Freedom of Speech & Human Rights Under Sharia (video)

h/t Winds Of Jihad

17 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech & Human Rights Under Sharia (video)

  1. How ironic the Islamic culture is and very hypocritical they are. There is no freedowm of speech and human rights under Sharia Law. Why? They want to control their people 100%. It is the same as the Nazi’s under Hitler did to the Jews, control human rights and free speech. Islam is doing the same thing Hitler did to the Jews and they “too” are doing this to their own people.

  2. To stop SHERIA in the U S A we first have to remove the HEAD MUSLIM LOVER FROM THE GREY HOUSE along with his czars!!! Then we can work on the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND SAUDI ARABIA and all the schools and MOAQUES built by SAUDI ARABIA. Then DEPORT ALL NON RESIDENT MUSLIMS back to where they came from. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. Anyone pushing for Sharia Law in the United States is guilty of Sedition and Treason, plain and simple. Sharia Law directly goes against the Constitution Of the United States and denies Freedom we are given under the Constitution.
    Islam is not a Religion but a 7th Century way of life that covers every aspect of it’s followers lives including Religion, Legal, Sex, Marriage, Banking, and Conduct. Look at what is going on in the world and it is not too hard to see that the followers of Islam are trying to take over the world and destroy every other group. They can say Islam is ” The Religion of Peace ” all day long but anybody with any common sense can see what is going on. There have been 18,313 Deadly Terror Attacks since 9-11 carried out by ” Peaceful Islam ” followers. They have killed over cartoons and even people who have left this so called Religion. Doesn’t sound too peaceful to me.

  4. “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington

    Moreover freedom is a part of my soul. No one can take it from me.

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  8. Nothing like listening to a bunch of crybabies! Why is it THEY what BUT THEY could care less about others religions.


    Does this mean that Muslims will no longer kill Christians, Jews, Buddhists and the rest? OR that they will no longer in their mosques speak against them either.

    The ONLY way I would even think of allowing this is if it shuts their filthy mouths up about all the other religions of the world.

    Well we know that’s not going to happen so lets keep listening to them cry and scream that we hate or disprove their religion the same way they do ours BUT lets make a resolution that actually means something as most of the lame UN laws that most of them are with this: No religion can cause bodily harm to members of another religion, No religion can burn or damage another place of worship. No religion can force or amend laws of countries to allow certain beliefs that in that other country is against their laws such as child brides, honor killing, multiple wives. or any other thing against their laws. If it offends you or does not allow you to practice a religion then go where it is allowed.

    Well that was a waste as we all know that muslims can NOT do any of the above! They think their way is the only way and the UN is thinking the same? Lets just disband that waste of money and space called the UN and let the world treat the muslims like they treat everyone else they hate from one day to the next!

    Why is it that they cry like little girls but what we want is harassing them or disrespecting them? Well read the Qur’an and figure it out. It’s the rule book for living and it’s the most hate filled book on the planet but the world is becoming scared of the mad dog in the neighbors back yard afraid someone is going to turn it lose in their yard!

    Time to pull you heads out of the sand world and see that Islam is NOT the religion of peace they say it is!

  9. Criminalize speaking against Islam?
    Does this mean they don’t want us telling the truth and have feelings about what the savage animals do to human beings?

    Do they get their widdle bitty feelings hurt?

    If they don’t like what is being said, then stop doing it!

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  11. ISLAM is ANTI Religious on it’s face. It is tantamount to the Iprotection of Tyranny under color of Religion. Islam BLASPHEMES Christianity and Judaism. MUSLIMS would be the PRIME VIOLATORS. and are NOW the worse BIGOTS on the Earth.

    • Robert, I’d like to add something to your post — but I can’t!
      Your post is short — but for the most part explains it all in one brief paragraph. Great Post….thank you.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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