“If you kill in this country under the banner of jihad, we’re told it isn’t terrorism”

The father of Army Pvt. William Andrew Long speaking out for his son who was killed in the 2009 Arkansas terrorist attack by an avowed Muslim jihadist. via Lawmakers Pledge Purple Heart for Fallen Soldier in Little Rock Shooting – HUMAN EVENTS.

“I don’t understand why the Army has not offered the Purple Heart, at the very least,” said Rep. Chip Cravaack (R.-Minn.). “I am very disappointed in the secretary of the Army for not recognizing your son.”

Long was shot and killed in front of his mother outside the Little Rock recruiting office, and Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula was also wounded in the attack. Carlos Bledsoe, a Memphis native who converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdulhakim Muhammad, confessed to the murder and is serving a life sentence.

He chose the middle name of Mujahid.

“Given the circumstances, I believe they are deserving of the same recognition as their colleagues in a combat zone,” said Sen. Mark Pryor (D.-Ark.).

Daris Long’s stark and compelling testimony to the panel described his frustration at President Obama and the administration’s handling of the war against radical islamists. By treating his son’s death as a “drive-by shooing,” and the Fort Hood attack as “workplace violence,” Long said the wrong message is being sent to the military community. Long also said he was insulted that attacks on the military are treated as crimes, while the Obama administration treated the shooting of abortion doctor George Tiller as a terrorist attack.

“I am convinced the government’s position is to deny Little Rock was a terrorist attack,” Long said. “To this administration’s shame, two soldiers have been abandoned on a battlefield in the advancement of a political agenda.”

“If you kill in this country under the banner of jihad, we’re told it isn’t terrorism,” Long said.

“We firmly believe that if the White House had shown the same attitude concerning Little Rock as was shown in the killing of Dr. Tiller, a clear message could have been sent. The political correctness exhibited by the government over offending anyone in admitting the truth about Islamic extremism, masked alarm bells that were going off. Warnings were ignored, Maj. Nidal Hasan was able to openly praise the Little Rock shootings in front of fellow Army officers, and then commit his own jihad,” Long said.

Some Republicans took issue with the testimony offered by Lt. Col. Reid Sawyer, director of the West Point Combating Terrorism Center, and Paul Stockton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and Americas’ security affairs.

Asked whether Islamists were the only terrorists who posed a threat, the men said the military is also concerned about the Christian right movement, white supremacists and skinheads.

Lungren repeatedly asked Stockton whether the U.S. is at war with “violent extremist Islamists, to which Stockton replied, “No.”

“Al-Qaeda would love to convince Muslims around the world that the U.S. is at war with Islam, and I’m not going to aid and abet their efforts to further their goal,” Stockton said.

“I understand that.  I never said we are at war with Islam,” said Lungren, who questioned whether the Defense Department is able to make the distinction.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R.-Tex.) described the military strategy for dealing with homegrown radicals as “political correctness gone array.”

Added Rep. Jeff Duncan (R.-S.C.):  “We’ve got to be able to identify the enemy if we’re ever going to defeat the enemy.”

Video of Daris Long’s testimony below the fold.

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19 thoughts on ““If you kill in this country under the banner of jihad, we’re told it isn’t terrorism”

  1. Time for the rope and the horse to reenter the picture.Misplaced judgement, sometimes. Innocent till proven guilty is a joke in America. Return to the Old West.Take the law out of the lawless that represent our country.Judges with political connections, also bought for a handsome price..Corrupt DOJ.If they shoot and kill they are guilty.

    • Jim,
      Wordpress already removed Barenaked Islam from the internet due to firey hate speech against Islamists. Is Creeping Sharia to be next on the list?
      I know there are many who just talk the talk and they say hateful things about Islam. But I don’t think they are out to kill Muslims and blow up mosques. It is all talk.
      Where is freedom of speech? Do we not have the freedom to vent our anger anymore?
      Islamists can rant all they want about killing Jews and Christians and they actually carry out their evil deeds. But when we vent our anger “in word only” CAIR has the power to shut down a website because of the commenters.
      It doesn’t seem right and it only shows where the US is headed right now…sharia law is encroaching the fabric of America.
      It’s only a matter of time when the brown shirts will be crashing our doors in because we said something in reference to the prophet of Islam. Elizabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolfe knows full well what power Islam has in the west. She is paying for her words, that the prophet was a pedophile, but more than that it was a victory for Islamism in Austria and a crushing blow to freedom of speech.
      We are all doomed to the fate of bowing in the streets and paying the jizya to our Islamic masters. Obama and his ilk will make sure of this.
      Watch “Stealth Jihad From Our Own Administration”

      • My whole life has been in the area of human justice and equality. I was educated at Berkeley at the time A. Einstein was lecturing. Bayard Rustin a close friend was rising , brilliant mind and attitude. Eleanor Roosevelt a personal friend always supporting the motion of American men and women. I find it absurd to see America in such a sick way after all the mentoring that has been given, and the rise of Islam in America is a shameful act to watch and the founding protestant thought to be buried. It is the job of the president to instill moral on the country. Obvious, many felt Obama was the american., whereas , he is not…and he is instilled immortality upon us. Better to have him gone and gone..and re group…even if it is Hillary, or Romney…and even Palin, we are certain their moral thought process is for saving the American not bringing it to the feet of Islamic world. Thank You.,

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  3. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck chances are, it’s a duck—that is of course you happen to be Barrack Obozo….

  4. This is just one example of the stealth Jihad being waged upon Americans by our Muslim In chief.

    Our entire Justice Department is being reindoctrinated on the proper way to handle crimes especially those by Muslim jihadists.

    On another note, I can only hope that this blog remains able to continue passing on the truth before it gets banned like Bare Naked Islam was recently cut by WordPress. Our evil leaders in Washington are working their evil ways with the likes of CAIR in trying to surpress our freedom of speech.

  5. For obama et al, to award the Purple Heart under specification (6) covering international terrorist attack on the U.S. would undo his efforts to islamize America in the name of multiculturalism-whatever that means.
    This makes me sick. It is more than a disincentive to volunteer for the armed services and sends shock waves through the military community.
    It would be instructive to observe weather or not military ballots are counted.

  6. It’s time ….the american people must fight for free speech and for the freedom press! Freedom all over the world! “IL EST INTERDIT D’INTERDIRE”! The civil rigths must be respected and the muslins people had arrived in America after the the black peolpe, the white people and the indian native people. So they must come back to their muslins countries! We can’t tolerate this stupid people anymore ! REXLION

    • America is Indian which has been called red…and then there are the blacks, which not all are from Africa…then the White, which were mostly from Northern Europe….America has never seen Islamic working because it is too young., however, Europe has seen it twice and it nearly wiped out many countries.., It is not a funny issue…and it last for several hundred years….leaving nothing but ruin behind…as you will see if you look at the trail. Some places have never recovered. The Islamic idiots that wage this think they will have a reward in heaven of many virgins and such…could be, but they will have no dicks to make happiness as they are going to get cut off when they hit america…that is the first plan of attack especially by every drag queen I have met.. The ghettos alone in america will rise up and that has enough power to shake the earth…it just has not been brought forth …yet….but, watch the trend….


  8. The way is for Obama and the Democrats to go — don’t just vote, give money to the candidates in your state that are the opposition.

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