CAIR, Muslim teen shake down DOD & force hijab on JROTC

Why is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Army writing a letter to an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Islamic terrorist funding conviction in U.S. history? Not to mention being banned by the FBI and having numerous members arrested and deported for terror activities? via Junior ROTC | US Army | Hijab | Turban | The Daily Caller.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has announced that the Department of Defense will now allow Muslim and Sikh students participating in Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) to wear headscarves and turbans while in uniform.

The decision, announced Thursday, followed an October incident in which Muslim teen Demin Zawity quit JROTC when her commanding officer at a Brentwood, Tenn. high school would not allow her to wear her hijab in the homecoming parade.

CAIR later wrote to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta requesting “constitutionally-protected religious accommodations for the girl and for future Muslim JROTC participants.”

In a letter to the Muslim organization sent on Panetta’s behalf, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Larry Stubblefield explained that based on the incident that led Zawity to quit JROTC, the Army will now be making more accommodations for religious headwear in the training program.

“Based on your concerns, the Army has reviewed its JROTC uniform policy and will develop appropriate procedures to provide Cadets the opportunity to request the wear of religious head dress, such as the turban and hijab,” Stubblefield wrote in the letter, made public by CAIR. “This change will allow Miss Zawity and other students the chance to fully participate in the JROTC program.”

Army spokesman George Wright confirmed Stubblefield’s letter to CAIR and explained to The Daily Caller that while JROTC is affiliated with the Army, it is not actually a part of the Army. The new procedures will provide JROTC with a exemption method more similar to current Army procedure mandated through the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

That law allows soldiers on active duty to apply for religious accommodation if they want to alter their uniforms in accordance with their religious beliefs. The exemptions are applied on a case-by-case basis. Soldiers who are transferred must reapply.

“Requests for ETP [exemptions to policy] to uniform and grooming standards (AR 670-1) based on religion, are considered on a case by case basis and balanced against military necessity ETPs are temporary, cannot be guaranteed at all times, not liberally granted, and may be revoked due to changed conditions,” Army regulations state.

According to Wright, currently there are three Sikhs and one Orthodox Jewish rabbi who have been approved to wear religious garb outside of their standard regulation uniform on active duty. One female Army captain has applied to wear the hijab for religious observance. Her case is pending.

Still, political commentator Jed Babbin, a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, noted that the point of a uniform is uniformity.

Look at the word: ‘uni’-’form’ — everybody wears the same thing,” Babbin told TheDC. “The military is by its own nature diverse and creates a culture in which everyone, regardless of their race or creed, is blended into one force for a common purpose. This [uniform exemption] divides it, balkanizes it on religious grounds… the point of JROTC is to get you ready for ROTC in college which is preparing you to go on active duty. So if you are going to allow it for ROTC? Why don’t you allow it on active duty?”

CAIR, though, cheered that now Muslims and Sikhs will be able to fully participate in JROTC while wearing their religious attire.

As we posted here, the kid didn’t even have an interest in ROTC anyway – was this all a ploy to submit them?

Hamas-linked CAIR doesn’t care about Sikhs in the slightest – it uses them the same way it uses useful idiot Jews and Christians – to advance Islamic causes.

Not the first time terror-linked CAIR has targeted ROTC, as we told you here: Terror-linked CAIR, MSA target Louisiana ROTC training.

11 thoughts on “CAIR, Muslim teen shake down DOD & force hijab on JROTC

  1. NO GUTS ANY MORE and as long as the WIGGER MUSLIM LOVER and his 32 CZARS remain in control there will be a lot more of this GUTLESS ACTIONS TAKING PLACE. This MANIAC has to be booted out of office fast to put a stop to the hole in the CONSTITUTIONAL DIKE!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

      • Obama’s actions aren’t gutless – they are insanely brave. What is gutless are those in the Federal Gov’t. who can, and know they can, impeach him on any number of his actions and don’t. I remember when politicians believed in what they were doing, had a fire in their bellies and could lick their weight in wildcats….and now we have a pack of sissies.

        As a nation, we are just about on our knees, millions of true Americans, despite the Constitution, its Amendments, Bill of Rights etc. are totally powerless and nobody in Congress cares. Except for two Republicans voted in during 2010, this batch of Republicans is totally worthless and ineffective.

  2. One more concession to Islam; Chaplains can’t pray ‘in Jesus name’ but these people can shove Islam in our faces every day. Why doesn’t the DOD go to Arlington and stomp on the graves of every former JROTC member who died for them and this country?
    The Pentagon confiscated Bibles sent to our troops in Iraq/Afghanistan by a private American organization and burned them so our military wouldn’t attempt to evangelize Muslims (while they were shooting at us) in their countries but they can come here and do what they jolly well please.

  3. this is a bloody joke. UNIFORM means everyone wears the same!!! All non muslims need to start doing the same – insisting that ur religious belief dictates dressing in a particular way or acting in a certain way. If it is good enuff for the muslims it should be good enuff for the rest of us!!! My god what is wrong with the military??? Unfortunately it all stems from the biggest muzzie loving man of them all …Yes Mr President of the united states of islam i mean America….aka Obama

    • That letter rekindles reading about Maj. John Andre (Revolutionary War).
      I have never seen this country go as far downhill, so quickly, as since Obama’s election. He is the antithesis of what this country had been about for 2010 years. America the Beautiful is not going to be defeated by external forces but rather, eviscerated, by the enemy within….Islamists
      We have NO idea how many Muslims Obama appointed for classified government positions – but many are now writing policy and rules for your country. Check out DHS. And yes, they still want to kill the infidels.

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