Adopting Pro-Sharia Textbooks in U.S. Schools

via Alyssa A. Lappen — Adopting Pro-Sharia Textbooks

One of the most important strengths of a nation is its education. When U.S. school textbooks fail to deal honestly with Islam but instead present apologetics and propaganda, children are Islamists’ pawns.

When states should step in.

In August 2011, a Marietta, Ga. 7th grade teacher gave a three-page homework lesson from InspirEd Educators Inc. of Roswell, Ga. to students to help them discuss pros and cons of school uniforms. “Women in the West do not have the protection of the Sharia as we do,” declared a letter from a Saudi wife named Ahlima. “If our marriage has problems, my husband can take another wife rather than divorce me, and I would still be cared for.” She’s glad that Saudi women “have the Sharia.” When parents objected to the assignment’s pro-Islam stance, the school district changed the curriculum.

In 2010, Act for America compiled research from former assistant education secretary Diane Ravitch, American Textbook Council and Textbook League on how 38 public school texts handled Islam; last month, Christian Action Network launched a national campaign warning of bias.

While school assignments sugarcoat sharia, the doctrine requires “defense” of community and permits “payback” against perceived enemies like U.S. servicemen and all Israelis, according to influential Muslim Brotherhood jurist Yusuf Qaradawi. Thus a naturalized Kosovo man arrested in Florida Jan. 9 planned an attack to “die in the Islamic way.” The Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) has long warned members not to aid the FBI and Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) agents seek more “hate crime” studies — but eliminations of solid counter terror strategies.

Some 22 states and U.S. territories currently maintain central textbook “adoption” standards to either recommend or require specific textbooks for public schools. Textbook adoption originated during Reconstruction to ensure that the Civil War narrative included Confederate views in southern states. In the public free-for-all that ultimately developed, minorities apparently appropriated undue influence. Thus, texts often downplay European history but include material unrelated to the U.S. Some books, for example, tout Mali’s medieval Islamic ruler Mansa Musa and his 1324 trip (with thousands of slaves) to Mecca. But they provide no connection to U.S. history — as none exists.

In the last two decades, sanitized Islamic history and dogma crept into broad use in U.S. public school books thanks largely to Shabbir Mansuri; to advantage Muslims, he maximized the minority role in textbook adoption (and falsely claimed to be a USC-educated chemical engineer). In 1990, he founded the Fountain Valley, Ca. Council on Islamic Education to promote Islam in textbooks and curricula, which he calls a “bloodless” revolution inside American junior high and high school classes. Mansuri derived the idea in 1988, after seeing a textbook disparage physical aspects of Muslim prayer, he says.

Independent review agencies affirm that CIE—deceptively renamed in 2006 as Institute on Religion and Civic Values (IRCV)—powerfully influences U.S. textbooks via state standards it helped to write.

Susan Douglass

For advancing “change” in school standards and curricula, CIE can largely thank Muslim convert Susan Douglass, who for 10 years wrote CIE lesson plans, advisories, guidelines and pamphlets to soft peddle Islam in public schools. Central is the Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools that this author exposed shortly after its 2003 publication, purportedly as an interfaith “First Amendment” plan.

CIE bedfellows include North American Muslim Brotherhood affiliates. CIE shares MB goals, as its former chief Mohammed Akram outlined in a strategic May 1991 MB “Explanatory Memorandum.” Sound Vision Foundation pushes “dawa” (proselytizing) in public schools from MB offices in Bridgewater, Ill., for example. CIE joined efforts with Arab World and Islamic Resources Group (AWIRG), a.k.a. Dar al Islam or land of Islam—a remote N.M. non-profit founded in 1979 by the late Saudi King Khaled ibn Aziz. AWIRG had CIE help forming its speakers bureau and until a 2005 press inquiry, listed CIE as its “secondary schools” associate. CIE has old ties, too, to the extremist Islamic Networks Group, and collaborated extensively” with Ali al-Mazrui, an ex-trustee of an MB organization founded by incarcerated, Eritrean MB terrorist financier Abdurahman Alamoudi.

While probably unaware of their carefully staged genesis, parents for years have vocally opposed such Islamic instructions in public schools and texts as:

  • In 2008, a Seminole County, Fl. school let Muslim women co-opt a “family dynamics‘” talk.
  • In Sept. 2010, a Wellesley, Ma. school “field trip” to a Saudi-funded Roxbury mosque taught kids how to pray like Muslims.
  • In early 2010, Minnesota’s ACLU sued St. Paul’s public k-8 Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy for breaching the ban against government religious advocacy.
  • Massachusetts schools adopted a Notebook by Abiquiu, N.M.’s Saudi-funded AWIRG. Pushed by Harvard’s Middle Eastern Studies Center, it claims Muslim explorers discovered the New World and Native Americans had Muslim names. (In 2005, the center had received $20 million from Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talaal, who later boasted he could control global TV news.)

In Sept. 2010, the Texas Board of Education endured heavy criticism after issuing a textbook resolution asking publishers to fix the “pro-Islamic/anti-Christian half-truths, selective disinformation, and false stereotypes” that riddled textbooks. The board included four pages of notes to document “pejoratives” targeting Christians and “superlatives,” Muslims—e.g. brutal conquests of Christian lands were called “migrations” of “empire builders.” Books listed Crusaders’ massacres, but not the Muslim Tamerlane’s 1389 Delhi murder of 100,000 prisoners or his 1401 Baghdad massacre of 90,000 Muslims.

Whether named CIE or IRCV, Islamic forces spent decades stealthily cultivating influence over our nation’s public schools and curricula through “minority” channels afforded by “textbook adoption.” Other “adoption state” authorities should perhaps now add teeth to their own Texas-like counter-efforts.
________________________________ Contributing Editor Alyssa A. Lappen is a U.S.-based investigative journalist, with a focus on the Middle East and Islam. A former Senior Fellow of the American Center for Democracy (2005-2008), she previously covered the economy, business and finance, as a Senior Editor at Institutional Investor (1993-1999), Working Woman (1991-1993) and Corporate Finance (1991); and an Associate Editor at Forbes (1978-1990). [End of post]

PS: If the name Susan Douglass rings a bell, we listed her as an attendee at the July 4 convention of Islamists hosted by unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Hamas funding conviction in U.S. history. See the post here.

47 thoughts on “Adopting Pro-Sharia Textbooks in U.S. Schools

  1. This is horrible.
    Is there no watchdog institute in the USA which takes care that this does not happen?
    Our young people are going to grow up with a mental handicap whcih favours islam..

    • Yes, this is horrible. Requiem pro Occidentis. And all with the traitorous compliciency of the left. The only thing I hate worse than islam is the political left for their crass stupidity and greed. Yes, greed, by selling their souls (and ours) to the Devil (islam).

    • The way it is to be….of course, learning is one thing ..doing is another…the mental handicap will be the proof in the end, are they going to use the sharia law to destroy their country and way of life where as ….women will not be in the headlines as …Hillary and Michele..and all those old homes on the Hudson that are landmarks of american long ago will become homes of Imans and mosques…and of course, the Koran teaches …Muslims cannot have christian and jewish friends..whiich outs American Jews, Baptist, and Mormons and all those other little wild churches in the valley…….so, this dude many just take another wife and not divorce the first..and she must live on what he gives out…and of course, wealth is not a case in Islamic world….for all….bag people are common place of course and women of no value…infact can be killed for little reason. Give the world a break…dump the religion and all the do gooders that want to sweet talk it….essentially, those do gooders here in the US are the downfall of it all. Take heed….Amiee, Tammy, and lots of others….have fallen swading their snake oil…..another little thing….gay is out….really out…and probably will have alot of stoned queens….unless you are a boy 10 or 12 and look like Cecco and you become the Imans sex toy…or as they are called in the muslim world….wedding singers….and the girls….well, figure that for your self….I can hear the police captians screams now for all the major cities….and the ER doctors and nurses….when they see the results of the do gooders….remember ….most do gooders think they are christians…..and they must understand and turn the cheek and e.t.c….re read the bible …and another thing….catch up with Armstrong and the publication of The Trumpet….quite interesting…kinda opens an eye….

  2. you damned people had better fast about the muzzy and what they are going to do to the world. Lock and load N O W and there may dstill be a chance

  3. PLO and Saudi textbooks recognize the ease with which their message can be conveyed by including it in textbooks. Children are most vulnerable to believing that they hear only “truth” from their teacherrs and textbooks.

    We must assure that only the “truth” about Islam is taught in schools. Let the violence, hate and prejudice of the Koran be taught. Let children hear the speeches of the mullaas which call for the death and destruction of the West by violence. Let these children be taught
    that the Koran states that Muslims are not to be friends with Christian and Jews and that the objective of Islam is to subjugate the people and nations of this world. Let these children learn about Tequilla, which is the approved technique of “lying” if it will give thre liar an advantage, whether it be in personal relations or treaties between nations.

    • Uh, thats Taqiyya, not tequilla, which I like with a little salt on the rim and a bite of lime, much as the teatotalling muscum prefers his taqiyya sprinkled within the pages of our youth’s textbooks and TLC programs. Spot on comment though, I concur wholeheartedly.

    • Thank god, I am not from US. But terrible, I am in India and now they not only will change the History books, but they will change the science and moral books to sharia sciences and sharia morals. Thank God, I finished my schooling. Thank God, I am gay, I am not afraid that my kids will be reading sharia science sharia math, sharia english and sharia social sciences…

  4. Unionized teachers & goals 2000 brought socialism into all books in classwork…an integrated, inescapable method of forming the ideal global socialist citizen and democratic voter. Now, Islam follows that same path. To rid a school of certian assignments will not correct the problem. Islam is being integrated into multi forms of inculcation in schools and Universities across America. When one reads the “religion” texts, not only is Islam put forth as the only “holy, closest to God” religion, but there are errors in Christianity and Jewdisim. Those errors make both religions seem like “story” religions and non-authentic. Books and lessons in all subjects must be scrutinized to fully comprehend the extent of this well planned “Creeping Sharia”.
    Lord knows, many mothers in this nation have their toddler girls adoring men like Justin Beiber, they have them pole dancing and dressing more like tiny women then children. How advantageous for a rule of law that allows marriage at such a young age.

    • The melding of Sharia and lesser Islamic culture parts is indeed a planned event.of the West.It seems odd that the left would tolerate such practices ;except for the result;They know that Islam is Pagan.The left is pagan plus one pagan equals two pagans.Taboo is thus done away with and any hard liners later down the road are liquidated ………’s all part of the plan ;just like the planned SAVINGS AND LOAN COLLAPSE CIRCA 1990’S.Look and see whose finances are well done;OPEC.NOT A SCRATCH ON EM;NO STANDARD AND POOR’S DOWNGRADE HERE!

    • OF COURSE, JUSTIN BEIBER IS A PRODUCT OF HIS MONEY GRABBING PARENTS…AND THEY ARE SQUABBLING ABOUT HIS WAGES…..FOR YEARS NOW…. His mother is an idiot of first class and he, himself should be kicked for making it a teenybopper thing to fuck around at 17 and not be responsible..when he shakes his butt for the buck…he produced a bastard with the glory that will me venerated in 8 months….by your teen world…and who knows….he may be president one day as his birth certificate is floating around some where….of course, sharia law will have the girl killed since they are not married…and where will the child be….??? paying the price…like Michael Jackson did….for the sins of the parents….also note…Michaels children are paying the price of his messy mess….And who knows…they may be your boss someday…and you are to venerate and respect them for their marvelous decisions……..sic….more fodder for a film…..hheehehe.

  5. awwww, she’s so cute!

    and so is the Black Mamba.

    Separated at birth…..

    PS: to the shooting enthusiasts: get a pistol permit FIRST – THEN lock and load. Semi auto shotguns are also good to have at home. Your choice to chamber a round first but NOT a good idea if you live with people.

  6. The Socialists in this country have managed to allow are children to be cut off from our history, now these ignorant American haters are trying to introduce this Muslim garbage( from the pit of hell) to be taught to are children.. Are young people are like a sponge they absorb this type of indoctrination.Wake up parents, they are polluting your children with false doctrine.

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  8. Parents should be warned about their children being taken to mosques and “learning to pray”. According to Islamic law, if they say the words there is no god but Allah and muhammed is his prophet, they would now be considered muslims and treated as apostates later. Very insidious as is everything they do.

    • If people decide VOLUNTARILY to resolve disputes outside UK court and it is not binding legally and they still have recourse to find justice in civil or criminal courts- I see no problem.
      However Muslim women are not necessarily volunteering but may be being coerced to courts which treat them second class.
      The video seems to say that there is a $$ charge for SHARIA law trials- in which case it seems these “scholars” are parcticing law without a license- in USA this is illegal, not sure about UK. If it is a religious counceling service it should be FREE.

      I did note women in baggy sleeves using a machine that can easily catch them into it. In previouspostss we discussed the dangers of unsafe garb in the workplace.

  9. Want to put a state of fear into these MUSLIM THUGS, SHUN THEM every where you see them, refuse to check out your purchases at any store and in a loud voice let them know they are NOT WANTED IN THE UNITED STATES. They are not worthy to enjoy our FREEDOMS guarenteed by our CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • ” Want to put the state of fear into these muslims thugs,Shun them every where you see them. ” I do agree with you, but instead the muslims have put fear in us.Sura 8:12 clearly states that. That is the reason we don’t do any thing to harm them in any way or form in our countries.
      ” refuse to check out……..CONTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS !!! We MUST do that .
      There are already 85 sharia law courts functioning in UK.

  10. Nice to know we have fine upstanding NON AMERICANS such as Ms. Douglass….what I’m really thinking is so un-Christian it scares the hell out of me. Anyone that converts to Islam really needs to relinquish their citizenship and hit the door.

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  12. They live in the USA,we are a free nation.Everybody is free to practice their own religion,do not force your religion onto us,you do not want our religion,we do not want your religion.When in America,abide by our laws.If you do not abide by our laws and you do not like the rules here in the USA.Hey..Leave.Go back to your own homeland.OR abide by the laws and rules of the FREE Usa.They do not want us to be free to pray,they want nothing of america.leave …go back to where you came from .You will not ever change the Land of the free.We are NOT a Muslim nation.

  13. Hey,listen up UK,and USA..You give one inch,they’ll take a yard,give them a yard,they’ll take a mile.You allow it,it is your own fault.Put your own laws in place and stand by your own laws.They break our laws,they’ll go to Jail or prison.PLain & simple…Do not allow it.

  14. This is just insanity, pure and simple. You can’t forbid children from Christian and Jewish homes to practice their religion in class then turn around and allow Islamic children special treatment.

  15. Thanking you in advance for the privilege to comment. I, as a former educator, must take issue with the entire scenario regarding Mansa Musa and his Hijj of 1324 including thousands of slaves. This believe it or not came to me whilst in graduate school by a professor in a “Black Studies” class. The professor was in her early 90’s and was sharing some of her memories about first coming to this country. Brief: As a child she told many stories of blacks in Africa that were rich and literally gave gold to those who followed along. To this day I have a strong position that she was relating something (wealth, prosperity) of blacks who originally got to America through slavery. At any rate none of her childhood classmates believed her and she further explained the hurt she went through as a result. Then she acquired some photographs and pictures from a text from Mali, Africa that showed Mansa Musa in all of his glory. Needless to say, those pictures accompanied her to school the next day.

    Now then, I am not disputing anything that you have written; however, I do challenge the notion that although the texts that we’re being examined may not have had a direct reference to America, yet in reality it certainly does. A good educator would find a teachable moment to introduce how and why Musa was there during the alleged Dark Ages. I remain of the opinion that one cannot study North or South Saharan Africa without indeed being able to make logical and in some instances, critical assessments to America.

    However, your post was not about the tie-ins of textbooks; the entire textbook publishing empire is relishing in new aspects they are now able to sink into unsuspecting minds. Thank you again! And for what it’s worth….during my grad days in academia — never, not once was anything said about Islam or that Musa was indeed a Muslim — therefore, I think it sucks!


  16. One answer to this perversion of the education of our youth is HOME SCHOOLING. It should be a lot easier now with laptops. Second answer is totally defunding the Dept. of Education as a Federal preoccupation, labor toady, and tax boondoggle and disbursing its remaining assets to the states. Gingrich even went further to say the states should devolve it back upon the localities or counties. Thirdly, the idea that students need touchy feely “opinion education” (the humanities) as opposed to the “factual education” (grammar and math and the sciences) where they remain clearly deficient is an ongoing fallacy.

    • While I do agree citizens should have a choice to home school or send them to private or religious schools, I disagree that home schoolingis the answer.
      PUBLIC schools which are paid for by ALL of us should not be in the business of propagandizing for a particular political social group (ISLAM) and in same, teaching disrespect or ignoring others (Judaism, Chrsitianity, Catholicism, Hindu etc). Especially to the point that you must pull them outof those places you pay for b/c they are so distorted by leftist agendas.
      I think it wrong to deny our kids the SOCIAL aspects of attending school with PEERS, as important as academics in the raising up of well adjusted kids.
      I do not think the answer is to withdraw but to FIGHT at the local levels-the school boards.
      A large part of the success of USA, the ability to climb up form poverty for example, is due to FREE PUBLIC education, a rarity in many nations, and one of the things that defines our exceptionalism.

    • According to certain theories, (Reference ISLAM
      A CONCEPT OF POLITICAL WORLD INVASION BY MUSLIMS, a book by Supreme Court Advocate Mr. R. V. Bhasin from India, which is banned by Government of India, despite being a secular country, with rights of expression being given to people aka muslims) it is a concept of global domination. And according to me, Mohammedanism in contrast to Islam is a Methodology of Global Domination, a systemic approach to annihilate anti-thesis.

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