A Muslim diaspora grows in Manhattan, Kansas

We’re not in Kansas any more takes on a whole new meaning in the other Manhattan. via Muslim community experiences growth in Manhattan, K-State – News – Kansas State Collegian – Kansas State University. h/t @CausingFitna

Seen from afar, Manhattan may be looked at as a small, predominantly white, Christian community. But with K-State and the ever-growing international student programs, Manhattan has become an extremely diverse Kansas town throughout the years. One ethnic group that has grown in particular is the Muslim community in Manhattan.

“Most of our community members are students. They are attracted here to K-State,” said Abdulrahman Kamal, graduate student in curriculum and instruction. Kamal is the president of the Islamic Center’s executive committee and the Muslim Student Association at K-State.

The Muslim Brotherhood founded Muslim Student Association. Read more about them below.

Through International Student Services, students come to K-State to study from many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia and Libya. According to statistics from ISS, students from Saudi Arabia are now the biggest foreign population studying at K-State.

Saudi’s also made up most of the 9/11 hijackers and fund most of the mosques in the U.S.

“In 2006, the government in Saudi Arabia had a new program that was sending more students outside of the country,” Kamal said. “I heard from friends who were here, before that program started, the Saudi students were about 10 or 12; they were mostly graduate students. But now we have 120 plus and most of them are undergrad students.”

With such a surge in numbers, the one thing missing in Manhattan was a place for these Muslims to pray and gather together in their Islamic faith. This was first apparent in the 1980s.

According to the Islamic Center of Manhattan’s official website, the Muslim Community realized that a place of worship was necessary and they worked to obtain a two-story house that was officially the first masjid, or mosque, in Manhattan.

After outgrowing this house, the community was able to build the mosque that is standing today through the help of donations from across the U.S. and overseas. The Islamic Center of Manhattan is located at 1224 Hylton Heights Rd. and includes separate prayer halls for men and women, a library, classes for the Children’s Islamic school and an area for social gatherings.

As students studying in a culture that is not predominately Islamic, prayer times often come into conflict with class schedules. For Kamal, he has found that professors will work with his schedule to make sure he is accommodated for his religion.

I go off for four minutes, five minutes, and I come back,” he said. “Especially in education, our lectures are usually two and a half hours. So we need to get out otherwise I will miss the prayer time. All of my instructors, they understand this. They allow me just for five minutes, I go and that’s it.”

Kamal said there is a meditation room on the fourth floor of the library that he can go to and pray. He said this is where many Muslims go while they are studying in the library.

The Islamic faith is a monotheistic religion, worshiping Allah. The religion follows the five pillars of Islam, which are general practices of the religion. These pillars include a declaration of faith, five daily prayers, almsgivings — an obligatory act of giving — fasting and a pilgrimage to Mecca known as Hajj.

Hajj is often difficult for Muslims to make, due to the financial obligation of traveling to the holy site, but if the journey is possible to make at a point in one’s life, then it is required of them. Al-Alili is one Muslim who was able to make the trip to Mecca.

“One thing about Hajj I like is that everyone is equal,” he said. “Rich, poor, male, female; especially the males, they wear simple clothes. You cannot distinguish between ruler or the king or the poor people. It is very great.”

Everyone, that is, except non-Muslims. Who are not even permitted to set foot in Mecca.

Living in the United States today can be seen as an obstacle for many Muslims. With events like 9/11, the Islamic faith is often grouped in with radical terrorist groups. With such a small community of Muslims in Manhattan, some may think that this discrimination would be much more prevalent, but for some that is not the case.

“I like it much. I like the people. The people are very kind with us,” said Atia Ataie, Manhattan resident from Afghanistan. “When I go shopping, anywhere, parks, I don’t have any problem.”

Terror-linked CAIR will not be happy to hear their mythological Islamophobia just ain’t so.

Ataie moved to Manhattan three years ago from Afghanistan. She is here with her two children while her husband gets his Ph.D. in civil engineering. Ataie said she finds Kansas to be a very calm place to live, not at all what she first expected.

Is that how a student visa works? One person gets the visa and then brings in the family, however big or small? And they never leave?

More on the Muslim Student Association who seems to head Manhattan, Kansas’ Islamic diaspora:

The Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada, or MSA (also known as MSA National), was established mainly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in January 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Nyack College theologian Larry A. Poston writes that “many of the founding members of this agency [MSA] were members of, or had connections to,” the Muslim Brotherhood or Jamaat-i-Islami. The three most significant founders of MSA were Ahmed Totanji, Jamal Barzinji, and Hisham al Talib, all of whom were MB leaders of Iraqi descent. Other noteworthy individuals who served as early co-founders of MSA were Mahboob Khan and Malika Khan.

The Saudis’ first foray into the United States came in the form of MSA, which, like the aforementioned Saudi-based groups, received its major funding and direction from Riyadh. According to a February 2008 New York Times report, MSA, from its earliest days, “pushed the [Saudi] kingdom’s puritan, Wahhabi strain of Islam.” In the 1960s and 70s, adds the Times piece, MSA chapters “advocated theological and political positions derived from radical Islamist organizations and would brook no criticism of Saudi Arabia.”

Read the profile at the link above.

Kansas is quietly becoming quite the hotspot for Islam. More posts here.

Update 2015: Welcome readers from Rense. Please note this post is from 2011 so the Somali Muslim population in the area is likely much larger than when this was pubished.

Kansas is not the only place where Islamic enclaves are being orchestrated by the U.S. government. On the left hand side bar on the home page, scroll to the section titled Muslim Enclaves in America. There you will find other growing Muslim hotspots in the U.S.:

We’ll update that section regularly as we find more, for example the Michigan city that was recently overtaken by Muslims.


22 thoughts on “A Muslim diaspora grows in Manhattan, Kansas

  1. The love of MONEY keeps these UNWANTED TWITS coming to KANSAS. Wont be long before the HEAD OF SAUDI ARABIA will be living here in place of OBUMMMA as the PRESIDENT. This CRAP HAS TO STOP. WAKE UP AMERICA, we are being INVADED BY THE VERY RADICALS THAT WISH OUR DEMISE. Are we AMERICAN’S OR STUPID PEOPLE NOW!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. I am constantly amazed at the willfull ignorance MOST Americans show when introduced to this topic of Islamist expansion (Stealth Jihad) in America. These ignorant Americans say that it is impossible for Sharia (Islamic) Law to be forced on the USA and we have no concerns from the roughly 1% of our population that is Muslim. Ignorance is bliss?

    The MBs have been conducting a stealth insurgency in America for over 50 years. Right now, the MBs are winning. If no changes are soon put into effect to stop our judges and other members in state and federal government bending-over for the multi-facetted Islamists, to change our current trajectory into America’s future, America will become a Sharia Law-controled country within 60 years.
    We must end immigration of Muslims from Muslim countries and end student visas for students from those same places.

    It is unconstitutional for Americans in America to be held to Sharia Laws, yet federal judges in many places are using these Islamic laws here. This must stop.

    • Stop the immigration from everywhere except Europe. Get ride of the over 9 Million Muslims already in America. Do the same thing in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Russia. Our birth replacement rates are so low at this point that it is already in doubt if we can come back from extinction. We need at least a 2.1 birthrate to replace those who die. Our birth rate in the U.S. is 1.6, that means our people are dying out. The Muslim birth rate is at 8.1, which means they will be the majority in Europe and America in less then 30 years.

      We need to destroy political correctness. The liberal left has got to go. They are helping our enemies exterminate us. The same is true of the fake conservative Republicans. They’ve been working side by side with the left for decades now. The American people have to stop voting. We continue to vote even though it is an illusion. Presidents are not elected they are selected. If we fail to take action our race and our culture will be gone forever. We’ll be leaving our children a world in which they are outnumbered and hated.

  3. Don’t miss the show AMERICAN MUSLIM Sunday nites on TLC. Muslim families trying to look like all American families. The title should be The Trojan Horse. Have your barf bag ready. In Sacramento they put up billboards that said, ISLAM, You deserve to know. They are waiting for the 12th Immam to come back to earth and to have him look on you favororably you must kill the infidels, They do not want to live with us but rather they want to kill us and take our country from us which they will do as soon as their numbers are adequate. Meanwhile they will smile at you and like a slow growing cancer will consume you.

    • Do not watch this show, you just add to their numbers to impress potential advertisers.. The idea is to boycott it so their numbers fall and it’s cancelled or never renewed. Wake the hell up Jerry or are you a muslim trying to get more viewers for the show?

  4. I have a friend that lives in Manhattan, KS…Have not talked to him in years…but I bet he is about to bust when it comes to Muslims there. He is all Red White And Blue! and Very Much a Christian!

  5. Reminds me of the eerie movie of about 50 years ago, “The Stranger,” about a man who moved to a small town and looked & acted normal, but someone (I think it was a little boy) started to get suspicious about him – and his past. Wish I remembered more about this flick (I saw it at a film retrospective about 20 years ago). But it’s like the stealth jihad movement – only in the movie, “the bad guy” does NOT stick out by wearing a burqua or demanding a house of worship/jihad center, etc. Anyway, beware “strangers” among you!!

  6. I am a convert to Islam that grew up as a Catholic (even made communion,etc) & I really hate reading comments with such ignorance in them. One posted about the 12 imams,that’s not an Islamic thing….it deals with shia and they are not muslims….neither are sufis….anybody who doesn’t agree 100% with the quran is not a muslim. Also,if you know about Judaism, you will see the issue of 12 imams comes from them…the 12 tribes,12 imams….nothing to do with Islam,we don’t accept that. Tell me where it says that in the Quran,not someone’s book,but the religious book itself….no one ever produces proof to back their words.just saying….show us,heck,if you can prove me wrong,i will revert back b/c I wouldn’t follow a stupid religion or a religion that agrees to torture of innocent people,whether you are a chrisitian,jew,athiest,etc.

    as for being afraid of shariah….it’s already been put into practice since this country’s founding….innocent until proven guilty….Islam agrees with this and the trial system,just b/c someone says you are guilty is not enough…their has to be proof.

    As for the american muslim show….that is just trash tv….shias,they are not sunni and therefore not muslims and I for one am glad that lowe’s is not sponsoring that trash that doesn’t even represent Islam. Let me tell you all that what these people are doing in the name of Islam is not right and they are not Muslims in belief but are telling everyone they are to get people to hate us and they are doing their job really well. ust think of it this way, if you had a kid and then he grew up and told people all this untrue things about his parents and siblings and killed people, does that mean that is what his family believes,no and his family should disown him for telling such lies to try to start trouble. When these terrorists die,they are not going to heaven like they want to make you believe,they are going to burn in hell forever!

    Islam does not allow women,children or even nature to be harmed in wars….be a man and fight man to man,face to face,none of this suicide bombing and air missiles is helping.people on both sides need to man up,face the devils themselves and destroy them,but don’t kill innocent people and also the elderly. I’m also sickened when i see people bringing their kids to these protests and they get killed…this is not Islamic to bring your kids to protests or to protest,period. Islam says if you have a problem, you use your brain and write,call or whatever to the people in charge to ask for a change,hooping and hollering on the streets doesn’t change much,it just brings more violence.

    I really wish for once, people would stop to think about what’s really goinng on here and really learn about a religion people want to assume is bad because others say so.certainly I wouldn’t say that all catholics are gay if the priests are gay, i don’t say all football coaches are child molesters just b/c Sandusky was, you don’t judge an entire group of people based on what a few do. somebody said sarcastically about ignorance is bliss,yet if he/she knew about Islam, she would know otherwise.

    Also, another one basically mentions killing or getting rid of muslims in this country,how about all of us that are converts that our ancestors lived here,what are you doing with us? We are good people who want a good society….look at all the non-muslims in office in govenment and what examples they set for our children….adultry,gay senators,etc. If anybody is hopeless,it will be the non-mulsims b/c all the people are becoming gay and lesbian so quickly,you people will die out since you can’t procreate anymore (the way God wants us to and if you are gay and want a baby,maybe you shouldn’t be gay….duh!) and leave us muslims to rule without us even having to lift a finger! :)

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA Poor deluded Rene… LOVE the comment about how Shias aren’t real Muslims… bet they say the same about you! Show bigotry much?? But my favorite is “Islam does not allow women, children or nature to be harmed…” HAHAHAHAHAHA Been to a Middle Eastern country??? I have and you are either stupid, ignorant or lying because I have seen that crap with my very own eyes!!! Of course, we here know that “innocent” to you Muslims only applies to Muslims… cause we all know that we dirty kuffar are not innocent according to your ilk!

      We do not assume that Islam is bad because of what we have HEARD… many of us have actually READ the Qur’an and the Hadith AND the Reliance of the Traveller and know what abrogation is. Sounds like you, convert Renee, have not and don’t know what abrogation is. AND because of what we see happening in other countries where I-SLAM is the majority! “By their fruit you will know them”… “A good tree produces good fruit… a bad tree produces bad fruit…” Guess what – Islam produces inferiority, repression, violence, bigotry and a whole host of other mental disorders… bad fruit!

      You’ve been hoodwinked – probably by some nice, charming and good looking Muslim man who took you to a nice potluck with lots of smiling hijabi honeys… who talked about how “liberating” the hijab was so you’re not looked at like a piece of meat…. blah blah blah… can’t wait til you get your first dose of a Muslim man’s fist… Have fun!

      And you are accusing non Muslims of things that the majority of us are NOT guilty of… So the day that you RULE this country is the day we patriots play 13th crusades!

    • You’re a traitor to your people. You’re blind and brainwashed if you think Islam is anything more then a violent political ideology hell bent on taking over the entire world.

      Since the child molesting Mohammad was used to create a false religion Islam has attacked the men of Europe and wiped out eastern Christianity for the past 1400 years. Islam has attacked Europe 448 times. Compare that to the 14 crusades which were all defensive in nature and took place in the span of less then three centuries.

      The so-called moderate Muslims may or may not be good people, but it is a mute point anyway as they will be forced to pick a side, and of course they will pick Islam over our western Christian culture. You continue to parrot the lie that Islam is a religion of peace while Muslims cut down innocent people all over the world.

      Lines are being drawn. The men of the west are waking up. A few more terrorist attacks and our anger will burn bright. Once that happens it is game over for the Muslim invaders in our nations.

  7. dear Renee must thank you for providing example of the type of person who would convert to ISLAM- please do us all a favor- study diplomacy and go tell those Iranians and other Muslims in Iraq and more that they are not Muslims- maybe youcan start another war between you all as it has been since Mo died- So now you the convert- (just a hint Muslims call you a REVERT)- try visiting and living in an ISLAMIC run nation before you decide what’s good for us to have- if USA sucks so much leave – we like it as is and not Muzzified- we like our JEWS and Chjristians withtheir heads on and places safe from Muzzie gangs that are all over EU now beating up gays, kidnapping and torturing JEWS etec- and big no thanks to your demographic takeover- idiots who convert to ISLAM only prove how easily it can poison the mind of women who are swooning over the men from it, having been sold a crock o crap and lies about what ISLAM really is about.
    WE KNOW and WE SEE- and we don’t want it- lucky you are in USA and can choose to hit your head on the floor 5x a day as you please- we don;t want to and NEVER will bow down to Muzzies ruling us- arrogant supremacists imperialist totalitarians.

    happy Hanukah

    • Jews are respomsible for ALL immigration into white countries.
      Go to youtube and watch, “With Open Borders: The Self Suicide of Europe”. At the end of the video it has the disgusting yenta Barbara Lerner Spectre,(Spectre, you have to love it) talk about the leading rolls jews have in the invadion of Europe.

      It is WAY past time for people to be big boys and girls and realise that we have been lied to about damn near everything. The major events of history and the major boogie men need to be reexamined in order to fully understand the state in which we find ourselves today.

  8. Isahiah (and everybody who wants to read),

    I don’t care about whether you term me a convert/revert…that’s of little importance-faith,belief and good works are what count. i don’t think I said the USA sucks.Why would I want to go to Iran and tell them they are wrong….the shia’s formed from your people,they were Jews that converted to what they claim Islam but has nothing to do with Islam and they kept the 12 tribes thing and changed it to the 12 imams for themselves,so maybe you should tell your people that became shias that they are wrong for following what you taught them.

    As for kidnapping and torturing Jews,looks like more Muslims are killed than Jews and I’m not saying that it’s better either way….who said death is ideal just b/c someone worships differently than you.As long as people mind their own business, why do you need to kill them,we wouldn’t do that,but when you take someone’s house and land….what do you expect the palestinians to do….do like the Indians and leave or do like some of them and fight for their land? If I went take over your mom’s house,would you fight me for it or just say nicely that she would leave and I could have it…be real!

    Since you are so educated in Islam,what is so posionous about it that makes us women reverts so stupid? People who change religions are not idiots that just accept things on a whim….we learn things on our own and not from what others tell us so as to be corrupted about a religion….if I want to know true buddhism,I’ll go to the best scholar and request what book is best,I’m not going to follow what I find on youtube as it may not be accurate or taught by a person of little knowledge.

    I changed religions since I didn’t believe what I was being taught and didn’t agree to it and didn’t agree with the holy book….do you think people change with a goal to somehow infiltrate people…I didn’t be a Muslim to impress anybody or care what anybody thinks about it,I mind my business….if I don’t like something I can speak up about it or ignore it,that’s my choice….I don’t force things down people’s throats since that is not what we believe to do. But don’t tell me I accepted Islam on what someone told me,I’m not ignorant. My children have been thrown Christianity down their throats by their “friends” when my daughter never brought up religion and wouldn’t even do that as usually religion is not something kids talk about at school,but boy were they ready to shove it down her throat….so that goes to show that there are some people who do that and some that don’t…maybe you are afriad of Romney making you a Mormon,too,I guess.Does he have a right to be president or are you against him,too? Also,just because someone is a certain religion doesn’t necessarily make them all 100% equal as there are secular people in every group,people who like some of the religion,but not all,some that have a whole different concept but don’t want to leave the title behind for shaming their family,so they create their own beliefs,etc….people sometimes blend religion with a lot of stuff so what you see isn’t all the religion is cracked up to be. DFor example,you will see Indian muslims doing some Hindu stuff since they used to be hindu…that doesn’t mean you will see all muslims doing it since it’s not islam.

    When my husband is asked at work about his religion (no,he does not look like your typical muslim) he tells people politely and then when he tells them about what their holy book says,most either don’t even know what it says or are even embarassed…both Christians and Jews alike.Did you know that in the BIble it says that Jesus put his head on the ground to pray….oh wait,I forgot you hate Jesus and supposedly crucified the lord of your best friend (the christians)…we don’t like anybody who would attempt to kill a prophet b/c they are preaching the word of god. And for the record there are many Jews out there who don’t even agree with what Israel is doing,but I guess you’ll tell me they are not Jews or something,right,but if I tell you shia’s are not muslims,you won’t believe me,right?

    You may see a lot of things,but you may not be correct about it….you may see a teen coming out of a liquor store,does it mean he bought or drank alcohol? No,he could have gone to the restroom.When you see a supermodel on an ad,is that what she looks like in reality? So,what you may see may not be the reality…it’s all an illusion and some peopel accept it without a thought and some research for themselves as to what is right and what is wrong so they are not brainwashed and programmed to believe what others say.

    Our holy book does not mistreat women like some other books do and make them whores….there are stories in the torah where a man or maybe it was the other way around…I don’t like to delve into remembering pornography,etc. But either way,the father in law has sex with the daughter in law and there are many stories in the bible and torah where there is incest and other gross things that god would not allow….show me these stories in the Quran,b/c when such a thing would happen,god would destroy them….what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? The whole city of gays were destroyed and now the dead sea is the worst place to visit b/c that’s where they were located….that’s what the Quran tells us and I’m pretty sure your religion is against homosexuality…is it not? Do you not agree with your book if god said it’s wrong…it’s wrong…if your boss tells you to do what’s best for the company,you do it,right b/c he should know better,so the same about God….we don’t have any right to change what he says…he is the supreme being.

    So,now I will end this and ask you to tell me the things about Islam that you know for a fact are in the Quran (since you know) that you don’t agree with and also tell me the chapter and verse and make sure to know the context of the sentence,don’t try to play smart with the people who will read this…..I’m always open to people telling me what they don’t like about my religion….it’s a personal choice of what you believe,if I were to make you accept Islam by force,god would never accept you being muslim b/c he knows what you feel in your heart,so I could try like heck to make you change,but it would be wasting my time since I can’t change people,but we can make people think on their own without corrupted people telling them what to think.I don’t want this to end up being a name bashing thing b/c then it’s no longer an intelligent discussion.If I did offend anyone,I do apologize and want you to know I just want people to know the truth….read for yourselves,that’s what makes us the best of creation,our ability to think and learn and make educate choices that we think are best for ourselves.The only things people know how to read these days are things from the media.

    Have a nice day.

    • If poor Renee wants to play tit-for-tat… we can come up with WAY more garbage on the pedophile, Mohammed… from the Qur’an, Sira and the Hadith…

      And as for your moral relativism, yes, there is a lot of stuff in the Bible/Torah that today we look at as “immoral” but the difference is: WE DON’T DO IT ANYMORE!!! Islam still does the same barbaric crap they did int the 7th century!!

      How about this, Renee: From the Sira: Ishaz 957: Mohammad sent Muadh to Yemen to proslytize. While he was there he was asked what rights a husband has over the wife. He replied to the woman who asked, ” If you went home and found your HUSBAND’S NOSE RUNNING WITH PUS AND BLOOD AND YOU SUCKED IT UNTIL IT WAS CLEANED, YOU STILL WOULD NOT HAVE FUFILLED YOUR HUSBAND’S RIGHTS.”

      Please tell me that is not the absolute GROSSEST thing you have ever read – find an equivalent in the Bible and tell me how I “took this out of context!” DISGUSTING!!

    • oh – and BTW Renee, try LEAVING Islam…. there will be a fatwah on your head of DEATH… Bukhari, volume 9, #57

      Narrated Ikrima, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

      And the Quran sura for your beating is 4:34 so be a good little woman and obey your master husband…

    • Ah Renee…how refreshing! Such wisdom..so much honesty. People are so bigoted, so ignorant. Hope u go from strength to strength.The holy Quran states Surah Baqra (256) Let there be no compulsion religion. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And Allah hears and knows all things.”
      ISIS actions are not justified at all in the Islamic scriptures. Allah says: If it had been your lord’s will, all of the people on earth would would have believed. Would you then compel the people so to have them believe? (Surah Yunua,99).
      Further more, “If they turn away, your duty is to convey the Message”
      Surely Islam is exactly what its name means: Peace.

  9. I don’t know from where all this hate came from. You’re just trying to convert people to your own belief. Before talking about how these 12 Immams relate to Shia I want you to go and read how great they are. From Sunni’s books you will see these 12 Immams know more than anyone about Islam. And there isn’t a single Muslin will say these 12 Immams aren’s muslims. Now, I want to ask you a question; by following these great Muslim I won’t be Muslim anymore? That what you are saying.

    • Forget about the 12 Imams, it’s ancillary when we can easily prove that Islam is an evil political ideology by simply reading the barbaric and murderous verses in the Koran, which Muslims believe in and are acting on by murdering innocent people all over the world. How many heads have Christians lopped off lately? The answer is zero. How many heads have the Muslims lopped off lately? How many people have been blown to bits by Islamic suicide bombers? How many people have been mowed down by machine gun fire at the hands of Muslims?

      Are you getting the point yet? We could care less about the twelve Imams. We’re more worried about the two billion Muslims that are invading our civilized western nations and are vowing to destroy every last one of us who refuses to submit to your false prophet Mohammad.

  10. It’s the globalist agenda. The rag heads are just being used, and when it’s all said and done, and ww3 is implemented, they will be serfs just like everyone else! It’s obvious that they are pitting one against the other, and in the end the masses will lose what they thought they were fighting for!

  11. You know they are not majoring in science since their koran says the earth is flat and the sun sets in a mud puddle and the sun and moon rotate around the earth.

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