Honduras: President opens session with Koran reading, Islamic prayer

It’s creeping in Honduras, via La Prensa: Consejo de Ministros empieza con invocación a Alá

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

With the sudden invocation of Allah and reading the Quran, President Porfirio Lobo began yesterday’s session of Council of Ministers.

The president received in the session hall of the Presidential House female members of the Islamic community.

During his speech, the ladies prayed for the future of Honduras, the government and its officials, including President Lobo.

Every Tuesday, the government has been getting used to starting the meetings of the Council of Ministers with prayers to God by inviting representatives of religious leaders of different denominations.

“So far the invocation of God has been alternating with representatives of Catholic and Evangelical churches, but also invited the Adventists,” said a source.

At the opening ceremony, Lobo also received a letter, apparently with some requests, which were given to him by two women in the Islamic community, whose contents are not released.

The Council of Ministers is similar to Congress. El Heraldo added this:

Following their participation, the representatives of the Islamic community gave gifts and a letter to the President, who has proclaimed his open government at all levels and all religions.

With the highest murder rate outside of Afghanistan and evidence that Islamic terrorists are working with gangs like MS13, it’s appears that Islamists are also working their way into the political theater in Honduras.

8 thoughts on “Honduras: President opens session with Koran reading, Islamic prayer

  1. President Lobo is a fool! He is ignorant of the principals of Islam, as well as, its bloody history. At last count, 270 million innocent people lost their life in the name of a false prophet, son of Satan, Muhammad.

    • My friend, i don‘t know how you came up with that number. But the last time i check, islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. That is in spite of the wars waged against it, the media backlash and propaganda spread by the west on its principles. The question you need to ask yourself is; why are people still converting to this religion? Especially the westerners. Open your eyes to reality. Islam is world religion. Talking about free speech. I think the president was just allowing those women their constitutional right to expression. But why is the U.S battling Julian Assange (wikileaks)?

  2. tHERE IS REAL EVIDENCE OF Hezbollah in BRAZIL;URUGUAY;ETC;The borders are open doors if you can pay…..Iran must surely have dozens of trained agents and usefuls implanted in the centrals as well as USA.IF you or someone you know;aged 21 or older has a hunting license ……………

  3. “it’s appears that Islamists are also working their way into the political theater in Honduras.” and GB and Canada and America and……….

  4. The council of ministers is NOT similar to congress. The council of ministers is just another name for the cabinet, i.e. the secretaries of state, defense, etc. sitting together in palaver.

    Most of the crime in Honduras is committed by youth gangs whose founders and leaders are Honduran born but raised in the US. THe US deported them to Honduras because they were criminals. In Honduras they founded American style ethnic gangs. The US is exporting its crime problem to Central America. The same is true of El Salvador and Guatemala.

    However I am not denying that Mohammedan fanatics may contribute to the problem.

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