How the US Nat’l Security Apparatus is Imposing Islamic Law of Slander on Americans

John Guandolo writing at Big Peace: Assault on the Truth, Part 1: A PC Military vs. an Absolutist Enemy.

How the U.S. National Security Apparatus is Imposing the Islamic Law of Slander on American Citizens and Aiding & Abetting the Enemy

U.S. War fighting doctrine requires we analyze an enemy beginning with (1) who the enemy says he is, and (2) why he states he is fighting us. From there, the enemy’s threat doctrine is identified, studied and taught to those who have national security and war fighting responsibilities so the enemy can be defeated.

The United States has been engaged in a war since 9/11/2001 in which 100% of the enemy states they are “Muslims fighting Jihad in the Cause of Allah in order to impose Shariah (Islamic Law) on the entire world.” Violent Jihadi organizations such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, and others make clear their strategic objective is to re-establish the Global Islamic State (Caliphate) under which Shariah (Islamic Law) is the law of the land. All Islamic nations (Head of State level), via the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s (OIC’s) Cairo Declaration define human rights as the imposition of Shariah. The Cairo Declaration was served as an official document to the United Nations in 1993.

Hence, when OIC nations say they seek to spread human rights throughout the world, they are stating their objective is a world governed by Shariah. It is a matter of fact the most prominent Islamic organizations in North America are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) whose stated goals (in their By-Law, Strategic documents, etc) are (1) the re-establishment of the Caliphate (by force when needed); (2) under which Shaiah is the law of the land. Therefore, our enemy is fighting a Total War in which Shariah (Islamic Law) serves as the basis of their stated threat doctrine, which they seek to impose on the entire world.

Even if Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the leaders of Islamic nations are wrong about the requirements of Islamic Law, they continue to use it to wage war against us and, therefore, by our own war fighting doctrine, it constitutes a key element of the enemy threat doctrine.

100% of all published Islamic Law – and yes, it is published and authoritative – makes Jihad a permanent obligation on all Muslims until the entire world is subordinated to Islamic Law. All published Islamic Law only defines Jihad as warfare against non-Muslim. No bona fide published Islamic Law differs from this. Our enemy knows this to be true.

Those are the facts.

Had the professional standard inside the U.S. National Security apparatus been maintained regarding the identification of the threat from the Islamic Movement after 9/11, it would be standard protocol inside the bureaucracy of the U.S. government to teach the basics of Islamic Law, as it relates to terrorism, to all new military officers, federal agencies, U.S. Attorneys Offices, and the like. However, that, sadly, is not the case.

In fact, those who teach these facts are being systematically purged from the government sector by the very agencies whose reason for existence is to pursue facts to find the truth in order to enforce the Constitutional laws of these United States. The Muslim Brotherhood calls this “Civilization Jihad” by our hands – getting our leadership to do the Muslim Brotherhood’s bidding for them – in this case, silencing those presenting facts about the enemy threat doctrine.

In 14th century Islamic Sacred Law (Shariah) – Umdat al Salik – published today in English in Beltsville, Maryland (“Reliance of the Traveller”), “Slander” is defined as follows: “Slander means to mention anything concerning a person (Muslim) that he would dislike.” A truthful statement about Shariah which a Muslim does not want you to know or teach others is considered “Slander” in Islamic Law, and can be punishable by death. The international campaign launched by the OIC to have “Islamophobia” criminalized through official international channels, including the United Nations, is having a direct impact on local, state and federal law enforcement in the United States as the truthful, yet “offensive” information about Shariah is being kept from many of them – not by the Muslim Brotherhood, but by U.S. government officials acting on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Should We Understand Shariah? Is it a Threat?

Is Shariah (Islamic Law) really an imminent threat here in America? We know it is the very reason the enemy acts, and it is what the enemy uses to drive what he does. So let’s look at some evidence (read: “Facts”).

Evidence also reveals CAIR was established in 1994 by the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas) as the fourth front organization for Hamas in the United States. The leaders of CAIR, Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad, led the IAP (Hamas), were surveilled by the FBI at a 1993 meeting of Hamas leaders in Philadelphia, and their names were on a list of Palestine Section (Hamas) members in the United States. CAIR is Hamas. CAIR’s headquarters office is two blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building.

Additionally, the leadership of the Muslim American Society (MAS), another leading Islamic organization in the U.S., has openly stated they were founded by and are a Muslim Brotherhood entity.

If these facts hold true, and they do, it begs the following questions: Why is the White House, the State Department, and the National Security Council relying on the leadership of ISNA for counsel and input with regards to the American Muslim community? Why is the DHS Secretary working closely with MAS? Why is TSA allowing its security officers to be trained by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), originally formed out of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Center of Southern California? Why is Nihad Awad continually allowed on Capitol Hill? Why is the government working with the enemy instead of prosecuting them?

Read it all at Big Peace. And if you think our great military hasn’t been succumbed to Islamists – check a few of Diana West’s pieces.

12 thoughts on “How the US Nat’l Security Apparatus is Imposing Islamic Law of Slander on Americans

  1. They have been able with the aid of the DC group to usher in these programs. I wonder what do most Americans think, or take time to examine why DC is allowing this promotion of Muslim laws.What have these DC men been promised that they would sell their souls to the devil.How can these men turn their backs on their country?What is the power that holds the glue?

    • Thanks for sharing this link, as this site is well done. There is a lot of information here and suspect that I will be spending hours if not days reading this material.

  2. CAIR, MSA, and others are linked. They work together to overthrow the Country for Sharia and Islam. At the very least, this is sedition. Also, Sharia by its teachings violate the UN Convention on Genocide…look it up. From a practical standpoint, Muslim organizations with links to the Muslim Brotherhood may be subjected to Civil RICO statutes. Under these statutes citizens can act as prosecutors to expose the conspirators. Love to be sitting in depositions and reviewing disclosures in a case like RICO.

  3. LexusNexis published ‘Understanding Islamic Law (Shari’a) by Raj Bhala. The genesis of this book is a series of lectures given at the command and staff college. It is the first book of its type authored by a non-muslimite. I am working my way through it. It is a goldmine of attitudinal information. I also sent a copy to my son, a paralegal serving in Afghanistan. He says it has been helpful. For those with a stomach for such 1000+ page tomes, I recommend it. This book is also a standard text in United States law schools.

  4. Our Government has turned into our enemy. obama’s a muslim and so is holder and the entire dumbocratic party is their usefull idiots. Now they are using the OWS usefull idiots as pawns to create chaos in the streets.

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  6. “Not by the muslim brotherhood, but by US Govt. Officials acting on behalf of the muslim brotherhood”. Oh really? muslims have told us they are at war with us, their actions in a thousand attrocities around the world prove it!! That being the case, US Govt. Officials working for the muslim brotherhood ARE COMMITTING TREASON. Why? Do these Americans hate their country so much? WHY??

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  9. SHERIA L:AW is an IDEOLOGY not a RELIGION therefore is elegable to be KICKED AROUND just like we kick the hell out of CROOKED POLITICIANS! It is being pushed by C A I R the BULL SHIT FORCE of the Muslim Btotherhood Thugs to over throw the CONSTITUTIONL GOVT. WE have had for over 275 years of GOD GIVEN LIVING FREEDOM! We dont need the 7th Century CAMEL HUMPING CRAP FROM ANY MUSLIM IDEOLOGY being fostered by any PIGS AND APES OF THE WORLD ESPECIALLY THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’S! Wake up America and FIGHT for the PRESERVATION OF OUR GOVT. AND LAWS OF OUR LAND!

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