Christmas in Eurabia (video)

Merry Christmas!!!

9 thoughts on “Christmas in Eurabia (video)

    • Yep, thats because Israel and the US are still somewhat, the lands of the free. At least for now. How much longer though, is anybody’s guess. I was just reading an article from Raymond Ibrahim in the Middle East Forum concerning persecution of Christians in the Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, even Indonesia. When you look at the cowardness of so many of Europe’s elites, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture at all.

  1. Well done and funny! And I really liked my fellow atheist, Pat Condell! There’s been a lot of nonsense about Christmas this year; more than usual, and most of it due to the incessant bleatings of the jihad crowd. It seems some atheists in US got into the act, which is a shame. I’m older than most of them, and like Pat have a loathing for all the hatred, poverty, war and death caused by religion over the ages, but to me Christmas is, always has been, and hopefully always will be, a very pleasant Western custom. And SHAME on all the lunatics who want it denigrated. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you faithful bloggers and Creeping Sharia!

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  3. This from Latma tv – It is made n Israel and they are all Israelis to the best of my knowledge. If you Google Latma tv English , it will keep you laughing for hours! This ladies and gents is what Israeli satire is all about!

  4. very good!!! & So true…. wtf is wrong with people? No other religion has ever gone to the extremes that this evil cult has, whether it be its demands,its intolerance or its barbaric ideals And never b4 has any so called “religion” been able to dictate what it can & cant do in western countries!! Western countries predomiately founded on christian values are having to subdue their beliefs to accomodate this intolerant bunch of hypocrites. When will western gov’s & the people wake up? islam is slowly infiltrating every western country thru out the world and everywhere it goes there is trouble. Britain is doomed, they have too many muslims & cultures that harbour extremists & fanatical ideology.I cant believe that on the streets of London muslim extremists are taking over suburbs with force & posting signs that the suburbs are now under sharia law?!! These freaks need to be rounded up by the army and locked up. They are inciting hatred & violence, things that any normal person would be in trouble for causing!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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