico have surfaced in the last week alone. Expect the Obama/Mexico/jihad trend to continue. via Islamic plot to bomb U.S. embassy reported in Mexico | AHN.

An Islamic terrorist tried to detonate explosives to destroy the American embassy in Mexico City last year, according to Mexican media reports this week.

The reports drew denials from Mexico’s secretary of the navy.

Nevertheless, at least two Mexican media organizations published allegedly leaked government documents giving details of how the navy thwarted the attack.

The American media outlet CNN is quoting an unnamed State Department source saying Mexican police arrested a Somali citizen suspected of planning a terrorist attack in June 2010.

He was investigated for hiding explosives but was released because evidence against him was inconclusive.

The Mexican news media reports gave much more detail.

They said an internal Mexican navy document dated June 10, 2010, gave a list of incriminating items found in a hotel in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood.

The items included a cardboard cylindrical container that held 22.7 kilograms of high explosives. It was sealed in paraffin wax along with two kinds of copper wrapped in plastic.

Navy agents also found four multi-channel radios, a frequency analyzer, a liter of nitric acid, six liters of pure glycerin, a plastic bag containing detonating cords and a kilogram of aluminum. Nearby was a copy of the Koran and a Muslim prayer rug.

The report quoted by the news media said police seized identification papers from a Somali man called Ahmed who was using the name Arturo Hernandez Hernandez.

Papers he carried bore the logo of the Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab, the news reports said. He entered Mexico from Guatemala.

The tip that alerted police to Ahmed’s presence originated with the Israeli embassy in Mexico City, according to the document quoted by the media.

“U.S. authorities informed us that intelligence officers assigned to the Embassy of Israel in Mexico are the ones who have followed the trail of the alleged terrorist of Somali nationality, named Ahmed, who allegedly belongs to an international armed Islamic extremist organization and of whom we attached a photograph and fake identification,” the document says.

“There is also information about the explosives that would be used to attack the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico, among other targets, such as consulates,” the document says.

Ahmed’s presence at the Puebla Hotel in Mexico City beginning on June 7, 2010, was verified by surveillance cameras, the document says.

The document was marked “confidential” and carried the stamp of the Mexican government and the navy, the media reports said.

However, the Mexican secretary of the navy said the documents were “fake.”

He released a statement saying the navy “categorically rejects the authorship of the alleged report in possession of some media outlets.”

The statement also said, “The print seals and watermarks that appear on the document, as well as its format, do not correspond to the ones utilized by this federal government agency.”

U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives officials in Washington said they were unaware of any plot to blow up the American embassy in Mexico City.

If the media reports are true, they appear to verify recent statements at congressional hearings by Homeland Security Department officials who said Islamic terrorists might be using Mexico as a back door for attacks against the United States.

The media report comes only days after the Obama administration announced the arrest of an American Muslim accused of trying to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States.

See our previous warnings on jihad in Latin America here.

10 thoughts on “Report: Islamic terror plot to bomb U.S. embassy in Mexico in 2010

  1. Why is the Obama administration trying to downplay these attacks as “not Muslim” and “not representative” of the political ideology of this brand of Islam?

    Let these attacks be called what they are — they are acts perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam, in their interpretation and understanding of Islam. These Muslims hail from all over the Islamic and non-Islamic world, and the acts and rationale show a remarkable consistency and uniformity.

    What “Islam” is Obama hoping to defend here? Obama will have to invent the Islam he thinks he is defending.

    • NO!~ Our Muslim in chief defends Islam over the USA. All his hard work bringing in Muslim bro-hood into homeland security, and Dept of Jihad attacking us for being white, and giving 75000 to a muslim teaching at school are all reasons for removing this president in 2012

      It is clear that this man was and is the Saudi pick for US president.

  2. The truth is right in front of us and yet we (collectively) continue to disregard it. The President of the United States is a muslim, and sympathizer of the muslim agenda to spread Sharia Law throughout the world. The book of EXODUS describes the spirit of the ANITI-CHRIST as a SPIRIT which is of; oppression, deceit, tyranny, taxation and corruption. I am not claiming Pres Obama to BE the ANTI-CHRIST of revelations chapter 13, however, I am claiming he is operating in the spirit of the Anti-Christ (Lucifer). He has opened the door for Muslim Brotherhood members to attend his luncheons, and speak at his dinner parties. He has declared America to be one of many gods (Paganism) which is clearly untrue, and against every fabric of our founding fathers ideology.

  3. The long hand of our Muslim President appears evident here in suppressing negative information about Muslim activities.

    How hypocritical can he be without the media catching on to his tactics? The primary duty of POTUS is the defense of the United States, but he continues to downplay the many small attacks by Muslims in efforts to promote Islam.

    When will the American people wake up and realize our President is one of them ?

  4. Work to get them out of office , your lives may and your freedoms definitely depend on it.

    Heads up or heads off, your choice!

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