Saudi judge rules 47-year old’s marriage to 8-year-old girl legal

The joys of sharia? via Man’s marriage to eight-year-old girl ruled legal – Seven News Queensland. h/t @SIOTW_Tweets

A judge has refused to overturn a ruling that declared the arranged marriage of an eight-year-old girl to a 47-year-old man legal.

The Saudi Arabian judge, Sheikh Habib Habib, ruled that the girl’s marriage to a friend of her father’s was legal and binding.

CNN reported the child wife could file for divorce once she reached puberty.

A relative of the girl told CNN the judge first refused to annul the marriage last year but reconsidered the case upon the girl’s mother’s appeal.

The mother’s lawyer argued the girl’s father had arranged the marriage with his “close friend” to pay off a monetary debt.

The relative said the girl’s mother, who is divorced from the father, would continue to seek to overturn the marriage.

Zuhair Harithi from the Saudi Human Rights Commission told CNN child marriages in the country must be fought, saying they “violate international agreements that have been signed by Saudi Arabia and should not be allowed.”

The issue of child marriage has been a hot topic in Saudi Arabia of late.

Rights groups have been petitioning the government to enact laws that would protect children while the kingdom’s top cleric has said that it is OK for girls as young as 10 to wed.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the kingdom’s grand mufti, said last January there is nothing wrong with girls who are 15 or younger being married.

“A girl aged 10 or 12 can be married,” he told a local newspaper.

“Those who think she’s too young are wrong and they are being unfair to her.

“We should know that Sharia law has not brought injustice to women.”

An appeals court in Riyadh will reportedly consider the case again in a hearing next month.

Millions of your tax dollars flow to Saudi Arabia too. In return, we now have many people in the U.S. who are fighting FOR and defending sharia law in the U.S.

106 thoughts on “Saudi judge rules 47-year old’s marriage to 8-year-old girl legal

  1. While this kind of uncivilized activity is a matter of the utmost importance in the fight against sharia and its proponents, why are we dredging up this story from April, 2009? Certainly there are enough recent examples of this garbage to adequately demonstrate the barbarity of sharia.

  2. Only 8….that means this filthy koranimal will show so much restraint and only thigh her for 1 year before it emulates the “holi” prophet of pedophilia, mohamud.

    Such restraint.


  3. Another innocent will be stripped of her soul as these cult animals continue to follow a book of hatred written by a pervert. This is sad and this explains how so many of these Muslim women act like crazy savages and make no sense as they agreeingly damn their own souls.

  4. Another RAPE IN PROGRESS!!! What a sic race of people!!! And Saudi Arabia is the BIGGEST PUSHER OF SHAREIA LAW IN THE U S A. To hell with SAUDI ARABIA, we dont need them nor there OIL!! LOCK AND LOAD.

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  6. She is basically being sold to pay off a debt. You are shouting pedophile. Isn’t this child trafficking? Isn’t the father just as guilty as the husband?

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  8. Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach who allegedly sexually abused at least eight underage boys, is reportedly being accused by up to 10 new victims of molestation today.

    Currently, authorities are working with the latest victims to verify the claims. If charges were filed on all the potential claims, it would bring the total accusers up to 18.

    Most of the underage boys were under 14 with some as young as 6 years of age when they were assaulted.


    The age were women were fit for marriage when they were that young which was hundreds of years ago is long gone, health is now better and people are more certain about surviving. I don’t agree with this Saudi’s marriage and as a Muslim i highly oppose it.

    However, what this Christian American man ( Jerry Sandusky) did to the 10 confirmed underage boys is what is gross, sick and inhuman, that is if we exclude the other 8 unconfirmed boys who 3 of which are much about to be confirmed.

    Note also, that Jerry has been doing this for the past 15 year, all done in secrecy and caused severe permanent pain to the victims and their families.

    Having an 8 year old as a wife with the parents acknowledgment or sexually assaulting underage boys whithout their parents knowing a thing and resulting in sicological damage to those boys life? you choose.

    As long as you are blinded by Hate and the wars you country is waging in order to economically sustain pigs like you while they eat their doritos bags all day and night sitting on their computers playing video games while children in the victim countries are stripped of their right to education and safety, you will never ever shake my belief in Islam and sharia.

    Show me that Americans with their disgusting history filled with inhumanity from black slavery to nuclear bombing of japan were actually right about all what they were doing and only then will i leave the “barbaric” Islam for good.

    • yes, muslims banging underage girls is good, christains doing it is wrong? you muzzies all have double standards.
      america was wrong to nuke hiroshima and nagasaki? how right you are, they should now atone for that sin by nuking mecca and medina

      • Did you read the Koran? i guess not because both the bible and the Talmud recommend if not order marriage to underage girls.
        The Koran on the other hand doesn’t say a thing about underage marriage, as a matter of fact a girl is only allowed to be married once she reaches puberty, compare that to other books…

        Of course we won’t be including the Hindu religion in this discussion, because there is no topic related to sex fantasies, and isn’t that what Hindu is all about?

    • I never considered myself a racist before. I was raised in a lenient catholic household in England. Grew up with many friends from different cultures and religions.
      ANY form of child abuse is disgraceful. Whether it be priests/pastors/vicars molesting children or underage arranged marriages. No let me corrections myself CHILD arranged marriages.
      It’s wrong in every aspect of the word regardless of religion or ethnic minority. Moataz if you had or have a daughter of 6,7,8 or 9 would you really be prepared to let her marry an adult man? Seriously?!
      Now the thing I believe makes me racist is my hate for, lack of respect and acceptance towards and discrimination of Muslims and Islam.
      The fact you believe that this child abuse, because thats what it is, is acceptable because of your beliefs is awful. Yes people from other cultures and religions do it but they are punished and thankfully the majority know its wrong but you guys carry on like its ok. How can it be ok to strip that child of her innocence? Because we all know the adult husband won’t be waiting until his child wife is ready for “relations” shall we say? Ultimately she will be forced into such things that NO child regardless of culture or religion will be happy and willling to do. If you all pine for your precious shariah law then go to and/or return to your eastern world where it is cultured rightfully so but, please please save the children!

      • “I was raised in a lenient catholic household in England. Grew up with many friends from different cultures and religions.” — UK_Lass

        –I was raised a Muslim in a Muslim country. Studied in a school that had 30% Christians and as a matter of fact, my class specifically had more Christians than Muslims. I never ever hated them as much as i am being hated now, i had positive view of Christians, i liked them a lot…..i had a lot of Lebanese/Jordanian Christian and Egyptian Coptic friends, our beliefs were the last things we thought about when we were together. I never received hate from them unlike the hate I’m receiving in this thread, surprisingly, mostly from “Western” Christians, and some Jews, whose hatred has been fueled by their governments in order for their government to “legalize” invading the Muslim world. You want proof? here is some from this very thread:

        “fuckin sick n wrong i vote the the un should grant permission for the usa to go to war with saudi arabia for this” –David Foster

        “Everything I needed to learn about Islam, I gathered it on September 9, 2001….Your society is a disgrace to the civilized world and Christians, Hindus, Jews and orthodox, dislike your people and your countries. ” –Luz

        “Wonder if this ‘child marriage’ issue would come under “Crimes against Humanity”” –Mickeal Thomson

        –Working isn’t it?

        “Moataz if you had or have a daughter of 6,7,8 or 9 would you really be prepared to let her marry an adult man? Seriously?!” — UK_Lass

        –I will behead any man who asks my 6,7,8 or 9 years old daughter for marriage (i can’t really confirm this since i don’t know whether i will get a daughter or not, unless future genetics technology surprises us). When i believe my daughter is willing to get married and has someone in mind, only then will she get married even if she is 16 years old, i don’t approve of the 18 years old standard placed by society, some men/women mature before that age and some don’t.
        Also note, marriage in western countries is different from marriage in Arab countries(Muslim or not). Our marriage is more like the Boyfriend/Girlfriend concept in western countries, we spare our daughters the pain of being used by men for sexual purposes only, after all isn’t that why that concept exists?Marriage to Arabs and i repeat Arabs is:

        A bonding between a male and a female to help them better face the difficulties life has for them, the unity of two is better than one. One will protect the other and vice versa.

        In arab culture(christian, muslim or jew), marriage isn’t about sex, in western culture however, thats all what they think about. sex sex sex. As a matter of fact, when this article was given to a western audience all they were thinking about is sex between the man and the underage girl, what if it was more like protection? what if the man swore not to ever engage in sexual activity with the girl? what if the man promised to divorce the girl once she is mature enough to find another man of her own age to live with?

        What people are doing here is look at “their” western definition of marriage and then apply that to a marriage in Arabia where it has a completely different definition, very much less oriented on sex more oriented towards protection.

        I have a 14 years old sister, i will very much kill anyone who asks to marry her until she is mature enough to have a mind of her own and decide whoshe wants to be with and who she doesn’t.

          • When a 999 years old decides to take care of a 1 year old orphan, thats a bond. When a grandfather takes care of his grandchildren after their parents died in a terrible accident, thats a bond. I didn’t know that even bonding is sexual in America? everything is sexual in America isn’t it?Seems like in America people who take care of an orphan who happens to be of the opposite sex are considered pedophiles.Another good reason to avoid the fucking place. Thanks for the heads up.

    • One HUGE difference… Christians, and our holy book, the Bible, condemn what this man has done to those innocent children, as has our court system, who is prosecuting him… you CANNOT say the same about your holy book, or the Islamic courts.
      We abandoned slavery well over 100 years ago, our attack on Japan was in response to their bombing of Pear Harbor (remember, up until then we had not entered WWII)… if you’re gonna try and sling mud you might want to take an accurately history course first.

    • “with the parent’s acknowledgment”. The Mother of this CHILD is trying to stop this, in case you missed that point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to those boys AND that 8 year old girl is unforgivable, sick and disgusting!! NO one in the U.S.A. that is in their right mind would condone one or the other as ‘better’!!! You are a MORON and equally as sick as ALL 3 males in both of these situations. Or are you O.K. with what is happening to the little girl because you have no empathy or caring for a female child of ONLY 8 YEARS!!!! She is still a baby, she has got to be terrified to say the least as to why her Father would abandon her and place her in he hands of this perverted sicko!! Check yourself out you pervert!!! , thinking that it is O.K. to do that to a girl child because her parent’s know about it! So, if I understand you, it would be perfectly fine for that man to sexually abuse those boys as long as their parents were aware of the activity? Even if one of the parent’s are opposed to the activity, it only takes 1 parent to give permission?!! Do you REALLY believe that the 8 year old girl will not have any psychological damage simply because her father handed her over for a financial debt? That makes it O.K.? Yeah, an 8 year old would TOTALLY be O.K. with being raped by a 47 year old pervert because it paid her Daddy’s debt off…YOU are one REALLY SICK BASTARD!!!!! The fact that you “highly oppose” the marriage is a big relief for me…NOT!!!! Do you NOT believe that what has happened to this 8 yr old has caused severe permanent pain to the victim and her family? But then, again, they are only women and do not matter anyway! Do NOT even get ME started on the DISGUSTING history and background of your “prophet” and your people! Mr. Moatz Elmasry, if you reside in America and you have such disgust for the people here….GET THE FUCK OUT AND NEVER COME BACK!!! GO TO A COUNTRY THAT HAS BELIEFS THAT YOU AGREE WITH AND QUIT SUCKING UP THE AMERICAN RESOURCES THAT GOOD, DECENT, LAW ABIDING AMERICANS NEED AND DESERVE!!!!!!!!

  9. Moataz,
    For your information the nuclear bomb we dropped on Japan just ended something THEY started by killing so many of our fine men at Pearl Harbor. You keep your Islam beliefs and when you find yourself in hell, then you will know you were wrong.

    • This just proves my point that Americans are cowards, when they attack you and kill your men, men who enrolled in the army knowing they face death every seconds. That my friend is different to killing innocent children, women, wifes, mothers and elderly who didn’t participate in the war.

      If Japan attacked one of your cities, they would have done much more devastation and damage killing 50X more people which will include innocent children and such…..
      And trust me they could have done it but they chose to fight like men, they chose to wage a clean war.

      America on the other hand, does nothing but dirty work without any ethical or humane restrictions, isn’t that what the American dream is all about?
      American Dream and Rest of the world’s nightmare.

      • and this just proves how all MUZLIMS deflect criticism, engage in moral equivalences for things not equal and delight in re-telling over and over like good little indoctrinated slaves you are – the same revisionist histories you made up- when tath fails jump to ad hominem attacks- next stop on the Muz argument train-threats

        Like me to list Muzlim atrocities on women and kids?
        begin with the bombs going off in Pakistan, the Fogel family whose 2 infants were stabbed in their cribs, or maybe the marching of underage boys into Saddam’s tanks, encouraged by Amendinejahad, little boys armed with Korans, marchinginto CERTAIN death, and told that would “save them”.
        Maybe how the JORDANIANS massacred the Fakestinians in larger numbers in ONJE DAY than all the intifada since 67.

        take your BS elsewhere- we see and we KNOW ISLAM now- you can’t put the genie back in the bottle – we know you by the FRUITS of ISLAM- totalitarian, discriminatory, apartheid, violent, deadly fruits your faith bears.

        If we leave IRAQ- they will go back to killing each other like before- they will still persecute non Muslims and Fakestinians, keep them in camps, allow them no papers or work despite being BORN there.

        Muslims you hate each other, you hate and kill your own kids and kind- why would you do otherwise to us??

        And do not DARE to tell us we are the MISUNDERSTANDERS of ISLAM- it is YOU who don’t get it- you who do not STOP those you accuse of “misunderstanding” GO TELL THEM

        • Hmmm, a jew….this is interesting, a jew is talking. Here lets have some fun.

          “Like me to list Muzlim atrocities on women and kids?”

          –I would rather make you list all Islamic teachings that promote atrocities since belief is what is being judged here and not the people, Muslims are human and they make mistakes.

          –Now back to what Judaism teaches shall we?

          –Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

          –Now that says a lot about Judaism doesn’t it?And you call yourself a fucking peaceful religion.

          –Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.

          –So you are saying we Muslims hate our own kind? by the way, when the Islamic empire was at the top of its power there were Muslim scholars who engaged in public atheist talks debating the existence of God, the caliphate or ruler and most imams joined the debate and had 0 fear of being….ehm….boiled in hot excrement in hell, but of course your media or books won’t tell you that right?

          –Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

          –No wonder, an unknown killer (of course a Palestinian is blamed though) killed a family, what the Israeli government does next is issue the building of 400 new houses in the west bank, most likely kicking 1000+Palestinians out of their homes, there is already news about cruelty going on due to the incident….far more Palestinians are dieing due to the killing some Jews, who cares? Palestinians are heathens . A religion that teaches that its members are more sacred than non-members is what?, chosen people ha.

          –Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work.

          –Baba Kamma 37b. “If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite…the payment is to be in full.”

          –Israeli “Torah scholars” have ruled that:

          “The Torah maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place in the World to Come. But not all religious Gentiles earn eternal life by virtue of observing their religion…And while the Christians do generally accept the Hebrew Bible as truly from God, many of them (those who accept the so-called divinity of Jesus) are idolaters according to the Torah, punishable by death, and certainly will not enjoy the World to Come.”

          –Isn’t that why you are letting christians fight your wars Jews? you get the best of both worlds, you get to establish an intruder country that doesn’t belong to the Middle east and at the same time you get to kill Christians. Fucking sick, seriously.

          You know what, the only reason I’m still suspicious of Islam as a fake religion is the fact that it says that Judaism is a religion from God, i can’t believe such a thing exists, even if Islam claims that the Jews book has been altered, such large amount of inhuman rules couldn’t have existed due to alteration….

          –Should i go on? SHOULD I?There are tens of other shit stuff like this.

          “Muslims you hate each other, you hate and kill your own kids and kind- why would you do otherwise to us??”

          –You were saying? I would rather hate my kind than form a sick cult with the sicker ideology of being more important than others.

          –I think i will end this here, need to go finish my assignment, deadline is tomorrow.

          • this type of lies from Stormfront and such do not deserve reply- TALMUD is ORAL interpretation- MAN”S WORDS for a specific time and ruling not as ISLAM a rule for ALL TIME- and most of what you posted is not in Talmud or Torah and not relevant to any JEW or JUDAISM as practiced TODAY- just more lies from a NAZI Muslim- yeah run away now- your dawa spam is done for today- go make up some more history- yourleftard professor will give you a A in jewhate and libels

        • Last time i checked the blacks taught you a lesson in whipping and you had to resort to “dirty” and “cowardly” things to keep them under control.
          I mean seriously a clan that hides under a sheet? cowards.

        • That’s the reason why atheists are bashing all Abrahimic religions, ow can God the Creator of the UNIVERSE have a son? Who did he have the son with? a goddess?

          I believe that Jesus was a prophet just like Noah, Moses, Mohamed and others, he was never a god nor was he his son.

  10. so, whats new? According to islam it is definetely allowed. Mahound was 53 when he married ayesha who was only 6. here the groom is 6 years younger and the girl is 2 years older, perfectly legal and pious according to muzzie scum.

    • Aysha was 9 years old when she married Prophet Mohamed, the fact that you lied to try and make this more dramatic disgusts me and makes me want to avoid contact with you be it real or virtual.

      Mohamed married a 9 years old girl 1400 years ago, an American couch molested 10+ boys aged between 6 and 14 for 15 years and this was discovered just last year.

      Tells a lot doesn’t it?

      • Wrong Ayesha was SIX years old when she was married to an illiterate paedophile. She was 9 when he raped her for the first time. I don’t know why we try elmasry, after all there’s not much sense trying to talk to barbaric programmed zombies. I notice you’re a Jew hater; perfectly understandable, after all Jews are the smartest, most successful people in world history, (129 nobel prizes won by 14 million of them) while you? What have your “wonderful” people done, elmasry? SEVEN Nobel prizes, won by 1.4 BILLION muslims, no WONDER you hate Jews! You muslims really are the lowest–just today comes the news that Swedes around Malmo are keeping a very close watch on their sheep! Not safe from inbred muslim scum.

      • Did you imply that you are in sort of schooling? Finishing some sort of assignment? You should learn how to spell before acting like you are some sort of scholar…I have been following this post and you can not spell worth a plug nickel! TIP: your computer has a spell check!

    • Also, i don’t hate jews.

      “We are peaceful people, we are loving people, we love everybody who loves us, but we don’t love anybody who doesn’t love us. We are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us, but we aren’t nonviolent with anyone, who is violent with us” –Malcolm X

      • Luke 6:32 “But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive back, what credit is that to you? For even sinners lend to sinners to receive as much back. 35 But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. 36 Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful. Source: The Bible

        • I think most of us here can love the people (because the Bible says we should), but we cannot tolerate the religion of peace and love. Because it is not.
          And we do not want it taught in our schools to our young children. No Way.

          Christians also are not permitted to hate the homosexual, but we are told to hate the act. In Muslim countries, DON’T THEY KI LL HOM OSEXUALS?
          Yet the Bible is compassionate, full of Love and says to forgive the sinner if he asks, AND REPENTS.

      • If you don’t like our country leave! It is people like yourself who have taken God out of our country. We now have to watch our words as to not offend any others. I am an American born citizen. I take pride in my belief in God. Step off the bible!!! It’s not yours to criticize. When your time on earth ends you WILL have to stand before God. As for Penn state there are sick people everywhere, but our judges will send him to prison for his actions! It is not our belief that it is ok to do this, as it is obvious Saudi’s ok with child trafficking, rape, and I can go on and on. I’ve never been prejudiced, but that is starting to change. Do not try to make your people holier than thou! We seen what love and peace your people have. NONE! We are still trying to cope with 9/11.

        • I have already to replied to every single one of your arguments in this thread. I’m not gonna retype it to every Ignorant American.

          Note: Fuck America, i won’t ever touch that country whether you want me or not.

          • Moataz Elmasry Islam allows the screwing of little girls (Aysha 9 years) AND little boys ( Surahs 56:17 and 76:19) we the western Civilized people know this is evil and are try to bring this evil to justice, you neanderthal muslimes and your false god allah ALLOW it. So who is the evil ones?? definately not us Westerners. All because of a total selfish man who is wrongly called a Prophet named Mohamed.

          • Surah 56:17 says:

            “Circulated by eternal newborns”

            What this is saying is, people who are sent to heaven after judgment’s day will be rewarded (this can be read from previous sentences) with newborns (the word “weldan” means one who is a newborn on his way to maturity, it is somewhere between being completely mature and being a newborn, in present day however it is slang for a boy), the newborns will circulate around them just like how they do in weddings and festivals, usually they would be jumping while running in circles. It has no fucking thing to do with Screwing young girls, as a matter of fact, i laughed so hard when i read the passage that one of my flatmates rushed out of his room wondering about what is happening. I am not saying you should stop however, please keep informing me of any Koran passages that promote the “screwing” of young girls and boys.

            Surah 76:19 says:

            It basically says the same thing but just with the addition of ” when you see the newborns you would think of them as scattered pearls”

            Nice try, seriously this is really funny, what the fuck? screwing? all the bloody passage mentions is children circulating around people which happens in freaking western weddings where they carry candles and shit, and somehow, SOMEHOW you interpret it as screwing children? you people are seriously fucked up in your brains.

            And regarding Aysha, read the arguments i gave as a reason for this before you comment, i’m not going to explain this to every single one of you.

          • No, my Koran I am reading Definately says little boys passed around amoungst the men. Sick bastards.

          • Even if it IS young boys, young boys circulating around people….does it make a fucking difference you idiot? the ambiguity here was circulating and not young boys….young boys young girls its all the same as long as they aren’t “screwing”.

          • Do you want me to rephrase your question?

            The passage is saying : young boys and girls circulating around the people thats all it is fucking say, and then you come and tell me they are having sex.

            If the passage says young girls/boys cutting wood using an axe, you come and tell me are they having sex?

            If the passage says young girls/boys singing you come and tell me they are having sex?

            Americans brains are really fucking dirty, whenever something is said they always, always think of sex happening.

            The bloody passage doesn’t even hint at a sexual activity happening, wtf.

          • Moataz Elmasry .. Are you defending yourself because you ARE guilty of doing the same OR are you one of ‘those’ passed around as a pearl’??? Come clean now, mate, our western religion is a forgiving one; where as yours isnt!!

          • I’m really starting to get sick of this stone headed Australian.
            It’s a bloody expression you dumbass, a BLOODY EXPRESSION.
            It is supposed to help you imagine heaven, there won’t be any fucking children, they wont look like fucking pearls, it is there to help you “visualize” heaven.

            Here let me demonstrate, read the following and tell me what you think:

            “As viewers stand around cheering for the young boy brave enough to face the old man, kicking and punching hoping to break free of the old man’s grip.

            To you, this may sound like a pedophilia club where pedophiles go to watch young children get fucked by older men.This will most likely be the case if i replaced the word “viewers” by “Muslims”.

            To me, this is more like boxing club where a young brave boxer is facing is challenged by his instructor and is being held tightly by the instructor with the main task being able to break free.

            This isn’t a good example to be honest but i believe it clearly shows what is happening in this thread. Even thought i find it pretty clear that the Koranic passage has no connection whatsoever with any kind of pedophilia, with your limited understanding or Arabic, along with a weakly translated Koran you are interpreting this passage incorrectly. I don’t blame you to be honest, if i was a non-muslim and had such huge amount of hate coupled with a weak understanding of the language, i will most likely end up the same as you. I hope for you to be able to read that passage from my more well-equipped view but i don’t know how to do that.

          • Moataz,
            I am not an ignorant American. I was voicing my opinion. I don’t hate you! I pray for you and everybody else! I was not wanting you to rehash what you have already said time and time again. I don’t understand the Koran and will not bash it. You state that you hate America, yet you speak like us. Do you live in Saudi? Or have you been there? Your English mannerisms make it hard for me to belive you do. I am no one to judge, but ANY person no matter what race that would find a child sexually attractive should have thier genitals removed! That is the point.

          • No I’m an Egyptian Muslim who lived in Abu Dhabi. I visited Saudi Arabia when i was doing the Muslim pilgrimage and I’m only telling you this because i like you, i didn’t like the Saudi Arabia, first of all it is named after a family called Saud, i can’t believe someone would name Arabia after his family……They are a bunch of thieves who forcefully took control of Arabia, they actually attacked the inhabitants and killed them unmercifully.

            Look at them now, The “Royal” (more like “Filthy”) Family spend their time in luxurious castles with hundreds of maids serving them while they lazily sit on their comfortable sofas eating grapes from golden plates. Then they travel to London in their billion dollar private jet where they ride their Lamborghini to the most expensive strip club enjoying the company of women and alcohol, all from the petrol they are claiming for themselves.Back in Saudi Arabia, they deny everyone who isn’t “Royal” the privilege of living a normal life by creating their own rules and then claim it is a “Fatwa” by an imam(guess how much the imam who created this got paid).
            In Islam, a person is supposed to live his life with the lowest possible budget, dress with what is enough to cover him, eat what is enough to not starve him, live in what is enough to shelter. It is all there in Koran and “saudi” arabians aren’t doing any of this yet they are regarding by the western world as the “ideal” Muslims….I’m a Muslim and i find them a “disgrace” to Muslims, not all of them though, this applied mostly to rich “Royal” fucks and “some” of the other rich non-royal saudi arabians.

            Who best to believe other than prophet Mohamed when he said there will come a time when my people( referring to the descendants of the Arabian nomads) will be the filthiest of the filthy, believe or not, he said that.

            I mean WTF, all women have to wear the full-face veil? WTF?!?!!?!?!?
            In prophet Mohamed’s time only his wives did that, only his wives. But for the whole country to be forcefully required by law to dress like that is A CRIME against humanity. There are countless other disgusting rules going there that i would simply throw up when i hear about. Stoning for example, it has only been done one in prophet Mohamed’s time, and it was done in public so that everyone would fear doing it and after that it wasn’t required to be done. There are very strict rules for a person to be stoned, for example If the person committed adultery in the street on top of his car, this might seem normal in America but in Arabia it is very hard to imagine, the community emits this “Aura” that makes me ashamed of committing such thing in public.

            There is a lot on my mind that i want to say and it seems I’m just spilling out info without any structure or order. I will leave it up to you to understand what i’m trying to say and to sum up:

            “The current “saudi” arabia is nothing but a fraud and a disgrace to Islam and the ruler of the country should be elected by the people just like Islam wants it rather than by the people-silencing inheritance.( Another Islamic law not followed by “saudi” arabia”)

          • You are blaming the Saudis for all the women garb and the stonings?

            PS, its not “common’ for Americans to have “relations” on top of a car in public.
            Some may, but usually they are drugged out or drunk.
            Not common place. Get the facts right.

          • If it isn’t common in America to have sex on top of a car and that this only happens when they are drunk then how do you expect it to happen in Arabia when alcohol is forbidden in the first place? Aren’t you the same people who go around calling us savages for stoning people yet the condition for which people are stoned is so rare it is difficult to happen in a non-Muslim country let alone in a Muslim one.

          • And I say its your soiciety that is a disgrace Moataz! No one is forcing your to read our “horrendous” book..

            John 3:16… whosover will accept Jesus as son will have eternal life….

            Thats the basis of our religion. Not killing off others, but love , peace, forgiveness.

            I hope you come to the knowledge of God almighty, and be saved.

          • Moataz Elmasry, I bow to your brainwashed ways. Obviously being a stone headed Australian, beating you against the rock of my knowledge of what I have read, heard and seen of Evil Islam and the neanderthal ways of the Muslims, what I am trying to tell you will never change your ways … yet.
            I dont see any support for your arguements so dont you get the feeling you are wrong – totally wrong. If by some slim chance you do think that you might be right what about thinking also if you are realy truly wrong and we are right, so take the time to educate yourself OUTSIDE of your knowledge base and Look at the world news.

    • I prefer the whole western world join forces and totally wipe all this sick Muslim scum off the face of the earth, blood and bone are good for the soil. we could grow food fit to feed swine and all have pork and crackling!!

  11. The American coach will go to jail for molesting children, because he broke the law and it is immoral by Christian standards for an adult to have sex with a child. However, a Saudi judge ruled that it is legal for a little girl to be raped by a man old enough to be her grandfather. It is legal in Saudi Arabia for a man to sell his daughter into sexual slavery to pay off a debt. Approval of this kind of behavior is a clear testimony that Islam is not from the Creator God, who is pure and holy. In their hearts, the father and the judge know they have sinned against the Almighty God and the little girl and need His forgiveness and the little daughter’s forgiveness.

  12. Zuhair Harithi from the Saudi Human Rights Commission told CNN child marriages in the country must be fought, saying they “violate international agreements that have been signed by Saudi Arabia and should not be allowed.”
    Wonder if this ‘child marriage’ issue would come under “Crimes against Humanity”

    • I doubt anything can be done. Girls are just objects for the pleasure of these old men. Nothing more, girls are worthless in some societies.

      Praise God for Jesus. He showed that women are equal to men.

  13. It is so sad that this father does not care that his little girl is about to have her childhood, maybe her entire life ruined forever. She is being given to a man old enough to be her grandfather. What does this pervert molester want with a 8-yr-old child? Why does this judge overlook justice? God have mercy on that poor innocent girl!

  14. LIsten here Moataz Elmasry, or whatever your name is, The Koran, has multiple example of men having sex with young boys so please save that grotesque book for yourself, we, the civilized world, don’t want that piece of trash in our school, media or society. Everything I needed to learn about Islam, I gathered it on September 9, 2001….Your society is a disgrace to the civilized world and Christians, Hindus, Jews and orthodox, dislike your people and your countries. Please keep that horrendous book and your culture out of America.

  15. Listen here Moataz Elmasry, or whatever your name is, The Koran, has multiple example of men having sex with young boys so please save that grotesque book for yourself, we, the civilized world, don’t want that piece of trash in our school, media or society. Everything I needed to learn about Islam, I gathered it on September 9, 2001….Your society is a disgrace to the civilized world and Christians, Hindus, Jews and orthodox, dislike your people and your countries. Please keep that horrendous book and your culture out of America.

  16. well well at least Moataz and I agree on one thing- KSA- biggest hypocrites of the Muslim world, home of Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atta and 9-11 mass murderers, the people who fund Jihad on USA, people who smile to your face and stab you inthe back, people who practice slavery. The country that will not admit Israel is fighting IRAN and Syria for them, who willnot allow Shia to attend the Haj, Saud the most repressive of all Islamic states for women.

    most Egyptian are Sunni – Moataz are you Shia?

    your rant almost makes me feel sorry for you- and it highlights the very deep schism between sects and countries, the divisions and judgements Muslims make on each other as to who is a misunderstander of ISLAM and who is a good or bad Muslim- no wonder your pols need to make boogie men of JEWs or USA- only thing that can unite the people and kep their monds from looking within their own govts for their problems

    • Osama bin laden was a hero who went to Pakistan to aid them in fighting the soviets. He died a long time ago most likely in the 90s after he apposed the “Saudis” and wanted them to step down from their throne, his brother and father were also both killed for supporting him.

      His character was then picked by the US government in creating their next big fake fiction story. September 11. I mean what else to expect from a country that has a religion started by a science fiction writer whose main goal is to milk money from its followers?

      Why would we want Israel to fight Iran and Syria? Iran is the only country out there that is making Israel shit its pants( as usual) and preventing Israel from claiming the area between the Euphrates river to the Nile river to itself. Previously there was another country, Iraq, but as usual the Jews controlling the US are using the US people to do their bidding while losing as little sacred Jewish blood as possible(if any), and it seems they succeed.

      Iraq is already down, so is Syria and Egypt what is left? Jordan and Lebanon which are nothing as long as the big “ones” are down.

      Calling us people living in Arabia “nomads” who came from the desert or another lie says we came from Yemen. Lying to the world and trying to strip us of our ownership of the land.

      I’m an Arab and I’m called so because i took the Arabic language as my main language, my previous ancestors were the ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Sumerians, and many more…..

      We enslaved the Hebrews , then they go and make a religion with its main aim being conquering the whole of the middle east, we shall enslave you again if you dare do that.

          • Hang by the neck until DEAD! now that would be serious, but in your case justified. Scum Muzzie.

          • This has gotten so far off the original topic! I believe we ALL agree that this boils down to hurting the innocent! Those of us that believe in God and Jesus should not be so filled with hate. God WILL punish these that spread hate and destruction! I don’t care what race or religion someone is it is how you treat others! I may not agree with Moataz, but I do believe we are all supposed to love and care for one another. Not everyone who uses God’s name is using His love. God bless us ALL!

          • LOL @ your revisonist repeat of conspiracy crapola of course expected from a hostile uniformed delusional Muz raided on Muz controlled media and insane imams.- read allthis noonesense before- I was wrong youare just one more duped dope for ISLAM – believe a lies of Mohammed from then and believe lies now. Nothing has changed fro Muz since 666 AD.

            to American Born; nice and sweet dear but NAIVE- if you think “nice” can fix people like Morontaz you are a fool t6oo.

            “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”
            George Orwell

          • It may not seem it, but AmericanBorn is right. There is always hope that anyone can be brought to Christianity. ANYONE. “whosover”, means anyone. So this young man still has a chance, as long as he is breathing to accept Jesus.

          • “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”
            George Orwell

            Here let me complete that for you:

            “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm because we are inflicting harm upon them and denying them from the privilege of sleeping safe in their beds which we have granted to ourselves, on their expense of course. Our heroic troops are out there securing resources for us so that our obese children can continue eating Cheetos and playing video games. If they ever decide to counter attack we shall find a valid reason to initiate a call to arms, 9-11 sounds like a good example, and continue raiding their countries for resources while blaming Religious extremist who are clearly nothing but rough men who stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who are inhuman enough to spread lies and hate in order to further solidify their excuse for raiding such countries”

            Burn in Christian Hell you Zionist Jewish fuck. We enslaved you twice in Egypt and Babylon and we shall do it again.

          • WOW! Because I actually believe what the bible says I’m wrong? You are supposed to love your enemies as you would your brother and pray for those who spitefully use you and betray you. What because I’m not saying things you agree with I’m naive? Not in the LEAST! It is not my place to “FIX” anyone. I am following what I learned from the bible. It speaks of war and famine in the bible. I can’t fix that. I’m only saying I’m not God and I cannot change things. I can only pray and believe God’s will will be done.

          • Moataz Elmasry, no I’m Not a Terrorist your lot are, I was just refering to punishment you sick bastards understand and deal out. I am just for once and all wiping you lot out forever. Its going to happen in the future you lot and us. Once you muzslimes start the next war the west will rise so with ever so much might that it will leave the followers of Isslime and mohoMAD shaking. We are ready mate, ever so ready so watch your front ………. oh and Merry Christmas to you, and peace on earth when you give up the idea of owning it; it will never happen as the west is here on this planet with you – just know your place and leave ours well alone. ps .. leave the little boys alone and let them grow up to be real men .. men of peace not brainwashed.

          • Yes and families that didnt get sucked into believing a pedophile and a liar that wrote his own book for glorification about a false god who only believes in murder, sex with boys and animals. thighing little girls and passing on a mentality of neanderthals to his followers. I am going to have great plesure in destroying my frree copy of the koran as its given me an insight to your lots mentality and why you are like you are; simply brainwashed into a mental mob mentality total IQ of 1 (average IQ of all muslims at the gathering). Surely you cannot watch any youtube news clip of Muslims in UK streets screaming out death to who ever when its that country that is paying for their social well being?? We humans just shake out heads when we see you Koranimals acting like this. You prophit is the brother of a pig and has worm in in his mouth, allah was fathered by a pig and Koran is only fit to burn or wipe the backsides of western humans.

          • I am willing to have a discussion with non-Muslims who acknowledge how great Mohamed even with those false pedophilic accuses going around, because as someone who doesn’t believe in Islam you should at least acknowledge that someone who built an empire that stretched from west Africa to the to the far east of Asia and until now is spreading to the whole world isn’t someone worthy of being called a pig.
            Sorry but if i wasn’t Muslim i would atleast have respect for such a man and refrain from calling him a pig.

            Ron Munro as an ex-convict and such an ignorant basher, i no longer pay you the slightest of respect and will ignore talking with you from now on, your discussions have 0% info and 100% bashing and swearing.

          • Interesting reading of the little green book ..

            The Little Green Book — Ayatollah Khomeini
            (Google it; its very funny they even have instructions to shit while leaning on their left leg heheheheheheheheheheeh – sorry but its a total screaming funny read – no wonder their IQ is so low)

            A father or a paternal grandfather has the right to marry off a child who is insane or who has not reached puberty by acting as its representative. The child may not annul such a marriage after reaching puberty or regaining his sanity, unless the marriage is to his manifest disadvantage.

      • We enslaved the Hebrews , then they go and make a religion with its main aim being conquering the whole of the middle east, we shall enslave you again if you dare do that

        this is the funniest crap I ever heard Moatbrain- you enslaved nothing but yoursleves to ALLAH- conquered like the rest of North Africa is being conquered by Mohammedans- the Egypt that had the JEWs is long dead and gone-cold as the stones inthe pyramids- YOUR culture has nothing to do with that– Ancient Egypt was AFRICAN people not Arabs- not mixed as you are now- one look at any hierogyphics shows thick lipped wide nosed dark brown skinned people ruled Egypt-
        Sorry you losers need to learn your own history- Mubarek was chosen prez b/c he told the whopper lie that he was ahero in war with ISRAEL and he and YOU lost! not a hero if youare a LOSER- and you willbe losers again- you tried 3x and failed – please by all means aggress on Israel so we can all watch you LOSE again. You cannot feed your people and look to make wars yuocan ill afford- why re Muslims so damn dumb? so happy to die for nothing? instead of being partners inprosperity? one answer only >>>ISLAM- makes people stupid and crazy

        • Keep trying to convince yourself, it seems your old age and your racist religion is turning you insane, i wouldn’t be surprised if i found out you are posting this from inside your room in a mental hospital called Israel.

          “Ancient Egypt was AFRICAN people not Arabs”

          African : A person who lives in the continent of Africa.
          Arab : A person who speaks the arabic language.

          I agree with you, Ancient Egyptians were african but not arab, they spoke a different language. Later on Egypt took Arabic as its main language does a person change when he changes his language?
          If i stop speaking Arabic and Learn Russian, does that make me a russian? Excuse Mr. Pissahiah62 but you think you need to go back to Kinder Garten.

          When i took a walk in Minia in Egypt which is in the south, i saw more Ancient Egyptians than the number of times you blinked in your life, for a 60 years old thats a lot. They didn’t mix as much as The north Egyptians. Here is a famous South Egyptian poet, he looks more Ancient Egyptian than ancient Egyptians themselves

          I have the Egyptian long neck coming from my body, i have Egyptian blood flowing in my veins, i have Egyptian lips stuck to my face, i have the Iraqi nose coming out of my face, I have the Arabian Nomads olive skin (not the red one Western people have, tanned White with some brownness), i have the Arabian Nomad’s thick lashes sticking out of my eyelids. I have Arabian Genes, I’M AN ARAB.

          And we shall enslave the Hebrews just like our grandfathers, the ancient Egyptians and the Babylonians did hundreds of years ago, if they ever dare touch our lands more than they have already touched, which we will recover once we are back on our feet.

          To end this, Mubarak was a coward and if it wasn’t for his lies he wouldn’t have made it to presidency. Also, Israel couldn’t do shit without US, Israel was like a slave to the US (aren’t Jews always slaves?), the only reason Israel exists is because Americans and Europeans don’t want the Jewish rats in their countries and they don’t want to resort to what Hitler resorted to in fear of being called Nazis. What better way than to dumb them in the middle east where they came from? That my friend is the only reason you won the war.

          • 62 is not my age Dumbass- read ISAIAH62 it’s a Bible verse

            and you contradict yourslef now?
            YOU SAID”””Also, Israel couldn’t do shit without US, Israel was like a slave to the US

            when just a few posts ago you said USA is controlled by Israel – so whichis it?

            too bad ALLAh himself declared ISRAEL is for JEWS- says so in your KORAN and that JEWS are his chosen people- so do you contradict ALLAH too? you deny Koranic words? ooh bad Muslim- they will have to kill you for blashphemy now-
            You say you are faithful to Allah and his word is in your Holy Book.
            Allah says Israel is the rightful inheritor, the heir, and therefore owner of the land of Israel. Allah himself states that he personally has chosen and prefers JEWS over all the people as wise and knowledgeable. Is Allah wrong? is he a liar? is ALLAH a racist because he favors them? are Jews racist for saying the same thing ALLAH himself declares? is the Koran incorrect? or do you believe the liars who pervert the message of the ONE true GOD, GOD of Jews and Muslims and all people and things? There is no GOD but GOD, Hear Israel the LORD thy GOD is ONE.

            Muslims!, What you heard about Israel and JEWS is LIES LIES and more LIES. If you are persecuting Israel and Jews based upon Koran you are defying your own God’s words and perverting the message of Islam.

            HERE IS QURAN that you say you believe as truth:

            Quran: 28:5 And We (G-d) wished to be Gracious to those (The Children of Israel) who were being depressed in the land, to make them guiding lights for others and make them heirs.

            A message from T.Hamid: “If G-d himself wants to be gracious to the Children of Israel should not I also be Gracious to them! May G-d bless them all and keep them for the world to make it better and better.”

            Israel in the Quran (the “I” and “WE” that is speaking these verses is ALLAH himself)

            2:47 Children of Israel! call to mind the favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other nations. 2:122 O Children of Israel! call to mind the favor which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other nations.

            7:137 And We made the children of Israel, who were considered weak (and of no account), inheritors of lands in both east and west, – lands whereon We sent down Our blessings. The fair promise of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel, because they had patience and constancy, and We leveled to the ground the great works and fine
            buildings which Pharaoh and his people erected (with such pride). 17:104 And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, “Dwell securely in the land of promise”:
            10:93 We settled the Children of Israel in a beautiful dwelling-place, and provided for them sustenance of the best: it was after knowledge had been granted to them.

            20:80 O ye Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We made a Covenant with you to give you the right side (the blessed side) of Mount Sinai, and We sent down to you Manna (special food) and quails.

            26:59 Thus it was, but We made the Children of Israel inheritors of such things (the promised land)

            45:16 We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book the Power of Command, and Prophet hood; We gave them, for Sustenance, things good and pure; and We favored them above all other nations.

            44: 32 And We have chosen them (the Children of Israel) above the ‘Alamîn (mankind, and jinns) and our choice was based on a deep knowledge.

            32.23] And certainly We gave the Book to Moses, so be not in doubt concerning the receiving of it, and We made it a guide for the children of Israel.
            [32.24] And We made of them Guiding Lights and leaders to guide by Our command as they were patient, and they were certain of Our communications.

            [17:104] And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, ” scatter and live all over the world…and when the end of the world is near we will gather you again into the Promised Land”.

            (Comment : This last verse proves that the Quran is declaring that it is the will of G-d himself to gather the children of Israel again in their promised land before the end days. Accordingly, No Muslim has the right to interfere with gathering the Jews in Israel again as this is the will of G-d himself. In addition, Honest analysis of the Quranic verses above leads to the conclusion that the West Bank and Gaza are better called the “occupied” Israeli land.

            written by Tarek Hamid- Arab for Israel

          • Israel is a slave to the US, i.e when the US wanted to get rid of Jews, they dumbed them in the middle east and tricked them into thinking they are fighting for the Jewish state but all they are doing is getting rid of you and the fact that it appears that the Israel is controlling the US is just a cover.

            Also Jews are different from the Children of Israel! Know the bloody difference.

            There are lots of Children of Israel in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Iraq. When they converted to Christianity they were called traitors by the Jews and what better example than Prophet Jesus? And when those Christian children of Israel converted to Islam the same was done to them by Christians. I have been into houses in Egypt where the pictures of the ancestors where framed and hanged on the wall and some of them where wearing the Jewish hat and had Jewish names! This in a Muslim house.

            Also, note that the Koran tells the story of blessing the children of Israel and how they were chosen by god but you didn’t continue the whole chapter where it says they were punished by god for being Prophet killers.

            To be honest, i support Israel, so that when we decide to get rid of the JEWS we only need one nuke.

  17. I dont care what race, religion or country, Banging an 8 year old is just WRONG. If u you are 8, the only responsibility you should have is to enjoy your childhood. The world is full of sick ppl and I hope there is a special place in hell for each and everyone of those fuckers.

  18. Moataz: Your refer to the enslavement of Jews in Egypt, but you forget that our God liberated them. What better proof of that? Even Muslims have a high regard for Moses….be very careful of your words. A God that can split open an entire Sea to liberate his people is not a God to be messed with. Oh, this God is called Yaweh or Jehovah, not Allah…..Haven’t you wonder how is it that all these Arab, Middle Eastern countries, with all their oil and land can’t develop into great scientists, human rights. Your people haven’t contributed to science or arts since we kick our asses out of Europe….I guess your last invention was the almanac and the sand clock….both absolete zillions of years ago…..

    • First you tell me Muslims have high regard for Moses because my God tells me so and then you say your god liberated Moses and not mine. If you know little shit about Islam you will know that Islam claim my god is the same one as the God of Jesus, the God of Noah, the God of Moses and many more prophets. If you think otherwise, i don’t give a shit.

      And speaking of oil and why we are very behind in science, if you look at our history you will find out that we our once the center of knowledge, during the Abbasid empire but due to some shit calphites who accused the most notable of scholars in suspicion in the teaching of god, he burnt all the books and ordered the death of all those scholars and their houses burned. This is what lead to the situation we currently are in.

      And speaking of what we contributed, do you know what the “Canon of Medicine” is? i presume your knowledge is that of a 5 years old as you didn’t even speak of it. That book is the reason you and i are alive up until now, written by a Muslim Afghani school who memorized the whole Koran in the age of 10 and is said to have attained all the knowledge Persia could offer him at the age of 177 or 18 don’t remember. Read more about him.

      • Thats one. Only one. Your country is in the dark ages more or less.
        If allowed freedom I believe your country could add alot to society. If you are allowed.
        Why are you guys taught at a young age to hate and kill?
        That won’t get you anywhere in this world.

        You need to be FREE.. Freedom is all its cracked up to be.

        • NO my friend there are a lot more Muslim scientest, AL-Khawarizmi, Al-Faradi. We are the ones whos et the basis for Algebra, we are the ones who set the basis for Alchemy, and many more, but westerners steal our ideas and then attribute it to themselves. I mean seriously all the surviving books of Scholars in Iraq are in western universities. You are denying us our own knowledge and then blaming us for being in the dark age.

          I’m as free as i can be, your misinterpretation of Islam as a shackling religion that denies a person his freedom isn’t my problem.

  19. @MooamarTAZ who said “I am willing to have a discussion with non-Muslims who acknowledge how great Mohamed …”

    wow your benevolence is only exceeded by your arrogance- from a person who comes here to say lies and curses, wants to enslave Jews, disrespects our religions, our heros, our women, and countries, yet expects us to respect his prphet who judge as FAKE and Liar- who we see no honor in his THEFT and BLOODY conquests- good luck with that Mohameddean- not bloody likely

    • I mean you are the same people who respect Alexander and call him Alexander THE GREAT yet his conquests were 10X more brutal.

      • YOU continue to be a source of laughter Moahamedtaz- Alexander is a GREEK hero not named by us- and go ahead and make fun of him- see if Westerners RIOT and tear down mosques over it-

        • Is saying that his conquests were very brutal considered making fun of him? you are a very confused person and you have no idea what you are talking about.

          I know Alexander is a Greek hero, Mohamed is an Arab hero, if we called him Mohamed the great would you regard him as Mohamed the great? judging by the blind hatred that is leading your every interaction on this website, i presume NO.

          Also, you remind me of 1st graders, you make fun of my name and refuse to use your real name going by 3 different names up until now, isahiah62, DanS and John Doe and this was pretty obvious when you replied to my discussion as isahiah62 and continued using the name DanS which was signed John Doe.

          So my advice to you “Coward” is grow up, be a man and discuss like real men, only then will i take you seriously.

          • OH Moamartaz- so wrong again- I am not posting under any alias except one time as OWNING MUMTAZ or similar- with my same picture- I am registered poster my same picture and email shows up on each psot- never been the other names you accused me of- one more of your fantasies boy.

            sorry to inform you the cluelessness you describe is yours to OWN-

            when I grew up ( I am already grown) it was not into a MAN but a WOMAN- a woman who OWNED you on the internets bub

            as we do not consider Mohammed (may a Pox Be Upon Him) great- never will, so give it up Musselman. ALSO I do not get angry from jabs by Muslims, I pity their ignorance and hatefulness. I pity people who would cut their noses to spite their faces- whose obsession with destroying and controlling others means more than liberating themselves, or seeing truth.

            Do I care if you take me seriously? not really – your opinion , an opinion from an uniformed lying Muslim indoctrinated in revisonist history and full of the hate he says I have, a wannabe Nazi with fantasies of Jewish slaves in an Egypt long dead and gone?? HAHAHAHHA – you are just a source of hilarity and funny to me!!!opinions (yours included) are like assholes- everyone has one.

          • Well written and I agree 100%. Google “the little green Book” and have a read. The muslims even have instructions how to shit supporting body on left leg for crying out aloud. Mind you I was surprises there was no instructions to tell a muslime how to breathe .. that must be the one thing in their life they worked out how to do on their own.

  20. What gets me is these perverts say that we are forcing THEM to change and that we should just leave them alone- Well then, MOVE BACK TO THE SAND PiTS and stay out of the USA- why are u here anyway if u love your culture so much?? GO HOME and take your perversion with u

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