Iran sentences Christian pastor to death by hanging for rejecting Islam

Islam. Sharia. People inside America want it.


26 thoughts on “Iran sentences Christian pastor to death by hanging for rejecting Islam

  1. They hang one Christian Preacher, we hang ten Imam’s! They burn one Christian Church, we burn ten Mosques! Simple math! Sooner or later the math sinks in and they quit!

    • Many ‘dhimmis’ would say no, this is too much; but I agree Slobo, it would indeed get their attention! Trouble is, people just will not wake up–we must fight fire with fire!

      • I agree. There may be a time that God will call us to rise up and fight for him.. but we may not have to take the path of violence to do so.

        EVERYONE look what you are saying! You can not put down the muslim religion, we should be praying for them. We are no better as a nation in the sense that OUR people have taken the lives of innocent muslims as well.

      • You, my friend, need to wake up. Turning the other cheek NEVER worked, and if you do that today they will hit you twice as hard–and laugh while they’re doing it. In the coming battle with islam we MUST fight fire with fire.

      • Suicidal behavior is expressly forbidden by every Christian denomination. You do not and most emphatically should not endanger your Nation, your family and yourself by allowing murderers to run amok all over the world. It’s been tried. Appeasers to tyrants are as bad as the tyrants. No tolerance for the intolerant. They don’t deserve any.

    • No they won’t they are to stupid to figure this out. Even if set free and he moves to America, one of the muslims in this country will kill him, mark my word, it will happen. Islam is pure evil and needs to be stopped.

        • Get bloody real!!!! Religious rants will NOT save you against this murderous cult of 7th. century cretins!! When will you understand?
          muslims are not nice people, you cannot reason with them. Depending on the country, a large pecentage of them are illiterate, they are brainwashed zombies! Need proof? A few qurans were burnt in Afghanistan a few days ago–the lunatics are STILL going berserk, and to date 2 Americans and 8 loonies are dead!! You bible thumping idiots need to wake up! And if you’re offended–tough!

        • God does not interfere with the free will of Christians nor does he act as deus ex machina to stop Muslims in their path to destroy all. They choose to kill innocent folk whenever they choose. They must be physically and forcefully stoI will protect and defend, my neighbours willing to stand and fight and my Nation. I will not fight or die for a person who takes his personal safety as an entitlement owed to him by the courageous among us. We are Americans.

  2. When will “WE, the People…” finally open their eyes??? “I Pray to God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that they will before it’s too late…Amen!!!”

    Are “we” the only ones “aware” of this incredible horror that is upon us??? Why is it that we are the only ones aware of these things and everyone else around us…is just simply NOT AWARE!!!

    “My God! Help us!”

    • they are all under what is called in occult circles;A BAN.It is a type of powerful mind control;Hitler used it;Evangelists of a wicked type use it……….Television and other media arethe delivery service for this practice;also loud voices .

  3. Hang him and the world will continue to view the hatred, and see you are not worth the breath that our God allows you to breathe.He found the answer to peace, and was delivered from the hatred of these humans out of the pit of hell. No god would every commit the sins that these low life humans commit. Murder and destruction follows them around. They smell of murder.They blow up innocent children and innocent humans. I will never forget the people jumping out of the World Trade Tower on 9-11-2001.It is burned into my mind. Innocent people destroyed by low life murderers.They had to choose to jump or burn to death, with the other thousands you murdered. Muslims are the lowest form of life on this planet. Them and their book from hell.

  4. If anybody should have been put into the DEATH CHAMBERS in WW2 it should have been the MUSLIM’S and not the JEWS or any other RACE OF PEOPLE. Remember that the MUSLIMS were in league with HITLER during WW 2. LOCK AND LOAD.

  5. Omega2 they are both cut from the same cloth.Evil, and destruction is their game. They have made a pact with the devil to destroy all Christians and Jews.Satan knew exactly who would respond to his call for aid in the destruction plan. Allah was in one of the chambers of hell when he dictated to Muhammad the filthy Koran.All Korans should be burned to destroy the evil within. The books are covered with human blood.

  6. So let me get this straight: those who personally decide to reject or leave Islam are to be hanged for not submitting to the depraved “beauty” of Islam, while those shouting Mohammed’s satanic screed “Islam will prevail,” are given a pass as innocents in the glorious, infallible and perfect dogma called Mohammed’s Islam? What a crock.

  7. Obama could do something about this but he is to frickin worried about those frickin piece of crap qurans that got burned. This guy makes me sick. How could anybody besides a muslim like this guy. A quran is more important to him and other people than youcef’s life. Why aren’t the Catholics and the pope saying anything? Where is the outrage from the other religions? They are to busy kissing obamas arse that is why nothing is being done. muslims burn churches and people but does obama do anything? No. Him and his family are to busy on vacation to care. Kick his butt out of the white house before he destroys everything in America. Peace to all non-muslims who are ticked off at our government.

  8. Islam has found a sure way to finish west. Muslim clergies visit our jails and convert first most criminals to Islam.
    Islam a religion, who is all out to finish, hates western culture and other religions.
    Now these converts in jail and then a common man are getting convert to Islam by paying them funds or job etc.
    Soon we will have many converts in west and they will take an agenda to destroy convert west to an Islamic nation step by step.
    This way Islamic nations are going to take over west without sending any soldiers.
    What a beautiful and sure way to finish the enemy.
    They can convert you to Islam but you can’t convert them its pure suicidal way.
    Wake up west.

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