Muslim cab drivers ignore parking laws, block NYC streets for prayers

Muslims have no qualms breaking infidel laws, nor disrupting the lives of non-Muslims, to practice sharia law. And the NYPD, Muslim chaplain and all, let this go on for years (after 9/11)?

Religion of Disturbing the Peace via Cabbies at UWS Mosque Obey Religious Laws Over Parking Rules –

UPPER WEST SIDE — A popular worship service at an Upper West Side mosque has prompted dozens of cabbies to flout the rules of the road in order to observe the rules of their religion, neighbors and mosque officials said.

Cab drivers rushing to services at the Islamic Cultural Center at Riverside Drive and West 72nd Street are double- and triple-parking outside the house of prayer, forcing northbound traffic on the recently-reopened stretch of Riverside Boulevard to veer into the oncoming traffic lane, DNAinfo has learned.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen,” said James Beale, the resident manager at 240 Riverside Blvd., one of four Trump high-rises along the boulevard. “It’s a very dangerous situation. It’s like all the rules of the road are thrown aside.”

Beale said residents in his building complain regularly about the flood of taxis. 311 records show at least nine complaints this year about illegal parking at that intersection.

The illegal parking was largely ignored for years, but has recently become the source of a police crackdown, after the long delayed connection between Riverside Boulevard and West 72nd was re-opened to traffic last month after a four-year-closure, Beale said.

But the cabbies who gather for the religious devotions — which can run as long as a 30 minute sermon followed by a 15-minute prayer — say they have no qualms about breaking parking rules in order to attend the prayer services, which are mandatory for practicing Muslims.

The Friday service, which is typically scheduled during the middle of the day, is the most heavily attended, with up to 300 worshippers.

“For me, my prayer is more important, because that’s what I’m going to take with me the day I die,” said cabbie Abdoulaye Diallo, a 30-year-old immigrant from Guinea, who left his taxi in a no parking zone outside the mosque at 1 Riverside Drive on Tuesday evening so he could dash in for a quick evening prayer, one of the five mandatory prayers he performs daily.

Diallo said he’s racked up several $75 tickets for parking illegally in order to pray, but he doesn’t mind.

“I’m not going to take my money with me,” he said.

Jim Littlefield, a security director at the Trump Corporation, said that as police have stepped up their enforcement on the illegal parking, tensions have flared. He said he saw a police officer who had been asking double parked cars to move handcuff a taxi driver on Nov. 18. Littlefield, a retired NYPD cop, said he then called 911 because he saw several cabbies approach the officer and was concerned about his safety. Several police cars responded to the scene, Littlefield said.

Police did not immediately return a request for comment.

Abdur Rahman, an assistant imam at the mosque, said officials at the Islamic Cultural Center are well aware of the parking problem and have made repeated announcements asking worshippers to follow parking laws.

“We’re trying to control it and take care of it,” he said.

Rahman said police allowed the illegal parking to happen for years outside the Islamic Cultural Center, but took more aggressive steps to control the practice after Riverside Boulevard and West 72nd Street reopened to traffic.

Rahman said that aside from avoiding a pricey traffic ticket or an accident, cabbies have a religious incentive to follow parking rules.

“In Islam, you have to make happy neighbors,” he said. “It’s a rule of Islam. Good Muslims should follow parking rules, because it’s a rule of the city.”

Rahman said the city should consider more flexible parking rules around Muslim houses of worship on Fridays. He noted that on-street parking is free on Sundays, in part so Christians can go to church without worrying about feeding a meter.

Officials from the Trump Corporation have asked police to beef up ticketing of illegally parked cabs and contacted major cab companies about the problem, Beale said.

But the Trump Corporation has not approached the mosque directly, said Thomas Pienkos, senior vice president of operations for the Trump Corporation.

“We didn’t want to get into a local squabble with people, especially over religious issues,” Pienkos said. “I think that’s the same reason the police were reluctant to write tickets, because of the sensitivity of the situation. They’ve got kind of a hot potato of an issue.”

A MailOnline piece had more and provided pictures, Muslim taxi drivers illegally park outside Islamic center.

Dozens of taxis sit outside the Islamic Cultural Center on Riverside and 72nd Street ever day during prayer time

A Trump apartment building has put up barricades in front to curb the taxi pileups

33 thoughts on “Muslim cab drivers ignore parking laws, block NYC streets for prayers

    • Better to hold a summary auction. These cars can sell at scrap for $100 each. Don’t be wasteful. Sell them for scrap to China. Then tow them away.

      When the owner comes forth, he can pay a five thousand dollar fine to get it back. Don’t take a check from Mohammed though. I hear he has bad credit. Deport the violent ones.

      The offending monkey crotch ass lifters blocking the streets, put a bounty on them. Air pollution violation. Each one you bring in nets you two dollars. That way they will be worth something.

  1. Every city is struggling to make it perfect opportunity the parking fines are to small impound the vehicles.Put the cab companies out of business at the very least put a cap in their arse Next of all can’t believe that the city government is letting this go on where is the separation of church and state.

  2. Tow every single one of the cars that park illegally and make the fine to get the car back $5000.00 cash or the cars get sold off at auction with in 40 days with the city keeping the money for street improvements. Too bad if it costs the cabbie his job, he can move his family back to a muslim country. They came here, they need to follow our LAWS and if they do not and law enforcement will not fix the problem then do not get pissed off when Americans get tired of the game and take matters into their own hands and fix the problem thenselves.

  3. Time to raise the parking fines to something that people take seriously, and if people don’t pay, then tow. Parking enforcement is tough in NYC. Time to get busy with it and raise some cash for the city.

  4. time to get other cabs rolling in Manhatten, private company unless yellow are allowed a monoply by that islamic loving creep of a billionare mayor fake jew as he is bloomberg,

    people should stop using yellow cabs, and the islamics might get the message

  5. Why are so many Muslims cab drivers? Is there discrimination against non-Muslims for these jobs? And, before you scream racism, let me remind the reader that Muslim is not a race! Also, who is issueing these people Visa’s to work in the United States? Lets send them packing.

  6. They don’t have to obey our laws, didn’t you know that? I say take away their medallion’s and see how they feel about that! Then I’d use water cannon…

  7. Goes to show the character of these Christ haters. Disrespectful, arrogant, mentally unbalanced rug merchants. Time to deal with these taxi drivers. Come on New Yorkers sharpen your pencils, and come up with a great and appropriate action to halt
    these disrespectful humans .Action speaks louder than words.Enough with the words, and all politicians out to kiss their butts.

  8. Here is an easy way to clean this up:

    1. Impound all the Taxis illegally parked.
    2. Pull the taxi licenses from the Cabbies who parked that way. Suspend them for a year at first, 3 years second, permanently 3rd time.

    Doing this will clean up the problem in a week.

  9. Abdur Rahman, an assistant imam at the mosque, said officials at the Islamic Cultural Center are well aware of the parking problem and have made repeated announcements asking worshipers to follow parking laws.

    “We’re trying to control it and take care of it,” he said. He said in English!!! In Arabic he is saying keep up the good work, we have CAIR on retainer.

    Before getting in a cab ask the driver any simple question and take note of a middle eastern accent. Take another cab if there is one!!!! This works best at the airport since there will be a line of cabs. If you must take the first cab, and the driver is an Arab/moslim, here are a few things you can do.

    1. Absolutely DO NOT TIP
    2. Leave the door open when you exit the cab.
    3. Yawn at them.
    4. Leave a little trash behind.

    • Start taking your Bible with you in the cabs and then pray out loud while you are in them. That would be interesting. They have no respect for anyone that is not Muslim. They want to kill us. Get them out of our country.

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  11. They do exactly the same in all parts of Bombay and no one dares to oppose them.
    Because as soon as anyone opposes, there will be cries of islamophobia.

  12. muslims think they can do whatever the hell they like And the sad fact is- THEY CAN!! Western Gov’s & entire countries are bending over backwards for islam. Some are going so far as to push their own cultures & laws under the carpet to appease fanatics calling for their so called religious rights! Sharia law is not compatible in any way with western democracies yet time & time again it is practised & nothing is done. When will Gov’s especially in the UK & US start remembering that religious views are supposed to be kept seperate from the state. Religion is a personal, private matter and up until the mass migration of muslims, it has never been such a problem as it is now. When will we get it…Every country run by islamists is in turmoil, there is violence,extremism,oppression,child abuse & war. Lets start putting our western culture back at the frontline where it should be & letting religious cults know we will never allow their fanatical ideology to tarnish our countries in any way! Obama has single handedly allowed islam to dominate in the US and is slowly allowing more & more of islams ideology & laws to infiltrate american society. For a man who never mentioned his islamic beliefs before he was elected, he has suddenly changed his tune not to mention his religious beliefs!!! The first step at taking back our western countries is removing this man B4 it is too late!

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