Bahraini bank buying “Shariah-compliant” real estate…in the U.S.

via AAA welcomes Shariah-compliant Alternative investments.

News that a major Bahrain-based alternative investment bank has increased its investment in US real estate has been welcomed by Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) as a further sign of the popularity of alternative assets among Muslim investors.

Boston, MA, November 24, 2011 –

Investcorp has just announced the closure of new deals to buy large office complexes in both New York and California’s Long Beach region. It has also recently completed deals to buy office blocks in London.

Other real estate owned by Investcorp includes a $37 million building on Boynton Beach in Florida and a huge 221-unit residential community complex in Atlanta. The latest acquisitions are worth some $300 million, according to reports.

The firms makes alternative investments that are compliant with Islamic laws that prevent people from investing in propositions that could be seen as involving any form of gambling. Investcorp’s president for the Gulf business, Mohammed Al Shroogi, said, “Our historical experience in the US real estate market allowed us to identify and acquire these three Sharia-compliant properties.”

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320

This can be read a few ways. If these sharia compliant properties ban alcohol, pork, movies with explicit content, etc. – then undoubtedly sharia is in affect in the U.S. It could also be that, like many banking schemes, some have realized that the “compliant” part of sharia-compliant is very subjective and this is an easy way to get money from Muslims. Either way, it is being marketed as the application of sharia in the U.S.

10 thoughts on “Bahraini bank buying “Shariah-compliant” real estate…in the U.S.

  1. Selling their soul to the devil. Same here in UK, in London they are building the sharia-compliant skyscrapers that have to be taller than all the others, to make up for the fact that mentally and sexually they are midgets!!!!

  2. We shall soon be paying rent for our homes to the islamic slavemasters.

    I just noted our Racetrack Gas station manager is a Palistinian. What the F is going on.

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  4. Poor american people….where is the american civil law?? Where is the justice?Where is the freedom?? And what about the free speech and the democratic country?? The Islam is the last religion (well, really a religion??)onon occidental countries and the muslin people are always like : they want the tolerance , concerning their culture but they don’t tolerate other’s culture. When they are in America like imigrants, they don’t think it so. I mean they don’t think they are imigrants. In general, they think as colonialist and not imigrant.Nowadays they have yet a colonialist mentality.So they go on the coloniasist powers….and like this they fight for colonialist ideology…..The USA MUST WAKE UP IMMEDIATELY, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE….REXLION

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