Chicago: All American Muslims plot spread of Islam over Christmas holiday

Merry Christmas. MAS-ICNA’s 10th annual convention…on Christmas.

Some of the program topics and speakers that should cause concern for liberty loving Americans:

Laying the path for our children back to Islam: Brick by brick

This is What Muhammad Taught Me — Character

Freedom of Speech in Islam: Horizons and Limits

“There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm” You’ll get an understanding of the balance of the rights of freedom of speech in Islam and this nation when you attend this session. Learn how Islam approaches freedom of speech and its boundaries but all the while ensuring the rights of others as well. Why there are limits and what are they?

Turkey: The Up and Coming International Powerhouse

Muhammad: Model of Faith, Justice, and Liberty – Jamal Badawi, Zaid Shakir, Mokhtar Maghraoui, Ahmad Elbendary & Abdool Rahman Khan

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.” (33:21) As the overall theme of the convention, educating ourselves on how we can live Islam through the perfect model of faith in man – the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Advice will be given on how to draw on the character of the Prophet (pbuh) to get us closer to Allah (SWT). Find out how knowing more about the personality of the Prophet (pbuh) and exercising that knowledge will lead us as individuals to a more positive role in life and will bring justice, security, tranquility, and help remove obstacles for ourselves, our communities, and our society.

Muhammad – who married a six-year old and consummated the child-marriage when she was nine; who waged war to spread Islam, killing one of his wives father, brother and husband and distributing other captured women to his men as war booty (to be raped) – is an excellent pattern for Muslims.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Legal Challenges Facing the Muslim Community

Challenges facing Muslim Youth: Post 9/11 (feat a Muslim recruited by Osama bin Laden’s mentor & spokeswoman for convicted North Carolina jihadist)

Islamic Media in Face of Islmophobia – Nihad Awad, CAIR

Muhammad and his Companions. “Putting belief into action” – Siraj Wahhaj,  Mustafa Hosny (مصطفى حسني) & Kifah Mustapha (that’s one unindicted co-conspirator to the 93 WTC bombing & one Hamas-linked Muslim banned by the Illinois State Police)

Which Route To Take: The Presidential Election 2012 – Terror-linked CAIR again blurring the lines between religious groups and political groups

Roadmap and Priorities of the Muslim Community in America

Join us in carving out a roadmap for development in the Muslim Community. Get engaged in what are the needs the American Muslim Community faces on a local and national level. Topics will ranges from education and economics to politics and activism.

Who from the Obama administration, FBI, CIA, DHS, DOD or local law enforcement will be in attendance?

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16 thoughts on “Chicago: All American Muslims plot spread of Islam over Christmas holiday


    • @Omega2: It is stupid insn’t it? Sad as it is, this is Chigago we’re talking about. Home of the corrupt Cook County, Demo-Donk, Daley political machine that spawns such filthy sociopaths like Eric Holder, and the current fraud in the White House, as well as many others. Rule of law means nothing to these types, and in a less free society, their obsfucations would increase tenfold.

      Out of 365 days in any given year, these muslimaniacs choose Christmas Day for their “conference of conquest.” That alone, sends a chilling message of their intent.

  2. Sad to say, but I think the USA needs a few more 9/11s before the kuffars of that nation will (hopefully) wake up to the reality of the threat posed by Muslims and Islam. The same goes for my country, Canada. We too are acting like stupid idiots. We’re not far behind our neighbors to the south.

  3. Are these Muslims going to “moderate” the hate speech in the state media of Sharia-run nations? If they wish to pass laws limiting free speech that criticizes a religion, will the Koran have to be banned?

    This sword cuts both ways. Perhaps these laws can first be passed in Muslim countries, thereby protecting Jews and Christians from interminable assault.

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  5. Here is a quote taken from M. Fethullah Gulen. Name ring a bell? Its taken from his book Prophet Muhammad: Aspects of His Life, vol. 1, pages 76-77; ‘…..If there were enough Christians left to acquire enough power to expel the Muslims later on, it was because of the Muslim administration’s religious tolerance. Muslim rulers did not interfere with a conquered people’s religion, language, or culture. If they had done so, there would have been no Christians left to recapture Spain, no Jews left to conquer Palestine, and no Christians left in the Balkans to engage in genocide. Nor would have Christians been able to destroy peoples, cultures, and languages on an almost global scale.’
    Lesson for moslemites-kill ALL Christians and Jews.
    And this guy is left free, here in Pennsylvania, to spread this stuff.

  6. Hey, islam isn’t so bad. So Muhammad married a six year old girl, at least he waited 3 years to consumate the marriage. And it was a girl. (pbuh).
    And as the premier believers of peace they have celebrated Christmas by blowing up churches and murdering Christians in Nigeria.
    I understand that in America even the Jews are still planning on voting for the muslim in chief to show insane love of islam.

    When sharia law is finally instigated in America it will be a much better country to be enslaved in. How happy we should be to pay JIZYA at the gas pumps. Even Obamas (pbuh) health plan is a JIZYA collection scheme. (pbuh) (pbuh) (pbuh) ha, ha, ha, #*&$&_)(*&

  7. I just think it is a big mistake to let our family/kids watch that show, I think it is a way to get us into thinking or make the youth think Islam is “cool”, I can’t stand how they are infiltrating in America, by America I mean the entire continent! I am salvadorean and I think we all should be very carefull about how much of their way of thinking is allowed in our homes, cities, countries.

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  11. There is also an annual event in TX, this is it’s 7th yr and I think it is at Christmas time, too. When Pam Gellar was booted from Houston Hyatt, I went on google. Check out islamic conference+Hilton (or Hyatt) and you will be shocked at how many past & present events there are. You can also og to CAIR/islamic websites although you may have to register as a friend now to gain access. They are getting cagier about it now that regular Americans are trying to inform themselves.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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