‘The Third Jihad’ Producers Reply to NYT Crusade Against Film

If the New York Times and Associated ‘with terrorists’ Press put as much effort into exposing Hamas-linked CAIR and other radical Islamic groups in the U.S. as they are into blackballing the NYPD, much of this problem would disappear. via ‘The Third Jihad’ Producers Reply to New York Times Articles – MarketWatch.

NEW YORK, January 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The New York Times has sharply criticized the New York Police Department for using the critically-acclaimed documentary The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America in counterterrorism training.

The New York Times has published two news articles ( http://tinyurl.com/nyt-ttj1 , http://tinyurl.com/nyt-ttj2 ), as well as an editorial entitled “Hateful Film” ( http://tinyurl.com/nyt-ttj3 ) in the past 48 hours.

In response, film producer Raphael Shore has issued the following statement:

“We regret that the film has been taken out of the counterterrorism training program of the NYPD. The New York Times stories are proof positive that the Clarion Fund’s high-quality and impactful documentaries touch very sensitive nerves.

“Those that have blasted the film are attempting to stifle an important debate about the internal state of the Muslim community in America, and whether politicized Islam and indoctrination pose tangible security threats.

“We hope that individuals will acknowledge the inaccuracies presented by the New York Times, and the effects that organizations like CAIR have on the fine line between political correctness and honest debate.

“We invite the general public to watch and judge the documentary for themselves. The Third Jihad is now being made available for free viewing online at http://www.thethirdjihad.com .”

According to the New York Times, nearly 1500 officers, “from lieutenants to detectives to patrol officers” reportedly were shown the film during a period of between three months and a year.

The story of the film’s usage by NYPD was first reported by the Village Voice a year earlier, and police stopped using the film when pressure was asserted by local Islamic organizations. Pressure continued until the New York Times propelled the year-old story to front-page news yesterday.

CAIR is taking credit for the “investigation” which led to the New York Times’ coverage, with a press release ( http://tinyurl.com/nypd-cair ) demanding that the NYPD install Muslim-sensitive materials in their training curriculum to offset what they consider to be an ‘Islamaphobic’ film.

What CAIR and the New York Times failed to clearly address, is that The Third Jihad is narrated by a devout Muslim, who has a significant record of serving the United States of America, as a medical officer in the US Navy and as an attending physician to the US Congress.

The beginning of the film states in bold letters that, “This is not a film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical.”

The film’s message urges the Muslim community to look within itself to root out the indoctrination that affects a minority of Muslims.

The documentary is founded on credible evidence presented by the FBI of a “Manifesto” published by radicals calling for the implementation of extremist ideology – both violent and politicized – within the United States.

It is no surprise that CAIR does not like the content of the film. CAIR is singled out in the film for its direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, open support for Hamas, and links to terror financing.

CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest ever terror-financing trial in US History.

As a result of these designations, the FBI has formally ceased all ties with CAIR – as should the NYPD and New York Times.

The NYPD is well aware of the threats that emanate from Islamic radicals.

In the preface to a landmark 2007 NYPD Intelligence Division Report entitled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly writes, “New York City continues to be the one of the top targets of terrorists worldwide. Consequently, the NYPD places a priority on understanding what drives and defines the radicalization process.”

The Third Jihad takes an in-depth look at the process of radicalization and indoctrination taking place on American soil.

It is clear that senior members of the NYPD saw value in the film, as did employees of the Federal Homeland Security department, who first gave the DVD of the film to the NYPD.

The Third Jihad features exclusive interviews with some of the nation’s leading counterterrorism experts including former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

According to the New York Times, Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman said, “that filmmakers had lifted the [Kelly] clip from an old interview.”

This is the first of several inaccuracies to appear in the New York Times’ account.

The makers of The Third Jihad conducted a nearly 90-minute exclusive interview with Commissioner Kelly specifically for the film on March 19, 2007. Previously unreleased bonus clips of Kelly’s interview are currently available at http://www.thethirdjihad.com .

Responding to a letter by film producer Raphael Shore, Browne then corrected the record in the New York Times follow-up article. “I recommended in February 2007 that Commissioner Kelly be interviewed,” he said.

Browne recalled that the film’s interviewer, “asked to speak to the commissioner for a cable film on ‘foiled terrorist plots and the current threat matrix.'”

Several other inaccuracies appear in the article. For example, the New York Times notes that the film includes a doctored photo of the White House with an Islamic flag atop. But the photo is one of many pieces of documented footage from Islamist sources. Yet the New York Times implies that the filmmakers were the ones to manipulate the photo.

The New York Times also inaccurately quotes the film by stating: “‘This is the true agenda of Islam in America,’ a narrator intones.” But the actual quote from the film is: “This document shows the true agenda of much of Muslim leadership here in America.”

The article intentionally omits that this narrator is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim.

The rest of the New York Times’ coverage focuses on character assassination. While CAIR and others label the film Islamophobic, it is ironic that the film’s detractors continuously point out that the film’s producer has ties to Jewish organizations. The article inaccurately claims that Raphael Shore simultaneously works for Aish HaTorah.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg questioned the judgment of that those who permitted the usage of the film. However, Bloomberg’s predecessor Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is also interviewed in the film, has praised the documentary calling The Third Jihad, “a wake up call for America.”

See the expose of CAIR in one of our older posts: CAIR: A scene from the Third Jihad

20 thoughts on “‘The Third Jihad’ Producers Reply to NYT Crusade Against Film

  1. Cult whose goal is to take over the world. Yesterday I went to Doc for hearing test. The girl who gave me the test was muslim. It was hard to sit through the test knowing that she would rather see me dead. Slowly they will overtake us.

    • whats wrong with you? If you were a Jew imagine how they would help you then. do no business with them. They hate you and how can you trust the treatment? Would you do business with a nazi?

    • If you believe the Muslims will slowly overtake us, then STOP giving them your business! Find another doctor to go to, and tell him why you’re leaving. Don’t be afraid, and don’t feel bad about it either.

    • You mean they ask for your e-mail addy but don’t bother you or sell it? They have mine & I get the odd e-mail on occasion. They are very respectful.

  2. @Jerry, do you have to have a mozlem doctor? Surely you have a choice to go to a different one? Also, if a mozlem saw a Western doctor, you can be sure they will complain that they want a mozlem one. So you have equal rights to see a non-mozlem!! Specially knowing what they think and say about non-mozlems.and how can you be sure this mozzie is giving you the best treatment??

    • Hilary was trying to get islam inciting as a crime. The OIC is the group doing it. Your being there and Christian is enough to incite them, by the way. Hand out then swastikas, Hilary. They are screaming death to the Jew in Germany. That there are Jews incites them, too. They are criminals under the OIC. Guess her grand daughter in a burkha as property of a muzzie is her goal. Hitler is back.

      whats wrong with these people? can’t they understand normal thinking?

  3. The Third Jihad is good. I saw it several months ago. We all know the muslim agenda. we know they are the enemy. What really galls me though, is their enablers among us, The NY Times and others. To me, they are nothing but seditious traitors who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Yea, like that will ever happen, especially when such enemies of America run our executive branch. We are in big trouble here, perhaps even more than the darkest days of WW II, or even the Civil War. Only most people are so tuned out and oblivious to it. Many just don’t even care about what is at stake, being so full of the distractions of pop culture and their own pathetic, shallow lives. Yes, we are in big, big trouble folks. It is not enough to merely vote the bastard and his minions out of office come November if we can, we must also shout out and demand charges be brought against Obama and his staff and members of his cabinet as well. Lock, stock, and barrel. We also need to consider how many Senators we can get removed this election cycle, because if we cannot defeat the muslim-in-chief at the polls, then we must consider other options such as impeachment. Failing all this, mega trouble for our nation.

    We need to make this jerk a one term president and a convicted felon. Now consider this, if Obama is quite willing to work silently, under the table to destroy the Second Amendment by administrative fiat, then why would he not work towards our nation’s ultimate destruction in order to implement islam with some form of islamised Marxist social order? He is the enemy, his agenda is to destroy the Republic, and he has destablised the Middle East considerably in three and a half years time. He is an islamo-marxist in stealth jihad mode and the bane of Western Civilization.

    • THE NYT has long hisotry of jewhate- they lied to the public about STALIN, helped the communists (kept his starvationof millionsof Russians off their pages) until they were forced not to-media controlled by Jews eh? what a damn crock- NYT was purchased by a man whose ancestors may have been Jews but he was not- converted to Christian- just anohter in long line of jewhaters in USA. Our history shows this is nothing new. We beat them before we can do it again

      • And during WW2, they worked with the anti-Semitic Dept of State (and, indeed, the Roosevelt WH) to keep news of the extermination camps from reaching the vast majority of Americans – supposedly bec. they didn’t want Americans to think they were fighting to save/protect Jews (part of their anti-Semitic paranoia), which might have vitiated the war effort (in their prejudiced eyes!). Only AFTER the War did most of the nation learn of the atrocities not only against the Jews, but against millions of other Europeans as well; and only in more recent times has it come out just how despicable Roosevelt and his advisors (leftists/progressives all – and incl. a couple very prominent Jews, too) were in dealing with the Jewish refugee “problem” (turning the thousand-plus Jews on the US St. Louis back to Europe, the camps and certain death, was just one of the more egregious crimes against humanity at that turbulent time).

  4. It’s a sad state of affairs when the creators of a factual film must defend it from a small group of immigrant invaders who don’t want the truth about their real intent to be known.

    Watch the “Third JIhad” and while you’re at it get a copy of “America At Risk” The War With No Name, which is narrated by Newt Gingrich. When you’re done with it , pass it around.


    • CAIR is not a small group;they want people to see them as a mooslem ACLU.They seek legitimate recognition.They are actually quite large;an embassy of.OPEC.Picture what Earth will look like in 10 years if things continue with the emerging caliphate;the west must work with it;appeasing it;in order to procure stable and emerging markets;as well as smooth oil transactions….oh that the engine ran on sunshine.

  5. Just to be clear, if you read or hear a muslim group, especially CAIR complaining that something is anti-islam, it really means it is factual & true information about islam and harmful to the agenda or goal of islam.

    anti-islam = factual & true information that could harm islam.

  6. religious people suffer delusions;delusions that occur due to the need of coping mechanisms that allow rationalizing of data……….including current and or out dated taboo.TRUTH as a religion is totally Biblical no matter how harsh the Old Testament might seem to modern non-barbarians.For many amongst the Human race ,a false reality must replace the truth……this is ISLAM…..as well as any other replacement theology.Beware the DRAGON. Truth is eternal and cannot be conquered.choose this for your belief system;be wary as a serpert and harmless as dove;let the pwers of Babel DESTROY THEMSELVES;THEY NEED NO HELP FROM YOU TO DO THIS……….Islam will parrish;all cult will follow…….but truth is forever…….look into time some nite when the sky is clear………..look into ….TRUTH.

  7. I ordered the film from their website. I did this because its the least I can do to support those who are making a difference in the war on islamosupremicism. It is indeed a fact that moslemites BELIEVE they are SUPERIOR to all other humans because mohammad’s god allah says so. From this worldview is it small wonder why islamites behave as if shaira is the only law worthy of their obedience. Its an attitude!

  8. “The story of the film’s usage by NYPD was first reported by the Village Voice a year earlier, and police stopped using the film when pressure was asserted by local Islamic organizations. Pressure continued until the New York Times propelled the year-old story to front-page news yesterday.”

    So what? Dont stop. Do NOT allow your free speech to be eliminated by the media or anyone else. I cannot BELIEVE the police stopped using the film because of “assertions” by Islamists.

    MAKE the Islamists answer to each and every point in it IN COURT if necessary, but don’t stop showing the film.

    In fact, the producers should step up the showing, bring to to the police depts around the country, the fire depts., the schools, everyone.

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