Thousands of death threats for Saudi blogger over Mohammed tweets; Interpol enforces sharia

See the critical update below. Interpol is now enforcing sharia law! You could be next! via Saudi blogger flees after death threats over Prophet Mohammed tweets: ‘I’m afraid’ – The Globe and Mail.

Three tweets about the Prophet Mohammed, followed by a barrage of social media reaction and death threats sent a Saudi blogger into exile, only to be detained in Malaysia and left facing possible extradition and an Islamic court.

Hamza Kashgari is a 23-year-old blogger and newspaper columnist who used the occasion of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday last weekend to send out three tweets, which he has since deleted and apologized for.

He tweeted: “I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don’t understand about you.”

“I will not pray for you,” he added, as reported by AFP.

Mr. Kashgari’s tweets have led to calls by Saudi clerics that he be tried in an Islamic court for apostasy and face execution.

The Daily Beast was able to speak to the blogger earlier in the week and he told the website that it was impossible for him to ever return to Saudi Arabia.

“No way,” he said. “I’m afraid, and I don’t know where to go.”

There were reports that the Mr. Kashgari was hoping to reach New Zealand and apply for political asylum when he was detained in Malaysia on Thursday.

Before his arrest, the Saudi blogger also spoke to David Keyes, executive director of Advancing Human Rights and co-founder of, who reached Mr. Kashgari at his hiding place in Saudi Arabia by phone.

“I was with sitting with my friends and one of them checked Twitter on his mobile phone,” he told Mr. Keyes. “Suddenly there were thousands of tweets of people calling to kill me because they said I’m against religion.

Thousands of tweets by Muslims because they said he was against Islam, not just religion.

“I never expected this. It was a huge surprise. My friends are writers and bloggers and now their lives are in danger too.

“They fear what will happen to them. The government is trying to scare them and show that what is happening to me can happen to them sooner or later,” Mr. Kashgari said.

Another prominent Saudi blogger, Ahmed Al Omrane, wrote about the controversy on his blog Saudi Jeans and shared his shock at how the story had unfolded.

“How a couple of tweets by an obscure writer reached the King and resulted in an arrest order and a possible death sentence in the matter of three days is nothing short of astonishing.

“Saudi Arabia being a conservative Muslim country, the outrage over Kashgari’s tweets was expected. Remember the Danish cartoons? Nevertheless, this case escalated rapidly,” he wrote this week.

There is a feeling among Saudi liberals that the reaction was orchestrated and that Saudi conservatives were waiting for just such an incident to “take advantage of the incident to score points and make political gains,” as Mr. Omrane argues. “It was a low hanging fruit.”

Malaysian authorities detained the Saudi blogger Mr. Kashgari on Thursday.

Update: If it’s possible this story could get worse, it did: Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet

Interpol has been accused of abusing its powers after Saudi Arabia used the organisation’s red notice system to get a journalist arrested in Malaysia for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Police in Kuala Lumpur said Hamza Kashgari, 23, was detained at the airport “following a request made to us by Interpol” the international police cooperation agency, on behalf of the Saudi authorities.

Kashgari, a newspaper columnist, fled Saudi Arabia after posting a tweet on the prophet’s birthday that sparked more than 30,000 responses and several death threats. The posting, which was later deleted, read: “I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don’t understand about you … I will not pray for you.”

More than 13,000 people joined a Facebook page titled “The Saudi People Demand the Execution of Hamza Kashgari”.

10 thoughts on “Thousands of death threats for Saudi blogger over Mohammed tweets; Interpol enforces sharia

  1. Don’t pray for them.It is a waste of time;they are all finite.GOOD-BYE .welcome to krakatoa AYAHTOLLAH.Time for a swim.Islam has worn out welcome on Planet Earth.

  2. The US has got to help get this kid out of Saudi Arabia, or he will be killed.

    Where is Obama? Where is the coverage of this in the MSM?

  3. Obama is a busy, busy, busy man (sarcasm). He is too busy to help anyone that deserves to live. HE only helps those who slaughter people including the Christians who die daily while he continues to back the Muslims.

  4. 13,000 idiots calling for the murder of someone who spoke some truth about a pedophile warlord. This proves islam is hateful and muslims are totally demented.

  5. Ahhh, The religion of peace,, NOT! Why are there so many stupid people in power? Oh, that’s right there are too many stupid people that vote! Political correctness needs to go right along with the murderous mooslems, the quicker the better. Moderate or not go you can’t be trusted you can’t be here. You don’t want to work all you want is to bilk the system and fester your hatred of non-mooslems, GET OUT!

    • A Bedouin Muslim for Israel Fights along side Israel:
      Watch this video — It will really tick you off at the cowardly Moderates:


      Moderates as far as I am concerned are cowards. They don’t wanna be part of making peace or making war…they juist want to be parasites and not cause any problems…don’t want to mess up a good deal.

      Moderate Muslims as far as I am concerned are like the Illegals that won’t stay in their own country and be part of the solution — so they come here and drive our country into debt — also parasites even though they will work….they lie about it so they can get benefiits

  6. You disagree, you die. Do you disagree? We must put a stop to this cult in the US. Iran is coming after us and will have inside help such as the two muslims that were given jobs with Homeland Security. I feel just warm and fuzzy. Don’t forget to vote this year.

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