Muslim with automatic weapon attacks US Embassy in Bosnia (video)

Update 2– please note that all the original amateur videos of this Islamic terror attack on the US Embassy have now been wiped from the web. Only state run news remains. Yet as of 10/28/2012, the terrorist’s Youtube account remains active (h/t @jstablehand).

The gunman has been identified by the authorities as 23-year-old Serb national, Mevlid Jasarevic (pictured). Jasarevic wore a beard and was dressed in an outfit with short pants that reveal his ankles — typical for followers of the conservative Wahhabi branch of Islam.

Updates to follow, varying reports on the number of attackers. This from the Youtube description:

US Embassy in Sarajevo is attacked by Wahhabi fundamentalists on Friday, October 28, 2011.

This video was shot from across the street at the Importanne shopping center. Please excuse the poor quality, this video was taken with an iPod.

These videos were taken during the first 15 minutes of the stand off which lasted approximately 30 minutes. It is alleged that 2-3 men were involved in the attack. Two are confirmed; one was fatally wounded and the other was wounded and taken to the hospital for medical care.

The end of the stand off was not captured due to everyone in the building being forced to move away from the windows and into the basement parking garage.


Bosnian TV later identified the shooter as Mevlid Jasarevic from the city of Novi Pazar in southwestern Serbia, which is home to a community of Bosnian Muslims who live in the country. The television network also identified the man as a Wahabi follower, but did not cite its sources.


part II

One of the few remaining videos of the attack on the web:

13 thoughts on “Muslim with automatic weapon attacks US Embassy in Bosnia (video)

  1. Thats what they are supposed to do. Look at Neapolitan Ice cream hiring them into Homeland security, and being surprised they steal data. Of course she had no idea what Obama’s friends were up to.

    What a loser we have in the white house, defending this religion of peace.

    Look what we made them do….

  2. The people in America are are technically ethnic Christians. Another words they are no longer christians. The typical American SICKOLLA is more worried about people putting up Russian Easter Decorations instead of worring about this ISLAMIC CANCER cutting into Europe Australia and North – South America.

  3. That’s what we get for preventing the Serbs from taking out the garbage. They had the last laugh They sent the garbage here and that same garbage demands a new jhizya every day.

  4. another example of a fine mess the DEMOCRATS have purchased with American BLOOD- proving bankruptcy of their wacko theory that “HELPING THEM” will ever make them “like us” we enabled them to have a baseof OPS in EU!!! a huge tactical error!!!!!

    brought to you by the OTHER Clinton – while his female counterpart continues these stupid policies as Secty of State under OBummer.

    No part of SERBIA should have been given to MUSLIMS- It was not our place to STOP them from keeping their country- or judge them as criminals for it. Under these same rules USA should have allowed the SOUTH to secede and be a separate country.

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