Boycott? 60 Muslims Attend Bloomberg’s “Interfaith” Breakfast

They really snubbed him. Another propaganda victory as the media lapped the CAIR-fed story up with relish. via At Mayor’s Interfaith Breakfast, Some Muslim No-Shows –

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s annual interfaith breakfast is typically a feel-good event, a chance for the mayor and other city officials to mingle with representatives of many religions.

But the mood at this year’s event, held on Friday morning at the New York Public Library, was dampened slightly by a controversy involving accusations of police surveillance of Muslim communities and a long-running dispute over religious groups meeting in public schools.

In the days leading up to the breakfast, 14 Muslim leaders sent Mr. Bloomberg a letter saying that they were boycotting the breakfast over reports, mostly by the Associated Press, that described the use of undercover officers and informants to gather information about political activity among Muslims in the city. And the information, the reports said, was gathered in circumstances in which there was no indication that crimes had occurred.

Mr. Bloomberg and the police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, have denied the accusations. The mayor’s office also noted that two of the people who signed the letter had not actually been invited to the breakfast.

Mr. Bloomberg did not address the controversy in his remarks at the breakfast, and the event attracted no protesters, although there was a substantial police presence outside. The crowd of 368 guests — larger than at last year’s event and including about 60 Muslims — gave Mr. Bloomberg a standing ovation when he rose to speak.

However, one Muslim who attended, Hussein Rashid, 37, signaled his protest by wearing a T-shirt that said, “I AM NOT A TERRORIST.”

Mr. Rashid, a visiting professor of religion at Hofstra University, said that he was troubled by the mayor’s denial of the reports, and that an independent investigation was needed.

“We know N.Y.P.D.’s track record on self-policing. What we need is an open and honest investigation,” he said.

He said he sympathized with those who chose to boycott the breakfast, but that he thought it was a constructive event and important for him to attend.

Mr. Rashid chose to keep his opinions to himself – or at least to his T-shirt – during the breakfast.

That was not the case, however, with the Rev. Bill Devlin, an evangelical pastor, who was upset by a separate issue.

As Mr. Bloomberg took the stage to deliver his remarks, the Rev. Devlin rose to protest a decision by the city to eject churches and religious groups that hold prayer service in schools.

The city has set Feb. 12 as the day by when religious groups can no longer worship in schools. The deadline was imposed after the Supreme Court declined to review a lower court ruling that backed the city’s decision to ban a Bronx congregation from holding its services at a public school.

“We love you, Mayor Mike—we love you,” Mr. Devlin began, before adding, “But please don’t kick out our houses of worship from our city schools.”

“I hear you — we’ll be happy to talk about that,” Mr. Bloomberg said, before continuing with his planned remarks.

Although no one directly confronted Mr. Bloomberg at the breakfast about the surveillance controversy, he was asked about it earlier on Friday, during his weekly radio interview with John Gambling.

“I thought some of the reporting about is it just not accurate or even really responsible,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “We go where the potential threats are reported to be. It’s like saying you’re going after people that are my height with brown hair. If the perp is described that way in the neighborhood, you look at everybody in the neighborhood that’s got brown hair, my height, and you stop them.”

60 out of the 368 attendees were Muslim. A substantially disproportionate number of Muslims even with a dozen not attending.

By the way, what is all the fake hysteria about? Muslims don’t want the NYPD or CIA or anyone else keeping an eye on the jihad-waging Muslims living, traveling through, and plotting jihad in New York. Or anywhere else for that matter.

16 thoughts on “Boycott? 60 Muslims Attend Bloomberg’s “Interfaith” Breakfast

  1. could they have been scared off by thinking that pork links, ham & bacon might be served? oh, yeah…please, no phallic-looking foods should be presented. the ladies might get uber-turned on!

    • Since observant Jews don’t eat those foods either, and since they are all full of fat and Bloomberg doesn’t eat crappy and unhealthy garbage food anyway, no one would have thought such garbage would have been served there. Don’t be stupid. Or racist. Or both.

      • Jews may not eat those foods but they don’t run screaming from the building or believe they are cursed just by the mere touching of the food, ! You are the one being stupid and I don’t know why you are on this page at all moron!

  2. muslims can NOT be trusted. Until the muslims stand up with us and destroy all of the terrorists world wide the muslims can NOT be trusted..
    They need to remove themselves from the United States, the sooner the better.

    • that’s just the problem they don’t think they are the terrorists… even the ones who bring down buildings and blow people up.

  3. Only in dhimmified NYC, with a pro-muzzie idiot libtard for a mayor, could this phoney-baloney event happen – and actually be covered by the NYSlimes as “real news!” What a crock!! Wonder how many rabbis attended – and were any other them Orthodox enough to be nauseated by the whole magillah?

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  5. Thanks to the new law that Dumbama signed today, NCAA – these 60 muslims will not be in attendance at all next year. They will be detained without a trial and killed somewhere in the proper global hood. As far as this new bill is concerned it is taking away our rights but if it detains and kills these muslims it may be worth our freedom for awhile.

    • That’s the rub. Obama has no intention of detaining any Muslim bent on jihad. He’ll decide to concentrate on any American who speaks out about him. Hell., Muslims board planes and then cry because a passenger stares at their playsuit. He sends the DOJ just to make sure a potential Islamic voter knows he has an a/h buddy @ his address.The Congress who went along to get long just removed the 4th Amendment. The Supreme Court couldn’t care less.

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