Pennsylvania judge dismisses charge against woman, because she’s Muslim

The perks of converting to Islam and wearing Islamic garb. via District judge dismisses charge against Muslim woman.

A district judge this morning dismissed a summary disorderly conduct charge against a woman who claimed she was harassed by Baldwin Borough police for being Muslim.

Krysti Swanson was cited Sept. 18 after police stopped her, her husband and two children as they picked flowers along railroad tracks in Baldwin after police got a report of two masked men driving towards the tracks.

Police said the woman, dressed in Muslim garb that concealed all but her eyes, became irate when they began questioning her husband, charging they were harassing her, and waved flowers in an officer’s face. She was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car, which agitated her further, because her faith prohibits her from touching men outside her family.

Her attorney, James Love, referred to her after she contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, argued that it’s not a crime to question police, nor is it a crime to refuse to produce identification. He also noted that the report never indicated that she waved flowers in an officer’s face.

In dismissing the charge, District Judge John Bova said he did not believe police had done anything wrong.

“Both sides should be more sensitive towards each other,” he said.

Ms. Swanson declined comment through her attorney after leaving the district court in Baldwin. Mr. Love said he did not know if she plans to pursue further legal action.

If they didn’t do anything wrong, why drop the charge? Because they weren’t sensitive enough to people who convert to Islam and then expect preferential treatment?

11 thoughts on “Pennsylvania judge dismisses charge against woman, because she’s Muslim

  1. Why the f### as she still referred to as Miss Swanson?? she obviously IS NOT!! She is Bint Sharmuta!! she no longer has the right to call herself by a European judaeo-Christian name!! Can’t wait for the day one of these muzrats turns on a lawyer; lets see him extract himself from that! What goes around comes around, “Mr” Muzrat-lover!!

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  3. This is America. We have only one side and that’s the laws of America. When others come to Americe they renounce their old country and become patriots for their new homeland. This means they must learn to speak English and learn our history and our laws. This is not impossible because most of the ancestors of the Americans now came over to America and did follow the law in order to become naturalized citizens. They were proud to do so…if Muslims or anyone else from Europe isn’t prepared to obey our laws then they need to stay home with their cult practices.

  4. picked flowers along railroad tracks

    itis against the law to do anything on land owned by railroad – especially near the tracks- which are dangerous- it is considered trespassing and you can get cited – when I was a kid we used to like to go down near the tracks- we got caught- we were damn scared of what would happen and hi- tailed outta there after he took our names-an officer from the railroad visited our parents to make the point we could have got hurt and he was within rights to have us DETAINED and ticketed- we got off with a warning- I can just imagine if we had mouth off instead- of course not being an arrogant MUSLIM we wouldn’t have-

    these morons had their KIDS out there- imagine the stinko and lawsuit if one of ’em did get hurt

  5. I think this judge has his brains where he sits.

    When the police ask me for an ID, I show it to them. I have to bear my face (when wearing a scarf in the winter) for them to confirm my identity.

    But from now on I’m gonna scream I’m Muslim and get the special laws.

  6. I am totally disgusted with our American attorneys taking these cases. What in the world are they thinking. They should be defending our laws for us.

    • For the information of all of you who offered your comments: I am the attorney who represented the woman in the story. The only charge in the case was disorderly conduct. Our only defense was that under Pennsylvania law, disorderly conduct cannot be committed on private property, including a railroad service road. At the trial, we did not play the Muslim card or crybaby our way to a dismissal. Instead we simply proved that the charge lacked legal sufficiency because her conduct did not annoy, offend or inconvenience the pubic. If she had been charged with trespass, the outcome might have been different, but we dealt with the charges that the police chose to lodge. If any of you had asked me to represent you in a similar case, I would have made the same argument and any Pennsylvania judge with knowledge of the law would have rendered the same decision. Maybe this information will help you understand the actual circumstances. Many thanks–Jim

  7. REMEMBER a few years ago. Almost every day there was a railroad related incident. I suspect sabotage and training to bring transport to a halt when they decide its time for war.
    How simple to drive up in a truck, take out the jack and a piece of pipe used to spread the track a few inches to cause a devastaing derailment.
    Perhaps the flower picking muslim was looking for a soft spot?

  8. Actually it is the law in lots places that they can totally lock you up for refusing to produce ID when asked by cops (unless of course you are a criminal alien invader, then you are exempt from the laws that the rest of us have to follow). In many places, if you are asked by cops for ID and do not have it or refuse to show it, you can be cited for vagrancy.

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