Jimmy Carter meets with Muslim Brotherhood

Probably not the first time. He’s been calling for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood recognition for years. via Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party head meets former U.S. president Carter – People’s Daily Online.

CAIRO, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) — Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party ( FJP) chairman Mohamed Morsi met here Thursday with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to discuss Egypt’s transition process.

Carter congratulated Morsi on the parliamentary election results achieved by the party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), noting there was international consensus to respect the results which reflect the Egyptian people’s choices, said a statement posted on the MB’s website.

The former U.S. president called on the FJP to accommodate nascent and new parties of youth which have not achieved significant rates of victory in recent elections, it said.

Morsi said a mixed presidential-parliamentary model was optimal for Egypt in the current transitional period. This can be transformed into a full parliamentary system after the completion of democratic process, he added.

The FJP chief also said Egypt is a big country with vital institutions and respects the agreements signed in the past as long as all parties are committed to their terms within the framework of respect for sovereignty and independence.

Carter, who arrived in Egypt Monday, held talks with the chief of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Hussein Tantawi, and Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri.

More via IBD, Why Is Jimmy Carter Helping Egypt’s Islamic Radicals?:

Anti-Americanism: The worst president of the 20th century is now fomenting terrorism in the 21st century by helping Egyptian Islamists. For decades, Jimmy Carter has been legitimizing mass-murderers in the name of peace.

The president whose infamous 1979 televised “malaise speech” blamed his own failures on Americans’ “growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives” has spent much of his life aiding some of America’s most murderous enemies.

As president, with his U.N. ambassador, Andrew Young, calling the Ayatollah Khomeini “some kind of saint” and his own State Department suggesting Khomeini’s anti-American writings were forgeries, Carter abandoned our ally the Shah of Iran and let Khomeini conduct an Islamist revolution. For 444 days 52 Americans were held hostage.

If not for Carter’s naive “human rights” foreign policy, an anti-American Islamofascist regime in Tehran wouldn’t be on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons.

Why would a former U.S. president help the organization that established the Hamas terrorist group and whose Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) manifesto promises to cut off oil and gas to “the Zionist occupiers of Palestine,” establish Taliban-like Shariah law and devastate the economy by banning the supposedly Zionist practice of consumer lending?

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20 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter meets with Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Uh, excuse me? Where does this disaster of a ” leader ” get the authority to be discussing America’s role with the Muslim Brotherhood? As I understand it, he is no longer a representative of these United States…no? Is he there at the behest of the State Dept. and/ or obama?

  2. Jimmy what is wrong with you? Do you love this country? Have you lost your mind, or are you in early stages of mind loss. A Baptist who is following the teachings of the Bible. If you are not telling those Muslims about Jesus you have no business fellow shipping with them.That is what is wrong with liberals, and socialists, and the likes of Jimmy Carter.Does Jimmy really think His meager worthless words can convert these haters of America? This man has lost it.Get out while the getting is good, before they remove your head.

  3. You cannot negociate with a Rattlesnake!

    If it’s Hell bent on biting you, a word like “Please rattlesnake, don’t bit me” will DO NO GOOD!

  4. There would seem to be just no end of trouble caused by this interfering, thoroughly silly, toothy old ‘git’. Mr. Carter just doesn’t seeem happy unless he’s sticking his nose, and stupid views into other peoples’ business. Americans would do well to take his passport away.

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  6. Hi Guys.
    Got the story also but according to Ikwanweb,(MuslimBrotherhood)
    ” Carter then pointed out that the peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel had two sides: the first related to Israeli and international obligations towards the Palestinian cause, and the second to military matters; but what has been implemented of the agreement is the second part, while the first – regarding Palestinian rights – has not been dealt with adequately, adding that the former Egyptian regime played a major role in the marginalization of that side.”
    Hm……..For a minute i thought i heard Obama speaking.

  7. Seems that JImmy Carter is losing it. One wonders if he is dealing with a full deck. Oops, forgot, good Baptists donot usually playi with cards. Should have studied his Bible more closely.

    MIght one add, he does not represent the USA. That ended when he was defeated. Also, he does sound more and more like the present incumbent of Pennsylvania Avenue.

  8. Surprised he is not in the obama junta. Then again, he is a white cracker and a CHRISTIAN! Oh! lions and tigers and bears oh my!

  9. If this begotten son of a female canine had to be compared to anyone in literature it would be Uriah Heep. As President Dragon was being sworn in, Iran was loading the hostages on a plane to a US Military Hospital in Germany. Iran knew darned well that Reason would demolish the City of Qum as his first act in office. We need Reagans to deal with Iran not sissies.

  10. Islam’s success sits upon a three-legged stool: Oil, Political Correctness, and James Earl Carter. Remove any one of those legs from the stage of history and the world is safe for civilization.

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  12. “Worst President of the 20th. century”–yes, but the present ‘Prez.’ is even worse, and today he nixed the Keystone pipeline–as I knew he would. Driving America down; his father would be so proud!

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