Hollywood shooter shouted “allahu akbar” (video)

via Atlas Shrugs, Hollywood Jihad: Shootout, Gunman Calmly Targeted Drivers and People While Shouting Allahu Akbar!

What is most disturbing about this story, apart from the obvious horror, is that not one news account reported what one witness said the shooter was screaming: “allahu akbar.” Not one news account. The media is the enemy.

Check out the video here. One of the witnesses states that the shooter was repeatedly shouting “allahu akbar” at minute 2:42. This video is on the bottom right of the LA Times new story, but they don’t mention it in their coverage — neither does Reuters, CBS news, The Hollywood Reporter,KFAI, or any of the other news reports. I expect that this video will be removed or edited.

The video link in the LA Times story seems to be missing which led us to the Atlas Shrugs story and video above. It looks like several of the original LA Times posts were yanked too. Wonder why?

Did CAIR pal Lee Baca have anything to do with it?

30 thoughts on “Hollywood shooter shouted “allahu akbar” (video)

  1. Now we are seeing these MUSLIM THUGS going after any AMERICAN here in the U S A yelling ALLAHU AKBAR so why not retaliate with ALLAUH AKBAR with there MOSQUES OF HATE and NEUTRALIZE THEM AND THERE IMAM’S!!!! Lock AND LOAD.

  2. Lets see, its not a workplace violence like Ft. Hood so it must be just be a social violence incident. And he wasn’t using a fast and furious automatic weapon so this is really not bad. Just forget about it. There should be some good sports show on.

  3. Yep, this has Leroy Baca written all over it. That man is a sellout to his own county, state, and nation. He cannot simply be stupid and naive, he knows what he’s doing. He is bought and paid for and needs to be tried for sedition as far as i’m concerned. He is a seditious traitor pure and simple, an instrument of sharia’s implementation.

  4. Who do we have to blame for the growth, and infiltration of these terrorist? I would prefer to classify them as Muslim dirt bags. .The filth and actions connected with this group are beyond human comprehension. God help us to destroy the filth that is invading our country.Lord expose the plan behind the intent and people involved in the overall desire to introduce this religion. What would America have to gain by acceptance of these people? We must determine who, why. and what.

    • OBAMA is to blame for the growth and infiltration of terrorists in the US, and he is still importing thousands more muslims as we speak.. Americans should DEMAND the stop of muslim immigration and a thorough check into all muslims already in the US, who are just a powder keg waiting to explode with hate just like this moron in the hollywood shooting..
      TIME TO GET REAL with our governments!

  5. Of course the media didn’t say what the fucking Muslim was yelling… The media have no balls or spine, they are worthless to the people who need/want the TRUE story. We get better and more accurate news from Canada or the Brits.
    This is a clear case where having a carry permit could have prevented this tragic incident from happening, or at least lessened the body count. But here in Kommiefornia guns are bad, Muslims are good…yeah riiight.

    • Joke what God has a name like Allah. You insult God with that handle.Your god has made a pact with the devil to destroy those he fears the most.Christians and Jews are the friends of GOD . Your so called Allah is a prophet that is dead and burning in hell with the rest of his Muslim buddies.Thank God that many Muslims are being visited by the Son of God Jesus in dreams and visions, and are bending their knees, and being set free. Protect them Lord, and allow them protection from the crazies.

    • @MOHAMMAD: So, what cave did you crawl out of this morning, knuckle dragger? To what genus do you belong, Homo Islamopithicus Afghanis, or Homo Islamopithicus Pakistanus?

      “Islam, so easy a caveman can do it.”

      “Cloven Hoof Posse!”

      “Whoop! Whoop!”

    • Allah is the Moon god. You need to do some more research there achmed dirka dirka mohammed jihad.

      And Allah is the LAST thing my hope is… We will not submit! Don’t you have to go wipe you ass with your hand now? Go away filthy muz!

  6. Would it be “Look what the infidels made him do?” Somehow BHO would blame his hated failed American expreiment.

    This sounds like Erik Holder bafflegab…

    I saw that Major on “American Muslim”

  7. If Hilary gets her way you will no longer have free speech.



  8. Here’s KCLA 5 news telephone number, reporters were Feinstein and Walker. How about a deluge of calls asking why this story was so slanted and such a coverup. 323 460 5500

  9. If ever the mainstream media starts speaking the truth about islam, the battle against islam will soon be won.
    The main reason why the fight against islam is so tough is because the MSM refuses to tell the truth about islam and actually aids the islamists in spreading lies about how islam is a religion of peace.

  10. Hell they have been killing christians and jews in the middle east for sport now its happening here and the muslin ass kissing media won’t tell the truth cause it might offend the muslin leaches. We need to fund a TV Station or radio station much like the puplic television that that solitutes funds from its viewers,,,, patrioic citizens of the USA

  11. Don’t miss the next exciting episode of AMERICAN MUSLIM on TLC every Sunday nite. Have barf bag ready because when you see them trying to convince us they are normal you will surely puke. I eat pork while watching the show. In Sacramento they put up several billboards with ISLAM in large letters and the sentence, “Islam, you deserve to know.”

  12. Just read THe Washington Times account of this jihad attack… NOT ONE WORD about Islam, Jihad, or that this guy was yelling Allahu Ackbar, no , not one word!!!
    It was excused as him being upset with the breakup of his 4 year relationship with a girl friend…
    What a cover-up!!!
    This newspaper should be held accountable for NOT printing the facts, they kNOW this was more , They KNOW this was about Islam and Jihad, and the famous war cry of all muslims on their murderous rampages!!
    The same war cry uttered when they crashed the planes, into the Twin towers,
    the same war cry when the plane went down in a Pennsylvania field,
    the same war cry when the plane went into the Pentagon,
    the same war cry when Christians, Hindus and Jews are murdered beheaded, raped,
    YES! this guy was screaming that same war cry,,,Allahu Ackbar.!
    I suggest Americans contact the Washington Times and .bitterly complain about their DISHONEST cover up of the TRUTH!

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