Yes, @WordPress is Shutting Down Bare Naked Islam’s Site

This is somewhat well publicized by now but below includes an interview with BNI.

Yes we are also hosted on WordPress and have not had any issues yet. We also know that WordPress has also shut down numerous jihadi blogs so remember that it works both ways. Find the pro-jihad websites that WordPress hosts in many languages and demand they are shut down too.

What everyone should recognize is that it is the extremely well foreign-funded, terror-linked CAIR that is behind the action and WordPress is essentially aiding a Hamas group whose goal is to silence Americans. This is how sharia creeps. And shame on Big Govt for not even mentioning CAIR’s terrorist links and other legal challenges. (Examples: CAIR Exposed (IPT)  and CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment.

The good news is, BNI will be back and the site was a top mover in Technorati blog rankings this week. via Big Government, WordPress Shuts Down Controversial Anti-Islam Site

An anti-Islam blog that failed to remove inflammatory comments from a few of its readers will be permanently taken down by its hosting company, WordPress, on January 6 as the result of a number of complaints filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The site, “Bare Naked Islam: It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you” ( will be taken down in two weeks by WordPress according to the website’s owner, Bonnie (*last name withheld).

Bonnie, in an exclusive interview, told Big Government that WordPress suddenly blocked her site “around Thanksgiving” and sent her a message to contact them because the company had some questions about comments that had been left on her site.

“There were some not so nice comments in responses to stories about Muslims killing people and raping little girls,” she said. The comments, she said, “are always a reaction to the stories,” that are posted, “although I do moderate the comments. I sometimes skim through the ones from people I know, and I mistakenly let some go through that were threatening. One was about burning a mosque, one said ‘nuke the Middle East…’.”

Bonnie says that one of the concerns WordPress had was a comment in which someone mentioned a specific mosque in Virginia and another reader responded that they walked by that mosque every day. According to WordPress, the language of the post could have been inciting violence or suggesting an attack on a particular place at a specific time.

She added, “They (WordPress) didn’t say anything about my writing, it was all about the commenters.” Bonnie said that she even permitted WordPress to remove all comments up to November 26th to avoid another incident.

I had thousands, and I’m sure there were some that were not so nice, so I told them just erase all the prior comments…I was posting a new story yesterday, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t do anything anymore and it was deactivated. WordPress said to contact them, and I did, and all they said was, “you’re blocked for violating TOS” (terms of service) and they didn’t say what it was. They said there were no inquiries and no appeals, but that I’d have 14 days to export my blog to another site….Then I saw the press releases from CAIR saying they went after my site.

CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper defended the organization’s decision to monitor the site, and said that it had also contacted the FBI about the site on prior occasions. The FBI reportedly told CAIR that they would “look into the matter.” Hooper:

There are thousands of anti-Muslim hate sites and we don’t say anything about them because if people say they hate Islam and they want it destroyed they have that right. But, if someone says I go by this specific mosque every day and I want to burn it down or here’s how you desecrate a mosque and I encourage you to go do this, that’s a little beyond the pale.

From Hooper’s perspective, the incitement comments were not limited to the commenters.

She would delete the word, presumably “shoot” or “kill.” and put asterisks in their place as if that made a difference. This wasn’t just the commenting people–it was the blogger herself, she was encouraging them saying you should desecrate a mosque, she would encourage them and agree with them.

Bonnie says that although WordPress will remove her site from their content management system on January 6th, she feels confident the page will resurface. She says that she has been talking to a group of former Muslims who have since renounced their religion who have pledged to host the site.

*Reporter’s Note: The source, whose first name is actually Bonnie, only did the interview on the condition that her last name would be withheld for safety reasons since she says she “gets lots of death threats.”

Death threats from Muslims. Is the FBI following up? By the way, don’t put it past CAIR to post the comments in question. How else would they find the proverbial needle in a haystack? And why doesn’t WordPress have a feature to report questionable comments to blog authors rather than taking blogs down?

73 thoughts on “Yes, @WordPress is Shutting Down Bare Naked Islam’s Site

  1. The muzzies will get what’s coming to them after the new election.

    Goodbye muslim brotherhood! Farewell, seditious islamic cult. The purge of islam from America begins in 2012!

  2. There were 1200 mosques in the US on 9/11. Today there are over 2000. How does a cult like this raise this kind of money during a recession? Why is our country so attractive to these people? Don’t miss AMERICAN MUSLIM on TLC Sunday nites. They try to appear that they are just like us and just want to get along. A poor American boy falls in love with a muslim and to marry her he must become muslim and get rid of his dogs. A sad show in more ways than one.

    • You are right. I would also say that the Muslims are exploiting our weaknesses and thriving on it, is there any wonder they are wining and we are loosing? There are millions of non muslim Americans who are so naive about the threat of Islam / muslims to America, either they don’t care or have blinkers on.

    • JERRY: We are boycotting the show. We do not need to see it, we already know islam sucks, and so does the show. regarding your first question concerning mosque proliferation post 9-11, it is oil money from the Saudis who fund so many mosques in America. Case in point, CAIR is a small organization with a voice and funding all out of proportion to their size. It is Saudi money that finances them. The Saudis also invest in school textbooks that present a tolerant, peaceful image of islam that flies in the face of reality. It’s all an enormous propaganda jihad.

      CAIR, are you monitoring this? SCREW YOU CAIR! May your scraggly, goat faced beards turn to black dog hairs and your turbans to piggy poo too! Pigdogs of the Council of Assholes and Islamic Rectums, be forewarned, for with “bollocks o’ steel” and “buttocks o’ doom,” I fart in Mecca’s general direction and call you silly muzzies all!

      Hey CAIR, is flatulence the new “hate crime?” “Pfffftttt!!” Here’s what I propose the next time muzzies try to convert churches into mosques. I propose all church pipe organs be retrofitted with special organ stops called the “Brown Noise.” A stop that sounds so omminously low and deadly within the range of 5 to 9 Hz. as to produce instantaineous bowel movements in all within earshot when the stop is pulled and the manual keys/pedals depressed. Now with all your muddled muzzie obsessions with ritual purity ie. istinja, Don’t you think trying to worship in a church building would rather be an exercise in futility?

      Now CAIR, see what happens when you raise a “big stink?” You have to live with the smell.

      (Intro to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor for organ plays here)

      “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Pulling out all the stops on islam, one rank at a time.”

      “Whoop! Whoop!”

      H/T Eric Cartman

        • No, to place Bach and islam in the same sentence together is an insult to Bach’s good name. :(

          Regarding islam as bowel movement in B-minor,~ Priceless! :)

          “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Ya singin’ to the choir, bro!” ;)

    • What is sad is that in the 21st century there is still a barbaric, backward, inherently violent religion that teaches people the “god” (little g for Allah) will not hear your prayers if there is dog hair around. What a bunch of moral retards.



  3. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. The whole world belongs to Muslims. Wherever they live, must set up Masajid, Muslim school and Islamic centres. They must follow Sharia Laws in their life style.

  4. The comments on BNI are pure frustration of the readers. I read it daily and I have never seen Bonni call for any violence. Someone saying they walk past a mosque every day- well, considering how many there are in this country now, I would expect alot of people walk past them every day. That poster DID NOT call for any violence! Most of what CAIR is presenting is stretched and taken out of context. The comments they are quoting now were removed previously. It is a witch hunt. The timing is such that it may have had alot to do with Lowes. But either way, it has given BNI much publicity and this will end up biting CAIR in the butt. More and more people will be educated now.

    • kim I agree with you whole-heartedly, I also read it daily, to check FOR GREAT NEWS-BREAKING ARTICLES I CAN POST. WHY? because I love my country,and I want Muslims, to also BLEND into our CULTURE,not TAKE-OVER, America, with their ideology! Remember when,America was called the worlds Melting Pot?? Just LOOK AT EUROPE, THE MIDDLE EAST,KEEP GOING…. ASIA,RUSSIA,,all have Sharia Law! WAY too much EVIDENCE can be supplied what Islam’s real intention is! The only COUNTRIES, and “people” who UNDERSTAND are the CONQUERED ONES! kim-ee

  5. Taking down that blog is wrong, but I have warned Bonnie many times not to allow extremely aggressive and insulting comments when they contributed nothing but curse words, insults and threats no better than what Islam is resented for.
    Bonnie did great work with the posts she published, but she was a poor comment moderator. Whenever I asked other commenters to turn down the primitive, low-life language a notch so as not to embarrass Islam critics worldwide and harm our cause (which they now did, as we see), Bonnie chose not to publish such comments of mine, but did choose to publish – all comments went through approval process – insults, threats and calls for violence by rednecks, white trash and hicks, by the sound of those peoples’ comments. They lacked intelligence to the point they couldn’t spell, they provided nothing productive and merely confirmed a very unfortunate stereotype associated with right-wing people.

    So while I do hate seeing BNI go down, Bonnie had it coming. She should have chosen the comments she published a bit more carefully, since she did choose to moderate them at all. She let people speak in ways no better than the radical Muslims, and that cannot be the point of opposing Islam – to stoop just as low. There is no need for people to talk like uneducated ghetto dwellers; there is nothing good coming out of allowing their comments. Either Bonnie was a naive fool, or she was hoping to stir shit where it wasn’t necessary.

    • Well said Anna, I was one who left BNI which was in some ways out of control. Bonnie did a lot of good work, it’s just a shame so many morons were allowed on the site. These sites are something of a safety valve for people who otherwise have no voice,e.g. if you write a letter to a newspaper in this country (Canada) they probably won’t print it if it contains the words ‘muslim’ or ‘islam’. The News Media in the Western World is failing us terribly, tragically, and these sites are all we have. I hope Bonnie comes back; and cuts out some of the uneducated twits.

    • “She let people speak in ways no better than the radical Muslims,”… So in effect she let people voice opinions in the same terms that mozlems speak about non-mozlems. And she must not do that because mozlems are a protected cult, they are the animals more equal than the others!!
      The hypocrisy of your views stinks, she stood up for herself, thankfully and did not submit like you, pathetic little useful idiot!!

      • Idiot. There are treatments for paranoia; I am not your enemy. Morons embarassing themselves and the ENTIRE anti-Islamic movement by presenting themselves as primitive idiots, are a threat to our credibility. Would you like someone in congress talking like “YOU SHIT CAMEL FUCKIN MUZZIES GO SODOMIZE UR GOATZ U ALL PEDOPHILE BASTERD SONS OF PIGS; WE MUST EXTERMINATE ALL THEM MUZZIES!!”..? What person in their right mind would take such a primate seriously? Who would vote for them? Who would follow their lead and be represented by them?

        Also I never attacked Bonnie’s posts, you blind moron. Read my post again. I criticized the way she handled commenters who harm rather than help our cause. It has nothing to do with “submitting” when you silence voices who only scream abuse and nothing useful. Rather than “submitting”, that’s called “being concerned for the common cause to preserve its credibility and dignity”.
        I wonder what good it does, this lowly behavior you are defending, the cursing, the threats, the calls for violence and the insults. When has primitive cursing ever helped a cause? Those commenters present themselves as stupid and lacking self-control. There is no use in what they do except express hostility in a way it can’t serve as a weapon. Nobody feels threatened by these idiots. Any adult with half a brain will shrug them off and think poorly of anyone represented by them.

        How can you seriously want that?

        • May I add that Geert Wilders, a man I think we all agree is admirable, would never EVER express himself in the way you defend people of expressing themselves in. He chooses dignified speech for a reason: Credibility. Being heard. Being published and hopefully getting votes. DIGNITY. You will never hear him go ape like some people did on BNI. He would never have achieved what he did if he’d behaved and expressed himself in such a way.
          For chrissake, even Hitler knew better than to stoop down to the lows of some of Bonnie’s readers. Every damned Muslim preacher knows better; why do you think they have such a big following? Primitive idiots are good for nothing except canon fodder, nobody will listen to them and think about what they’re saying because they sound like 16-year-old wannabe gangbangers on the playground of a ghetto school. They are not good for representation or for speaking for a movement. For that, you need people like Wilders who know how to speak without humiliating themselves and all they stand for.

          Freedom of expression is great, but everyone should know how to express themselves in a way others care to hear it. Being heard is the point of it, isn’t it? You don’t have to change what you’re expressing, but sometims the way you express it is the difference between success and failure.

          If you don’t get that, then I hope you don’t breed.

        • Anna…you state:
          “There is no use in what they do except express hostility in a way it can’t serve as a weapon. Nobody feels threatened by these idiots.”

          Well…..apparently SOMEONE feels “threatened by these idiots” enough to take down BNI…
          Would that be muslims, CAIR and useful dhimmi idoits?????hmmmmmmmmm????
          Just askin’.

          Also….you state:
          “Any adult with half a brain will shrug them off and think poorly of anyone represented by them.”
          I agree…anyone with HALF a brain….or more…”will shrug them off”.

          Ergo, the ones with less than half a brain will let these comments bother them, feel threatened by them and whine about them so as to make a big deal over sweet f**k all…
          in my oh-so-very-humble-opinion.

          Aren’t I an annoying son-of-a-bitch??? LOL :-)

          I am in Canada.

          • Yeah especially when it hurts your cause… Don’t you get it? Insulting and making CAIR feel threatened is way less important than winning the West over against the likes of them. By acting like cavemen with clubs, commenters like the ones I criticize, will make any potential support from within our own countries and cultures, stay well away from us because they think we’re all a bunch of retards because it’s apparent retards who’re barking the loudest.
            Do you WANT the anti-Islamic movement sto stay a tiny, complaining minority forever? Or would you like to see it grow and gather some intelligent and influential people? The latter will not happen if we’re represented by halfwits.

          • Anna…listen, I don’t pretend to have all the answers…no one does.
            Did you read my post at the bottom, just after BNI’s comments?

            The commenters on these sites aren’t trying to “insult CAIR”, as you state.

            They really couldn’t care less about CAIR and what they think of our comments, and yes, some comments are a bit extreme and over the top on occassion. That’s going to happen.

            CAIR are so bent on forwarding their own rotten agenda that they will use any excuse to say they are “threatened” or they are “discriminated against” no matter what happens. They are MASTERS at it, and they play the politically correct card ALL THE TIME, and we keep giving in to them. IT HAS TO STOP, or we are DOOMED!
            I can also assure you we are NOT “represented by halfwits”.
            When people read and see the garbage that Islam does world wide, (all of it TOTALLY reprehensible,) they get angry, frustrated, threatened and fearfull perhaps, and an entire spectrum of emotions goes through their mind’s, and they VENT…most of it is harmless, but it is understandable.

            Also, the anti-islamic movement is not a tiny complaining minority.
            Don’t kid youself…it is large, and it IS GROWING…the example of support for Lowe’s after they pulled their advert. from A.A.M. is only a tiny example of the awareness the American people are starting to demonstrate.
            I supported Obama in 08. (I am Canadian, and of course, can’t vote in the States)
            But that guy HAS TO GO…some of the crap that he has allowed and initiated in support of Islam is terrifying. The examples are many, many, many, but that is another story for another time.
            The point is, he’s up to something. I think it’s nefarious…he’s pushing an Islam friendly agenda right under our noses and getting away with it.

            You are a young Jewish woman. Have you read the Koran, Haddith, or Sunna?

            I have read the Koran 20 odd years ago, but not the Haddith or Sunna in their entirety, but parts of them I have read.
            You MUST be aware of how Jews are perceived by Muslims, are you not? You are a “cross between a pig and an ape”…in their “tolerant” religious belief.
            Howw does that make you feel?
            THEY WANT TO KILL YOU, and they teach their CHILDREN to loath the Jew and to martyr themselves with bomb belts.
            Surely to God you must know that.

            Christians also, but they are second behind the Jew in respect to Muslim hatred.
            Then, they hate everyone else after the Jew and the Christian.

            They will NOT be stopped by being all tolerant and lovey-dovey with them. The more you appease them, the more they will take until they have enough power and we have been weakened into submission, then they’ll turn on us like a Viper.
            THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE TAUGHT FROM THEIR BELOVED KORAN…whether it’s in Arabic, English, French, Yiddish, Greek, Portugese or “mumbo-jumbo”…it all says the same crap…
            You either CONVERT, PAY A TAX, or you DIE!!!
            Their call.

            They will make the Nazi’s look like sweethearts if and when they get the chance, and they MUST BE STOPPED!

            Let me sum up with these questions to you.
            If you had the power, what would you want the non muslims of the world to do to stop Islam?

            Also, where are the “moderates” and what are they doing to stem the “Islamic Radicals”?
            I’d like an answer to that last one, because I can’t find one ANYWHERE…maybe a bright little Jewish woman in Belgium can give us one…I can only hope.

  6. I think the website was vile….I posted many of it’s articles and videos because I am against the rise of Sharia in the US…but only after going to the source material…..BNI twisted almost ALL of them into sick inflammatory hate speech….the WORST was their horrific post about Ron Paul which included a distorted image making him look more like Gollum than Paul….it is well known that pro-Zionists are against Paul because they know the US would stop being their source of cannon fodder for their wars…not too mention all of the billions in cash and weapons we give them (that they turn around and sell to other countries — like China)…They censored their comments, not based on language but if they didn’t agree with their hate and warmongering….they even say visitors with differing views are not allowed to comment…as far as threats???? IMO they invited them and instigated them…and they’ve already admitted it wasn’t CAIR after all that got them shut down

    • So let’s see you’re a ‘jew’ hating Ron Paul supporter,, Right? And really the only thing that you’re ticked about is they made fun of Ron Paul,, Right? You don’t do Paul any favors with your obvious over the top venom in defense. To trash a website because you are mad they don’t see your candidate puts you on the same level as cair. Just to clue you in, I supported Paul until I kept running into supporters like you.

  7. my question would be, how do you know if the person writing a nasty comment isn’t a lurker bent on the shut down?
    There is no free speech in America, and CAIR is doing it’s best to insure it too….
    How sad for the country.
    A certian right wing politician was sparkle dusted by someone ( a leftie)who objected to what the man stood for….nothing was done to the offender who threw the glitter, even though it could have gotten in the man’s eyes…. were this to be done to a certian man of a certian religious persuation, one would be put into jail and have to go to court for hate speech or something similar…. pathetic.


      Just more dirty underhanded dealings with it’s “special friend”

      • youare enttiled to your hate of ISrael and your asskiss of Ron Paul but youare not entitled to try to pass of total lies as if they are true-

        any moron can read the facts about USa and ISrael trade agreements, and obviously you didn’t- itis very telling you make no objection to USA arms sales to UAE or Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Libya.

        you can take your jewhater self back to Zucatti Park, and swill your haterade with the other useful idiots –pathetic loser and liar

        • Wow….just wow…..speak the truth the hate starts…… the way, didn’t you know Israel and the Saudi’s (THE absolute worst in even the Islamic world- next to the Pakistanis) are friends now?? They’ll take anyone they can get to achieve their goal….which is expansion across the fertile crescent – where Iran’s sovereign country is…..ambition makes for strange bed-fellows doesn’t it…’d think they’d be satisfied with their gas “discovery” slant (illegally )drilling into Gazan territorial waters….which is why they’ve cut fishing down from 20 miles to 1 to 2 for the Gazans….and why they don’t want anyone else from any other country any where near…

          • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is part of why BNI went to shit. People abusing one topic to go and rant about or hate on another. What does WP shutting down BNI to do with Israel?
            Take it elsewhere.

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  11. WORD PRESS, how dare you DENIE THE FIRST AMMENDENT RIGHTS TO ANY AMERICAN WHO BELIVES IN OUR CONSTITUTION AND LAWS. To act on C A I R’s HOOPER, who is working to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, is totally against our FREE SPEACH CLAUSE. Who’s side are you on??? ISLAM IS AN DEVIL CULT kills 13 year old girls as a PROSTITUTE being RAPED BY HER COUSINS, and could not PRODUCE 4 WITNESS’ to the RAPE. I saw the VIDEO ON HER BEING STONED TO DEATH. Is this what you want here in the U S A, as HOOPER AND AWAD want for us??? Time to tell CAIR AND THE ACLU TO GO TO HELL NOW not later. LOCK AND LOAD.

  12. Well now, the Bonni hating trolls and Paulbots got out of the yard again. Will somebody please remember to shut the gate next time?

      • Oh, yes of course, the Jew haters. Especially those who favor divisiveness and the oblique attack. One would be inclined to believe they would find better company with the OWS crowd. Much more fertile ground for anti-Semitism there. Over here, it tends to hijack the conversation, don’t you think?

  13. This is a shame…..I’ve always admired Creeping for covering what is a travesty happening here in the US….namely the infiltration of Sharia and Islam…..I hope BNI’s fans don’t ruin this site as they did the other

    • Wonderful video, but seriously, how can Americans watch Obama dribbling lie after lie about islam and not challenge those lies? “islam has given the world so much”. Oh really, what? I’m serious; the only claim I’ve heard is “The Islamic Golden Age”. This is usually taken to be their occupation of Portugal and southern Spain, and the list of Islamic “accomplishments” grows every time I see this nonsense–you’d think they had invented the World! In fact, those inventions were probably the results of the Jews and Christians-Dhimmis-who lived under them, and paid the jizya. Now why would I say this? Because of the peculiar fact that the direct descendants of those wonderful, inventive muslims are today stone age slugs, who have contributed nothing to humankind. Look at the Nobel prizes given to muslims, Chemistry–Zero, Physics–Zero, Medicine–Zero. Conversely, the lists are full of Jews! No wonder they hate the Jews! I could go on, but…….. I said before he was elected President that this man was a muslim; everything he does and says screams it, so why have you Americans not impeached him? Are you blind and deaf?

  14. I hate to see a site who speaks the truth be taken down. Why is it when you speak the truth they want to silence you. But if you spew hate it is OK? I pray you are able to come back under another name and continue to speak the truth.

  15. I enjoyed BNI for telling the truth. Now WND has taken that right away too. CAIR is doing this for one reason, they can’t have Americans knowing the truth. But I trust another site will arise with the american spirit to tell the truth. Let CAIR fight everyone we will win withthe truth.

  16. Hi guys, thank you for your support (Well, excluding Jew haters like Mad Angel. BTW, you are now banned as you should have been a long time ago).

    Now that CAIR has accused me of causing the NYC firebombings, but it has just been reported a suspect (not likely a BNI reader) was arrested who had issues with people in every one of the targets, I am waiting for an apology from CAIR. But I won’t hold my breath.

    I hope to be up and running on a new CAIR-resistant site soon. For those of you who have problems with my site, you are invited to not come there.

  17. All sites are going to attract all types of people. As far as the spelling is concerned, hell…just look at the spelling ability of any student in grade 7 or 8 any where in North America and it is PATHETIC…let alone the fact that their ability to write cursive is almost none existent…words written in printed letters mixed with written capitals and lower case all messed together…how great our education system!! Most of the posters can’t spell properly.
    Listen to the way they talk…mostly verbal garbage…i doubt if many of them can break a word into syllables, let alone break up a sentence with subject/predicate/nouns/adjectives/adverbs/
    verbs and their declensions…etc. etc. Laughable, but sad, indeed…

    It speaks well for you. Anna Giladi that you are obviously articulate…mostly, I would guess due to your Jewish education…?
    Probably Hebrew School somewhere…?

    And why are you “living in Belgium and hating it…”?
    Could it have anything to do with the rampant growth of Islam in that country?
    If I were a Jew in Belgium, I’d bail out.

    As far as BNI is concerned, Bonni did a great job on all fronts. PERIOD!
    If you, Anna, or MadAngel think we can take the high road in this intensifying fight against Islam…all Islam…you are stupid and ignorant beyond words.
    We will have to come down to their level in order to stop them, but we will.
    We will have no choice.

    (as anyone who knows ANYTHING about Islam knows there are no real moderates in that group of lunatics…)

    These bastards are crazy. But even more frightening, they are also CLEVER.
    They are playing us like idiots and they are succeeding, at least for now. People are starting to wake up and the fight will get ugly, to say the least.
    The future will be interesting, to say the least.

    • Spot on, spot on Amboy. i would like to interject if I could. In this post-modern world we live in, we are faced with two realities that we must grapple with in our struggle to inform people, especially younger adults, about the dangers of islam in the West. One of these realities is the short attention span of far too many people nowdays. The other is the thorough leftist leaning indoctrination our youth are getting from our failing public education establishment, along with the MSM. In spite of political correctness, post-modern society is quite coarse and downright vulgar at times in our discourse. Many young adults, not all, are just not all that interested in politics, and they justly see it as corrupt and dirty. Well, it is, and to some extent, will always be so. With all of our many electronic diversions, video games and such, the distractions are numerous making it easy to just tune out so to speak. Then for those who do involve themselves, far too many are stuck with the numerous and oft repeated platitudes of the left ie. multiculturalism, Palestinians good, Israelis bad, lets occupy Wall Street sort of thing that takes on a life of it’s own as a sort of twisted conventional wisdom, which it is not. This proves the old adage that if one tells a lie often enough, people will come around and accept it as truth.

      In order to get a message across in this environment, shock effect is not without it’s virtues and must be considered for the marketing of counter jihad to the greater public. Crude? Yes. Vulgar? At times, but hey, i’m white trash anyway, and I shop at Wal-Mart (I am slowly weaning myself of Wal-Mart though).

      My point is, with BNI, Bonni has an extremely popular blog with a large and loyal following. I know, I comment there frequently. She has done an exceptional job with her blog and I have no doubt this WordPress issue will only increase her statistics and following, and all to WordPress’ detriment. I am proud to call her my friend and I stand by her, for she has taught me a great deal about islam, and comming from a person with more than a little experience in the Middle East (Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait), and having lived in the heart of the ever growing Eurabia (Germany), well, that is about the highest tribute I can give her.

      BTW, Creeping Sharia is an excellent blogsite too!

      “The Cloven Hoof Posse hath spoken.”

      • Randy…thankyou…I am honoured to have your support and compliments…

        I’m blushing here…well…not quite, but thanks.

        You hit many nails directly on the head in your posts.
        The distractions you cite are right as rain.
        Have you read any of “The Protocols of Zion”?

        Now before you go thinking I’m some sort of “Jewish Conspiracy” follower, I am not.
        But that document did surface before the turn of the 19th century, and SOMEBODY wrote the damned thing.
        My point is this; When you read some of the things that document states will be “initiated” and “put into play”, so to speak, it is hair raising when you see the very things predicted happening all around us today.

        We live in fascinating times indeed.

        Also glad your quitting Wal-Mart…good move.
        I quit 10 years ago. Easiest thing I ever did. LOL

        And yes…Creeping Sharia will now be my #1 site, as they were 2’d only to B.N.I.

        Also Isahiah62;
        Your last sentence is extremely excellent advice…although at times….GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    • I didn’t have any special kind of education, just cancelled collage, and only a hardly religious family I just recently met. I guess I need to update my profile; I left Belgium for Israel a year ago.

      As for coming down to their level to stop them – how is flinging a few all-caps insults at them, is gonna change anything? If you are implying waging a military war, I’m with you, but “infidel swines!” versus “towelheaded goatfuckers!” on some blog isn’t gonna lead anywhere.
      Educating non-Muslims and limiting Islam’s spread throuout the West by turning down the tolerance a few notches, is going to cover way more distance than shouting abuse.

      • No…don’t update your profile…get rid of it and don’t post it on sites like this.

        You’re right about flinging insults not changing anything…but you miss the point.
        These insults and the people on BOTH sides that throw them around, should have that right.
        Yes, it gets goofy and childish at times, but at least they can VENT, and let off some verbal diahrea, or steam if you will.
        True, the site providers should have the right to moderate and censor if they so choose, but that should be UP TO THEM…it’s THEIR site.

        And yes, I am implying a military war…sadly I feel it will come to just that, but I truly don’t see how they can be stopped any other way.

        I truly feel that non muslims ARE getting educated, and that is an enormous leap in stopping the spread of Islam. People have to be made to realize just what we’re up against, but some, (most!) just don’t want to bother if it doesn’t affect their daily routine.
        That will come back to haunt them someday, methinks.

        I will assume something here.
        You are young.
        I am not.
        When I was young, I was a “liberal idealist”, you might say.
        You are PROBABLY an idealist. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just not very realistic.
        I am now, at my age, much more of a “conservative realist”.
        It comes with age. You WILL get there…eventually.
        Niether group has all the answers.

        Good luck to you in Israel, and keep your head down.
        I just hope that if your country comes under attack, the West comes to your defense…because at the rate we’re going, I wouldn’t bet on that.

        • When I was young(er), three years’ army active duty cured me of liberal idealism. It all came home when I got out and went to college. In a psych class discussing how far people will go in carrying orders and how it related to the military (it was the Vietnam war) a young girl said, ‘you could just say no’.
          So, I am in effect a realist and also believe it will take violence to settle the matter as rational discussion with muslamics is a waste of time and not permitted by mohammad’s god allah.

        • Well reasoned Amboyduke; and I would also agree Anna should not update her bio, and keep her head down. We seem to agree on most things; not surprising since we’re both ‘oldies’. I also live in Canada and have struggled through the ravings of the paedophile prophet, (koran) have striven mightily with the hadith-but there’s only so much sane flesh and blood can take!

  18. The CAIR argument is as thin as soup made from the shadow of a sparrow who died of starvation.
    Then again, moslemites really believe they are a civilizing influence in the world and that everything will be beautiful as long as they have their own way.

  19. “…the language of the post could have been inciting violence or suggesting an attack …”

    in that case we can have each and every mosque site that quotes the KORAN removed from WordPress- the Koran is hate speech agasint our nation, our faiths or non faith and advocated violence to acheive conquest- in fact this tactic has worked on youtube and facebook- it does require you to complain – to report and report some more- I recommend using translation software included with Outlook or Google translate- to read pages in Arabic-

    Omega- yes you do have right to free speech from govt prosecution but TOS of private run servers is not governed by that law- as such blog hosts pay for and have their own rules – like being a guest in private person’s home- they can throw you out for whatever reson they choose to- and I nad others have asked youto tone down the death threats rhetoric in the past- you would not want to be the one responsible for having creeping sharia removed, would you?

    the good news is that by these rules we can (and have) removed JIHAD websites, videos and hate pages- if you visit, you can see he has done a lot of work on this topic. He keeps pages of sites you can help report. In fact it is most likley the reason Muslims are doing this to sites like BNI- they have never had an original idea in centuries, merely copy (usually badly) what we have invented, created or postulated, and so are trying to fight us suing our own weapons (like the Saudi, Egypt and UAE will do, now that Obummer has armed them with USA jets).

    Fight the good fight. Keep you class, cite the facts, no need to curse. Shine light into the darkness.

    • @ANNA GILADI: I’m sorry Belgium has become so inhospitable to Jews. I do not blame you for the move. In the early nineties I lived in the Reinland Pfalz (Bitburg), only a few miles from the Belgian border, and used to love taking road trips thru Belgium and Luxembourg with the wife and kids. It is a very beautiful part of Europe, but even then, I could see signs of a growing muslim presence there. I can only say Belgium’s loss is Israel’s gain with your move there and I wish you all the luck and success that Israel has to offer, a true beacon of light amidst the muslim darkness in the Middle East. Thank you for the video, it is superb in it’s depiction of the truth.

      “Zion Forever!”

    • Chilling video, very well done. I have friends in Holon, but have never been to Israel, however, I’m proud to say I’m a friend of Israel; the only civilized country in a sea of lies, filth and 7th.century barbarism. Like Amboyduke, I’m quite sure there must eventually be war with islam-as I wrote on another blog there must come a time when Western countries will ask themselves: Do we just roll over and let these barbarians rule us? Or do we fight back, and rid ourselves of rabble. I wish you the best Anna, may you prosper in Israel.

      • There will be war because violence is THEIR, repeat THEIR chosen method of conflict resolution. With islamics, it starts at home with mohammad’s god allah enshrining honor killing and infects all their relations with other human beings, moslemite or not.

  20. I post on BNI. Cant make contact with them. Cant get to their site. Received no posts from BNI since saturday. I have written to their e-mail address. Does anyone what is happening re BNI? Any other ways to contact them?

    • @Robert: I’m having the same problem. I haven’t seen any new posts from her since Saturday and my screen comes up blank when I try to open her previous posts. I just sent her an email and am waiting for a response. Will try to keep you posted.

    • they were shut down after many hatefilled posts and even worse commentors…I think the final straw was an article they did on Ron Paul in which they featured him depicted as Gollum and were pissed because he said he would end ALL foreign aid – including Israel….and he WOULD NOT as president attack Iran for them

    • Just been in contact with BNI. She is fine, she had server issues and will be up in a day or so. There was no hacking, so just ignore Mad Angel on FB. Mad Angel hates BNI and is maliciously spreading misinformation. He/she is clueless and is only trying to spin things in a negative way.

      • WordPress Removes Hate Blog, BareNakedIslam

        We don’t not support censorship unlike the hypocrites in the Islamophobesphere who for instance advocate bans on the Qur’an. However, when you cross the line into open calls for genocide and violence against another group of people you have entered very murky water. WordPress for instance has guidelines against such things and that is the reason the genocidal hate site BareNakedIslam was pulled down, they violated WordPress’ guidelines. Now they are crying victim and martyrdom for Free Speech, something they want to strip away from Muslims. Expect Robert Spencer to come to their aid once again.

        December 30, 2011

        A WORDPRESS / BARENAKED ISLAM UPDATE: The PR folks for WordPress sent me a copy of the email that Matt Mullenweg sent the BareNaked Islam bloggers:

        After reviewing this case I’ve turned your site back on. Even though this is the third Term of Service issue with your blog, you should have been contacted before your site was suspended by our Terms of Service team.

        That said, publishing IP and email addresses of commenters with the invitation to harass them is a violation of our terms of service and your site harbors numerous examples that violate our ToS rule “does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities.”

        Given that this has been an ongoing issue I think you should find alternative hosting. I realize that it is the holidays and happy to give you until Jan 6 to do so. You can use the “offsite redirect” upgrade to ensure all of your links continue to work and your visitors get redirected.

        Finally although there was a press release from CAIR claiming to have been behind this I haven’t heard of them until today and as far as we can tell none of the ToS reports that caused the blog to be reviewed were from anyone involved with that organization. does not suspend blogs at the request of individuals or organizations, only for violations of our Terms of Service.

        This sounds right. Is publishing commenters’ information wrong? Yes, unless the commenters have been threatening or abusive, in which case I think it’s fine. Were they? I don’t know — because when I went to the site it had been taken down. Anyway, WordPress seems to have done the right thing.

        • @Mad Angel: Well now, it would appear that you are a day late, and a dollar short, more like about 53 days late. You are rehashing old news, December’s news. BNI has been up and running ever since early January, just not on wordpress.

          I hope you’re not too terribly “MAD” now, but if you are I understand. After all, “MAD” is you’re first name.

  21. Hey Mad Angel, get over yourself. Bare Naked Islam is not going away and the new site attacks Muslims and their violent, twisted, perverted, and abusive behavior even more than before, now that the dhimmi Muslim asskissers at WordPress aren’t being badgered by the terrorist-supporters at CAIR.

    But thanks for helping to publicize my blog, it is because of IslamoFascist apologists like you that my visitor count is higher than ever before.


    • Hey I still post events and instances of Muslims and Sharia law being insinuated into OUR country….I’m just not ‘rude’ about it and BNI is over the top RUDE



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