Muslims firebomb French magazine office over Mohammid cover (video)

That didn’t take long. We just posted on this Monday, and by the time Charlie Hebdo published his latest edition edited by Mahomet, Muslims firebombed the office and destroyed it.

Video from WhatHitTheFan:

The newspaper’s website also appeared to have been hacked on Wednesday, with its regular home page replaced with a photo of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and a message reading: “No god but Allah”.French officials were quick to denounce the attack and offer support to the newspaper. “Freedom of the press is a sacred freedom in our country and everything must be done to preserve it,” Interior Minister Claude Gueant told AFP. “This is why, whether we like Charlie Hebdo or not, every French person must this morning feel solidarity with a newspaper that, through its existence and the way it operates, expresses freedom of the press.”

Hebdo’s real editor blames it on a small minority of extremists and not a representation of a majority of Muslims – see video interview here. Anyone want to wager that a majority of Muslims in France would say the magazine deserved what it got and that blaspheming Islam should be a crime?

12 thoughts on “Muslims firebomb French magazine office over Mohammid cover (video)

  1. Is this not an act of intolerance? Is this not the type behavior moslemites riot in the streets about? Is this not….

    On the other side, islamics are doing what comes natural in a tribal imperialistic culture.

    • Every day I draw a picture of the prophet with material from yesterday’s bacon, then I flush it saying “Here comes dinner Allah!”

  2. Ils sont toujours comme ça: “la religion de la paix”…Ils sont toujours pour “la tolérance co-existence”, tout d’abord et principalement, s’il s’agit de leurs interêts! Mais s’il s’agit de tolérer la culture d’autres gens, alors ils proposent la guerre! Ils ne croient ppas que le chemin de la tolétance soit un chemain á main double car ils ne pensent qu’à eux et à leur croyance ignorante,stupide,médiévale,raciste,sordide,mysogine,machiste et archaïque!!S’ILS SONT EN FRANCE, IL FAUT QU’ILS FASSENT DU RESPECT AUX LOIS DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE, DE L’ÉTAT LAÏQUE ET DE LA LIBERTÉ D’EXPRESSION ET DE LA PRESSE.PAR CONTRE, S’ILS N’AIMENT PAS ÇA , LE GOUVERNEMENT FRANÇAIS DOIT LES METTRE EN CAGE! REXLION. BRÉSIL. RIO DE JANEIRO

  3. Muslims are the biggest winers on the face of this earth. Everything offends them. It’s like being in Kindergarten with these guys. I am so tired of them, already, the bullshit never ends with them.

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