TIME, Facebook side with terrorists who firebombed office of French satire mag

The one thing missing from almost every article on Charlie Hebdo’s Mahomet edition and subsequent firebombing of their office is the actual images. Even those who are rightfully defending free speech are not doing what needs to be done. Showing the images.

SITE Intelligence Group (subscription)

Members of French jihadist forums heaped raised on the perpetrators of the November 2, 2011, firebombing of Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris, France…

TIME seems to agree: Firebombed French Paper Is No Free Speech Martyr

And Facebook has suspended the magazine’s account: Charlie Hebdo accuses Facebook of helping hatemongers after firebomb and Rights group slams Facebook for censorship of French weekly


Charlie Hebdo responded to the bombing by printing more images in a special edition (that looks like it can be purchased online).

More rebuttals, but again, why isn’t anyone publishing the images?

SPECTATOR: Can we torch Time Magazine’s offices now?

…what possible argument can those of us who shudder at the thought of arsonists torching Time, and immolating all who work there, now make in its defence?

Index on Censorship: Charlie Hebdo attack: No more excuses

The smoke had barely cleared from the firebombed office of Charlie Hebdo magazine – attacked for publishing cartoons of Mohammed – when TIME magazine’s Bruce Crumley chose to criticise the satirists before the terrorist. James Kirchick denounces a too-familiar tendancy…

Though he fashions himself a bold truth-teller, Crumley’s justification of violent extremism isn’t new. It’s just the latest iteration of a tired excuse for terrorism, expressed by everyone from Noam Chomsky to Ron Paul, which is that the victims of terrorism have it coming. What made Crumley’s entry into the genre singularly poisonous, and what I believe elicited the widespread disgust from journalists of all political stripes, is that it was written by a working journalist, not an academic, politician, or anti-“Islamophobia” activist.


They have a new blog and a twitter page – support them: http://charliehebdo.wordpress.com/

11 thoughts on “TIME, Facebook side with terrorists who firebombed office of French satire mag

  1. REACTIONARIES REACT…………MOSLEM ;CHRISTIAN ;JEWISH………..WHAT A BABYLON.Since the Mid-East is a pressure cooker…let’s put all of these miserable into the pressure cooker .Just add some of the COLONEL’S special spices and …………Yummy.


  3. Time, facebook and others like them, are silenced either by political-correctness or self-silenced because of their fear of being firebombed next by cowardly muslims.
    Whatever excuses they have for protecting such criminal actions of muslims, those excuses are not going to work for long.
    People are waking up to the fact that the ‘religion of peace’ is not so peaceful after all.

    • Cowardly little dhimmis quickly falling into line for fear of being targeted next. I despise cowards but mostly I despise the appeasers , apologists and complicit….spit…

  4. Facebook & Time mag are both left wing organizations and I have no time for either. It is no surprise that they would support the cowardly acts of muslims.

  5. Facebook has been slow to respond or refuses to take down pages of obvious jewhate, Nazis, Muslim terrorist fan pages however criticize ISLAM?? WHOA nelly!! banned! censored! off with yer head.
    Youtube is as bad- however on the tube the groups are well organized into factions and Muslims are quick to respond to any perceived slight-and call out their minions to flag and spam it up- they even keep onlinepages full of “enemies lists”. A totalitarian by any other name still stinks like a NAZI…the mob rules

  6. We just have to keep pushing/fighting back until the muzzies may end up in a corner (inshallah!!). We need to protest back and say that OUR Freedom of Speach totally outweighs THEIR perpetual state of being offended. WE’RE offended by their very ugly, disgusting and EVIL presence in OUR world and, for that matter, in the ENTIRE world itself!! A POX on pisslam!!

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