Judge Sympathizes With Dad of NYC Subway Bomb Plotter, Only Gives 4 1/2 Years

How many Zazi's are in the U.S.?

via Dad of NYC Subway Bomb Plotter Gets 4 ½ Years – ABC News.

The father of an admitted terrorist was sentenced to 4½ years in prison Friday after he was convicted of destroying evidence and lying to investigators to cover up his son’s plot to attack the New York City subways in 2009 as one of a trio of suicide bombers.

Mohammed Wali Zazi, 56, could have faced up to 40 years, though his attorneys had argued for probation because they said he was simply trying to protect his family and had no idea what his son was up to.

His son, Najibullah Zazi, has admitted that he returned from a trip to Pakistan to his family’s Denver-area home to practice concocting homemade bombs using chemicals extracted from common beauty supplies. He then drove to New York City in September 2009 with plans to attack the subway system in a “martyrdom operation” before he learned he was being watched by the FBI and fled back to Colorado. The plot was sanctioned by al-Qaida, but thwarted by authorities.

The elder Zazi was found guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice at a trial detailing the unraveling of a working-class family of Afghan-Americans amid chilling allegations of homegrown terror. He clawed his way to a fairly comfortable life in the U.S., hoping to give his children what he didn’t experience: A life without struggle.

And he refused to believe, even at his sentencing, that his son was plotting an attack. He gave a long statement in Pashto through an interpreter saying his family was victimized.

“I believe that my son was pressured,” he said. “I don’t think that he was involved in any wrongdoing. I am sorry. The last three years my family … went through very difficult times.”

Of course not, it’s not wrong to kill the infidels.

He said he feared his wife would not be able to support their children without him, she was ill and the family may have to return to Afghanistan.

“I ask forgiveness from all of you,” he said. “I had a trial in here, and the jury convicted me, but the jury did not hear everything.”

U.S. District Court Judge John Gleeson said he understood why Zazi did what he did. “What wouldn’t a parent do for a child?” he asked. But Gleeson said the lies hindered a critical, fast-moving terror investigation, and Zazi needed to be punished.

“When someone is going to bomb the New York City subway system, every lie matters,” he said.

Following his trial in July, Zazi, who is a U.S. citizen, admitted that he forged immigration forms on behalf of a nephew who ended up testifying against him. He said he instructed a lawyer to fill out the forms to say the nephew was his son so that he could enter the United States more easily. Gleeson sentenced him to six months on that plea.

The nephew and Zazi’s brother-in-law both testified at the trial how the FBI and immigration agents put pressure on the family as soon as the plot unraveled. Both had pleaded guilty and agreed to become government witnesses to stave off stiff prison terms.

When it became clear Najibullah Zazi was a suspect and family members were getting grand jury subpoenas, the cousin said “Uncle Wali” recruited him to get rid of plastic containers of peroxide and other evidence. The family agreed to code name the chemicals “medicine” in case the FBI was eavesdropping, he said. He also claimed his uncle told them not to say anything if they were asked questions.

Najibullah Zazi, who pleaded guilty to federal terrorism charges and is awaiting sentencing, faces life in prison.

One of Zazi’s former high school classmates also has admitted in a guilty plea that they wanted to avenge U.S. aggression in the Arab world by becoming martyrs. Both could testify against a third former classmate at a trial expected to begin in mid-April.

Utter disregard for U.S. laws and law enforcement and the judge slapped his hand and visa fraud charge was dropped?

9 thoughts on “Judge Sympathizes With Dad of NYC Subway Bomb Plotter, Only Gives 4 1/2 Years

    • ” This is treason….he should be hanged along with his terrorist son ” I agree with you, but the problem id we are too f*cking civilized to do that because he is a muslim. Had he been non muslim ,it would have been easy to hange him. Looks like we are doomed.

      • No we are not doomed. We are not blind either. Watch every muslim like a hawk. Don’t make a big deal about it just be wary and watch your back. These troops are not the brightest bulbs on the string. Always bear in mind their savage ape religion wants you dead and that will never change. Practice and preserve in good condition that which your Second Amendment exhorts you to have always in readiness to defend your home, family, and Nation. Doom isn’t an option for us.

        • No, US is not doomed-yet, but you should be worried about the number of muslim-appeasing dhimmis. An ever increasing number. I particularly like your second-last sentence; as I’ve maintained for many years now, it will come down to violence.

  1. I think four and a half years is a little soft.He should have to relinquish all of his property, pay a $500,00 fine, and be deported upon his release.

  2. Convict and extradite, if capital punishment not an option! Perhaps they could apply for reentry when length of time for jail has expired. However, have a criminal record in the USA, they would be ineligible. Any and all costs for trial and patriation to be born by them, not the US taxpayer.Should include any and all family members in the USA, regardless of status. MIght send the right kind of message: follow US laws or face deportation.

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  4. Right, so the F.B.I. should politely ask if the family knew anything and take their first answer? NOT! In the moslemite mindset ANY questioning of a moslem by a dhimmi is FORBIDDEN.

  5. The father demonstrated that he is a Muslim terrorist supporter by the fact that he openly lied when he said he refused to believe that his son was plotting a terrorist act. Lying is one of the main characteristics of a Muslim terrorist and a Muslim terrorist supporter. Muslim terrorists and their supporters typically act like someone who is up to no good and lies to hide their evil real intentions.
    The fact that the son and the fathers cases were handled as criminal cases rather than military cases demonstrates that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are luring the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliate terrorists and their Muslim supporters into their voter base by allowing them to immigrate to the USA, not addressing their terrorist acts as attacks against the USA and then by their Socialist Judges in the court system handing out short jail sentences. The fact that the Socialists are doing this to build up their voter base so that they can take control of the US government in order to over throw Democracy and install a Socialist government in the USA, knowing full well that occasionally one of these Muslim Brotherhood affiliate terrorists will successfully execute a terrorist act and kill US soldiers, such as took place when one these Muslim terrorists that they let into the US Army to build their voter base killed 13 and wounded 31 fellow US Army soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, demonstrates that their anti-Christian/Semitic sentiments are categorically psychotic and demonic in nature.
    The Socialists in the Democratic Party share a common hatred for Christians, Jews and the state of Israel with their Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliate terrorist organizations and their Muslim supporters.
    These activities are part of the fulfillment of Rev. 18:2 which foretold that Babylon the Great would become a prison for every hateful bird, which includes the Socialists in the Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliate terrorist organizations and their Muslim supporters.
    Rev 18:2 and he cried out with a mighty voice, saying “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird.

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