Muslims lobby for sharia in Pennsylvania, claim bill on sharia law unfair to Muslims

Opponents in Philadelphia say bill on Sharia law unfair to Muslims — NewsWorks. h/t Jihad Watch.

A bill in Harrisburg that opponents say is targeted against Muslims has followers of that faith upset.

House Bill 2029 would ban Pennsylvania courts from considering any foreign legal code or system that isn’t identical with the Constitution.  Muslim activists say that it is specifically targeted against the practice of Sharia Law–a religious code for Muslims that has the power of law in some countries.  Council on American-Islamic Relations Attorney Amara Chaudhry says this would block freedom of religious expression.

“This is not a new faith we are not a foreign faith and yes this dangerous, clearly stated discriminatory purpose on a publicly circulated document, you just don’t get any more troubling than that,” said Chaudhry.

Professor Khalid Blankinship of Temple University compares following Sharia to the Catholic teaching that divorce is not allowed.

“That would be like going into the Catholic Church and telling them that you can’t marry people the way you want or saying you have to allow divorce of people even if the Pope ruled otherwise,” said Blankinship.

State Representative Rosemarie Swanger of Lebanon County, who authored the bill, says it is designed to preserve rights of liberty that do not exist in some foreign legal systems.  She has said recognizing foreign laws could allow women to be treated as second-class citizens.  In a letter she sent to colleagues, Swanger called Sharia law “inherently hostile to our constitutional liberties.”

If you watch the video, Khalid Blankinship seems to be advocating for polygamous marriages and for Muslim men to be able to marry pre-teen girls as well since those are permitted in Islam.

29 thoughts on “Muslims lobby for sharia in Pennsylvania, claim bill on sharia law unfair to Muslims

  1. If we’re supposed to separate church and state, the separation should apply to ALL religions. Since Christian law (a.k.a. the Ten Commandments) is most of the time not even allowed to appear in court buildings, permitting courts to cite Shariah or any other religious law would be a flagrant double standard.

  2. We need to allow honor killings, child marriages, genital mutilations, extermination of Christians, beatings of non Muslims on the streets and at schools! and, Sharia zones!

    The constitutional law MUST be allowed to be overridden by this 7th century political system, or we will offend these Nazis, and I mean the politicians on the left. Muzzies don’t know any better.

    Thats what CAIR, a subsidiary of the unindicted co conspirators of Muslim Brotherhood (funded by the Saudis who brought us Obama) is giving money to the best politicians money can buy.

    Make no mistake. They are here to topple our constitution. Islam INSISTS on replacing whatever system it encounters with Sharia.
    What Monsanto is to plants, and Islam is to people.

    We as Americans are getting fed up with you ignorance

  4. Get these filthy vermin out of our country. Yes, it is new. We do not follow their hateful laws. These rats wonder why people resent tghem? The female lwayer, who in her home country would not be allowed to go to school, is defending the very law that will make her a useless piece of property that can be disgarded at any time. Shows how stupid these idiots are.

  5. Why don’t you damn muslims takes your ass back out of our country and go back to where you belong. We should ONLY be using and following United States law and that’s constitutional laws.

  6. Stay strong Penn. The rest of America is behind you. These people want to practice their cult rules let them go to a country that is backwards enough to allow it. Much sacrifice has gone into getting the laws of our land set up for the good of all and not for any cult. Not Mormons or Koresh or Jimmy Jones … none of those rules qualify as the law of our Christian land.

  7. Sharia law will reign supreme on you infidels! There is nothing you can do to stop it!

    The United States of Islam will prevail, insha’allah! Christianity, Judaism other heresies will be banned for eternity, alhumu’llah!

    Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad his prophet, peace be upon him.

    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

    • Well, thankfully, you are wrong. When push comes to shove & civil war develops you & yours will find your grimy a$$es on a slow boat to the nearest muslim sh*thole or erased.

      My “God ” will NEVER be allah, let me repeat that “my “god” will NEVER be allah and I will never believe or follow a male called mohammed as a “prophet” or “messenger” or anything else. Even if I was ever forced to say it I would NEVER mean it. And I know most people who post here would agree with me.

      Traitors and seditionists WILL be rooted out and punished in time. And a religion that is actually a cult will lose it’s religious status and be battered out of existence.. I await the day. See you then?

    • Oh and I forgot to add, most of us are too intelligent to fall for the islam crap and submit to it, so you’d better be ready to try & use force.

    • Ibrahim!!!!!I am a muslim and alhamdullilah a practising one and your comment is nothing but a disgrace to islam. By calling out non muslims as infidels you have degraded yourself and our religion.You are coming of as a very extremist, hateful and extremly violent human being. I dont think Allah/God (Yes ‘Allah’ and ‘God’ are one and the same being. Allah is an arabic term for God and when a muslim says Allah he means the same god a christian is talking about. Sadly I have seen a few non-muslims keep on using the term ‘your Allah’ as if we are talking about a whole different god) would be happy with your comment either. Its extremist and really hateful people like you who have given Islam the image of being a very violent and barbaric religion. Even if you refer the quran it is said that a muslim DOES NOT have any right to force a non muslim into his religion nor does he have the right to offend or harm an innocent non muslim in anyways. And extremist people like you who cause mischief and kill innocent people in the name of god and religion has no respect in allahs eyes. You typing the shahadah repeatedly DOES NOT make you a good muslim or a good human being. If only your parents had taken the time during your childhood to teach you islam in the proper way, people like me would not be wasting our times giving you a reality check.

      As for the Shariah Law being in Penn according to me is a big no no. Unites States is a democratic country and the biggest one in the world. And the very basic ideology of democracy is equality no matter what gender, race or religion you are. And i think all the 50 states of US should stick to that policy. Because if you start practising the shariah law the extremist muslims like ibrahim are talking about then there is no point of calling America a free and democratic country, as that specific ‘shariah law’ is a bit unfair to woman especially when it comes to inheritance and divorce. Yes everybody has the freedom to practise their religion no matter what they follow but that does not mean you should make it your country’s law cos that would be stupid. And even worse they would end up being like India which is known as a democratic country but until this date has not really followed democracy as every Indian is judged based on his/her religion when it comes to inheritance, divorce and other family issues. Which turns out to be really unfair when it comes to muslim girls cos they are forced to follow the extremely unfair ‘mohammadean law’ even if they go to the court and ask them to revoke it. I have personally seen some Muslim Indian woman around me being pretty much tortured when it comes to divorce and inheritance issues inside India. Its exactly what we call double standards as non muslim woman are given many rights which muslim woman are deprived of. Not at all fair.

      Sorry if my comment is too long, i had to put this out of my system :)

      • Thanks for the comment.

        And what do you think of groups like CAIR, ISNA, and MSA – all with roots and links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and all trying to impose sharia in some form or fashion in the U.S.?

  8. Satanu akbar, satanu akbar! Go to hell you followers of satanic allah and your murdering rapist Mohammad! If you want to clone yourselves the image of that goat, go ahead , but do not drag anybody to hell with you! America is fully aware of your intentions to dominate but we will fight tooth for tooth and we will make sure that criminals of Islam will be deported back to your allah forsaken nomadic filthy countries!

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  11. Catholicism allows divorce…it does not allow remarriage unless an annulment has been obtained. And the Catholic church does not kill or maim those that divorce and remarry as Sharia law allows for indiscretions.

    One thing I know….I will not be anywhere near Philadelphia. We have too many honor killings as it is. If the USA wants to pander to one religion, then it’s time for new politicians.

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