Toronto’s Saudi-funded million-dollar ‘radical mosque’

via Salaheddin Islamic Centre: Toronto’s million-dollar ‘radical mosque’ | News | National Post.

On a recent Friday at the Salaheddin mosque, Imam Aly Hindy spoke to his followers about how homosexuality was “invented,” calling it “nonsense” and “garbage” to believe anyone could be born that way.

He went on to talk about “illegal sexual acts” but added a qualifier: “Illegal means illegal in Islam, not illegal in the Canadian law, because everything is legal in the Canadian law, except children. Other than that, they allow everything.”

Listed as director and president, the Egyptian-born Imam Hindy calls himself a fundamentalist, not an extremist. An RCMP report refers to him as a “focal point for Toronto area Islamic radicals,” and a New York Police Department report calls Salaheddin “a known radical mosque.”

The Toronto imam has long been known for his controversial comments. He called the 9/11 attacks a joint CIA operation, refused to join other imams in signing a statement condemning the 2005 London bombings and referred to the Toronto 18 terrorists as good people.

But while he remains as provocative as ever, the institution that serves as his platform has undergone a notable shift: According to federal charity records, the Salaheddin Islamic Centre is being increasingly financed by foreign patrons.

Almost a quarter of the centre’s revenues came from outside Canada in 2010, figures posted on the Canada Revenue Agency website show. Three unnamed foreign donors provided $931,000 of the centre’s almost $4-million in revenues that year.

In 2009, the centre got $250,000 from overseas, less than a tenth of its total revenues that year. Charities have only been required to publicly report their foreign revenues since 2009. Figures for 2011 are not yet available.

“Our policy is to follow CRA [Canada Revenue Agency] requirements and report every dollar that we receive from inside or outside Canada,” Imam Hindy said in an email response to questions.

The CRA blacked out the names of the offshore donors for privacy reasons before releasing a copy of the tax return to the National Post. The amounts of each contribution were also obscured, along with whether the donors were organizations, governments or individuals.

But Imam Hindy said US$400,000 came from the Islamic Development Bank, which is based in Saudi Arabia and whose president is a Saudi. He said the other foreign donors were charities in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Imam Hindy does not preach violence and says he steers youths away from radicalism. But some of the centre’s former worshippers have been linked to terrorism. A former founder, Hassan Farhat, left Canada to join an al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq, where he allegedly commanded a squad of suicide bombers. Ahmed Khadr, a senior Canadian al-Qaeda figure, visited the mosque when he was in Toronto and his family worshipped there.

The former principal of the mosque school, Mahmoud Jabballah is undergoing deportation proceedings after the government alleged he was a member of the Egyptian terrorist group Al Jihad. The ringleaders of the Toronto 18 terrorist group, which plotted attacks in Southern Ontario, were also worshippers, as was a man arrested last year at the Toronto airport as he was allegedly on his way to join the Somali terrorist group Al Shabab.

When Mohamed Mahjoub, whom the government alleges was a member of the Egyptian terrorist group Vanguards of Conquest, applied to be released from detention, Imam Hindy offered to act as a surety but was rejected by the judge, in part because “his published statements are open to the inference that he is sympathetic to or at least defensive of the threats of Islamic terrorism towards Canada.”

But the Ontario Superior Court of Justice rejected the notion the Salaheddin centre was involved in terrorism. “I accept that, over the years, there may have been persons, involved in questionable activities, with questionable associations, who have passed through the Centre from time to time,” the court wrote in 2008. “In my view, this in itself is not sufficient to taint the centre in any way.”

The centre’s financial supporters seem to agree. From a budget of $372,000 in 2000, the centre now reports an annual revenue more than 10 times that amount and says in its latest tax return it intends to expand into Clarington, Ont., east of Toronto.

More via National Post. More posts on Toronto and Canada.

15 thoughts on “Toronto’s Saudi-funded million-dollar ‘radical mosque’

  1. ….AND I LOOKED;and as I looked I saw clearly an Mullah operating a hot dog cart in the food court area of the park.In one of his hands there seemed to be megaphone and I heard him shouting “There is no funding like pork funding!!!”Is there an antibiotic for this religious disease called IZZZZLAM?Perhaps some more Heroin from afghanistan to ease the pain.Like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz I hear a Muslim voice clearly and s.m.o.o.t.h.l.y.; saying”poppies…poppies!”your getting sleepy…your getting so sleeeepy.

  2. They can do that with exceptions, We have the right to go to there countries and erect a Baptist,Lutheran,Catholic churches.
    Now we can show how we feel in all the Muslim countries.

    KID PRO QUO !!!!!

  3. OR, as is in the Muslim faith this man can be beheaded for coming to another country, they hate there country enough to leave, then either conform to our rules are go back where you came from.

    Why do we permit this kind of trash in our countries that preach peace but live in violence??????????? One thing some one didn’t teach them ,PEOPLE MAKE MONEY, MONEY DON’T MAKE PEOPLE.
    So that makes you are stupid rich man. NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOU.

    GO BACK HOME, Spend your money on your own people.

  4. Having lived and worked in saudi, my two bits. When the italians (northern league) were objecting to an islamic mosque in rome, they -all muslim countries- used diplomatic pressure on italy to allow a mosque to come up there, only condition, the minaret shoulndt be higher than some big cathedral there.
    Secondly, know how islam was wiped out from spain? sometime in 1990s, there was a big mosque constructed there with saudi money, and some prince of saudi royal family along with king juan carlos of spain, together opened the mosque, to have “cultural give and take”

    When in minority, they do takiya, and talk of give and take, and when in their own country, saudi arabia, they actually take bibles and throw them in dustbin. I personally know of 4 filipinos, who were in jail for 4 months then deported for practising christainity in the privacy of their homes. WAKE UP all non-muslims, they want to take over your land and make the wholr world islamic

    • You are telling the unvarnished truth about the demon-possessed beings called muzzies. They are pure evil, but are diabolically clever enough to present a mild and moderate version of islam to calm people’s fears.

      When there are enough muslims, however, the true fascist nature of their bogus religion comes out, and they’ll do whatever it takes to gain control of the country that was STUPID enough to let them enter.

      We must oppose them every step of the way, and educate people about the monstrous “religion” called islam!

  5. What a bummer this guy is in
    Canada instead of the US. We need more of these wonder people. I think the evil in their hearts makes their faces ugly. How do these people reproduce when the goats are more attractive?

  6. What hypocripes when they sleep with little girls,all peodophiles
    should be hanged.

    Send them back to their countries of origin now

    Wake up world we have barbarians in our midst who intend to take over the
    world and kill all non muslims.

    Why do the leaders of the West allow our countries to be
    invade like this.
    Good question eh??

  7. Canada will deal with them very quickly, and legally. They do not want them in their country living off their welfare system, preaching their demonic propaganda. Friends in Canada will act swiftly and soon. America they are too entrenched, as of now.

    • Yes….Harper Government is dealing with them quite well! I heard that 22,000 Egyptian muslims applied for Immigration to Canada….we have rejected them all! Though….Harper has extended his hand towards any Egyptian Christian Copts that wish to immigrate to Canada for fear of persecution…..

      What I would like to see PM Harper do is to make Islam a non-religion and to list it as a seditious political party. They then would have to pay taxes on their funds for their mosques and schools instead of getting the non-profit tax break they so enjoy right now!

  8. plant a pig where they want the mosque; in fact, any location in the non-muslim world where they want a mosque; plant a pig; then if that doesn’t work, plant them, if you know what i mean.

    • Unfortunately….this Mosque and school have already been built for some time! Anything done now would be looked upon as a hate crime!

      There are many mosques who operate in the same manner with Imams talking against Canada and wanting Islam to be dominate.

      This basically explains it all…

      They´re not happy in Gaza .
      They’re not happy in Egypt .
      They’re not happy in Libya .
      They’re not happy in Morocco .
      They’re not happy in Iran .
      They’re not happy in Iraq .
      They’re not happy in Yemen .
      They’re not happy in Afghanistan .
      They’re not happy in Pakistan .
      They’re not happy in Syria .
      They’re not happy in Lebanon .

      So, where are they happy?

      They’re happy in Australia .
      They’re happy in England .
      They’re happy in France .
      They’re happy in Italy .
      They’re happy in Germany .
      They’re happy in Sweden .
      They’re happy in the USA .
      They’re happy in Norway.
      They’re happy in almost every country that is not Muslim!

      And whom do they blame?

      Not Islam . . . Not their leadership . . . Not themselves . . .

      THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN ! And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from, where they were unhappy.

      Try to find logic in that !

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