Belgium: Pakistani family jailed over “honor” killing daughter for dating non-Muslim

…and not marrying her cousin as arranged by her parents. The words Islam and Muslim are no where to be found, but integral to yet another horrible story. All of them should have received life sentences but again judges don’t get it. via Family jailed for honour killing of Sadia.

A Belgian court has sentenced four members of a Pakistani family to prison for the “honour killing” of their law student daughter and sister.

After pronouncing the family members guilty for the shooting death of Sadia Sheikh in October 2007, the jury sentenced father Tarik Mahmood Sheikh to 25 years behind bars, mother Zahida Parveen Sariya to 20 years, brother Mudusar to 15 and sister Sariya to five years.

Lawyers for the family said brother Mudusar, who confessed to pulling the trigger on the three bullets that killed his sister, was handed a lesser jail term than his parents as they were considered to have ordered the girl’s death.

Prosecutors had asked for a life sentence for all three, and between 20 and 30 years behind bars for Sariya.

Victim ... Sadia Sheikh.

Sadia Sheikh, who defied the family by living with a Belgian and refusing an arranged marriage, was shot dead when aged 20 on October 22, 2007.

Mudusar admitted before the jury of five women and seven men to killing his sister while saying the rest of the family were not to blame.

Her parents and sister stood accused of aiding and abetting the killing which took place when the student visited her family in the hopes of patching up their quarrel.

Questioned during Belgium’s first “honour killing” trial in southwestern Mons, Mudusar said the killing was premeditated “for a long time”.

The trial also involved rights groups pleading for gender equality as part of a civil suit at the hearings.

Sadia Sheikh left the family home to study after her shopkeeper parents tried to arrange a marriage with a cousin living in Pakistan she had never met.

Before moving in with a Belgian man her age named Jean, she was helped by fellow students and teachers and also spent some time in a centre for victims of domestic violence, where she drew up a will as she felt threatened.

She had nonetheless agreed to visit the family in hopes of making peace the day she was shot.

The father, mother and sister, also facing charges of “attempting to arrange a marriage”, denied involvement in the murder, saying Mudusar killed his sister in a fit of rage.

9 thoughts on “Belgium: Pakistani family jailed over “honor” killing daughter for dating non-Muslim

  1. The Muslim ideology that urges parents and siblings to kill their daughter and sister must be eradicated from the face of the Earth!
    Women of the world!Unite and fight for your Freedom from the Slavery of Islam!

  2. This should have been a life sentence, and would have been in the US, but for Belgium to have rendered a sentence this tough on a case involving and invoking Islam is a watershed.

    I still think that the rendering of this verdict is one (just one) of the reasons the Liege shooter went to the courthouse area that day and started throwing grenades. The sentence is a terminal and final message to Muslims that this kind of behavior is never going to be given a pass.

    If you kill your daughter, everyone involved goes to jail for a really long time, as much as 30 years. These sentences reverberated through the European Muslim community.

  3. JAIL TIME FOR THIS BUNCH OF DIRT BAGS, HELL NO, THE ROPE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REQUIRED FOR ALL OF THESE KILLERS. Wake World, this HONOR KILLING HAS TO STOP. These MUSLIM thugs are nothing more than an animal that walks on two feet rather than four feet and talks where there four footed cousins cant!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Omega, I strongly disagree with your use of ‘animal’–gives animals a bad name, don’t you think? But I agree completely otherwise!

  4. Leonidas women are fast asleep. Heard much from them recently- I know I haven’t. Many feminist now accept muliticulture- they accept that muslim women choose to be in bags and abused. The only time western women speak out is if western men abuse them. they hate men and don’t care about women from other cultures. They have throw other women under the bus for their marxist ideology. And as for those non marxist women they are just as silent as the majority of the western population. Holding their breath hoping all this trouble will magically vanish. Don’t wish to be sexist but the lead will be from men and not many men from my experience. How did we get to a place where muslims call the tune. 7th century barbarians. Maybe if I just make a wish it will all go away. ………….. Those muslims still there????

    • hktony, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m openly critical of islam and have gotten into fight over my views (and called some pretty nasty things by muslim males), but I can’t sit back and watch this Shari’a happen.

      I’m not a feminist, but as a woman I feel I have an obligation to help these poor women and kids. I’m so grateful for sites like Creeping Shari’a, which help me spread the word of these atrocities.

      As for the feminists – well, they only attack white Christian males.

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