Mass. School District Closes School for Muslim Holiday

Creeping right along, via Mass. School District Marks Muslim Holiday | WBUR.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Cambridge public school students have a day off this week, but it has nothing to do with power outages or snow.

The Cambridge school system is believed to be the first in Massachusetts to give all students a day off for a Muslim holiday.

Students got Monday off for Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice.

The day off was approved by the school committee last year because of the district’s sizable Muslim population.

School committee member Nancy Tauber says she and her colleagues received some hate mail from across the country when they decided to observe the holiday.

“And then it makes you think that it’s probably an important thing for us to do because, how else are we going to erase the hate if we don’t talk about the issues?” Tauber said.

Would Tauber have given Nazi’s a day off too?

By the way, what is considered a sizable Muslim population?

Last year: Mass: School system to get Muslim holiday. Check back in five years.

34 thoughts on “Mass. School District Closes School for Muslim Holiday

  1. If there was a Christian holiday or a Jewish holiday, the schools would be open for those! We have to stop kissing the Muslims’ asses. The whole thing is not to honor these terrorists. It’s because the people in power in this country are like many of our citizens. They are afraid of them. This is exactly what they want. This country has lost its will to fight!

    • “If there was a Christian holiday or a Jewish holiday, the schools would be open for those!”

      No, not exactly. The schools close for a week to two weeks every year for the CHRISTIAN holiday of Christmas, and then again for anywhere from a day to a week for the CHRISTIAN holiday of Easter.

      There are no Jewish holidays that public schools in the USA have ever closed for. In fact as a non-Christian in schools I was forced to miss those days of school when they were closed for CHRISTIAN holidays.

      Seriously, what on earth are you even talking about?

        • Very very few, MRowe, and most of those are private Jewish schools, not public. There are very few areas of our country where the public schools have enough Jewish students to even have to look at shutting down for Jewish holidays. It’s very rare indeed.

      • Bullsh*t, schools close at the end of terms and at spring break which coincides with the college spring break.

        Traditionally {excepting Easter} these coincide with Christian holidays and you know what? GOOD! OUT-F***ING-STANDING
        With the exception of probably YOU – a great portion of THIS country is – YA, CHRISTIAN.

        Why should we APOLOGIZE for that? Why? F**k you.

        • James, I dont know how old you are, but schools closing at the end of terms was always called CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS until very recently. Because that’s what it WAS, and what it still IS.

          We had Christmas programs in school where we put on Christmas plays all having to do with baby Jesus being born and all that crap. The rooms all had CHRISTMAS trees and wreaths and Santas and Baby Jesuses, and candycanes and we all had a CHRISTMAS party before school let out for the 2 weeks of the CHRISTMAS holiday.

          And having lived all across the country in my school years I can tell you that this was the norm everywhere in every public school. I went to 27 different high schools alone, James, so yeah I do know what Im talking about.

          Nobody said you had to apologise for it, but the guy named Watcher who said that if it was a Christian or Jewish holiday the schools would be open for those — he is wrong. Never have any public schools in the US in all of public school history, stayed open for Christmas holidays. Never. Ever. 2 weeks off for CHRISTMAS and a week off for EASTER, and last time I checked those are indeed Christian holidays, and it wasnt until VERY recently that these began to be called “end of term”.

          You know why those days off in schools coincide with CHRISTIAN holidays, James? BECAUSE THAT’S WHY THOSE DAYS OFF WERE CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Apparently you weren’t aware that until very recently that was the entire purpose for taking those holidays off, James. To celebrate CHRISTMAS and EASTER, both Christian holidays. That’s why those holidays were founded and instituted into the public schools, James, in the first place.

          • go and leave this beautiful country if you do not like it,
            go where they do all things muslim, you are not welcome
            here…muslims are arrogant ingrates

      • they do not close school for Christmas for a week. If they closed school because it was Christmas, it would be called Christmas vacation………….it is called winter vacation……….get your facts right… concerts would be called Christmas concert……..they are called Holiday concert…….

  2. Schools don’t close for the high holy days or Passover. Why are they catering to islam? We all know the answer to that one, don’t we? I’m totally for religious freedom in America, but after all the hoopla about not calling Christmas concerts what they are but referring to them as “holiday” or “winter” celebrations, closing for this religion’s holiday is not right. Do it for all or do it for none.

    • Schools have been closing for decades and decades for Christian holidays, 2 weeks for Christmas and 1 week for Easter, and even though I was not a Christian I was forced to take those days off because the entire school closed.

  3. It would be nice if, just for once we could forgo the rules and kick these terrorists out of our country with no further action needed? We can only wish!

  4. do you people of Mass. know what they are doing I wouldsay there will come a day when you wakeup and say what happened. The fort will already be breached. I only hope YOUR heads will be the first to roll. I do mean the first. How stupid can people be. THEY HATE US.. Understand that. THEY HATE US.!!!! God above please take these idots first.

  5. We as Americans need to be gathering armes now. We must fight them back now. Nothing will hapen untill there brethern berry soreto is done away with. He is our main problem!!!

    • As long as we sit and bitch about the Bozo clan and do nothing to stop it, they will continue to be a threat to this country. They have a good start on this and WE have to stop them!

    • @capuchhin who wrote> “Until “berry soreto” is done away with”

      What are you saying there, Capuchhin? Are you advocating the assassination of the President of the United States?!

  6. As long as you have naiive idiots like Nancy Tauber it”s going to be tough sledding. It isn”t as though people like Tauber are bad, nasty people; they are just terminally naiive and ill informed, and most of them just think islam is just another religion, and that is emphatically NOT SO.

  7. We’re gonna erase the hate when non-muslimites understand that islam is imperialistic, political and gives the term religion a bad name.

  8. What ever happened to the separation of Church and State? We don’t close schools for Christian or Jewish holisdays!

    If we do not insist. at all levels, that these MUSLIMS integrateinto our American life we will have abandoned all hope for the continuance of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

    We must stop these people NOW, before they get too strong to stop!

    • Ummm, “we dont close schools for Christian or Jewish holidays”??? Have you not lived in the USA sometime in the past 200 years? Public schools have always closed for Christian holidays. When I was a kid it was 2 weeks for Christmas and 1 week for Easter. Not being a Christian didn’t matter, I was forced to miss school those 3 weeks because the schools….just closed their doors during those CHRISTIAN holidays.

      And still do today. So what are you talking about, “We dont close schools for Christian or Jewish holidays”?? Not for the Jewish ones, but yes indeed schools have always closed for the Christian holidays.

      • Like it or not, this nation was founded as a Christian nation. It is traditional to close schools for these two holidays, although we are no longer allowed to refer to “Christmas” or “Easter” in public schools. So sad that you had to suffer holiday breaks for traditions in which you do not believe. I share your pain, because I too must miss the 3rd Monday in January each year to honor an adulterous demagogue with communist sympathies who despised my race. Yes, it is really cruel. But the January holiday at least means a lot to MOST people in this country (however misinformed they may be of facts), and I do not disrespect it for their sakes. It is important to the United States, and I am a part of that so I go along with it.
        We live in a democratic republic, and in some decisions the majority rules. Right now, Muslims are not the majority, but for some reason their voice seems to have a greater weight than other groups who outnumber them. We must ask ourselves why this is the case.
        Are we scared of their bullying tactics and the alacrity with which they cry “hater”? Is it so unnatural to stick up for your own – that’s all we are trying to do here.

        • @Julie13: Nowhere did I say I suffered any pain by having to miss school because the schools were closed for Christmas. What kid would suffer pain for having to miss school, regardless of the reason!

          As far as your idea that this country was founded as a Christian nation, you’re sadly mistaken about that. You should perhaps take a read at what the Founding Fathers said about Christianity, including calling it the worst of the evil scourges that ever affilicted the world.

          Do you know why you’re no longer allowed to refer to “Christmas” or “Easter” in public schools? Because of the Wiccans. Or at least that’s how it went in our area. The Christians with their Christmas vacations, Christmas plays, Christmas gift exchanges, etc. in the public schools for so many years, were challenged about 20 years ago in our area, by a group of local Wiccans.

          These Wiccans asked to be allowed to have plays about Wicca and Wiccas religious figures and stories, in the schools, and to have Wiccan holidays observed there, schools closed down just as they had always been for Christian holidays.

          The Christians went wild. Accused the Wiccans of being devils, evil, trying to corrupt the children.

          The courts disagreed and agreed, and it went from one level of court up to the next and the next over the coming years. Finally it reached the top.

          The Christians were given a choice by the judge. Either accept the Wiccans proposal, and share, or NOBODY including the Christians, will from that point on be able to call any of the holidays after their religious figures or stories.

          I think that’s only fair, don’t you?

          Of course the Christians chose to get rid of being able to call their own holidays by their rightful names rather than allow Wiccans or anyone else to hold plays and holidays in the schools as the Christians do.

          And that is why you are no longer allowed to refer to your holidays by their rightful names. It was the choice of the Christians to do so, rather than allow anyone else to celebrate their own traditions as well.

          Might I suggest a great book for you, Julie13, it’s by Dr. Suess.
          It’s called The Sneetches.

  9. I suppose they will soon drop all of the American school curriculum and replace it with islam’s curriculum, ie kill all of the infidel’s. They just sold their soul to Satan.

  10. Schools have closed for Christian holidays for a very long time in this country.

    When I was a kid (1960s and 70s), it was 2 weeks for Christmas and then another week at Easter.

    That’s a lot of days off for Christian holidays, 3 WEEKS worth in fact.

    I dont remember ever any public school closing for Channuka or for Pesach, or any other major Jewish holiday. Ever.

    Perhaps now that the schools are closing for Muslim holidays as well as Christian holidays, the same consideration will be given to the Jewish holidays. Don’t hold your breath.

  11. These liberals hate America more than the terrorists.

    A sizeable Muzzie population is anything more than one, agitators all of them

  12. The mistake is to call islam a religion. It is not! What it is is a seditious, imperialistic….etc group that should be removed from our country..since their “holy book” instructs them to conduct seditious, treasonous act and committ murder, with the intention of over throwing our government. Plain and simple treason !

  13. My letter to the schools’ administration:
    Dear Sir/s, Madam,
    Recent news reports indicate that Cambridge schools has declared a religious holiday for Idd – a muslim festival on 7th November 2011.
    While some people might appreciate your attempts at multiculturalism (if it is that), I would question your need to introduce religion in schools in this backdoor manner.
    All schools should strive for a secular education regardless of the religious affiliation of its students or teachers or administrators.
    And all school managements must reinforce secularism as an ideal.
    While we do not, and should not, infringe on the right of muslims to celebrate their festivals, I don’t see any reason for schools to abandon their secularism to keep their muslim students happy.
    Please rethink your stand on abandoning secularism.
    And henceforth please abstain from giving religious holidays for any religion.
    Thank you,

  14. State & Local gov receive federal money for every day school is OPEN- will the Muslims compensate these schools? it equals removing MONEY from ALL children. Will the teachers get paid holidays on taxpayer dime?

    Every Christian and JEW should know that this holiday DENIES your faith as true. Muslims claim that Abraham was asked to sacrifice ISHMAEL- saying he was the first born son, despite the fact, sons of slaves (HAGAR) were not considered legit heirs, and the story specifically NAMES ISSAC.

    The Bible tells the story of HAGAR an EGYPTIAN- Abraham sent her and son Ishmael away because he was jealous of and becoming a threat to ISSAC, the rightful heir. Most info points out it would have been highly unlikely she set off for Arabia (UR) (across a huge desert alone with no water) when she was from Egypt, and most likely went there (an easier known route and home).
    Like most things In ISLAM, this is all fable- there is no historical record or geneology to link Ishmael to the Arab moon worshippers of MEcca or Medina- and less evidence or story about Abraham ever visiting those places.
    Mohammed heard a bit of Judaism and Christianity and got it hopelssly wrong, changed at will and made up the rest.

  15. The way to erase the hate is to erase yourself according to islam. Or you can wait until that sizeable population is the majority and wait for them to erase you and your wicked western ways.

  16. These ‘administrators’ understand that Eid is celebrated by slaughtering an animal by cutting its throat conscious and alive. And they declare this a holiday in America? Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

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