Filipino Catholics need massive military, police protection from Muslim threat

via Millions of Filipino devotees defy terror warning – Yahoo! News.

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Millions of Roman Catholic devotees paraded with a statue of Christ through the Philippine capital under a massive police cordon Monday after the president warned that terrorists might target the raucous annual procession.

The government did not have specific intelligence on a terrorist plot. Still, about 15,000 policemen, backed by hundreds of army troops, secured the three-mile (five-kilometer) procession route for the charred wooden Black Nazarene statue from seaside Rizal Park to a popular church in Manila’s congested Quiapo district.

Air force helicopters stood by and cellphone service was blocked in procession areas to prevent its use to trigger bombs. Despite the president’s warning, huge crowds of devotees wearing maroon shirts surged near the statue, believed to have healing powers.

“It’s a choice between faith and fear,” said Rodolfo Uy, 45, a polio victim whose 12-year-old son pushed him on a wheelchair to see the Black Nazarene. “I got nervous last night when I heard the news but my devotion was stronger.”

Uy said he prayed for metal braces so he could walk and work again for his children.

President Benigno Aquino III announced in a hastily called news conference Sunday that several terrorists had been reported in the capital with plans to disrupt the procession, but that the threat was not high enough to cancel the procession and that police would work to keep it safe.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said the threat, involving possible bombings by two groups of Muslim militants from the country’s volatile south, prompted police to raid several suspected terrorist hideouts in the Manila area, but without any results.

In addition to hundreds of army troops, the military said it deployed 19 teams of explosive experts, 33 units with bomb-sniffing dogs, crowd-control squads and ambulances. It put a 500-member rapid reaction force and three helicopters on standby.

The cost of Islam.

14 thoughts on “Filipino Catholics need massive military, police protection from Muslim threat

  1. President Benigno Aquino III had his soldiers shot up by the Mindano crowd. He allowed it to happen without retaliation.

    That made them much more aggressive. They can do these crimes undeterred.

    They only understand force and retaliation on their quest to subjugate the Philippines to Islam. Aquino seems not to understand the threat of Islam, or is too weak to take it out.

  2. Aquino is a moron and an appeaser. This is another example of a weak president bowing to the scum of islam. He needs to be removed ASAP and put in someone with a spine.

  3. Take Heed… the philippines are fighting the rise of Islam with such little resource and just holding at bay….we must take heed and keep focus on the rise here. It is not the Farrakhan style any longer. …and even the blacks that loved ole farrakhan will be shocked how they will suffer under the new style of Islam…..

  4. AS my history is recalled, This land is my land , owned by Philippinos. Not the dam MUSLIMS< Should have never let them any country, including Thalland England or USA , France, once they get a foot , they seem to thing , they own that property, Really need to eradicate them from the earth and their belives/

  5. Stop talking. Start doing. An eye for an eye. The threat grows because non-Muslims don’t strike back against these thuggish peices of human garbage. If every “jihadi” knew his family would be targeted for some of what he was dishing out (or worse) he might be a little less anxious to go get Allah’s virgins. You call yourself a Muslim; I call you a Jew hating, bigotted thug.

  6. It’s disgusting when you have to have police & army protection to practice your own religion in your own country because some immigrants don’t agree with it.

    This is what the USA will be like soon if Barry continues to import Somalis and sh*tloads of other muslims at the rate he is now.

  7. The Philippine people became Christian in the first place because the Christians did the exact same thing the Muslims are doing to them now. Invading, murdering, forced conversions, slaughtering of families, stealing of land.

    Perhaps there should be a new movement in the Philippines, one that gets rid of both the Christianity they were forced into, and the Muslim they are now being forced into. And once again go back to their native culture’s beliefs.

  8. Sarah, why not simply allow people to have their faith as they choose it, without being forced by anyone, including the Muslims?

    Freedom of religion is a universal human right. That is where the Muslims there depart company with the rest of the Philippines.

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  10. Muslims in Mindanao converted to Roman Catholic since the 19th century Philippines to the 21st century they are fastest growing Christians around the world to dedicated for world peace and reconciliation against the war and religious persecution and political threats Filipinos pray for peace and unity over tragedy and agony to end grave threats from terrorism since 9-11-2001 12 years ago attack New York City by foreign terrorists and United States and allies saved the world from international terrorism and Islamists brought to justice and the world will prevail and pray for peace and unity for all mankind recognized by the Church of Rome/Vatican City pray for the departed ones including the victims of 10-15-2013 earthquake in Bohol and Cebu and typhoon “Yolanda”11-5-2013 in Leyte and Samar and the people of the Philippines .Thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion.From:Wayne

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