Wahabbi Muslim turned Christian exposes Koran (video)

via Stakelbeck on Terror: The Truth about the Koran

Al Fadi was raised as a radical Wahabbi Muslim in Saudia Arabia.Now he’s a Christian who has made it his life’s mission to tell Muslims the truth about the Koran

Vodpod videos no longer available.

16 thoughts on “Wahabbi Muslim turned Christian exposes Koran (video)

  1. It is so good to find a man with guts to tell the truth,and stand up to the Muslims.
    It is about time the truth to be told

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  3. amazing that a man brought up as a muslim to hate so much should overcome the brainwashing of the evil Quran, I notice it was a slow process of deprogramming, 12 years! unfortunately i don’t think we have that much time to re-educate 1.2 billion fanatics who want our blood. Our survival as a people will depend upon making some very hard choices, we are dealing with annihilationists when we speak about islam

  4. The main question today is- what is Real Islam?
    I have time and again said Non-Arab Asia’s (read INDIA) Non-Arab Ancient Great Tradition of Non-Arab Islam (read Hindu Islam) is the Real Islam. This Arab brand of Islam is “for the Arab,by the Arab, of the Arab”. This is not Standard Islam.Standard Islam is India’s Hindu Islam of which AfPak is the birthplace.
    Hindu Islam does not hate anyone; it is always peaceful and extremely tolerant and not at all anti-West.On the contrary, it exists quite peacefully with the West and its culture. So let us re-discover and research it.Hope of the future is non-Arab Asia’s this great ancient tradition of non-Arab (ie Hindu) Islam. Hindu is the crucial word which stands for RESISTANCE against Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism which produced an artificial nation like Pakistan which is 101% India in all totality but just a different entity because of its inherent historical anti-Indianism. In no other country enslaved by Arab Islam we find such a word ( like Hindu) which denotes RESISTANCE to Muslim Imperialism and Fascism; Hindu India faced and suffered it for thousands of years and yet survived. This is an 8th wonder of the world.If we want peace in the world, we shall have to bring back the AfPak region to its original stream which is Hindu Islam, not Arab Islam.Only then peace can be restored.

  5. They forbid anyone from building a church in their country but spend billions to build mosque in the US and Europe. How stupid are we?

  6. I am not going to debate “peaceful” islam vs radical islam, bottom line is that if you believe in islam you will lose your soul – period. Al Fadi is attempting to warn the muslims that they are going down the wrong path.

    The only way to enternal life is through faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who became a man and died on the cross to save us all. All we have to do is humble ourselves before God, confess our sins, and turn our life over to Christ. I pray that God will open your eyes before it is too late!

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