Terror-linked CAIR seeks mandatory Islamic tolerance training for Whole Foods employees

Another shakedown. And another case of a Muslim choosing a hajj vacation over their job.

via Worker says he was fired from supermarket chain because he is Muslim – CNN.

A former Whole Foods Market employee says he was fired because he is Muslim.

Glenn Mack Jr. told reporters Tuesday that he experienced harassment by his supervisors because of his Islamic faith, resulting in his termination.

A spokeswoman for the natural-food supermarket chain said the company denied Mack’s allegations.

Mack, 24, started working for Whole Foods in 2008. He was terminated in February 2011 for absenteeism, said his lawyer, Amara Chaudhry, with the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

He filed a compliant with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in March, Chaudhry said, adding she will file an amended complaint in the next few weeks.

Whole Foods Market spokeswoman Kate Lowery said the company “cannot give out details about current or former team members due to privacy, but we deny these allegations.”

“It¹s well known that Whole Foods values and celebrates diversity,” Lowery said, adding, “We have a zero-tolerance discrimination policy, zero tolerance.”

Mack said he had been well-liked at the Whole Foods location on Pennsylvania Avenue in Philadelphia. He said he was the community service liaison and had been chosen to run the employees’ assistance fund designed to help “team members in need.” Mack added he was also selected to meet Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO John Mackey.

The problems began, he said, after his supervisors learned he was using his approved vacation time for Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia during the last month of the Islamic calendar.

Hajj represents the fifth and final “pillar” of Islam. Every Muslim who is physically and financially capable is expected to make the pilgrimage once in their lifetime.

Mack said he had kept his Islamic faith a secret after overhearing comments that disturbed him. He said he requested time for the vacation two months in advance of the November 2010 trip. Prior to his vacation, his supervisors gave him a choice of keeping his job or going on the trip, he said.

Mack was downgraded from full-time employment to part-time employee upon returning from the pilgrimage and before being terminated, he said.

While working, he said he was followed by supervisors and watched when he went to pray in a storage room, and so began to complete his daily prayers outdoors near a trash dumpster.

“The fact that Glenn felt pressured or compelled to pray in the location that he did is not insignificant. A Muslim wouldn¹t do so unless under compelling circumstances or in a state of duress,” Chaudhry, his attorney, said.

Whole Foods works with its employees to accommodate special requests and has an open-door policy, Lowery said, adding the company has many Muslim employees in the Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic regions.

“We are looking at this from every angle possible,” Lowery said.

A formal lawsuit has not been filed; however there is a pending matter before the EEOC and that has been cross-filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Chaudhry said. Mack is seeking reinstatement and compensation for his termination, plus mandatory tolerance training for employees, Chaudhry said.

Hamas-linked CAIR wanted every public school in Washington state to teach students about Islam as well. Par for the course for a group that wants Islamic sharia law to some day rule over America.

15 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR seeks mandatory Islamic tolerance training for Whole Foods employees

  1. Whole Foods will eventually have to file for Chapter 7 and go out of business. That is the only way to rid the vermon from the scene.

  2. My muslim friend has been discriminated against, He cannot find a job due to his religion. He is on his 380th month of unemployment assistance and he is having a hard time getting along on only $4000 a month since he must donate a large portion to his charity. The zakat is used to support poor palistinian children by buying them strong vests to hold explosives.

    Surely we can be more tolerant to what will be our future masters???

    • your muslim friend should look in his own muslim community for the real reason the hate, scream of killing infidels, they are the reason i will think twice to knowing their ultimate goal is to enslave you or kill you w/ gusto!! we are falling in their cry-baby trap you to!!!

  3. Rick Perry has mandatory education of Islam in the public schools.
    It is a watered down version and my take on it is..if you have to teach Islam to the students..then you have to teach from the Bible too!
    Equal justice under the law.

  4. at last check, those lessons were removed from the school’s website – right after the blogs started highlighting it – some evidence was left behind and has been saved – search our archives for Rick Perry or see Atlas Shrugs

  5. I really dont understand why US companies feel like they have to cater to mulsims. How about Christians demanding time off to visit Isreal, would that be tolerated in that company? Probably not. So why Di companies cater to Muslims? Is it fear of being sued? Or just fear?

  6. the payback for “diversity” and “multiculti”. Whole foods went out of the way to HIRE Muslims and the payback is?? yup lawfare- he was fired for ABSENTEEISM- not his religion.
    As would any employee be fired if you don’t show up when needed.
    Haj is not mandatory every year, no requirement on WHEN you go- you only have to do it ONCE per LIFETIME- so bullshit on all counts- just one more Muz tring to do EXTORTION.
    Whole foods does discriminate against ISRAEL and is pro Palestinian- refusing to see products made in disputed areas labeled ISRAEL at the request of MUSLIMS- thereis NEVER any gain in giving an INCH to these ungrateful people who will only demand more and more from anyone who is stupid enough to think they can be appeased or satisfied.

  7. The employees probably need not worry about attending mandatory shame sessions…generally employees may be required to attend training directly related to work skills, but not classes intended to promote one philosophy over another. However, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist and especially Jewish employees need to consider whether they want to pursue their own lawsuits should Whole Foods cave in to CAIR and become part of that organization’s stealth jihad.

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