Appeals court rules Islamic SHARIA law is OK in FLORIDA civil case

It’s here folks. It crept in and now it is here. Years of warnings ignored by the masses brainwashed by the CAIR-fed, Islamist-pandering media and leftists who aid and abet the jihad. It is here. What are you going to do about it? An update to this post via Use of Islamic law OK in civil case, judge rules |

A state appeals court has ruled that a Hillsborough County Circuit judge can consider Islamic law to decide a civil case between a mosque and its former trustees.

The decision by the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Lakeland to decline the appeal of the Islamic Education Center of Tampa sends the case back to Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Richard A. Nielsen. Nielsen’s decision in March to allow the case to proceed under “ecclesiastical Islamic law” drew national attention when the ruling was criticized by conservative bloggers.

The case has its roots in 2002, when the mosque ousted four of its founding members; those founding members later sued the mosque. One of the main issues of dispute was who would be responsible for how to spend $2.5 million Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise had paid the mosque for 3.4 acres needed to widen Veterans Expressway.

When he made his March ruling, Nielsen said courts have ruled “that ecclesiastical law controls certain relations between members of a religious organization, whether a church, synagogue, temple or mosque.”

The uproar over the ruling went overboard, said Lee Segal, a Clearwater attorney representing the ousted trustees. He said the ruling follows established legal precedent and does not mean Nielsen is allowing Islamic law to trump U.S. law.

“When the parties agree (before the trial that) they are bound to Islamic law, they can be bound to Islamic law,” Segal said. “As long as what you are agreeing to doesn’t violate the constitution of the United States, you can apply any type of law.”

Though the issue of Islamic law has garnered attention, the legal fight over the lawsuit is complicated, with much of it revolving around the arbitration process.

On Monday, Paul Thanasides, the attorney for the mosque, filed a new motion to dismiss the case because of lack of jurisdiction.

For those who suggest that sharia is ok because both parties are Muslim please note that one of the parties is not interested in abiding by sharia as we noted here – Florida judge orders Muslims to follow sharia law, against their will.


15 thoughts on “Appeals court rules Islamic SHARIA law is OK in FLORIDA civil case

  1. The next step will be for the national Islamic organizations in America to make the case:

    We need Shariah Family Courts operating legally in the American court system to handle the cultural sensitivities of the Muslim which American courts are not equipped to handle. Plus, Shariah Family Courts will lighten the caseload of an already overburdened court system in the United States.

    Shariah Family Courts are here to help.

    That will be the Islamist argument as the Shariah Family Court initiative moves forward.

    • Yeah – right !!! Then they will expect to get away with the “honor killings” of women and the brutality allowed in places like Saudi Arabia.. Just what we need in the US!!!!!

  2. Sounds like the Judge needs to be removed from the bench. We should not be allowing any foreign laws to be used in U.S. courts period. If they want shariah ruled courts go to Iran. Allowing the muslims to force shariah law onto all Americans is wrong and can not be allowed. Some how some way this needs stopped. If not it will not be long before the attack all non-muslims if we don’t convert to islam, they will demand that all Christian churches and Jewish synagogues be shut down. Just think what they would be to the gay community under shariah law, bad day for them. Sure would put an end to gay marriage, that would solve that problem.

  3. So the Lawless Law of Islam is acceptable in our Courts? The Lawless Law which says only Muslims have Human Rights and non-muslims are “animals” that can be enslaved, raped, or “lawfully” murdered is to be allowed in our Courts. I always wondered why Mohammad was one of the characters on the Supreme Court House in DC.

    • Regretfully, the mere existence of the EE.UU as a civilized society is been submitted to unusual and unreasonable punishment.
      Our judiciary system has been contaminated and is rapidly falling apart. These might be the beginning or our downfall !.
      Soon the practice of paedophilia will be legalized; man could have 4 wives living under the same roof, also it will be safe to kill a child in order to save “family honour”. Needless to say that freedom of speech will soon be something of the past. We better awake-up before it’s too late!

      • Paladion, freedom of speech and the press is ALREADY a thing of the past. Do you think any newspaper would print your comment? Think again. I send letters to newspapers in Canada, Britain and Norway, and believe me the mere mention of the word “muslim” makes them apoplectic! The internet is now our ONLY voice.

    • We need to throw out Jewish law in USA as well. US courts have even been sworn in on a Jewish religious book. It should be a crime to ask a man to swear in for court on this jew religious book.

      • please elaborate- which American law is Jewish? In what way does this “Jewish Law” you describe conflict with the USA Constitution? or inhibit or affect your rights?
        Bibles used in public situations such as courtrooms are Chirstian Bibles, the Jewish one has no Jesus or NT in it.
        Why should JEWS who haved lived in USA without trouble or threats or violence, have contributed much be punished b/c MUSLIMS are making a huge stink?
        If you are just a Nazi or Muslim who hates Jews – well there is one in every bunch isn’t there?

  4. Isn’t this a civil case regarding a contract between two parties that includes the underlying assumption of Sharia Law? Didn’t both parties agree to this? This isn’t about enforcing Sharia law per say, this is about enforcing a contract. I don’t see what the problem is here. Am I missing something?

    Don’t get me wrong, if sharia law is used in criminal cases or in some way that violates existing U.S. law I am as concerned as anyone. But shouldn’t people be able to write contracts however they want assuming no U.S. laws are broken? To me this has nothing to do with Sharia law invading our courts and everything to do with simple enforcement of a contract.

  5. I think what this is saying is that the case is like a contract if you will. If both parties have agreed to follow the same rules then that is legal. Does that make sense? Just because it is based on Islamic law doesnt make it illegal. It is a contract between two parties.

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  7. so, can I beat my wife, then stone her? She may be thinking bad thoughts, so under Sharia, I can kill her.

    My children have seen infidels, so I may kill them in honor killing style?

    That means child sex and bestiality are back in. too.

    Thanks, judge. We will build a Mosque beside your house as a reward.

  8. All of the rapist, sexual offenders, criminals and scum will claim they are muslim to get away with their criminal sex acts. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, SHARIA LAW removes all human rights from a woman and allows CRIMINAL SEX ABUSE to woman and children !!!!

  9. clarifying YOU is meant to refer to the United States of America.
    Also, I believe any official who judges in favor of sharia law should be impeached from their position, and be considered a terrorist, they are a danger to American society.

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