Islamic University of North America aka Sharia Academy

Now that people are waking up to sharia and the term rightfully carries a negative connotation, this madrassa has undergone a name change from Sharia Academy to the nondescript Mishkah. The organization caught our attention with it’s dawah on Twitter. After a quick search, it’s clear they are all about sharia and spreading Islam.

Sharia Academy is now Mishkah University!

Mishkah – A new name for new beginnings. Our name change is symbolic of many transformations within your university intended to make your learning experience more enriching and fulfilling. It also marks the formal merger between Sharia Academy and International University of Latin America.

The Sharia Academy is marketing itself as an “accredited university” in North America but it appears the only accreditation it has is through it’s merger with the International University of Latin America. The reason it merged with IULA, based in Panama, was to spread Islam and sharia to South and Central America.

Thus our decision to establish the main center of learning in the Republic o f Panama was due to its strategic location in between Central and South America…

They are however based out of the US and Egypt (home of the Muslim Brotherhood), and have branches in Houston, Detroit and Montreal:

USA Office
4111 Central Avenue NE Suite 207, Columbia Heights MN 55421-2955 USA
Phone: 813-322-3722
Fax: 866-263-5782

Egypt Office
1 Zaker Hussein Street, 3rd floor, Nasr City, Cairo Egypt
Phone: 202-2270-1069
Fax: 202-2275-7006

Most of the “faculty” are from Egypt’s Al-Azhar University. That should set off alarm bells for anyone worried about the infiltration of Islamic sharia law – that is what these people are teaching with a goal getting it established in the Americas.

If any of you have time for some open source analysis on the faculty, staff and board – as well as those running the IULA feel free to post your results or post on your blogs and we’ll link in.

10 thoughts on “Islamic University of North America aka Sharia Academy

  1. Teaching Sharia Law is advocating sedition against the United States. Where are the lawyers to shut this institution down? Civil Ricco comes to mind. It shouldn’t be difficult to successfully litigate under the Civil Ricco statutes. CAIR comes to mind as an entity that should be taken on under Ricco too.

  2. After the Okla. experience, the message is that we need a federal anti-Sharia law, along with a moratorium on Muslim immigration, all passed by a Congress that has finally awakened to the existential threat posed by a “religion” whose idol demands his own set of “divine” laws that are horror on wheels. A Constitutional amendment would even be better. Once passed, the only way the Muslims can force Sharia on us would be to defeat us military and impose it by force with an occupation army – oh, that’s how they’ve been doing it from day one.

  3. They are here because the love us and want to be like us. Not. They are here to impose sharia law on us and take over our country. If we don’t wake up they will destroy us from within. They know our laws and are using them to gain a foothold. Many of their women are on welfare and giving birth rapidly to US citizens that are raised muslim.
    They have already infiltrated our government and our military. Remember Fort Hood? The chains will be too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

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  6. What a page of ignorants! Yes, Christians study the Bible and history of the Christians as well as the life-style recommended for them in the Bible; Jews study Judaism and the Jewish way of life; Buddhists study their knowledge and Hindu’s do the same. So why should Muslim’s not be allowed to study their holy scripture and the laws related to it?, as this is what sharia means: the Islamic law as stated in the Quran and in the examples of the life of the prophet Muhammad.
    But it seems this is a brainless hater site where people listen to the echo of their own voices, because it makes them feel good instead of getting out and actually learning something: creepy instead of creeping

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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