Fred Grandy Exposes Sharia in Maryland (video)

Muslims, backed by a host of Muslim Brotherhood front groups, threatened to protest and shut down this Maryland panel last year. Unlike other venues that have caved in to Islamic thuggery, this one went on and no protesters showed up. The audio crackles, it’s not your speakers.

Turning the Tides Conference Shariah Law Panel

Creeping Sharia posts on Maryland here.

Video 1 of 7: Ken Timmerman
Video 2 of 7: Frank Gaffney
Video 3 of 7: Frank Gaffney
Video 4 of 7: John Guandolo
Video 5 of 7: John Guandolo
Video 6 of 7: Fred Grandy
Video 7 of 7: Catherine Mann-Grandy

12 Responses

  1. Finally someone with some balls..Peace to all non-muslims who loves America and has balls to..

  2. When in islamic antions 56 now no other culture and religion has any say why we are allowing 7th century culture which has not given peace to one billions converts in 56 nations should not be part of this nation or any nation who wants peace.
    Where ever muslim goes they create problems for locals. THey are like oil will never mix with water.
    And spoil the water too.

  3. Franklin Graham was just talking about this same issue of persecution of Christians in the Islamic world, and Obama’s complicity with it to score points with rising Islamist groups, and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel roundly ridiculed him for it.

    Graham said he doubted Obama’s Christianity since he was so willing to allow Muslim persecution of Christians, and the panel started shrieking at how narrow minded that was.

    The Left has wholeheartedly embraced radical Islam and Sharia law much like trade unions did Nazism.

    • A muslims view of being a christian is quite different than yours. His christ is coming back to kill all the infidels. Don’t be fooled by these wolves in sheeps clothing. Louis fharakhan calls himself one, too, and that boy makes the Klan look good.

      • Muslims, like Christians, is a proper noun as should be capitalized wherever it is in a sentence.

        It appears that while you may “profess” Bible, you don’t know much about that which you profess.

        In Revelation, Jesus will come back “with a sword”. By the way, the word “infidel” means “one who does not believe in God”. Perhaps you should shun the misinformation you’ve learned from the Islamaphobic websites….maybe?

  4. I, for one, am a liberal socialist who stands up for liberal democratic values, (i.e. freedom of speech, free scientific enquiry and the traditions of the European Enlightenment) and wholeheartedly condemns obscurantist superstitions like Islam in all its forms.
    Read my blog at
    Igor Slamoff

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  7. looks like the new world order is much closer than i thought

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  9. Good to see some people with the guts to speak out. BTW, some of you may remember Fred Grandy as `Gopher` from The Love Boat TV Show from the `70s.

  10. Shariah law wasn’t and should never be allowed to be a part of AMERICAN life, “remember the old saying – LOVE IT (USA) or LEAVE it (USA”)”, I DO and if YOU want to share our life, YOU, should also. Carl

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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