No Christmas story for Danish kindergartners, thanks to Muslims

“Why are all the other children deprived of a piece of Danish Christmas tradition asks the priest…”


The staff has decided not to participate in the traditional Christmas service in Lillerød Church because a high proportion of children in the institution are Muslims.

“The reason is that we have several Muslim families who do not want their children to go to church. And so we decided to say “no thanks” because we also have our everyday work,” said Susan Lund Andersen, the headmaster of “Ørnevang” to Jyllands Posten.

The decision to drop the Christmas church service causes great annoyance at the vicar of Lillerød Church who believe that the Christmas worship service is an important part of the Danish Christmas tradition.

“I was upset and annoyed that they cancelled. They called and asked if I could make the program so they could participate. I always end the ceremony with the bright blessing of the children, and they wanted me to refrain from that for the sake of the children’s religion,” says Carsten Mulnæs who is the vicar.

He believes that “Ørnevang” – the institution – has taken a wrong decision because now all the kids are unable to attend the Christmas service.

“I believe that children should have the opportunity, because it is a Danish tradition. I know that the institution has a large representation of Muslim children, but I know that not all families have a problem with going to church. I think a majority of the kids will be cheated, “says Carsten Mulnæs.

The organization Muslims in Dialogue is sorry that the neglect impacts the children who would like to go to church.

“I think it’s a shame if it goes beyond the children who actually wanted to go to church. But on the other hand, I do not think one should force anyone to participate, who do not want to, whatever religion they belong to, “says Vice President Nihad Hodzic.

The act made Carsten Mulnæs write a reader posts in today’s edition of Frederiksborg County newspaper, where he emphasizes the church’s role in integration.

“You can not integrate into nothing. But that is exactly what we risk as with that kindergarten: Nothing. It is not respect for Muslims, but disrespect for our own history.”

The argument that the Christmas worship service is important for integration has not the great impact among Muslims in Dialogue.

“I understand that the priest gets upset that the institution refuse to go to his church, but I do not believe that it actually works against integration. Personally I have never participated in a Christmas sermon, and I do not think that it is essential for integration, “said Nihad Hodzic.

20 thoughts on “No Christmas story for Danish kindergartners, thanks to Muslims

  1. No, it is not the mozlems per se, it is the enablers, the Danes in the gov. who permit this garbage to happen! If they did not give in, this would not happen!!
    Same in US, UK, everywhere muzzrats are allowed to run wild!!

    • You’ve got it in one, Juniper. I’ve been saying it all along–it’s our OWN PEOPLE who are letting us down; our so called leaders and politicians who haven’t the guts to bat these people down. Islam is an “old boys’ club” (the ultimate one) women are no better than barnyard animals-only there for reproduction. How do we get our so called “leaders” to wake up/listen? I don’t know, The media is all against us; all left muslim huggers. At least we still have the internet–for now, but not for long if obama has his way.


  3. WTF..If muslims don’t like it then stay away from the Church. Better yet stay out of a Christian School. No one is making them go. After all it is a CHURCH not a mosque. Would muslims do that for Christian children? Hell No they wouldn’t, quit kissing their arses all the time..Peace to all non-muslims who don’t care what muslims think.

  4. They try that stuff here too. Regarding treating Muslims differently, as an American, here is what I tell my African American students. Should I treat you differently than I’d treat anyone else? Yes? Ok fine. That makes me a racist. It means I don’t give a damn about you. Now get lost. They seem to come around after that. Why are we coddling.the muslims? They need to melt into this melting pot and stop expecting preferential treatment.

  5. Invite the Muslim patents to.remove their.children from school on the day of the service which will afford the spend this quiet time rejoicing in the prayers for which they arr

    • Sorry pushed the button too soon. The sentence continues–for which they are do justly famous.” Do not make friends of Christians and Jews
      where you are not the superior number
      keep a smile on your lips and hostility in your heart. The Danes
      are s great people with a culture well worth having Don’t dishonor your fathers and ancestors who gave you this treasure you seen determined to destroy for the sake of barbarians whom you have driven frog your sate

  6. I can’t understand for the life of me why everyone seems to think we are to give over to this bunch of barbarians. What makes us so afraid of them, treat them just as we have treated all enemies of our way of life.

  7. When are the ‘elected’ heads of states going to wake up.
    Deport these barbarians who have no place other than in their
    own country.
    Why are they allowed to dictate how their host country should
    run there own country.
    The people of all countries are aware of what is going on
    Why are not the ‘electect ‘ ‘leaders’ not listening ‘ is there something
    we are all missing.
    Keep up the good works everyone and stand up for what is right
    our freedom to worship God as our leader not Satan who is their leader.

  8. I love the Danes and spent a long time living there. Its unbearable that islam is attacking every religion in every country. They know that by having huge numbers of children they will eventually take over every country. The evil is driving out the good and eventually the whole world will be enslaved by them.

  9. Politicians care only about being elected. They have no incentive to do anything good or right, only an incentive to do what’s popularly accepted as politically correct. Until we have politicians with enough moxy to fight for what’s right against the bullying tide of political correctness, all will be wrong.

  10. This is just another way to keep from “offending” Muslims. Like all other religious minorities they could simply opt out of the Christmas program.

  11. If you are not going to have a Christmas program because you don`t want to upset the muslims, than I have to ask…Do you do you truly believe in the reason for the season.

  12. Society that is so dumb and stupid that allows the seeds of its own destruction to be brought upon themselves – is – suicide! Islam has won, as this always been its goal – mass suicide of humanity so allah (satan) could be pleased.
    We do deserve this, we have no guts=no glory to stand up for truth.

  13. Write, email, fax, call our reps. everyday, don’t let up until they get the messagge we don’t want an Islamic country. No sharia laws, no nonstop accommodating of their demands. Nothing will change if we only gripe among ourselves.

  14. When the gangs in California take over a neighborhood, they slowly but surely run the good honest people out so the gang can control that area. Then they continue to try and spread that area out even further. Their goal is to rule the entire block, then the neighborhood, then the town and so on. The only thing that stops them from doing so, in some instances at least, is a rival gang who wants that area too. Gangs use fear to accomplish their goals. They threaten to beat, stab, shoot, blow up anything and anyone that gets in the way of their goal….which is total domination of that area.

    Islam is the same way. They are basically nothing but a huge gang. The only way to stop them is to annihilate them. And I don’t think that has to be done in a violent way, at least not all the time. I think it can be done by the governments flat out refusing to accept their way of doing things. The governments of the US, UK and everywhere else must stand tall and strong and say, NO! You will follow OUR laws! If you want to follow YOUR laws, then go HOME!

    Of course, it might be too late for that. It’s almost to the point now that either the governments stomp down hard on the Muslims, or they just go ahead and hand them the keys to the city.

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  16. Hello all, I am a Dane and love my country, culture and traditions. I think soon it is time that we stand together against this madness, not because I hate all Muslims but because I’m so sick and tired of their relegion. And we almost all are aware that they become more and more dominant in our everyday lives. Am I right or what? think about it, it’s really what we want? let’s stop it while we still can. it all started when we wanted to help the poor people who were victims of war, because that’s how we are as people, compassionate and charitable. but I really feel that it has been exploited. I think that the majority of the population in Scandinavia and England (which I like very much) have the same attitude towards this matter. or maybe I’m wrong??? With love from Denmark .. and our miserable football team :)

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