DOJ investigating L.A. suburb for rejecting mosque expansion

The Dept. of Islamic Justice (or Jihad, or inJustice) is at it again. And get this, members of the DOJ stumbled upon the mosque by reading an LA Times blog post in which Muslims stated they felt discriminated against. Does the DOJ regularly get involved in local matters after reading blog posts? Or did Hamas-linked, FBI-banned CAIR contact them about the decision?

Intimidation, then legal jihad if the town doesn’t submit to Islam asap.

via DOJ Investigating L.A. Suburb for Rejecting Mosque Expansion | Main Justice.

The Justice Department is launching an inquiry into the decision of a Los Angeles suburb to deny a local mosque’s planned expansion.

Federal officials are looking into whether or not Lomita, California city council members violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act when they rejected the construction plans almost two years ago, according to the Daily Breeze, a local newspaper.

City Attorney Christ Hogin told the newspaper that the investigation started in July.

The city council denied that religion played a role in their decision, which they said was influenced by concerns over traffic and parking.

But the mosque’s supporters say that the city’s planning commission and municipal staff had recommended that the plans — to build a two- story building to replace eight aging buildings on the one acre lot — be approved, and that a study had found the expansion would have no effect on traffic patterns.

The mosque’s supporters contend that anti-Muslim sentiment informed the city council’s decision to reject the proposal.

And when Justice Department officials read a May 2010 Los Angeles Times blog post which reported that members of the Mosque felt discriminated against, they decided to launch their investigation, according to the Daily Breeze.

“I believe the city’s denial of the rezoning has constituted a substantial burden on the mosque community to practice their religion,” said Ameena Qazi, an attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations who is representing the mosque.

The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act prevents state and local authorities “from imposing a substantial burden on the religious exercise of a person.”

Opponents of the expansion, however, contend that the traffic study that justified the expansion was flawed, and that allowing the mosque to expand would shrink the city’s commercial zones and possibly cause sales tax revenue to decrease.

“It’s a little alarming the federal government would come in and second-guess a land-use decision like this,” Hogin said.

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16 thoughts on “DOJ investigating L.A. suburb for rejecting mosque expansion

  1. holder needs to but out of local issues. He will always side with the muslims against Americans that’s why obama chose him. Together they will destroy America.

  2. Is this all DOJ has to do. Does it have a mission statement to this effect, that they are to abrogate the constitutionally protected rights and privileges of the citizens in favor of COLONISTS?

  3. Did our guns from from Fast and Furious fall into hands of beheaders in Mexico? Does Eric Holder care more about the Muslim Brotherhood than our freedoms. What Islamic country isn’t socialist? Prepare WOLVERINES. It’s past RED Dawn.

    • Wolverines!!! (this is the 2nd time I’ve said this today!) The first time was at school when someone made the same reference when I went and complained about the Socialist party on campus spreading their anti – semetic crap…

  4. It is sooooooooo sad sooooooooooo few comment on this sight. We have fear to fear more than fear itself!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on freedom lovers build this sight and Jihad Watch up. Know guts no glory. Do you want you children to be dimmini slaves?

  5. ALL ZONING LAW is LOCAL that is why FEDERAL govt has no constitutional RIGHTS in the matter unless the case goes to SUPREME COURT- this is the ONLY admin in history of USA that has overstepped it’s authority for any group, let alone a cult like ISLAM with so few citizens in USA.
    When do MUSLIMS not whine and complain about “being discriminated”???

    BIG F**ING DEAL- lots of people are discriminated- fat people, ugly people, old people, sick people, gay people, people of color, white male people, Mormons, Jews, Catholics- no feds have taken up their causes

  6. They have infiltrated our schools, our military and our police departments and the federal government as well as many local governments. How many women can you count walking around with a scarf on their head and a swollen belly and several young ones following? They have vowed to out breed us and then out vote us and then kill us and they are well on their way. Have you seen the show on TLC called “American Muslim?” An obvious design to make us think they just love us and our country. The Quoran says if you don’t believe in Allah you are an infidel and must die. Slowly the cancer grows unnoticed until it is too late to treat.

  7. Besides shipping guns to the Narco dealers which benefit local politicians and major Banks who engage in money laundering such as Wells Fargo bank, Holder loves it that his guns have resulted in the MASS MURDER OF 60,000 Mexicans in the past few years. Of course the islamic terrorist assistant Holder is working hard to inject more and more incipient TERRORIST iSLAMIC SCUM into America…. In this way there will be more attacks in the future in America and that will provide ostensible “justification” for the implementation of even more FASCIST POGROMS by the Fascist American Administration of Obama.

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