Politician on Muslims in US military (video)

h/t shoebat.com

And Bill Warner at Political Islam has this, A First Step:

Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick, a former fighter pilot, unleashed some firepower in a speech in which he said that Muslims should not serve in the US military. Needless to say, the usual suspects, including the morally corrupt ADL, howled that Representative Womick is a hater and Islamophobe. Muslims were offended.

Representative Womick’s suggestion does not go far enough, but it is a good first step. How can this be? Why shouldn’t a Muslim serve in our military? A good Muslim must obey Allah and imitate Mohammed. And Allah and Mohammed divide the world into two classes—believers (Muslims) and non-believers. The whole group of non-believers–Christians, Jews, pagans and all others are named Kafirs. The majority of the Koran is about Kafirs and nearly all of it is negative. Mohammed became successful when he turned to total war against the Kafirs. He was involved in an act of violence against them on the average of every 6 weeks over the last 9 years of his life. A Muslim can kill Kafirs, but he is not supposed to kill other Muslims.

15 thoughts on “Politician on Muslims in US military (video)

  1. This is what is called killing Americans from with in.If I was in the position to run the show I would definitely remove all muslim from any part of our Government,starting with Barack and his team of merry men.
    We have a cancer growing inside of our own country, sneaky and fast growing.
    If you really care then stop and think 65% of our Government are socialist,do you think that just happen? this has been building for years while we were sleeping, SO WAKE UP AND START SEEING WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTRY.
    What I don’t understand is the people that are in the White House and know what is going on just stand back and do nothing.
    Can any one step up with a logical answer?beside starting a bloody war.

  2. For the safety of our soldiers cult worshippers need to be put out of our military and if they don’t give up Sharia they need to be deported.
    Either you are an American who respects American laws or you don’t belong in America.

  3. I love this guy! It’s so refreshing to hear a politician speak credibly and truthfully about the dangers of islam. I searched around to find out who it is and this is what I came up with:
    “State Rep. Womick (R-TN) calls for purging military of Muslim Americans. If you are educated about Islam and its theology as this politician is, this is the first common sense solution that needs to happen to address fighting the enemy and keeping our country safe.”

    Lucky people in Tennessee!

  4. YES! YES! We have been waiting for you Mr. Womick to tell the truth for what is happening in our country. A lot of politicians are so scared to say anything about this Islam cult creeping slowly . YES, we will support you all the way to then to stop and purge these trouble makers. Nobody knows who and who are the rotten ones.
    we should also stop building of mosque , stop Muslim immigration, remove them in the cabinet and illegalize sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Islam Nation…… and anything Islam!

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  6. Mr. Womick is right on the ‘rope’ analogy. islam is B A D and nothing good will ever come of islam or those who truly practice it. Islam is against ALL freedoms of the USA and they are vigilantly using our freedoms against us to perpetuate islam. they are snakes.

  7. Finally someone speaks rationally.
    Americans are dying at the hands of muslim soldiers.
    So, remove them for the defense forces.
    It doesn’t take much brains to work that out but i guess obama and company are not putting that much thinking into safeguarding their defense personnel.

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