Muslims bomb Philippines hotel packed with wedding guests killing 3, injuring 27

via Powerful bomb blast kills 3, hurts 27 in southern Philippines hotel packed with wedding guests – The Washington Post.

MANILA, Philippines — Suspected Islamic militants detonated a powerful bomb that killed at least three people and wounded 27 others in a budget hotel packed with wedding guests in the southern Philippines, officials said Monday.

Investigators believe the blast and ensuing fire that gutted the two-story Atilano Pension House in downtown Zamboanga City late Sunday was a terrorist strike and that it was not linked to the wedding, city police director Edwin de Ocampo said.

Still, many of the victims were from a group of more than 20 people who occupied six of the hotel’s 35 rooms for a planned ceremony Monday. The tragedy forced the wedding to be postponed, Zamboanga Mayor Celso Lobregat said.

“We should not show that we’re panicking because that is what these troublemakers relish to see,” Lobregat told The Associated Press by telephone. “We have good leads. We will get all of them.”

The blast was believed to be one of two simultaneous bombings planned by al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaff militants.

The blast was so powerful it caused much of the second floor to collapse, blew off the hotel roof and shattered glass panes and windows from nearby buildings, Zamboanga city Mayor Celso Lobregat said.

Two of the wounded were in serious condition and more than a dozen others remained confined in a hospital, he said.

Zamboanga city, a predominantly Christian trading hub 540 miles (860 kilometers) south of Manila, is located in a volatile region long troubled by a decades-long Muslim insurgency, extortion gangs and kidnap for ransom syndicates.

23 thoughts on “Muslims bomb Philippines hotel packed with wedding guests killing 3, injuring 27

  1. Another murderous act performed by the murders and followers of allah, the prophet from hell. Thank God the Philippines are a nation that does not want these Muslims.There are many Christians in the Philippines, and they detest the demonic presence of these murderers in their country.They will fight , and not give in to the terrorists.The vigilantes will rise up, and will clean them out.These men of the Philippines are poor, but brave, nothing like the spineless men of America.


    your article doesn’t give a single reason why a Muslim extremist, who happens to be in a Christian country which has good ties with most Arab countries (unlike some others) would want to bomb an hotel where a wedding was taking place.

    From my look into the situation there can be two scenarios:

    1)A saddened ex-boyfriend/girlfriend was pissed at his other half getting married to someone other than him and in such situations of agony and acknowledging the fact that he won’t be able to spend the rest of his life with the one he fell in love with decided to bomb the wedding. Muslim men/woman who were passing by the hotel were spotted and blamed, because obviously they want to do nothing but bomb yeh? isn’t that the reason this site exsits in the first place? to show that Muslims want to terrorize everyone and bomb anything.

    2)It really was Muslim “terrorists” who did this and their motive was probably someone staying in the hotel and it just happened that their was a wedding in the hotel, but ohh it wouldn’t be as dramatic and moving if the wedding part wasn’t added to the story, right? How inhuman of them to kill someone like that right and cause such harm to others in the process? i mean it is clear they live peacefully in their countries while they harvest the petrol(in case of the middle east) or heroine (in case of Afghanistan and Pakistan) and live the wealthy healthy lifestyle they are supposed to be living? or are the stories true and their is a country that has been using “Terrorism” as as excuse to get into countries that can boost its economy it is uses their resources?

    The American dream ha? more like The White-Americans Dream and the Rest of the World’s nightmare.
    Note: Don’t tell me America isn’t after the petrol in the middle east or the Heroine in Afghanistan/Pakistan and it is rather after fighting corruption. Corruption you say? Iraq, the middle east’s ‘previously’ most powerful army, isolated and forced to be betrayed its neighbor Arab countries by means of foul play.
    Go fucking fix Mexico, its 10X more corrupt than fucking Iraq, there is news of teenagers and young men being beheaded just for teasing a drug cartel member’s GF and for other silly reasons….The men are fucking beaten. slaughtered with chainsaws and then beheaded, then they take pictures of it and send warning to others who want to mess with their cartel. But ofcourse America won’t publicize that since it’s making money from all the cocaine deals going around. No drug cartels = lost income to America.

    I think i will end this by saying, Remember when Islam was the strongest empire? Remember how then Europe was in the Dark Age? They never told you the reason why Europe’s Dark Age (where everyone believed in witches and magic) ended, right? it was because we helped you out by giving you the Greek knowledge that we collected and improved. Nowadays, the exact opposite is happening, and sadly it wasn’t what we were expecting.

    • A resident assclown has its say… more taqiyyah. Americans are waking up – you are sticking a sharp stick in our eye. We do not like sharp sticks in our eye. Try that shit in the States again – I think we shall open a can of Whoopass on you and your countrymen – We have something for you!!

      • Just the comment i was waiting for from an American, such intellect.
        Also note, i don’t and never will live in America, i don’t like living in places where the land was “forcefully” if not brutally taken from its inhabitants.

        • “Also note, i don’t and never will live in America,”
          and good for us, we got enough of our own crying whining Muslims telling lies.

          “i don’t like living in places where the land was “forcefully” if not brutally taken from its inhabitants.”

          you mean like YATHRIB was taken by Mohammedeans fromthe JEWS and changed into MEDINA?
          Maybe you mean CYPRUS now occupied by TURKEY?
          or maybe what used to be HINDU BUDDHIST INDIA, now occupied by MUSLIMS call Pakistani?
          or maybe you mean formerly Holy Roman Empire Hagia Sophia now occupied by MUSLIMS?
          Or the home of Orthodox Christain Church in what was SERBIA? now occupied by Muslims?
          or maybe you mean Lebanon a formerly CHRISTIAN country , created for MARONITES to have safe place apart FROM Muslims and now conquered by Hezzboliars? (Iran Syrian murderers)

        • Islam never owned anything it didn’t steal. The natives your crying crocodile tears for are just another bunch if Infidels who would be just as happy to ram a Koran wrapped in Bacon up your backside as every other other American would. Glad your still residing st Muhammad Fart oasis.

    • You must be a muslim with dribble thinking like that. Do some research and if your writing something, try to stay on subject. Greece was well advanced for it’s age in science and medicine. The muslims invaded the country in the 600’s and called the knowledge theirs as they did with other countries under their savage conquests.
      As for the bombing in The Phillippines killing and injuring innocent people – OF COURSE IT WAS MUSLIMS YOU FUC ING IDIOT! Look up abu sayyaf. In Jan 2000 as$hole muslims – abu sayyaf – blew themselves up in a Philippine hotel while making bombs. The link box on the left of this page states 18,064 terror attacks by mfing islamists. The drug cartels kill to make sure they keep making money. MUSLIMS KILL FOR NO FUC_KING REASON! Oh wait – mohamed (pbuh where the first letter is a word) told you to.

      You poor brainwashed moron – educate yourself.

      • “Do some research and if your writing something, try to stay on subject. ”

        –I’m about to prove who really needs to do research, and you must be on acid, I’m sticking more to the subject than you are sticking to your hatred.

        “Greece was well advanced for it’s age in science and medicine.”

        –A 5 years old knows that, thank you for your useless input.

        “The muslims invaded the country in the 600′s and called the knowledge theirs as they did with other countries under their savage conquests.”

        –Greek civilization fell because wars fought amongst Greek cities (most notably Athens and Sparta) weakened it (most notable and devastating one being the Peloponnesian War) and then it was invaded by the Roman Empire. Nor Jesus Christ nor Mohamed were even born during that time. Are you kidding? I need to do research? If you are older than 15 years of age you need to reconsider your future of education. Statements like this make me more assured that this site is nothing but a site for haters who have 0 knowledge about what they are saying, the main driver being Hatred and nothing else.

        –Despite the fact this made me very demotivated to continue reading your comment, i will do it just to get more laughs out of it ( this also applies to the whole site in general)

        –It is true that Greece was invaded by the Ottomans, but this was way after the Ancient Greece i was referring to, we took the knowledge of the Greeks from books that were sold along the Silk road, most notably Syria and Egypt, at that time, Arabs before becoming Muslim had not a single contact with Greece, they only knew about them from the books they read, one of the books that became really popular among Arab Scholars was Aristotle’s Metaphysics and there are almost a hundred interpretations and books written by Arab scholars about Aristotle’s teachings, unlikely you will be interested in this though, probably your lifetime achievement is to get laid and drunk….which is acceptable to you judging by your comment’s intellect level.


        –ofcourse, i mean who else would do such a thing.

        “Look up abu sayyaf. In Jan 2000 as$hole Muslims – abu sayyaf – blew themselves up in a Philippine hotel while making bombs.”

        –I looked up abu sayyaf, i never heard about them before but judging by the several news articles i read they are pretty ignorant and need to be confronted for what they are doing. They are clearly desperate for the government to execute their demands but they are using violence and islam as their weapon,i don’t approve that…nor does the Prophet i follow his teachings of, Mohamed, Jihad is nothing but an Arabic word for “Call-to-arms” and all it says is every Muslim has to fight and protect woman and children when at war….you and your media however have issues understanding the Koran yet you go around claiming you understand everything it says.

        –Note: A person has to have a very very very very very very deep knowledge of the Arabic language to understand what the Koran says behind its lines, hiring traditional translators and using Google translate isn’t a recommended option.

        –Back to abu sayyaf, i would like you to note that there are lots of organizations that fight under the banned of Islam just so that they get attention, if not to use the strong persuasive powers the religion and its language(Arabic) has. The Nation of Islam is one example, good thing Malcolm X came back to his senses and woke up from the poison that fake Islamic organization was feeding him and guess what he only did when he visited Mecca, later on when he returned to America he opposed them and was eventually killed by them with the support of the FBI, which I’m very saddened for.

        “The link box on the left of this page states 18,064 terror attacks by mfing islamists”

        –In those 18064 terror attacks ( which I’m sure isn’t even real), those who executed those attacks and claimed they were Muslims probably killed as much as Americans killed Native Americans to take over their lands, which is obviously not terrorism…Native Americans were Corrupt and very non-advance, they had to die just so that some fat pigs can enjoy their American dream, not to mention the Hiroshima Nuclear bombing and the Vietnam war among some of the few “clean” non-terrorism driven wars America waged. Note that the definition of Terrorism is: *Any attack that targets America wishing it damage.Attacks by America on other countries is considered “Cleansing”.

        “You poor brainwashed moron – educate yourself.”

        –Hahahahaah, to be honest i am poor, I’m surviving my College days eating bread and Jam….Kinda tough when your a student here in the UK if you have a very strict father and have to work to pay for your accommodation and food (paying university fees is impossible thought, student working hours restrictions + high fees make it impossible unless I’m a businessman/druglord). Even thought I’m still pretty young for a college student. Brainwashed? i don’t think so, when bathing my skull doesn’t leak water to my brain…sucks to be that. Educate myself?………

    • Islam creates nothing but darkness, and death. How many Jews have you killed that created beauty and healing? No, your thing is of Satan.

      If it helps you, go to Mindanao and see what the Muslims are doing there. They are preparing for more destruction. THE REASON IS THEY WANT THE CHRISTIANS OUT!

      When did a Muslim ever need a reason to kill outside the Koran reasons? That book is full of how to deal with its enemies? Can you not read? Do you not go to a Mosque?

      Hey Muzzie, you will find if you can get past your blinding hate is we are learning about you, and we are spreading the word. We know about the president, and the muzzies he is putting in homeland security.

      Its not just America you want to destroy. Its everything western, then you will turn on each other. Why don’t you Sunnis and Shia types work over each other first?

      You are pathetic beyond words, and we feel sorry for you.

  3. These Islamist terrorist are insane, no matter what,no one should trust these thugs. They are sick in the head, no one should trust these evil doers!

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  5. Moataz: how are American intellectual kafir, like myself, supposed to handle this : al-wala’ wa’l-bara ? The jizyah, dar al harb, etc., etc., etc. Khybar, Khybar? The day of judgment where even the rocks will say there is a Jew behind me – come and kill him, itbah al-Yahud? And don’t tell me it’s Salafi or Wahab shit – everyone agrees the Qur’an is the Qur’an and Al-Azhar says so too – Even Sufis agree the word of Allah is immutable – the created cannot create anything greater than the Creator – no reformation possible. And “political” Islam? what- there is something separate from the “religion”?

    What am I supposed to make out of that? I believe in a SECULAR world where YOUR belief system doesn’t impact mine. Funny thing though, your umma DOES impact mine. your khilafah DOES get in the way.

    You should WANT to live in the States – one law for all – the US Constitution was and still is a remarkable document – unbelievably timeless.

    Now about that Second Amendment – remember the quote from Admiral Yamamoto during WWII: Japan would not dare of even thinking of invading America – there are guns behind every door and window.

    SO to all you wannabe jihadis who want to play religious yahoo? – bring it – we will help you become shahid.

    I know, you will stamp your feet and yell “FATWA!!!!” – how about this: try being secular – it’s kind of worldly, which IS “godly”, no? Jews call ity “tikkun olam”. Ponder that one, oh great humble brainiac who knows all.

    • Why are you using Arabic language? You can clearly tell i understand/Speak English….kafir means Infidel, Jizyah means Tax, dar al harb means House of War(what’s that? never heard it before) and Kybar is a place where a war took place, The day of Judgment in Arabic has many names, mostly names that describe events that will happen at that time, the name you are referring to is probably Qiyamah, which means Rising. Arabs use these terms be it a jewish, Christian or Arab Jew. These terms were defined and coined before Islam even existed.

      Regarding the Jewish thing, i completely agree with it, they are committing horrific inhumane crimes with complete secrecy, crimes 10X than what Hitler has done and you know how i know? I heard Palestinians who escaped through the Egyptian border. A school full of children, children as young as 4 and 5 was evicted and the children were taken to an empty field where they were ordered to run home and THEN THEY WERE SHOT WITH THEIR BACKS TO THE ISRAELI SOLDIERS AS THEY RUNNING, but who cares…they are gentiles, they were created as fillers by the Jewish God to serve the Israelis.There are countless other crimes the press can’t publicize in fear of the Israeli government.

      “What am I supposed to make out of that? I believe in a SECULAR world where YOUR belief system doesn’t impact mine. Funny thing though, your umma DOES impact mine. your khilafah DOES get in the way. ”

      Christians and Jews who lived in the Islamic Empire were allowed to practice their religion freely, they were allowed to build churches and “whatever Jews pray in” as long as they pay Tax. They were given the full rights their Muslim fellows had, they were even eligible for Charity. i.e charity money which every MUSLIM has to pay was given to anyone who is POOR, Jews and Christians didn’t have to pay that but they still received money from it, if they were poor. As a matter of fact this is 100% reasonable, poor Jews who couldn’t afford it, were able to pay it from charity money and get even more for their living.
      And every poor person got to have money, as it is reported that there was usually extra money in the Charity box that the money was used to feed birds in and around the cities and in mountains.

      I like how when referring to Islam you use Arabic words as if they are the usual, then when you refer to Judaism in the end you start saying “Jews refer to it as …..” making sure you include the English meaning along with it so that it makes a meaning to the reader, but when you refer to Islam you use the Arabic words without giving any translation of it so that you make it sound horrible.

      You are biased, and i don’t like biased people.

      Also, regarding Americans with rifles…..The days of black slavery showed me how much of a cowards Americans are….and nothing can change that. Mess with us Arabs and you end up like the great unstoppable Mongols, stopped by Arabs even when Arabs were experiencing weakness in their empire.

  6. Moataz: you are one wacky revisionist dude. Dangerous, but wacky and deceitful (typical). Good luck in a secular world. All I can say is : gotcha! busted and outed.

    Everyone read and learn. eyes wide open – Moatazes are out there. Recognize them, study them, learn their tactics, languages and ways. Want peace? prepare for war…..

    I am John Doe. WE are legion. Expect us.

    • “Everyone read and learn. eyes wide open – Moatazes are out there. Recognize them, study them, learn their tactics, languages and ways. Want peace? prepare for war…..”

      Thank you for the complement, i never knew my knowledge poses such danger to anti-Islamists like you. Makes me proud!

      Anonymous, OMG, OMG, too bad Irani and Turkish hackers taught you a good lesson….

    • Also, why be such a coward, using two names (DanS and John Doe), i thought i’m up against braver people, actually no I’m joking i didn’t.

  7. PS: really?

    “Note: A person has to have a very very very very very very deep knowledge of the Arabic language to understand what the Koran says behind its lines, hiring traditional translators and using Google translate isn’t a recommended option”.

    Who is anyone to change or interpret the word of Allah? The words say what they say. no? again, al-wala’ wa’l-bara’ – can’t get much clearer than that!! English just does not quite do the words justice. I’ll settle for an al-Azhar statement. You?

    • The Koran challenges muslims to interpret it and understand it, God ordered us to study it and that is what muslim scholars have been doing the last 1400 years and there comes some English “scientist” who barely hatched from their egg and then go around claiming they know what the Koran says.

      Regarding al-wala’ wa’l-bara’:
      Why doesn’t English do the words justice? in can be translate to English in the same two words without any change in meaning, you are just trying to make it more dramatic and scary, nice try. And as English has been the “international” language for a while with the fastest expanding dictionary, it has more then a word for the meanings.

      Sorry you suck, i don’t like you.

  8. Whenever you criticize anything related to Islam, Allah, Muhammad, Sharia laws or muslim community, you will find a refutation immediately. To refute something is OK but the way muslims refute is funny. Here are some most common ways of a muslim-refute, the order may change depending upon your and muslim’s caliber:

    1. First of all, muslims will say,”you are ignorant, you are a hypocrite, this is false information, this is a lie”, and, when it comes to Islamic terrorism:“get over it…”
    Whatever you say is wrong and whatever they say is only right.

    2. Next step is Taqqiya. i.e.“Islam means peace”,“Islam was not spread by sword but love”,“No compulsion in religion”,

    3. If you quote from Koran or hadith, you will be accused of quoting verses in bits and pieces, or they claim ”suicide bombing is not allowed in Islam, there is nothing in the Koran…blah blah” or “FGM is un-Islamic” when it is in fact the Muslims who insist on such barbaric practices because of a vague hadith.

    4. Be prepared for accusation that the verses you quoted are “twisted and out of context.”(an infidel cannot possibly understand Islam, but all’s well if you, no matter how foolish or ignorant, accept Islam…)

    5. If you provide reference to your quote, then muslims will say “All your references are false and lies”, which implies only their references are true and correct.

    6. You will be advised to “Read the koran first and you will see the light”

    7. If you say you have already read it then they will doubt you as if you are a liar.

    8. If you quote full verses (not bits & pieces) from koran and hadith, your translation is incorrect / misleading. Then you will be advised to learn Arabic and read the the original version.

    9. If you say, I read the same Koran with most authentic translations, which muslims are referring to, then you will be asked “Did you read only the cover?”,“Read it with open mind”

    (Read with closed mind, like a muslim reads by keeping their brains aside)

    10. Besides your reading of the translated Koran or even though you know Arabic, if you quote from the Koran, they quote hadith, tafseer etc, but if you quote hadith, then they will say “Only Koran is authentic”. 11. Deflection: After all this, if you are still willing to continue, they will distract you and other readers from the original issue/topic and feed you with plenty of irrelevant issues.

    12. If you are still sticking to the original issue, Muslims will attack other religions’ scriptures like the Bible, Torah, Vedas, Geeta etc and bring up events like global warming, world poverty, the KKK or ‘Tim McVeigh”, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine etc.

    13. Be prepared for one or more muslims to showing their way of convincing, such as Copy & paste stuff or reference from crap Islamic sites. This includes verses from Koran & hadith, twisted facts from non islamic holy scriptures (like mohammads coming) prophesized in all of them or that the Jews (or Christians) have falsified their scriptures to deny Muhammad his rightful place as “the last prophet.”

    14. In this context, one or more muslims will write about Miracles in the Koran or ‘koranic science’. Remember that whatever is discovered in recent time, Muslims will attribute it to Koran, but they will keep quite till it is discovered. They will never talk about the fallacies in the Koran like the “Sky is a dome on imaginary pillars”,“ the Sun sets in a muddy pond”,“the sun is revolving around the earth” etc. If you draw their attention to these fallacies, they will copy and paste crap again which is totally illogical and irrational. You will be again advised to read Koran.

    15. You are about to loose your patience but still continuing, then comes personal attacks. You will be abused as fool, stupid, idiot, pig, dog etc.(in my case a Zionist, a label I wear with pride…)

    16. If that does not work, then there will be accusations of taking money for your criticism of islam. You may get this also “Western media is biased, its propaganda to defame islam, Islam is wronged by all non muslims” etc.

    17. If you don’t stop there, then muslims will run for your mother and sister.

    18. If you are stubborn and still want to continue, you will be cursed like “Burn in hell, you will repent on judgement day, still time to seek the truth” etc

    19. Towards the end, when all of the above has failed, you will be threatened directly like,“beware, watch it, keep cool, my sincere advice” or indirectly like “Give me your email id, don’t hide behind a false name, you are a coward (since you have a false id on the net), Then you might get an invitation to go to debate one to one or visit mosques or Islamic centers like Islamic Research Foundation in person” etc.

    20. And finally- its drum beating, for all Muslioms, as if they won a debate, even when they lose miserably, because Koran is the word of allah.

    • It’s lovely how you are accusing me of copying all my posts, in a post you copied from another website.

      It’s amazing how 6 of these rules apply to your reply when i posted quotes of the Talmud, nice try.
      Also, my name is Moataz and not Mumtaz.

      • SO I should be happy about this?
        Moataz: here – in English:

        and PS: I think looking for me and finding me would be kind of unhealthy for you and others, but you are welcome to “bring it” if you can; always happy to help you and yours become shahid:

        Chapter III

        Love is the source of wala’ and hate is the source of bara’; it is by this that both the heart and the hand are moved to act. Wala’ inspires intimacy, concern and help. Bara’ provokes obstruction, enmity and rejection. Wala’ and Bara’ are both related to the declaration of faith and constitute essential elements in it. The evidence of this from the Qur’an and the Sunnah is considerable.

        As for the Qur’an, consider the following ayat: “Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoever does this has no connection with Allah unless you are guarding yourselves against them as a precaution. Allah bids you to beware (only) of Himself. And to Allah is the journeying.” [3:28]

        And He says: “Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind), If you love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your wrong actions. Allah is Forgiving, Compassionate. Say, Obey Allah and the Messenger. And If they turn away, then surely Allah does not love the disbelievers.” [3:31-32]

        Speaking of the aims of the enemies of Allah, He says: “They long for you to disbelieve even as they disbelieve, so that you may be the same (as them). so do not choose friends from among them until they go out in the way of Allah.” [4:89]

        And also: “O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends of one another. And whoever of you takes them for friends is (one) of them. Surely Allah does not guide wrongdoing people.” [5:51]

        And lastly: “O you who believe! Whoever of you becomes a rebel against his deen, (know that in his place) Allah will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him, humble towards the believers, harsh towards the disbelievers, striving in the way of Allah, and not fearing the blame of any blamer.” [5:54]

        We will mention only a few of the many hadith and reports of the Companions on this subject. Imam Ahmad reports from Jarir ibn Abdullah that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, made him swear an oath to ‘offer counsel to every Muslim and to steer clear of every disbeliever.’ (1) Ibn Shayba reports that the Prophet said, “The strongest bond of faith is love for the sake of Allah and enmity for His sake.” (2) Ibn Abbas reports that the Prophet said, “The strongest bond of faith is loyalty for the sake of Allah and opposition for His sake, love for the sake of Allah and enmity for His sake.” (3)

        Ibn Abbas is also reported to have said, “Whoever loves for the sake of Allah, and hates for the sake of Allah, and whoever seals a friendship for His sake, or declares an enmity for His sake, will receive, because of this, the protection of Allah. No one may taste true faith except by this, even if his prayers and fasts are many. People have come to build their relationships around the concerns of the world, but it will not benefit them in any way.” (4)

        Shaykh Sulaiman ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab explained the words of Ibn Abbas by saying that the meaning of ‘to seal a friendship for the sake of Allah’ indicates the obligation of establishing relationships of love and trust for His sake; this is friendship for the sake of Allah. It also indicates that simple affection is not enough here; indeed what is meant is a love based upon alliance. This entails assistance, honour, and respect. It means being with those whom you love both in word and deed.

        As for ‘enmity for the sake of Allah’, it includes the obligation to declare enmity for His sake: opposition for the sake of Allah. it is to declare opposition in deed, to take up arms against His enemies, to shun them, and to stay far from them both in word and deed. This proves that simple opposition of the spirit is not enough, and that it must be a complete honouring of your commitment, for Allah says: “There is a good example for you in Ibrahim and those with him, when they told their people: ‘Surely we disassociate ourselves from you and all that you worship beside Allah. We have done with you. And there has arisen between us and you enmity and hate for ever until you believe in Allah only’.” [60:4] (5)

        All this leads us to conclude that loyalty for the sake of Allah really means to love Allah and to come to the assistance of His deen; it is to love those who are obedient to Him and to come to their help. Opposition for the sake of Allah is to feel anger at the enemies of Allah and to struggle against them. Because of this Allah has called the first group the “party of Allah” and the second the “party of Satan”: “Allah is the Protecting Guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of darkness into light. As for those who disbelieve, their patrons are false deities. They bring them out of light into darkness. Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein.” [2:257]

        And Allah says: “Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the friends of Satan. Surely Satan’s strategy is always weak.” [4:76]

        It is well known that Allah has never sent a Prophet on His mission without also raising up opponents against him. Allah says: “Thus have We appointed for every prophet an adversary – devils from mankind and the jinn who inspire in one another plausible words that are deceiving.” [6:112] It may be that opponents of Divine Unity possess some learning, a part of Revelation, and proof. As Allah says: “And when their Messengers brought them clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty), they exulted in the knowledge which they (themselves) possessed. And that which they had become accustomed to mock befell them.” [40:83]

        It is the obligation of every Muslim to learn from Allah’s deen whatever may serve as a weapon for him in the struggle against the friends of Satan. In this he should have no fear and no misgivings, since the devil’s strategy is always weak. Allah says: “And surely that Our host would be the victors.” [37:173] To the host of Allah shall be the victory in discussion and in debate, as in war and strife. In this way an ordinary man from the party of the One God will overcome a thousand scholars of the disbelievers. (6)

        If the aim of the enemies of Islam – whether they are atheists or Jews, or Christians or modernists, or Zionists or Communists – is the emasulation of the Aqeedah of the Muslims, and the erosion of their unique character in order to make them ‘the ass of the chosen people’, (as it is put in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion), then the urgency of this issue should become clear to every Muslim.

        We should all take heed, for ourselves and for those who are with us, so that we may warn all the Muslims who are slipping away into the abyss of apostasy, warn them of the treacherous call of the disbelievers to what they call ‘brotherhood and equality’, warn them of the false claim that religion is for Allah but that nationhood is for the masses. We will return to this point in more detail later.

        For the present, the evidence is clear from the Qur’an and the Sunnah that allegiance is demanded by the declaration of faith since this is an essential part of its meaning. As Ibn Taimiya has said, “The declaration of faith, there is no god but Allah, requires you to love only for the sake of Allah, to hate only for the sake of Allah, to ally yourself only for the sake of Allah, to declare enmity only for the sake of Allah; it requires you to love what Allah loves and to hate what Allah hates.” (7) It also requires you to ally yourself to the Muslims wherever you find them and to oppose the disbelievers even if they are your closest kin.



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  9. PS: Moataz: sensitive a bit, aren’t we? you have to resort to #15 of the copied text, supra? why don’t you like me? I thought we were engaged in civil discourse. You know, no physical violence – free thinking analysis and interpretation.

    I have no ill will feelings about you – I think you are a bit under educated, but I do not know you – I am sure you are kind to dogs and children, as am I. My two black rotties treat me better than my kids sometimes because of the love of life in the house. It is said that dogs and humankind evolved together – symbiotic. You ever read that?

  10. crickets…….. zzzzzzzzz

    Moataz? you there? Comments on love and hate?

    No dogs for pets? Pork ribs for dinner? bad human, bad…

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