Obama follows up $billion Saudi arms deal with $3.5B UAE missile defense sale

War is a racket. via US sells $3.5 billion missile defense system to the UAE – The Hill’s DEFCON Hill. h/t Rose on Twitter

The Obama administration will sell a $3.5 billion in missile defense systems to the United Arab Emirates, the Defense Department announced.

The UAE will buy two Terminal High Altitude Area Defense batteries, 96 missiles and spare parts for 30 years of spare parts.

“Acquisition of this critical defense system will bolster the UAE’s air and missile defense capability and enhance the already robust ballistic missile defense cooperation between the United States and the UAE,” said George Little, a Pentagon spokesperson. “This sale is an important step in improving the region’s security through a regional missile defense architecture.”

The deal was struck Christmas Day, but was announced Friday.

Lockheed Martin will build the THAAD missile system for the UAE at plants in Alabama and Arkansas.

“Lockheed Martin is pleased the U.S. Government and the United Arab Emirates have reached an agreement on a path forward for the first Foreign Military Sale of the THAAD Weapon System,” Tom McGrath of Lockheed said in a statement.

In November, the administration announced another potential weapons deal with the UAE that included bunker-buster bombs.

On Thursday, the U.S. said it would sell a $29.4 billion weapons package to Saudi Arabia, which included 84 F-15 jets.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are U.S. allies in the Middle East and are seen as bulwarks to the growing power of Iran.

What? Muslims relying on infidel weaponry? And lots of it.

A few days earlier: Obama to sell $30B worth of F-15s to Saudi Arabia

11 thoughts on “Obama follows up $billion Saudi arms deal with $3.5B UAE missile defense sale

  1. yes, war is a racket. those behind the scene instigate conflicts to make huge profits by selling weapons to both sides. also by financing govts so they can purchase weapons and pay soldiers, the insiders make huge profits on interest payments, and gain control of countries because of this debt.

    i just read a book written in 1971 by gary allen, “they dare not call it conspiracy”, that goes into great detail of how this conspiracy works. there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there, this is conspiracy fact. the book is available on amazon or ebay.

    a great resource to learn about nwo/one world govt is the john birch society, the premier org. dedicated for the last 60 years to exposing the tyranny the insiders have planned for the world. go to jbs.org or thenewamerican.org.

  2. Why do they need anything? America is their slave, and provides all military action requested, free to them, and the taxpayer pays for all of it. Obama ass lifts to them.

    These are the folks who brought us 9-11, btw

    No different than if we sold it to Iran. They both are working for Sharia domination in America.

    • dan, the mohammadans need weaponry to use on EACH OTHER. If Jews and Christians did not exist, shias and sunnis would still be killing each other. They all want sharia, but only their own version of it. America is not yet the mohammadan’s slave. That is why we still have the creativity to keep creating better weapons. And I wouldn’t be surprised if each system had an extra package included which makes them largely ineffective against Israel.

  3. adults are grown up children,however,they are still children.The armies should have been given cap pistols and toy grenades……but then they would just find and make other weapons to harm with.The heart is the CENTER OF MOTIVE;THE BRAIN ALLOWS THE DESIRED GOAL TO BE ACCOMPLISHED ………men’s hearts wil fail for fear as the realize what has come upon this world.The leaders are simply a reflection of the societies from which they are drawn………a composite.The real minority has always been the wise and upright people.The majority have always been reactionary and simple -minded;nothing but cattle being driven by devilish cowboys raised on gunpwder and raw meat.

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    • True, but selling weapons to mohammadans also gets obama votes from those who actually build these arms. Another big income source is providing Americans to maintain these weapons. Mohammadans are not keen on preventive maintenance. After all, the weapon will function only as allah wills it.

  6. asSalaam aaulkym,I am not sure if it would be of interest, but I’ve taken a note of some similar personalities who has emerged on the book publishing scene (Irshad Manji, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Asra Nomani …) and have reviewed their books, as a mere student, with regards to the glaring mistakes and misunderstandings regarding the fundamentals of Islam. You can find those under the “book reviews” of the blog linked on my name. InshaAllah you, and others, find them interesting as these books and authors are best-sellers in North America so it is good to know what it is they actually say (rather than the ad hominen attacks that often the response.JazakAllah khierwa’salaam

    • HEHEHEHE very funny- yup more misunderstanders of ISLAM- the people who knowit for having lived it and got out of it- and the rest of us who SEE IT for what it really is- and yeah all those AL Queda and Salafists, all those mass murderers just misunderstanders of ISLAM

      see Robert Spencer at Jihad watch for a better understanding of misunderstandersof ISLAM
      vist your blog for some excuses? to tell us what we see with our own eyes is not reality– very very funny dear

      nice try tho- no dawa points for you today #fail

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