Mexican student reveals how he infiltrated Iran, what Islam teaches

Part of the Univision documentary La Amenaza Iraní, via ‘That is how I infiltrated Iran’ – Univision Noticias.

A Young Mexican spy narrates the details of an operation executed in Teheran

José Carlos García Tolentino, a former student at Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), feigned a religious conversion to Islam as part of his mission to infiltrate the world of Islamic extremism. In early 2011, after gaining the trust of the Iranian ambassador to Mexico, he was able to enlist in a 2 month-long course in Islam at Al Mustafa University in the sacred city of Qom in Iran.

García Tolentino, then only 19 years-old, was a member of a group of young individuals, many of them UNAM alumni, that decided to expose an alleged hacking, intelligence, and cyber terrorism operation that was being launched against the United States.

Univision journalists, Jorge Mota and Guillermo González del Campo were able to interview García Tolentino in April of 2011.

What did you learn during your time in Iran?
Well, they want to hide everything under the umbrella od the mosque. Everything. They arrive, they establish themselves, they put people to work, but the sheiks never truly dedicate themselves to spreading theology. They constantly send sheiks to all of their previously established mosques, but the sheiks deal with other things, I wasn’t able to ascertain what exactly they do because of time constraints and more than anything the lack of trust that they had in me.

What was it that stood out the most, or scared you the most, or seemed strangest?
The obsession with sacrificing oneself in order to reach paradise. They tell you that being a martyr gives you a direct ticket to paradise, it’s a corporeal gift that you offer if you sacrifice yourself, you kill yourself, or you do something in the name of Allah with the eventual goal of reaching paradise – you do all of that in the name of Allah. To be able to sacrifice yourself or kill people in the name of Allah and for Islam is something very beautiful to them.

Do you thing that through these teachings they were trying to insinuate that that was the best way to achieve some sort of mystical elevation or degree of holiness?
It’s not a mystical elevation, because that is here on Earth, what they were searching for was paradise after life on Earth. They search for paradise in Heaven, with Allah – they don’t care about their bodies, they are ready to blow themselves up wherever they want, in the name of Allah.

Everything is done for Allah. ]’; . They want to institute the politics from Iran in every place that they can, the same laws – they want to remove whatever government is in power in every country and institute their own, the word of Allah, the laws of Allah, because there is no greater law than Allah’s.

How do they feel about Christianity and other religions? Did they speak to you about that in the classes?
Yes. They insult everything, they talk bad about everything, but if any other religion dares to speak about Islam, that is when they go in there and kill the people, they go there and put bombs, they go and do things to them, but they are allowed to talk about whatever they want. They can talk bad about every other religion, they invent things so that they seem ridiculous, they ridicule everything that is in front of them, they ridicule it and they have experts dedicated to everything. Also, one of the sheiks, Ali Qomi, when I first gained his trust, he told me what they are now doing is waging an intellectual war, what they are going to do is prepare people intellectually so that they can attack the masses intellectually. That is what they are doing directly from Qom. Precisely in Qom.

19 thoughts on “Mexican student reveals how he infiltrated Iran, what Islam teaches

  1. Very brave young men, We can see how the devil spirit dwells within them . The enemy of your soul will promise you great things, but his desire is to kill you off and then you spend eternity in hell, not paradise.Dear God the hand writing is so plain. The devil will use the Muslim to kill the Jews, who he has been trying since creation to rid the earth of. Satan knew that Christ would come through the Jewish nation. Satan also knows the end of the story Revelation. He knows his days are numbered, so he enlisted the Muslims to help with his mission.It just goes to show the ignorance of these Muslims. If they would read the Bible they would understand the plan of Satan. Their book is written by the enemy of GOD, that is why they are so unholy and evil in their actions, and thinking..

  2. Teach me something I didn’t already know, José …

    Like Iran’s intelligence and how they garner intelligence data from the Obama administration…how they got the top secret encryption standard codes to take control of and land the American stealth spy plane…who is working inside Homeland Security, the FBI or CIA that would release this kind of information to the enemy.

    This is what I want to know…but how would a young student get that kind of information from a madrassah in Iran? He wouldn’t.

    The kid definitely has balls.
    I wonder how many Mexicans are actually converting to Islam and going for training in Qom? Scary isn’t it?

    • Yes there is a electronic spy in the U S GOVT, involved with the d rone project that knows the program and how to counter it to steal one of the drones as happened in IRAN. IRAN did not shoot the drone down as it showed it on its WHEELS on the ground. If they shot it down then it would have been a PILE OF JUNK!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

      • I suppose Iran could have received the information on the codes from some of the captured CIA agents through torture but I have my doubts.

        They could also have received tips from the Pakistani government as now Pakistan wants the US Airforce out of Pakistan.

        But I suspect it came from deep within the bowels of Homeland Security where we have Muslim Brotherhood members in high-ranking positions. Crap, even Dalia Mogahed may have access to that priviledged information.

  3. Maybe 1 in 20 Americans really pay real attention to the Islamic threat to America. Our media sugar coats virturtully every story about Muslims killing non-Muslims. Instead of it being correctly identified as part of their RELIGION it is passed off as being the acts of rougue extremists or a psychotic.

    Because of this politically correct (which means factually incorrect) slant by our media most Americans do not realize the severity of the Islamic threat to our way of life. Instead the Islamic threat is down played and out media focuses instead inane events like the trial of Michael Jacksons doctor, the trial and tribulations of Kim Kardahian and thelatest celebrity divorce.

    Unfortuanately it will probably take another major catastrophe like September 11, 2001 to get America’s attention, Be prepared becaus eit is coming.

  4. I hope this brave man gets through the American people and they realise the threat that islam poses to the well-being of the Americans.
    Wake up, USA, wake up now or it will be too late !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Do you know that most of the Quran was written by a man for Muslim’s?
    Look it up!
    First Bible was written in Hebrew (truly written),then the Christian Bible
    Saint James Version,which holds truth with Hebrew,then a man came along and took some of the versions of the Hebrew faith, some from Christian Faith,then he added his version ,that made him very excepted,because,now I want anybody reading this,take time to look every thing I am saying is with truth.
    Allah said you have my permission to have 4 wives,It might have referred to Marry one and if she doesn’t mind you, you have my permission to have 4 other women to bear children for you,(sorta like Brigham Young said for his followers)getting back to Muslims,They have the right to abuse the women if they don’t obey them,They can Murder any one that strays from the muslim faith,they have done this openly, I know you have read it in the news,saw it on TV,Internet etc.

    They claim to be Peaceful people, don’t believe that for a second,They disrespect Women her only place in a mans life is for obvious reasons and doing his bidding.

    I was told they wear the Berkas because the women respect their bodies?WHAT ? how can you say that when you let a man abuse you?

    Why do you think Obama has permission to talk in so many ways to avert this? because they want him to have access to changing America into a Socialist country that is why they are infiltrating Our Country and Canada.
    I am so angry about this subject ,I will stop now.
    But if any one denies this I have written proof.from A Muslim,and I read the Quran.
    Truth Talks,Bull Shits Walks.
    They will suffer in the end.

    • Right you are, Doris.

      And Muhammad allowed for abrogations when he found something that the people disagreed with, or if he found something that suited his plundering, raping, paedophilia, piracy, murder, peace pacts, or whatever he desired, he could change it to suit his own tastes and say that it came from Allah. How gullible the Arabs were to actually believe his bullshit.

      But alas, the tribes of the desert needed their own version of a religious figure and I guess a psychopathic genius like Muhammad filled in quite nicely, especially when they were profiting so highly from his evil exploits.

      And he wanted to guarantee that his successors would profit as well so he insisted that everyone emulate him in every way…I guess you could call all Muslims clones of Muhammad.

  6. This young man did a very brave act. He and his fellow students have performed a valuable service to us all and therefore deserves our heartfelt gratitude. He put himself in harms way to do it as well. Kudos to him, his fellow students, and his school. It is hard to imagine any of our left-leaning American institutions of higher learning and it’s students ever thinking of such a feat considering their ideological bent. Islam in general, and Iran in particular, poses just as much a threat to the well being of our southern brethren as they do us. Indeed, the Iranian government is actively seeking greater influence in Mexico and both Central and South America.

    “!Viva UNAM!” “!Viva Senior Garcia y Tolentino!”

    • Hey randy, I admire him as well, but heck, he didn’t have to travel to Iran to learn this. He could have gotten it from any of the Fethullah Gulen Islamist brainwashing schools in the US.

      • Are you “alkidding me again?” Lol. Yep, you’re right about that one. Just like the one I pointed out the other day on BNI thats been operating in my hometown for a few years now. Because of their stealth tactics, I find the Gulen Movement even more of a threat to our well being because we have far too many of our people either tuned out, gullible, or outright bought and paid for. I do hope this kid can enlighten more of his countrymen about the dangers of Iran and islam in general though. They have as much to lose as we.

    • Hate to take up more room, but I am so excited concerning this young man. I would gamble we must have other brave people trying to expose the evil, and overall demonic plan of these demon worshipers.Best you believe this government has a plan for the use of these Muslims———.Time is starting to unravel the plan of a group put in action way back when. I am convinced now that the enemy of God has always used them (Muslims) to kill of all the Jews, and Christians. It is starting to make sense.

  7. Very brave man. Everyone feels this way and before much longer
    the ‘infidels’ will rise up. Have no doubts.
    If you read the bible, whoever carries out wrong deeds in the world
    God will punish. He is already sending his warnings, with so many
    ‘natural’ disasters
    The Bible says that the Devil will send out many disciples amongst you and this is exactly what is happening.
    Trust in God and he will deliver you to a better,happy,peaceful world.
    I expect the Muslims will enjoy hell, not much change from the world
    they are trying to create now,.but that is what they want and that is what
    they will get.
    Keep the faith, trust and believe in our Saviour.

  8. Americans need to prepare themselves to protect their property. Their family and themselves. Americans will be fighting Radical Islamic Muslims on our streets before to long. Our own US Government has allowed these radical Islamics into our Country and now they demand we change to their beliefs. They are offended by American values. They plan on changing it. I for one. Will never bow to Islam. Never.

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