All-American Muslim – a lost episode (video)

Real life Muslims that TLC won’t be airing any time soon. Consider this the first of the lost episodes. FOX 2’s Charlie LeDuff Digs into Turkia Mullin’s Past

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WJBK) – The new director of Metro Airport, Turkia Mullin, recently agreed to return a severance payout she received after quitting her job as Wayne County’s development director.So, where’s the money? That’s the question some people were asking because, as of Wednesday, the county claimed they had yet to see a dime.

FOX 2’s Charlie LeDuff has been doing some digging into Mullin’s past and discovered some problems that could come back to haunt her. He’s also learned that the feds have been investigating Robert Ficano, his friends and honeypot contracts in Wayne County for over two years. “I’m not a fed,” says LeDuff. ” But my own look into the Mullin drama reveals a trail that leads from million-dollar mansions to the federal penitentiary and even all the way to the Middle East.”

Video link died but you can still watch the damning report at the link above.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Much more at debbie Schlussel who posted on this a few weeks ago: Who is Turkia Awada Mullin?: What Happens When Muslims Run an American County.

Update 10/27: Mullin Pays Back $200K Severance to Wayne Co.

9 thoughts on “All-American Muslim – a lost episode (video)

  1. This reporter is excellent, keep hitting these people where the money is and scare them back to their country. Great reporting LeDuff

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