Gay men become sex slaves in Arab Gulf

via Kenyan gay men become sex slaves in Arab Gulf – Bikya Masr.

DUBAI: Being gay in the Middle East is taboo. Crackdowns in Arab countries against homosexuals is common and swift, with many countries employing the death penalty against convicted homosexuals.

Now, a new report published by Identity, a gay magazine in Kenya, reveals that gay Kenyan men are being trafficked into the Gulf as sex slaves for the wealthy.

The report alleges that gay and bisexual men are lured from university campuses – particularly from Kenyatta University – with promises of high-paying jobs and then transported to labor as sex workers for men in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to the magazine, due to Kenya’s soaring unemployment rate, the men are easily fooled into this trap.

The publication interviewed one Kenyan victim who was promised a job in Qatar but ended up suffering sexual abuse.

Qatar specifically, has no laws against human trafficking, which has made cracking down on the practice nearly impossible.

“Qatar is a transit and destination country for men and women subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and, to a much lesser extent, forced prostitution,” the US State Department stated in a recent report.

“Men and women from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Sudan, Thailand, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and China voluntarily travel to Qatar as laborers and domestic servants, but some subsequently face conditions indicative of involuntary servitude. These conditions include threats of serious physical or financial harm; job switching; the withholding of pay; charging workers for benefits for which the employer is responsible; restrictions on freedom of movement, including the confiscation of passports and travel documents and the withholding of exit permits; arbitrary detention; threats of legal action and deportation; false charges; and physical, mental, and sexual abuse.”

In the Emirates, while being openly gay is illegal, the community has blossomed in recent years. Mark, a gay Canadian man, told that “the community has increased dramatically and people are more willing, and accepting, of the LGBT community here.”

But he said the report that Kenyan men are being used as sex slaves is “not surprising.”

“We have seen a lot of the elite and super wealthy want to be gay, but that would go against their traditions, so instead they often marry and then hire or do this kind of thing, to have their real desires met. It is a problem of society not opening up to the gay lifestyle and forcing it to the background,” he argued.

31 thoughts on “Gay men become sex slaves in Arab Gulf

  1. AIDS was not the original name for the disease. Formerly, it was called GRID (gay-related immunodeficiency disease) in dishonor of the deviant behavior that spread it.

    Homosexuals are less than 1% of the population.

    This 1% has ~80% of the nations GRIDS and 64% of the syphilis.

    Lesbians have on average 4 times the number of male partners and are twice as likely to have an STD as normal women.

    Homos and lesbians have the highest suicide rates in the nation.

    Many Homos suffer from ‘gay’ bowel syndrome – just the act of what they do causes numerous physical problems (So there’s nothing gay about being ‘gay’, is there).

    Sexual deviants have a much higher alcohol and drug abuse rates. There’s nothing ‘stable’ about them.

    Every nation in the history of the world that has allowed homosexuality to infect their society has fallen within two generations.

    No nation of civilization has allowed or embraced homosexuality on the way to the top, it is always on the way to the bottom and near their destruction that homosexuality becomes allowed and common.

    • Let’s see some proof for your hateful claims. You are full of sh*t & hate and you know it. This is NOT a forum for hate attacks on homosexuals. I’m sure you’d feel more comfortable over at Stormfront.

      Proof! Let’s see it or shut the hell up/ And that goes for the idiots who agree with this imbecile too.

    • Much truth here, however, you must also realize that it is the wanton practice of multi sexual habits and traits. Homosexuals that are grounded and understand them selves and are true homosexual are not such, the performance of wanton sex and its related problems are the glitch…Many and I say many people that profess to be gay or homosexual are not, they are into the euphoria of the sexual relation. Their relationship is unstable and their habits are quite the same. I am very aware of many very stable true homosexuals that have never had a sexual relationship with female or had multi sexual encounters. Their habits are true to the scope of homosexual practice. Sexual deviants have made a bad name for true homosexuality. One should understand the difference before judgement. If you will note, that once homo acts are prevalent in a society and become the opiate of desire and action it becomes gutteral and ugly as noted is some pornographic films and magazines. It releases the hate issue but yet is stimulating to the libido., get your rocks off type thing…then the euphoria passes and will start again once the testosterone builds up…and over and over…..thus you have this ugly habit that becomes norm…..but, has nothing to do with the real homosexual. Islam abhors homosexuality but does it because of the euphoria of the moment release of libido….and then guilt because of religion comes in and the battles of lying and hate begin….all over again….Islam is the worst of it all….they won’t admit their problem….after all , they are on hold because there are no more virgins upstairs….Mr. Moh has sequestered them into fag hags….morning all…..

      • I do understand the difference, but the numbers suggest the monogamous committed homosexual is a TINY minority, but I don’t deny they do exist.

        The majority are making things more difficult, because they are pushing way too far, and they flaunt their deviant ways in the faces of the majority and by that invite harsh responses and over reactions.

        I’m all for tolerance, but to expect full acceptance is a bridge too far. These same people openly DO NOT accept my views, and they have that right, as I have the right not to accept theirs, we should however tolerate each other, and that is much easier to do with a degree of proper discretion.

        I know tolerance is clearly not enough for MOST homosexuals, because they had full legal equality with Civil Unions in Vermont, but that was NOT enough, they had to have the Government redefine a word in order to legally demand ACEPTANCE from the population. Again, with the Civil Union, I could care less, but to redefine what has ALWAYS been Man and Woman to mean something else, that is just too far!

  2. It is an abomination unto the Lord. The Holy Bible warns against homosexual behavior.

    The word gay is nuts. There is nothing gay about this lifestyle.

    They are queers as we used to call them, or even faggots.

    • Homosexual behavior….yes, not nuts and faggots….or as you used to say….queers……well, there are many that protected your hairy butt over the years…and stood right beside you …and have put up with your queer remarks….sounds to me you are one of those hairry butt dudes that like to go to the back room of the book store and get the BJ of the day…..right guy?????…..feels good…but, can’t keep on track with it…..

  3. If that is the fate of gay men who come under sharia. What happens to all the western women that have been abducted by islam? Not a pretty thought.

  4. Homosexuality does not even make the TOP TEN! (commandments) .

    So all you stone throwers I must ask? do you follow Leviticus to the letter? eat shellfish? pork? never violated the Sabbath? (SATURDAY)

    You have pastors and flocks who do adultery, have you banished them to exile? have you ever told a lie? disrespected your parents?

    winghunter you got any decent reference for your madeup statistics?
    AIDS is flourishing eveywhere ignorance abounds- and in BOTH genders. Really love to knw how you figured LESBIANS have sex with men LOL

  5. THAT DEFINITELY SOUNDS LIKE A THREAT THERE WINGN- ER I MEAN ‘HUNTER’;p…WHAT AN IDIOT….where did you get your facts?? from the bathroom stall walls????

    • YOU, mad idiot angel are the wingnut, Winghunter is correct in his/her facts. Your childish stupidity adds nothing to the site. Begone!!

        • Facts come from the CDC and Census, and you are incorrect about where sexual deviants are. If the homosexual population is as the Census suggest, they commit many times more offenses per that tiny population than other groups. I fully expect you to ignore and live in ignorance, truth hurts, and you won’t bother to look it up. Link provided above will get you to the officical date if you have the guts to read it, but I suspect you don’t by you tone here. Live a lie, and die with the consequences. We warned you, over and over…..

  6. these Islamist people are so evil, it makes me sick to read about them. I’ve heard about these sex maniacs since late 80’s ,unfortunately ignorant people doesn’t know what’s really going on in the Islamic nations. According to what I heard from an FB friend who used to work in Saudi Arabia, you have to watch your back, sides or front even you’re wearing a veil. Men there are sex maniacs besides, once you’re raped, it will be the females fault. As an immigrant , I’ve been reading so much about the Sex maniac Arabs. It upset me a lot, because the gov. from the country where I came from , doesn’t seem to care much about their own citizens, but only favors the money remitted by the victims of inhumanity. The Islamist doesn’t care about the victims of rape or being killed, they have o heart and soul because they are under the spell of their evil Allah and pedo prophet@Left wingers are stupid enough, because they are under the spell of Communism or socialism!!

  7. Curious isn’t it, how muslims won’t tolerate homosexuals, (and they have just as many as any other group) but the “love” of a sheep, goat or camel is OK, also sex with little girls and boys! What a certifiably sick lot they are; and our leaders and politicians are actually welcoming them into our countries. Pity the poor Americans, they are lumbered with one in the White House, who can’t drag illiterate Somali and Pakistani scum fast enough into the country.

    • For the love of Obama….he needs to be cut off and sent to his grandmas house….it would get him into line as things as pretty sad there…..

  8. woowww!! I cant say im shocked!! Arabs pretend so much that they are manly men and so tough and so heterosexual.. but in fact a lot of them are gay and they do things like this because they don’t want other people in their society to know.. disgusting.. utterly infuriating.. :-)

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