FBI Stats Belie CAIR’s Islamophobia Hysteria

FBI Statistics Belie Islamophobia Hysteria « Commentary Magazine.

It has become an accepted trope of contemporary journalism that American Muslims are under siege and beset by hatred and prejudice. But the evidence for this conventional wisdom is lacking. The story line of Muslim persecution in the United States has always been a matter of anecdotes and perception, not facts. That truth was confirmed this week when the FBI released their annual crime statistics report which showed once again that hate crimes against Muslims remain rare and are far outnumbered by attacks on Jews.

The report is not perfect, since not all parts of the country do a good job compiling the data, but it provides an important snapshot of the state of the nation regarding bias crimes. But the numbers speak for themselves. In 2010, only 13.2 percent of religion-based attacks were directed at Muslims. By comparison, 65.4 percent of such crimes were directed at Jews. This shows a slight increase over the last two years (the raw numbers show 887 anti-Jewish attacks with only 160 anti-Muslim attacks), but is not a statistical fluke. In 2009, the FBI reported that 70.1 percent of religious-based hate crimes were anti-Jewish while only 9.3 percent were anti-Islamic. In 2008, the FBI said 66.1 percent were anti-Jewish while 7.5 percent were anti-Muslim. This has been true of every year in the past decade, even in 2001 when anti-Muslim crime spiked in the wake of 9/11. For all of the breast-beating about Islamophobia in this country, anti-Semitism remains a far greater problem.

As I wrote last year when I debunked the mythical backlash against Muslims in an article in the October 2010 issue of COMMENTARY, the notion of a rising wave of hatred against Muslims is unsupported by any statistical research. When you consider that Muslims claim to have about the same number of adherents in this country as Jews and that anti-Jewish crimes have always far outnumbered those committed against Muslims, the media hysteria about Islamophobia is exposed as a big lie. But even if there are fewer Muslims here than their groups claim, the conclusion is unchanged.

Because the far greater number of attacks on Jews is not viewed (even by those groups dedicated to monitoring anti-Semitism such as the Anti-Defamation League) as proof the country is boiling with hatred for Jews, how can anyone rationally argue that the far fewer number of assaults on Muslims can justify the conclusion that Islamophobia is rampant?

Muslims, who have had to labor under the burden of guilt-by-association with the 9/11 attacks and the rise of Islamist terror in the Middle East, cannot be blamed for worrying about perceptions of their community. Like every religious and ethnic minority, they face bias. There has been a disturbing and persistent record of home grown Islamic terrorists and groups that purport to represent American Muslims, like the extremist Council on American Islamic-Relations (CAIR), which have ties to terror groups or have rationalized extremism. But most American Muslims are hard working and law-abiding.

But do they want sharia, and do they believe in jihad? It’s easy to generalize and say most are “hard working,” but those who have seen the videos out of Dearborn, Minneapolis, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and other cities – particularly during the anti-Israel protests a few years ago – knows there are large numbers of Muslims in the U.S. ready to fight for Islam. Literally.

But despite the claim of rampant Islamophobia, it is the relative absence of hatred and discrimination against Muslims that has best characterized American life in the last decade. While any number of hate crimes directed at Muslims is regrettable and all deserve to be punished, there is no basis in fact for the notion Islam is under siege here. If anything, the latest FBI statistics point out that lingering anti-Semitism — bolstered, it must be admitted, by a rising tide of Jew-hatred emanating from the Muslim world — remains a more potent threat.

Don’t forget it’s the Hamas-linked CAIR that makes a living chasing ambulances and filing hate crime complaints non-stop. The FBI should track how many were submitted by CAIR. Consolidated stats from the FBI’s page:

And reposting from last year:

As Doug Hagmann at the Northeast Intelligence Network noted recently:

Investigation and research by this author into the documentation that comprises hate crime statistics for 2007 found that the parameters used for “hate crimes” against Muslims are exceptionally broad and artificially inflated as a result. These expanded parameters are, in many cases, the direct result of CAIR officials demanding certain dubious questionable events to be included in anti-Muslim hate crime statistics. Examples are plentiful, and include unverified reports of minimal, if not insignificant property damage at mosques and Islamic centers. A trampled flower bed at a mosque, as one example, was listed as an anti-Islamic “hate crime” statistic.

Meanwhile, statistics of crimes by Muslims against Muslims, specifically those involving domestic violence, from Sharia sanctioned spousal abuse to “honor killings” are not maintained. The omission of this statistical classification is not due to its rarity, but by deliberate omission. Although the raw statistics exist within the comprehensive CIUS report, they are not properly categorized within the UCR Program’s hate crime data collection. Therefore, they remain a statistic that does not officially exist, except for the victims of such crimes.


8 thoughts on “FBI Stats Belie CAIR’s Islamophobia Hysteria

  1. All stats belie CAIR’s (“…Hamas-linked organization spreading disinformation about Islam and terror, opposing anti-terror activity, and defaming freedom fighters. CAIR was one of the many Islamic groups that was named an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas jihad funding trial.”) constant fear mongering about the non-existent islamophobia. It’s laughable but it’s insidious.

    “……CAIR is the great enemy of the truth.  Its deliberate, contrived, and dishonest conduct and statements support its persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic myth that it is the victim.  It is taqiyya at its finest. “-Nicholas Nahorski

    CAIR is the Great Enemy of the Truth

  2. I think CAIRs definition of anti-muslim is any act, word(s) or thought which does not praise moslemites and their god allah as being the best people on the planet. This would include the willing and grateful surrender of personal and real property.

  3. It’s interesting to note the “clear-up” rate of victims vs known offenders.

    Anti-Jewish Victims 1,040 Known Offenders 346 = 33%
    Anti-Christ. 112 28 = 25%

    Anti-Muzz 197 125 = 63%

    It’s obvious that far more resources are used for so-called anti-muzz crimes than any other group esp. Judaeo-Christian.
    I wonder why that is?

  4. I would love some more data-collection on perpetrators. Who, exactly, are the bulk of those committing the hate crimes? The Anti-Jewish crimes, for example. How many of the perpetrators are black? white? muslim? christian? It would be very interesting and useful to know.

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