Did Saudi Prince Buy @FoxNews Silence on Execution for Muhammad Tweets?

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Have you heard about the 23-year-old Saudi journalist who tweeted an imaginary conversation with Muhammad? It went something like this: He loved Muhammad, he hated Muhammad, he couldn’t understand Muhammad, he wasn’t going to pray for Muhammad. If this isn’t exactly a disquisition on faith and doubt a la “The Brothers Karamazov,” remember, we’re just talking Twitter.

If you haven’t heard of this young man, whose name is Hamza Kashgari, it could be because you’re watching too much Fox News. As of this writing, almost a week after the Kashgari story broke, I haven’t found a single story about it at the Fox News website. (You try.) Meanwhile, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN have all reported the Kashgari story, clueing in their viewers on how far totalitarian Islam, Saudi style, will go to exert its control over the human spirit. But not Fox.

Say — you don’t suppose the fact that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns the second-largest block of stock (7 percent) in News Corp., Fox News’ parent company, not to mention a new $300 million stake in Twitter (almost 4 percent), has anything to do with Fox’s silence on this Saudi black eye of a story? After all, it was Saudi dictator King Abdullah — Alwaleed’s uncle — whom press accounts credit with ordering the tweeting journalist’s hot pursuit and imprisonment. And it is Saudi Arabia’s adherence to Islamic limits on free speech that is driving Kashgari’s ordeal.

Maybe it has become institutional Fox thinking to let such news slide for fear of offending the Saudi prince — or for fear of risking the kind of exposure that might remind viewers of Fox’s connections to Saudi regime interests via Alwaleed.

As I’ve argued in the past, it is these connections that make it incumbent upon News Corp. to register as a foreign agent. (So, too, should universities that accept Saudi and other Islamic millions to open departments of Islamic studies.) Fox’s silence on this bell-ringer of a story reinforces the sneaking suspicion that, conscious or not, there may be an Alwaleed effect on Fox coverage which, in a conflict of interest, actually serves the House of Saud before Fox viewers.

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23 thoughts on “Did Saudi Prince Buy @FoxNews Silence on Execution for Muhammad Tweets?

  1. Saudis own Obama & Fox News
    Stop Obama Now – San Diego ^ | 10/19/2011 | Roger-SD
    Posted on Fri Aug 19 2011 18:12:00 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by Roger-SD

    A spike in the price of oil, the spigot of which is largely controlled by the Saudis, was instrumental in the financial collapse which resulted in the election of Obama as president. At the same time, a Saudi Prince, pulls the strings at Fox News, though he is nominally not the largest shareholder. He saved them from a hostile takeover and continues to provide protection. This provides a leash on Fox News to prevent them from becoming too aggressive in their attacks on Obama. Notice that Fox News does not support Obama’s impeachment/removal and their commentators have openly openly mocked such attempts by others. This note outlines some of the details.

    (Excerpt) Read more at stopobamanowsd.wordpress.com …

    • About 2 years ago Fox began to change. It was most clear on O’Really’s Factor. Now its evident to anyone who was a daily watcher. It’s one thing to be fair and another to bend so far backwards the position looks like it belongs in the Kama Supra. Bill does a lot of good work but can no longer be said to be fair and balanced. There are now so many liberals on board that their side attitudes make Fox just another once excellent organization playing the Pravda song while doing the NYT soft shoe. Too bad I miss Fox but a little bit of work pays off if one evaluates new sources on the internet. Truth is out there, Scully and Molder say so.

      • You just made a very important point — AND, that is exactly the reason that Obama wants to have a government owned internet.

        I went to high school with one of the Fox News people. We’d chat back and forth until one day I got frustrated and asked, “Why don’t ya’ll report the REAL news instead of reporting “AT the news” without really saying anything at all!

        He never answered me.

  2. We know damn well this Diaper HeaD bought enough of fox stock to have a direct effect on the Fox News. He is no doubt behind Beck leaving Fox as this JERK IS A MONEY LOVING SOROS BUDDY. Build the pipe line from Canada and we wont need the DIAPER HEADS OIL ANY MORE. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. Murdock allowing this to happen. Money can buy the soul of any power hungry human. We all knew that it would not take long for some wealthy Muslim, or Soros and his cronies to shut Fox up.Obama must return to the WH, or all is in vain.The Democrats are so afraid that their lies, and plots and plans for the destruction of America, are being exposed, so rather then play fair , this is their mode. There are other ways of news traveling. You can use all the media available, but we have a built in indicator. We have lived in a free country, but we realize what the Muslims have determined to be the fate of this country. Best they keep one eye open at all times, for they shall witness something they never expected.

  4. Is this the SAME filthy koranimal who just invested $300 million in Twitter?

    Or, is this the SAME filthy koranimal who offered the Mayor of NYNY a $10 million check right after the 9/11 attack by its’ fellow koranimals while braying to him about how US foreign policy was to blame for the cowardly attack?

    Maybe, this is the SAME filthy koranimal who….ah..never mind..that’s too thin…

  5. OBVIOU8SLY FOX IS A CAPO FOR SAUDI IMPERIALISM;The universities are next on the list;they are all becoming embassies like C.A.I.R. for imperialists of Islam.Want something done?Just make a call;want something un-done?Just make a call.WHO YA GONNA CALL?FREEDOM BUSTAS!And who is becoming the CHIEF EMBASSY OF SAUDI AND OTHER REGIMES?WHY that would be .our own State Dept!What up with dat?

  6. if this saudi manipulation is going on; which we know it is, they should be sent flying on their carpet back to the desert ; it should not be allowed for them to spend our oil dollars to manipulate our news media. the bastards just can’t give up and give a damn we dont want their barbaric ideology in our country or their money. they do not have any rights; they are nothing more than thugs with the main thug in the
    white house letting them get by with it. I would hope Fox news has better sense than to let anything like this happen. If it has happened then Fox needs help as the msm is definitely worthless.

  7. Not only did he purchase fox news, he has a stake in Reuters and he invested 200 million dollars in Twitter. so Twitter agrees to censor its contents… selectively in different countries… with petro dollars that bastard does not even cannot drink water without world’s help and he is trying to contaminate this world with their shit.

    • Buy up the media and “he” has been after the internet… IF we can’t talk to each other and research on the internet, they can say or do anything they want to say OR DO, and we will never know what is going on.

      • True sir. Because of individuals like you we atleast have some right to free speech, facts and truths. Considering Main Stream Media the bitchest of all bitches I personally would not believe or trust anything I watch on TV unless I find some information on alternate/new-age/digital media. but now with that bastard buying off everything he sees, the best marketing strategy would be is to pack shit under silver wraps and let him buy it…

        • Saint, did you put the same pattern together that I am noticing?
          The corporations and organizations that he is threatening have more $ than God.
          HE threatens to have Govt. control over the internet:
          SW Bell
          Time Warner
          Direct TV even has the internet now (I think?)
          Then there are the independents.
          And, those are just the ones I know about off the top of my head.

          Then he goes after the Catholic Church (regardless if it was true or not — but even the threat of deciding FOR THEM re: birth control);
          and, then the article about Making a Muslim head of the Vatican…which I still haven’t figured out of that was a cruelty joke or for real — because, it is something it would do among the other treacherous things he has done.
          Then, of course, there are food police at elementary schools who exchange a student’ turkey sandwich for a greasy chicken rolled in grease!

          These are VERY powerful corporations that depend on tax payers to buy their internet every month.

          • Hi Just was about to reply when they kicked me off cyber cafe (power cut, we live in third world and now that sharia is about here, i better be ready to go underground). Your observation is a very pertinent one, the complete world, economy entertainment, food, health, etc etc. depends on oil or at least the major part of it. Renewable and rich energy sources seemed to be a distant cry for earth. And the magic bullet of fusion energy and specially cold fusion is just a science fiction theme and the leftists would not allow us to switch to nuclear power. we are any way spoiling earth irreverisbly by consuming fossil fuels and done all damage possibly that can be done, yet the nature lets us live around here. All that would take for nuclear power is just a bit of caution and making sure jihadis do not blow up our (your) nuclear power centres. But no the leftists have to have their with damned media and propaganda. In essence the leftists make us all slaves of Saudi Prince and ilk bastards… I guess Islam is a fair enemy they tell that they are about to destroy us and our societies and do it. And they think they are also doing Righteous thing in their way, but these damnation leftists are murderers and backstabbers in bed….

  8. Imagine you are a KING of a country where the Mullahs have power over what you can do, and they can depose you, remove you from the throne- and the people are having eyes opened, because they have money and can travel to places of freedom- people who see other nations throwing off shackles of dictatorships by riot and know they could do the same- uneasy lies that head- – people of ISLAM in KSA are seeing the fallacies and the weakness of their faith and system of govt, ISLAM, so glaring that any easy examination of it will show it’s not divine, not Godly and not true- having to walk like Muslims, having to talk like a Muslim, to go through empty rituals and bound by cruel rules, but in the heart, and in the gut, knowing it’s all a giant lie. And only one group, the high priests are using all their force and might to keep control and power- sound familiar?
    Throughout history we have seen this story- in ancient Egypt, in the fall of the Church from rule in EU, and soon we will see this in ISLAM- the end of people shackled by an outdated cruel HOAX they dare call HOLY.

  9. Al talwaleed also owns large chunk of Apple stock too!. From looking at all media, arabs and mozlems clearly own the lot!! He is just one, how many others are there? And all the one percenters who pay for 10 mins of Obama’s bullshit??

  10. Lots of interesting things have been said here. Foreign investment in the west needs to be curtailed. Not just from Saudi Arabia as China, Russia, and OPEC own far too much stock in western companies. Got a tip for you about where the idea came from. The Civil Rights group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Nihad Awad travelled to Saudi Arabia to speak to the King, Princes and government controllers about funding CAIR and about buying news sources. He argued the image of Islam required a propaganda news source. Since then Saudi has been buying stock in news sources and businesses that have been anti-Islam in the past. When does YAHOO get bought?

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