Muslim terrorist who blew self up in Pakistan had U.S. passport

Why did a mid-level al Qaeda terrorist have a U.S. passport, and if it was fake – how good a fake was it? How many others have them? via Man with US passport blows himself up in Pakistan – Yahoo! News.

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — A suspected militant who blew himself up in southern Pakistan during a raid by security forces was carrying a U.S. and a Pakistani passport, authorities said Saturday.

According to a statement by Pakistan’s paramilitary Rangers, the dead man has been identified as Saeed Abdul Salam. He detonated an explosive device Thursday when troops raided his apartment in the port city of Karachi.

Post-mortem tests on Salam’s body confirmed the man died due to the explosion of a hand grenade, it said, adding “documents used for acts of terrorism were also recovered” from his possession.

The U.S. Embassy could not immediately confirm the development.

The Rangers’ statement said Salam had divorced his wife a month ago and was living with four children, who were unharmed. According to Salam’s passport, he had traveled to many countries, the statement said.

Karachi is home to around 18 million people and is the capital of Sindh province. Several al-Qaida and Taliban operatives have been captured or killed there in recent years.

The Long War Journal reported this, Al Qaeda commander killed during Karachi raid:

An al Qaeda leader who held both Pakistani and Yemeni citizenship killed himself with what appears to be a hand grenade during a raid by Pakistani Rangers in the southern city of Karachi.

According to The Associated Press, Moeed also possessed a US passport and went by the name Saeed Abdul Salam. His name was also given as Moeed Abdul Salam al Yemeni. It is not clear if the passport is real or a fake.

A US intelligence official who tracks al Qaeda’s network in Pakistan told The Long War Journal that Moeed was “a mid-level cog in al Qaeda’s Pakistan machine” and one of many operatives based in Karachi. Moeed was not as significant as Younis al Mauritani, a senior member of al Qaeda’s external operations council who was detained in September by the Frontier Corps in Quetta, or Abu Hafs al Shahri, al Qaeda’s operations chief for Pakistan who was killed in September in a US drone strike in North Waziristan, the official said.

8 thoughts on “Muslim terrorist who blew self up in Pakistan had U.S. passport

  1. No more worry about this ANIMAL. Question is who is this nut job, and does he have family here in the USA??? If so ship them all the hell back where they came from. LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. the solution is to stop all immigration from arab/muslim countries, thats step ONE step TWO is to put all other muslims under surveillance, legislate for them to go to education classes about western culture and democracy,any doubt about their patriotism to their host country, deport deport deport!!

  3. would it be so nice to know that the rest of them will just slowly blow themselves up for the sake of the 72 virgins waaiting for them in heaven? I hope they won’t stop believing it without casing American death?

  4. This is not Islam, this is Arab Islam.True Islam is Non-Arab Asia’s great ancient tradition of Non-Arab Islam ie Hindu Islam(ie the great Hindu Religion) of India-the great tradition of humanism and tolerance which has been under attack from Arab Islam for last 1400 years and resulted in the creation of this foolish and artificial nation named Pakistan by dividing great Indian provinces of Punjab and Bengal.
    Today whatever is happening as terrorism in the world is due to Pakistan.Father of the Indian nation late Mahatma Gandhi boycotted the celebrations of India’s freedom and went away from Delhi.He had said that his body would first be cut into two and then only the Indian nation could be divided.Pakistan formation has been a calamity not for India but for the whole world.
    Hindu India is fighting this war for last 1400 years which US and NATO are fighting for last 10 years.
    Arab Islam is “for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab”.Outside Arabia, it is sheer IMPERIALISM.The very birth of the HINDU word is due to this imperialism, otherwise there was no such word before.Hindu word denotes RESISTANCE against the Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism.In medieval times, to invade India in the name of Islam and massacre Hindus in the name of Jihad, had become a sort of regular yearly tournament.
    Unless Pakistan changes and returns to its original form of an Indian nation, like her once sister-nation B’desh has now done,there can never be peace and security, not only in India but in the whole world.To establish a Caliphate in the wilds of Hindukush was not any Arab Idea but it was an ISI Idea which resulted in the tragedy of 9/11.
    Whole AfPak is OLD HINDUSTAN and it should be brought under the sobering/civilizing influence of the new thriving Indian Democracy.From a terror hub, this whole region need to be transformed into a TOURIST HUB,only then world and civilization would be safe.

    • Dear WACKY- once again you come here spewing your nonsense- HINDU are NOT and never will be ISLAMIC- in fact your so called NON arab MUSLIMS stole half of INDIA from Hindus and are still at war with them- MUSLIMS ethnic cleansed all the Buddhists and Hindus from what is now occupied INDIA called PAKISTAN and bangladesh– Paksitan is the home of TALIBAN, the place that harbored OSAMA bin LAden- the country whose ISI is murderous and assassinated the woman who tried to bring MODERATION to ISLAm – Benazir Bhutto- theere is nothing more wonderful about Pakistani Muslims than any other kind of Muslims- they regularly BOMB and murder civivilans any chance they get- they have been complicit in attacks on USA as described above- ALL FACTS deny your fantasy of ISLAM being different anywhere- in fact the one commonality of ALL MUSLIMS is subjugation of others, ethnic cleansing, WAR on all borders , attempt to THEIVE land from any non ISLAMIC states, suicide bomb to kill JEWs and Americans and Brits, DAnish, French, infiltrations to overthrow governemtns of non ISLAMIC states
      MOHAMMEDANS may a POX be UPON you all- murderous cult called a religionis same- in Chechen Bosnia Saudia Arabia IRAN IRaq Jordan Lebanon- most of NOrth Africa now, Indonesia- conquering people by BLOOD- you are a wacko and a LIAR to defend it or try to redefineit- WE SEE AND WE KNOW

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