Imam sentenced to life in prison for JFK Airport terror plot

How many people has this imam taught about jihad in his 66 years? via Imam Kareem Ibrahim sentenced to life in prison for JFK Airport terror plot | Mail Online.

An Imam has been sentenced to life in prison for joining a failed plot to firebomb John F. Kennedy Airport in 2007 by blowing up jet fuel supplies with the help of a notorious al-Qaida explosives expert.

A federal judge in Brooklyn gave Kareem Ibrahim, the leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago, the life term on Friday after a jury found him guilty last year of conspiracy.

Ibrahim’s attorneys had argued in court papers that the 66-year-old deserved only 13 years, claiming prosecutors had exaggerated his role in a scheme that had been infiltrated by an FBI informant and had no chance of succeeding.

But U.S. Judge District Court Dora Irizarry said the case ‘shows the government at its best in terms of protecting the security of this country.’

Ibrahim, from Trinidad, ‘abandoned the true tenants of his religion’ by participating in the plot, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch comments on U.S. attorney’s statement:

Yes, I am sure that Loretta Lynch knows so much more about the true “tenants” of Islam than does a 66-year-old Shi’ite imam.

On tape, Ibrahim told Defreitas that the attackers must be ready to ‘fight it out, kill who you could kill and go back to Allah.’

The plotters also discussed reaching out to Adnam Shukrijumah, an al-Qaida member and explosives expert who was believed to be hiding out in the Caribbean at the time.

Shukrijumah, an FBI most-wanted terrorist, has been indicted on federal charges he was involved in a failed plot to attack the New York City subway system with suicide bombers.

Spencer again:

How did a 66-year-old Shi’ite imam, who has dedicated his life to serving Allah and teaching Islam, come to misunderstand his religion so drastically as to get involved in a jihad terror plot? And why won’t the media ask the question and explore its implications? And how many times have I asked those questions before, as unreality and fantasy-based policymaking gains an ever firmer hold in Washington?

10 thoughts on “Imam sentenced to life in prison for JFK Airport terror plot

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  2. I don’t know why he has be sentenced for life which is going to cost money to tax payers. He should have been hanged, electric chair or lethal injection. Period. Is there any wonder muslims do what they feel like , knowing they will NOT be hanged………
    America is too soft on muslims.

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  4. American Christians are Infidels and the Muslims must kill us…no question about it. We American Christians are their ticket to heaven. This is a blood thirsty grudge carried from the time their prophet Mohammed out of envy and hatred decided he would lie to get the worship due our creator.

  5. Same official response to the Tampa would be bomber — he was the aberrant Muslim who did not represent the faith, but no journalist, columnist, or editor asks how such a person who has followers, studies the Koran and Hadiths day and night, and uses media to spread their message can get it so wrong yet cause no real controversy until the point where they are buying explosives?

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