Pakistan: Taliban cut breasts off woman breast-feeding child

…and asked other women to eat the pieces! via Pak report details horrific abuse of women.

ISLAMABAD, 15 DEC: Pakistani Taliban fighters cut the breasts of a woman who was breast-feeding her child and asked other women to eat the pieces, in a gory incident highlighted in a new report that details the abuse of women in the militancy-hit tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. The incident occurred when five militants walked into a house and saw the woman breast-feeding her child, The Express Tribune quoted the report titled ‘Impact of crisis on women and girls in Fata (federally Administered Tribal Areas)’ as saying.

The report, released by the human rights organisation “Khwendo Kor” (Sisters’ Home, in Pashto) with financial support from the UN, is based on case studies of women from the tribal belt living in camps set up in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (earlier North West Frontier province of NFWP) for people displaced by militancy and military operations.

Women in the FATA are more susceptible to violence and abuse in a post-conflict scenario, whether or not they are part of the conflict, the report asserts. Another finding is that women in relief camps were forced to have sex for food and non-food items. Girls and widows were at greater risk of such abuse, it said. The report said there was an increase in “honour killings” in which women who were raped were murdered because rape was considered a disgrace to the family. Forced marriages, honour killings, exchange of women between tribes and marriages with first cousins resulting in disabilities among offspring have made women in the tribal areas increasingly dependent.

Mr Akhunzada Chattan, a parliamentarian from Bajaur tribal region, said certain rituals have deprived women of their rights. “In Bajaur… usury is not something against which the cleric will stand up, but if a woman demands her share of property she is stigmatised as culturally blasphemous,” he said. Changes to the controversial Frontier Crimes Regulation have not significantly helped in improving the situation. Maryam Bibi, the woman behind the report, said the findings are based on ground realities. “Although it is hard to digest the facts, this is what the women have to go through,” she said.

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66 thoughts on “Pakistan: Taliban cut breasts off woman breast-feeding child

  1. Why do we continue to prop up these gov’s that have no human rights? These regimes should get NO help from western countries. Why do these people treat their own in this way? They are all heartless,violent exremists who kill in the name of god. Time to wipe these scum from the face of the earth.

    • I agree. And our stupid leaders still actually WELCOME these people into Western countries. Correction: they are not people, but sub-humans.

  2. PAKISTAN is nothing more than a area full of ANIMALS like you will find in AFRICA. Why we are still there is a total mistery as we of this country reguard this act of a DEMENTED PIECE OF CAMEL DUNG. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • please stop insulting animals omega. Animals only kill to eat and survive- not outof anger, or bloodlust, or hate, or sense of entitlement or superiority, nor “religious” dementia.

  3. One more example of how Pakistan and Afghanistan are the world’s most depraved and evil places. This is just downright ghoulish! In fact, this reminds me of the horrifically cruel execution of the old woman Umm Qirfa, leader of the Banu Fazara, whom a mysogynistic muhammad had tied to two camels and ripped apart somewhere about AD 628. These Taliban turds are most certainly following their evil prophet’s example and this is one more reason to call for and demand the extinction of islam from all corners of the earth.

    Islam is nothing but an evil, satanic cult

  4. How lovely! If they treat people in their own country like this what can we expect when sharia law takes over America and we are invaded by hoards of foreign military. Obamas “Private Army” is forming with somalies, Kenyan and other 3rd world warloard types as officers. And converted criminals from our prisons as well as the 5th column muslims within. They will be giving prizes to those who think up the most depraved actions against us.

  5. And VP Biden said that the Taliban is “Per say, not our enemy…” No kidding–Fox News reported it early this morning…Maybe Dr. Biden can be sent to this poor woman for medical attention, not that she would ever make it out unharmed-or worse. Sean Hannity and O’ Reilly would stroke out over this story….How freakin’ sick are these jerks? I meant the Taliban, NOT, Hannity etc!

  6. It is the UN that sends these as refugees here. Call your congressman to get that fixed, obama or no obama. The state dept spends a billion a year bringing them here as well.

    Wait till they start doing this in your town. They are protected by our president and atty general Erik Holder. In Britain when they honor kill a woman, it goes down as a suicide.

    Remember, Erik holder says its only a hate crime if a white guy does it…. What a hero!

  7. These comments are disgusting!!
    Women are being brutalised because they are women. The majority of people being abused and tortured are Muslims leaving peacefully in their own country.
    People are coming to the West tO ESCAPE this behaviour they do not agree with. These comments are the verbal equivalent of what the Taliban is doing.
    You want to show that you are different to the Taliban? Then show compassion to those who are different. Don’t try and force them to think like you do.
    The only difference between you and them is they actually have a weapon.

    • @ELIZABETH: Oh really? These “muslime” bring this behavior with them when they immigrate here. Open your damned eyes Lizzy! Are you nuts? “Don’t try and force them to think like you do,” you say? Listen here bleeder, they damned well better try to think like us if they expect to live in our countries! The operative word here is we don’t adjust to them, they adjust to us, and to expect otherwise on their part is downright rude and disrespectful. For us to expect otherwise is self-inflicted cultural genocide. We’re the ones being generous, and beggars can’t be choosers. Better yet, we need to stop letting them in period!

      Your comments are without a doubt, appallingly naieve and stupid. There are far too many of these inbred freaks of nature in the West already. BTW, there’s a world of difference between them and us, and plenty of us actually do have weapons, myself included, you deluded libtard!

      Now “cupid stunt,” be off with you and trolleth elsewhere!

      • Wow, maybe your country should get YOU an education first.

        You, my dear, are EXACTLY THE SAME as the Taliban. No difference. At all. None. You are however, different to those the Taliban persecutes because they are innocent.

        Not every Muslim is a member of the Taliban just like not every person from the West is a redneck fear-filled ignorant hatemongerer.

        That just describes you and the Taliban. Destructive.

        • Why don’t you take your subjective, egotistical bullshit and shove it up your ass! You don’t know jack about islam you self-absorbed idiot! When you go to some Middle Eastern, muslim nation and have to dodge bullets, mortar rounds and such or ever deal with muslim civilians in their own environment, or be responsible for the safety of up to 30 Arab males on FOB work details in 130F summer heat while burdened with 50+ lbs. of body armor and 200 rounds of ammo on your person, keeping eyes on and hoping the ECP personnel did their jobs properly and screened them and their vehicles thorougly so you don’t get taken out by a vehicle borne explosive device or suicide bomber, then still have the compassion to go above and beyond and provide medicine for some, sometimes out of one’s own pocket, and water for all (for drinking and pre-salaat (prayer) ritual washing (wudu) as I have, then I just may take you seriously. Untill then, money talks and bullshit walks (and stinks). Of course not all muslims are Taliban or Al Qaida. Now speaking in terms of education, YOU need to get educated. Islam 101 here. so why don’t you get yourself a quran, and read the damned thing, put your microphone down, and go home!

          • If you experienced all that, which I can not in my wildest dreams imagine, then why such hatred toward all Muslims? Surely you saw with your own eyes that it wasn’t all Muslims who did it? Surely your heart ached for the fact you even had to be there?

            You SHOULDNT have had to be there. It’s because of Al Quida and the Taliban, NOT Islam.

            While I don’t agree that Islam is as peace loving as some people say, I also dot agree that Muslims should be treated the way it has been stated here.

            What happened in the article is beyond appalling. But it happened to a Muslim woman because some sick bastard was on a power trip. And the women and the Afghanis are disempowered. Just as it happens in the US.

            The faith of the crazed is irrelevant. People do things in the name of God and Jesus and Science all the time. It has nothing to do with those whose names are being abused.

          • All this anger from U S citizens? It is obvious that Obama is trying to get as many Muslims in this country as he possibly can. He has invited only wealthy Muslims to come over and live in many of the vitual mansions that have been foreclosed upon and if this doesn’t sound like a very pre-empted plot, I don’t know what to think. And if anyone thinks Muslims are going to assimilate into our customs, then you are extremely naive. Why do we have to press one for English. Other countries do not give you that option. if you do not speak their language, you must get an interpreter.

        • Would you mind eliiaxnpng your point? I realize that I excluded many examples of sharia teaching, but as I did say in my post, many of parts of the penal code are disagreed upon by many Muslims. Remember, the sharia is made up of contributions of thousands of scholars, many of whom have competing views on these issues.Those few that do adhere to the more violent guidelines of sharia often do so as an excuse to uphold their patriarchal society. Also, I would suggest getting your information from a place other than Wikipedia. It’s often a good starting point, but the information is hard to verify and often is incomplete.Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

    • must agree- wellmeaning but delusional naive and dangerous sentiment- when “here” turns into “there” where will we take OUR families for safe refuge-

      the very sons of these refugees become JIHADIS despite the hand we extended to their parents, boys who went to school HERE took advantage of all freedoms & AID money USA offered them, they serve in our armed forces and become traitors and murderers, – go to our schools and plot murder of YOUR KIDS–these same sons kill their sisters and disrespect these women once they become “educated” in USA mosques.

      And most people like yourself are opposed to USA trying to help or change their country for the better- yelling GET OUT- what will happen to these women and girls in Iraq and Afghanistan when our troops leave? NOPE your type are too busy crying that that that is the reason for all this violence on each other that Muslims do- which preceded birth of USA by hundreds of years- Islam is brutality enshrined in a mask of faith- a pretend compassion, a lie- a lie that women are DYING from every day- alie that keeps menin bondageof fear and repression

      the solution is not to MOVE the problem to HERE- the solution is the one libwhacks cannot say, refuse to see and refuse to CONFRONT- it’s the ISLAM stupids

      • so Elizabeth we are the SAME as Taliban huh? exaggerate much?Comments you don’t agree with are equal to MURDER?? double dog dare ya to point to anyone here who has cut the breats off a woman-
        please look up definition of moral equivalence- then take long look in a mirror-

        if you did give a damn for Muslims you would wish to free them from ISLAM

        • If you promote hatred and violence against anyone else because they do not kowtow to your wishes or agree with your thinking then you are the same.

          Same words used. Same intent. Same hate.

          Are you trying to tell me that there have been no crimes in the USA where a woman’s breasts have been cut off by a madman?

          Their country was taken over by zealots. They didn’t want it. They were overrun and armed by the USA government by the way. These madmen, recruited by cults within Islam (anyone remember Waiko??) have been turned loose on their community. How is that the fault of the people living in fear in their own home?

          Fortunately, in the US, when something like that happens, there are safeguards. Count yourself blessed not elite. Don’t blame the victim just because you are afraid you might fall to the same fate.

          Stand up with them to ensure that you won’t.

          • ELISABETH: This is my final comment to you. I don’t care what you say at this point for I have full confidence in my words and position for other eyes to judge and I stand by my statements. My time is worth far more than your stupid, ill-conceived opinions, and I’m quite confident to the point that I don’t have to have the last word because at the end of the day, most commenters here are going to take my position over your naive tantrums. One more thing, Your attempts at moral equivallence are quite lame from a statistical standpoint. Your math sucks and you know what I mean too.

            Good day.

          • I actually have no idea what you mean because your last comments don’t make sense at all.

            But that’s okay. You are allowed your hate filled opinion as I am allowed my optimistic one.

            I hope you never have to go back and be in that situation again. For any reason.

            Most people DON’T agree with you. The opinion of some people in the US is not the opinion if the world. Not a majority of the world. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

            I hope you let go of the hate and heal.

      • There are fundamentalists yes. And that should not be allowed. But not every Muslim is a threat. Not every Muslim is a terrorist or Taliban. Not every Muslim follows this.

        Boundaries and measures need to be put in place against those who wish harm on others. As it is with anyone who is non-Muslim.

        Don’t just assume anyone Muslim thinks the same way as Taliban. It’s like saying every white guy thinks the same as Oswald. A white guy shot the President therefore all white guys are out to assassinate leaders, especially Presidents

        It’s naive. And inflammatory. And doesn’t help anyone. Not the hated OR the hater.

        How does having such venom help you?? How??

        • Islam is a soul sucking belief system. If you are a woman you permanently live on the sidelines, never fully adult. Your very existence and salvation depends on how much you please your husband. If you anger him or he tires of you then you are cast out onto the streets without your children. Most Muslims have no real idea what the Quran says since most Muslims don’t read the classical Arabic in which it is written. A large percentage of Muslims don’t read their own language so they have to depend on imams and other leaders to teach them what it says. From what I understand about afghanistan and Pakistan is that quite a bit of the brutality is based on tribal custom, not so much Islam. Not that Islam doesn’t egg this sort of behavior on-.

          • This i agree with.

            It is cultural. And personally I don’t think it’s okay. I don’t like it. But I can see that it is cultural

            It is what happened in Europe, especially UK in the middle ages. The information was passed through the priests etc, some o who were in it for the power and manipulation rather than for the good the beliefs taught.

            I have no intent or desire to convert to Islam. In my opinion it would be foolhardy of me to do.

            I will also not cry for their blood.

        • Occasionally one meets totally naiive idiots on this site, and you, Elizabeth, are a prize example. Randy63ism is absolutely correct–there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ muslim. They are ‘sleepers’, I don’t expect you to understand. Very religious, are you? muslims have joined a fanatical, cruel, barbaric ‘old boys club’. Understand? Everything for men, less than nothing for women–and still you defend this sub-human cult? Lunatic.

          • @PETER76: You are an angel of mercy. It is so frustrating, not to mention time consumming to deal with these mentally obstinate people who haven’t a clue as to what they’re talking about. If they are disturbed at the tone of the conversation, then they should stay away from this blog. nobody is forcing them to read our comments, they do not own this site, Creeping Sharia does and can ban them, us, or anybody else at will and that is not a violation of anybody’s First Amendment rights whatsoever. They can start their own blog for all I care, and it is reasons like this that give me the good sense to stay away from sites such as Loonwatch, Huffpo and such. One can give all manner of reference from the Hadith from Sahih Bukhari to Sahih Muslim, to the various ayats of the quran, both Meccan and Medinan. Will they do their research and find out for themselves? Absolutely not! Much easier for them to project their pre-conceived notions and Western point of reference into the discussion by assuming the entire Trilogy of Islam from Sirat Rasul Allah, al-Hadith, and the Quran, which they obviously know nothing about, is no more violent than the New Testament. Really now. Personally I’m an agnostic, I have no religious ax to grind, but it is quite a stretch of one’s credibility to compare Jesus Christ’s most violent act, that of running the moneylenders out of the Temple, to the many documented violent acts of Muhammad’s such as the fate of the elderly woman Umm Qirfa of the Banu Fazara as dutifully recorded by Al-Tabari (tied to, and torn apart by camels). Not to mention Muhammad’s slaughter of the Banu Quraish at the Trench. No, much better for them to stick with their blissful, self-induced ignorance of Islam with their smug, condescending attitude and project their dearth of knowlege onto us by making the absurd statement that we are ignorant of Islam, that we don’t reference the very trilogy of Islam’s claim to legitimacy, or cherry picking verses and ignoring context. Well, the Quran is not chronologically organized, but the Hadith’s narratives are, and that is the key to understanding the Quran, and indeed Islam itself, the same way Muslims have for 1,400 years. What hypocrites they are. arrogant really and intelectually lazy. One could, I suppose make the case of “not feeding the trolls” in the hope that they will go away, but that too serves their purpose by stiffling what they perceive as dissent. You see, they are all about free speech, their free speech, not yours, not mine. They’re all too self-important and self-absorbed. One thing you may have noticed is how quick this Elizabeth is to make a subjective judgement when commenting about my tour of duty in Iraq, as well as thinking I hate all muslims. Hell, Islam’s first victims are muslims, like that poor mother in Afghanistan and her baby. Then, to beat all, she obscures the whole thread discussion by going off topic with her accusations. Anyway, as I was saying above, she’s totally clueless about my tour in Iraq, assuming it was bad. I actually had a good experience there. I learned quite a lot. I wanted to go but due to some medical issues I had at the time, had to jump thru some hoops in order to get there. That isn’t my only experience in the Middle East. I was in Egypt back in 2005 as well and stayed in Kuwait for a while too. Anyway, thanks for the comments and thanks for listening, Rock76. Have a Merry Christmas.

          • So what you are actually saying is that no one but you is allowed to have an opinion. Or I’d so, it must be the same as yours.

            At no stage did I defend any violent actions of those who follow Islam. I don’t actually defend free speech entirely either.

            Comments here attacked by generalisation a people group instead of those who are the perpetrators of violence. By making those horrid cries for violence against Muslims, it is saying all Muslims. Those very same comments in the mouth of certain Muslim leaders ended in the World Towers situation.

            The comments here were inflammatory and didn’t do anything in outrage at what had happened to that poor woman but were based on fear mongering and hatred.

            Why was this article posted? I was of the understanding that it was to highlight what had happened to a woman, a Muslim woman, by the Taliban. Not what you might be afraid might happen to an entirely different people of another country. You, in the USA are not that woman in Afghanistan.

            Was the article about her or about followers of Islam in general? If it is about the latter, then why use her, a Muslim woman?

            Again, your arrogance and your anger have clouded where could and SHOULD have been compassion. That is disgusting.

    • Perhaps you are right to some degree, I have lived there in the past. There is behaviors that are absurd and unrealistic in the western world. The west will not survive with Islam. Women will fade away, and all women will have to bare it, no matter. Get the issue is totally forbidden for a woman to be as a western woman is in Islam. Thus, they will be gone, failed, dead, killed, however you want to say it. But, you are one that needs to live as a Islam muslim and one day latter I can guarantee you will want out. Your mind after living in America will perish, your young son can used as a female surrogate and you can say nothing, your daughter can be used anally and you can say nothing, and you can be raped and you will be killed because you brought disgrace on the family name. Get with it lady…once there you cannot turn back. No courts to protect you…take a look at what is there now..and the suffering the women do in Egypt…you will be just like the masses of women in the middle east…either live Islam way or die…you will have no recourse…You are an American educated and you mind does not allow abuse…you are foreign to this thought…so, get with the program and stay away from Islam…..

      • Why is it so hard to understand what I am saying?
        I am not saying that the West should be Islamic.
        I am saying that not everything done by extremist Muslims is condoned or agreed with by the Muslim majority. I am also saying that the predominant victim of abuse by these perpetrators are Muslims themselves. And that deciding that Muslims should all be beaten or bombed or hurt is saying exactly the same thing that Taliban does. It is actually telling the Taliban to go ahead and cut women’s breasts off, they are only Muslim.

        These are human rights atrocities. Against people. Regardless of who it is against, it is a person. The article should have incited compassion for the woman and women suffering, anger against the Taliban. NOT hatred for all Muslims.

        THAT was my point.

    • I agree with Elizabeth and the voice of reason.. these comments are as abusive and hate fuelled as the acts they speak about. Shocking! We fail to see that in the absence of civil society, human beings anywhere in the world have the immense propensity to be barbaric. And here on the internet, with their identities hidden, the most vicious people let themselves go. God and the scriptures are used just a shield to hide behind and justify these acts, be it Christian or Islamic.

      I know of people who have walked for over two years from Afghanistan across Asia and Europe to seek asylum in the UK.. and these are some of the nicest and most generous people I have met. To emerge optimistic and kind through an environment and society that is so brutal is heroic in itself. The key is to restore womens’ rights so the next generation has a chance for education and healthcare and real work. Going in with guns will further marginalise the people.. and its never the answer.

      America has its own version of homegrown Sharia law through its extremist and fundamental Christianity where somehow people believe they have the right to tell other people how to live. It fuels hatred against all sorts of minorities and is completely against the real teachings of Christ. One really doesn’t need to look as far as the Arab world for cruelty against humanity.

  8. What a bunch of sick phukks!! And we are supposed to welcomethe “religion of peace” into OUR country? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It is happening….it will take rock to hit some women and men to vote against it. Once it has taken tole on one of their loved ones…then you will see change…and for reality purpose….watch Obama…he is indoctrinated…remember by his mother….so, of course, he will fall into the lair….Best get a new president…a real hard liner like a Baptist and a Mormon…that won’t allow religion to take hold….Unload Obama…he can’t help it…he was brainwashed….by a mother that loved to phuck the unique…And keep watch because there are plenty paying the price for Islam already…right here in this country….Like a hitler….mohammad was a old style hitler….nice and shiney on the out side…but, like a basket of snakes inside….

  9. Elizabeth, these verdicts are handed out by tribal clerics, who cite the Koran as their source for this violence. Sorry, but if you don’t look at the religion, you can’t see the legal and cultural basis of this violence, which is not limited to Pakistan. It occurs all over the Muslim world.

    If you don’t pull the roots, you can’t get rid of the weed. As long as the Koran codifies violence against women, and as long as people read this literally, then you will see Muslim inspired violence against women and girls.

    • I agree that te Koran is used. But to use the Taliban as a measuring stick gainer which all Muslims are measured is as wise as using Westboro Baptists as the standard for Christians.

      It is Muslims mainly being mistreated by the Taliban. So to say to Muslims that they should not find respite and shelter from their persecutors because their persecutors are also Muslim is vile. And hands the Taliban more power in that it disempowers those who are being mistreated.

      Not every Muslim is like the Taliban. in fact, those people being so mistreated are done so because they do NOT agree.

      That is my point.

      • Also, I am writing from my phone which EPA autocorrecting… Apologies for my spelling!! And words that don’t make sense.
        ‘gainer’ is supposed to be ‘against’

  10. @Elizabeth who makes excuses for what is not excusable and thinks we are just as bad or “haters” b/c we DO speak against what is disgusting- I am proud to HATE what is so foul- please name the Christian Buddhist Jewish Hindu or other faith group that is doing things like this in MASSIVE NUMBERS frequently and who are NOT prosecuted for doing so but given praise and rewards

    As Albert Einstein once said, “The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate evil than from those who actively commit it. …

    which makes you a whole lot more HATEFUL than anyof us here

    • I do not condone any hate.

      What is hateful about the article is that atrocious crimes were committed against a woman.
      What is hateful about the comments is that not one ounce of compassion was shown towards that woman who was violated and traumatised, but by the generalisations, she was lumped in with the perpetrators. That is hateful.

      I am anti hate of any and every kind towards people.

      NOTHING justifies what those people did to that woman and do on a regular basis. But neither does inferring that she somehow deserved it or that she doesn’t matter because she is Muslim.

      She is a mother. A woman. And didn’t deserve it.

      And no amount of propaganda aimed at Muslims will fix it.

      Aiming hate at Muslims instead of the perpetrators, whether they were Muslim or christian or Buddhist or anything else is being the same as those in the Taliban who hate for the same reasons.

      Have disdain for the perpetrators not the stereotype.

      • The real issue is that Muslims who are against violence and hatred do so against Islamic teaching. They are also so afraid of hard liners like the Taliban that they fear for their lives if they speak out.

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  13. Wow,somebody doesn’t have a life if they are digging up such gross and appalling things such as this…..and yet leading people to blindly believe this is what Islam teaches people to do.You should be ashamed of yourself for your evil ways.I couldn’t even read past the first few sentences of this…whether it’s true or not,it’s just crazy! Who in their right minds would think that Islam would allow people to do this and starve innocent babies! Maybe these things are happening,but bad things happen all over the world,everyday,yet they don’t get linked up with their religion…unless they are a muslim,then all of a sudden it’s tied with religion….when will people like you who posted wake up and see the light and stop spreading false tales about a religion you know nothing about and don’t care to learn about.I don’t care if you don’t want to learn about it,but don’t tell lies and say that look what muslims are supposed to do when it’s not true at all.I wouldn’t spend my time looking up gossip about the pope and saying that all catholics do such and such.It’s trash that likes to start wars between people and spread hate and lies….and if this isn’t a lie,show me the proof of wher it says in Islam that this type of behavior is acceptable…to all who read this,I’m not asking you to be muslim,but think for yourselves,what kind of people this must be to do such a thing,can you really tell me a god fearing person could do such a crime.If this was so true,what woman would be muslim,surely none of us would want to go through this,how stupid do you think people are.I don’t see this site highlighting all the negative things,non-muslim Americans do….why don’t we talk about that….I know there are more Sandusky’s out there,but I guess you’ll say molesting a kid is not as bad as this article….until it’s your kid getting molested,right? These bad people need to be taken care of,but to call them muslims and claim this to be Islamic is where I draw the line.Yes,I’m outraged at this story just like any normal person should be,but if I were to go after evry single person who is guily of some bad crime,we’d have a lot to write about here,whether they are muslim or not.A crime is a crime so link the crime to the person,not the family,country,religion,etc….that’s not right.There are crimes in this country,too where women have been raped and body parts taken apart….this is not some new thing muslims have created,but it’s made to sound like only certain people do hateful crimes.

    Speak the truth and live the truth.

      • Look, Liz dear, (at quarter the price!) I’m pretty sure everyone on this site is apalled at the treatment of this poor unfortunate woman by the taliban, EVERYONE, got it? What offends us is your unfortunate belief that islam is “just another religion” composed mainly of decent law abiding people–it isn’t, and they’re not. I have nothing at all against a Jivaro from the Amazon, a Same from Lapland, Shinto, Hottentot, Samoyed, Moriori–or anyone else. But YOU should make the effort to understand that the followers of the illiterate, paedophile prophet are NOT like anyone else! They are different, Elizabeth; they, and ONLY they, really are after World domination! Don’t believe me? Damn it, they’ve told us often enough. This would be laughable were it not for the fact that they have timed it so well–the entire Western world is hamstrung right now by the marxist nonsense of “political correctness”, or haven’t you noticed? We who take part in these blog sites are trying to wake people up to the danger, which you very obviously don’t see; muslims–ALL muslims, are the ENEMY. They tell us so themselves. What is it you don’t understand? Who do you think caused all those attrocities: the Trade Towers, Tube bombings, Beslan, Bali, Madrid station, etc., Anglicans? Buddhists? disenchanted Catholics? All muslims. Look at the world, Elizabeth; wherever you see muslims, you see trouble. They go out of their way to make trouble, because they have found that by demanding, bullying, raping and lying, they very often get their way, since our gutless leaders, politicians and ministers give in to them. Europe is in a terrible mess–because of gutless leaders, political correctness, and naiive chumps like you, and N. America and down under are also caving in. Sooner or later, and preferably as soon as possible, an ultimatum will be reached: do we cave in and allow these 7th century barbarians to be our overlords, or do we say ENOUGH, and get rid of them? Think about it.

        • and in each case when given the VOTE or the right to choose OTHER than ISLAMIC repression, these same people you cry for have CHOSEN more doctrinaire, more totalitiarian, more ISLAMIC goverments and leaders
          see IRAN, Egypt, Tunisia, Gaza, Lebanon, more to follow (Algeria, Morocco, LIbya)
          The women enforce the genital mutialtionson each other in EGYPT- 95% are deprived of their sexual rights to pleasure- they do it to each other- it is not OUR doing and so we cannot be the ones to UNDO it- tho we tried to in Afghanistan and Iraq

          • Perhaps if they are choosing it, there is more to it than just the extremes? Not everyone is fighting a jihad…

        • now this is what i call real what we need is srmenais in each massajid going over each of these points…the booklet should be printed and sent to each muslim school, and each massajid, and each group…our people should always be given these easy to understand ‘answers’…..thankyou so much dear brothers, amy allah reward you, and establish islamic deen to this kind of work globally

  14. If the islamic people or asian people of other faith have problems in their own countries, they should solve their own problems, within their own community, in their own countries and should not bring their endless problems or uncivlised problems to the West. The West as it is, already have its own problems and do not need more problems.

    • You mean like the pilgrims did??

      That’s what everyone is afraid of isn’t it? That what was done BY the ‘West’ (slaughter, mass migration, discrimination, imposition of beliefs and theology etc) will now be done TO the West.
      And if it can be done to the West by those who have such opposing thoughts and beliefs to us, then perhaps that doesn’t make what the West did so right after all.

      Problem huh?

      • Elizabeth, you have a problem, if you expect people to blindly follow your point of view. It is up to you to sympathise with whoever you wish and it is up to me or other people fo disagree with anyone or any ideology that is incompatible with my own personal values or their own personal values.

  15. so let’s see you protestors ciote the examples of equally barbrous acts taking place because of and justified by Christianity that youhave accused as “being as hateful”- not from ancient times,from the present day-

    are warriors of Christ galloping on Africans with machetes? Suing you in courts if you slander their faith? Plantring bombs asking for death of people who wrote TV shows mocking their so called religioon??

    and not the Norway dude or Mc Veigh neither of whom were motivated by religion nor justified by Christians, not given parades for killing civilians in bombings.

    GO………………. examples!!!!! of how speaking against an ideology of hate that does not persecute men who cut off women’s breasts is “hateful”. Why we should not speask against it? why we should accept the same here and excuse it

    • Speaking against it is not the issue. Not wanting it as part of your life is not the issue. Hating it is the not the issue.

      Hating every single person who follow Islam with the same passion that the fundamental Muslims hate the West is being the same as them. The same hatred and rage exist in both.

      I will find some actual links to the examples I choose. I don’t want to just spout random examples at you. That may take me a few days because it is Christmas eve and My family kind of have my full attention. But what I do know is that in Indonesia and in India at the very least, there are others I need to clarify, Christians are jut as brutal as Muslims. Either TO Muslims or others. Oh and in the US, Fred Phelps doesn’t have a gun but he calls for people’s blood just the same.

      It’s not the faith, it’s the culture. Those cultures can easily hide behind faith because it justifies what they are doing.
      I do not agree with it. There is a part of me afraid of the thought of invasion. But I will not let that rule me. I will not let that fear make the decision to dictate the extent to which I will hate or who I will hate. I will not tar all people with the same brush.

      Think of the different strains of Christianity. I don’t mean denominations, I mean expressions. The quiet peaceful monks, the militants fundamentalists, the liberal, the conservative, the zealot priests, the missionaries, the TV evangelists… If you were to use one of those as an example of Christianity to explain it to someone who hadn’t experienced it and you chose TV evangelist, that person would then judge every and all other Christians by that example. Or if the people they met and experienced God through was Westboro baptists???!!

      Unfortunately, the West has interacted mainly with those extremists who have made it their job to be as destructive as possible. Like Wesrboro.

      I am not saying that what you have described does not exist. It certainly does. But not every Muslim is like that. Or they wouldn’t be killing so darn many of themselves!!

      • I already told you Elizabeth we are the people who wnt even MUSLIMS to be freeof the slavery and bondage and repression thatis ISMA- youare the one arguing to keep them in shit .
        I have not killed or even yelled at even ONE MUSLIM yet you say I am the same as murdering subhumans called Taliban- and you know where you can put that opinion??

        I see you have not got even one example of an American or EU citizen cutting off a woman’s breasts for his JIHAD or ALLAH- and not being jailed for it.
        NOPE and you won’t find one, if you did two wroings dont makeit right anyway
        stay naive, pray for your enemy to change by MAGIC of your words, the Muslim men will flock to you- try to fuck you and then call you whore….

    • ISAHIAH62: Elizabeth’s moral compass is magnetically discharged to the point that GPS cannot save her from her own cognative dissonance. She doesn’t get it, and likely never will get it because her liberal/leftist mentality keeps her mind shackled to cultural self-hate and loathing, along with a measure of personal guilt. To her and others like her, Western culture is evil, the cause of all the world’s problems. Therefore the West needs to be destroyed and it matters not if the instrument of the West’s destruction is backward and more barbarous, because the important thing to these people is their own egos, and how others perceive them in their futile search for utopia and cosmic justice, and you can safely bet the justice part of the equation is highly subjective. From the very start, with her first comment, the focus was on attacking us for our opposition to islam, accusing us of having no compassion for the victim. If you review all her comments, notice how much of the verbage is actually devoted to what happened to the poor woman, and her baby, and how much was directed towards us. It speaks for itself, and to beat all, she accuses us of having no compassion when she is the one who diverted the conversation by placing the onus upon us in the first place. Next, she provides no suggestions or solutions to end such monsterous horrors, and indeed she goes out of her way in defending the same belief system that did these awful things and has the audacity to claim that we are just as evil, if not more so than the very perpetuators of this behavior. That takes an enormous amount of absurdity and convoluted logic. No, strike logic from this, her rant is pure emotion devoid of any logic. The same thing applies to the comments posted by Arch, and Renee. Now just how does Arch think female rights can be restored in such a place, especially since they hardly existed there to begin with? Thats how these libturds think, long on criticism (of us), short on solutions. Make no mistake, birds of a feather these three are. They are full of self-loathing and have guilt for their own privilaged lifestyles. They will also align themselves in a common cause with some very savory people just to promote their twisted agenda of cultural suicide. Just look at Code Pink with their Hamas collaborators. Birds of a feather. The good news is, the more she and others like her spew, the more hits this topic gets, and Creeping Sharia’s message is spread when more and more people see their asinine, lame comments. If that wern’t the case, they would have been banned after their second try. Some people are so stupid, they don’t feel the bullet shatter their metatarsal bones, let alone feel the trigger squeeze. Ego has a way of subjectively obscurring truth.

      Anyway, I refuse to dignify their comments by addressing them personally, but I will never allow them to silence me.

      Lan astaslem!
      H/T Oriana Fallaci, 29 June 1929 – 15 Sept. 2006

      • Well put Randy! I don’t think I would want to add anything. I’ll bet this woman is a fund-raiser for obama! She’s not worth the trouble, certifiably naiive. For her to comment like that to a soldier who has been there is just beyond words. Forget the imbecile. I’m also a fan of the late Oriana Fallaci–fearless. Also, to be kept up to date on UK, you might read Melanie Phillips-also fearless.

  16. Thanks Randy I am also a fan of Oriana Fallaci- I have quotes from her on my youtube page- she was also persecuted for voicing her objection to ROME being invaded by hostile Muslims and daring to say the truth in print.

  17. @ISAHIAH62: It’s pretty lame how she compares Westboro Baptist with the Taliban isn’t it? Whats the point? We all know they are as looney as they come. My family has a history of confronting them, My sister-in-law beat the living crap out of one of them at a counter protest, and me being a soldier, I detest them for their protests of servicemember’s funerals as much as I detest the poppy burners of Luton in the UK. What is lame though is the comparison. Westboro people make a lotta noise, they do not kill people, they protest. their numbers are very small, the entire congregation is made up of Fred Phelps’ familymembers. Thats it! The Taliban have been fighting us since 2001. They’re numerous! They’ve been oppressing, terrifying, murdering and torturing their own people for even longer, and this is just one group of muslim extremists. And of course, muslims don’t protest their own, not at any appreciable level. She plays too loose with her standards of moral equivallence to be taken with any meaningful consideration, and she understands little about the nature of islam. And her comments are starting to sound more desperate and ever so slightly, almost apologetic in her attempts to clarify her position. Sorry, but some of us have to live in the real world, where we realise a lack of situational awareness can get one killed. There are however, many things worse than death though.

  18. Hey,

    These people are uneducated in both ISLAM and earthly education. Islam considers human rights and women rights to be very important. Islam does not say “kill inocent people and you will get 70 something virgins”. Trust me that’s nonsense. This is not Islam, this is society. And when the west gives money to Pakistan, they are giving money to government. The government don’t give relief to pakistani people.they are corrupt, they save that money for their future.

  19. This is not Islam. Islam teaches us to love living things. If you are TRUE Muslim then its HARAM to kill innocent people. Islam is same as Christianity and jewdaism.

  20. These people don’t need war. They need education. They don’t even know Islam. They think they will get 70 or so virgins if they kill innocents in the name of Islam. They need to better understand Islamic education and earthly education.

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